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Some new stuff/info

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I was having lots of fun exploiting the execute order of gameguard.

As I stated in my other thread, I had unbelievable success injecting a hack into the game by simply freezing gameguard.. but since the main game process waits for the gameguard.des ( the actual gameguard loader ), it must resume or the game will hang there and terminating the process will make the process cry.

Well I decided to exploit this and dump out the gameguard code from the actual sro_client, where it actually loads the gameguard loader and checks to see if anything bad happened. I'll post the unpacked sro_client.exe and the code showing where gameguard gets loaded & checked after I finish messing with it.

So much fun fucking up gameguard ^^.

Any of these errors look familiar guys? =D

00564150  E8 EB3E2A00   CALL sro_clie.00808040
00564155  3D 55070000   CMP EAX,755
0056415A  0F84 BD000000  JE sro_clie.0056421D
00564160  83F8 7C     CMP EAX,7C
00564163  56        PUSH ESI
00564164  77 35      JA SHORT sro_clie.0056419B
00564166  74 50      JE SHORT sro_clie.005641B8
00564168  8D48 92     LEA ECX,DWORD PTR DS:[EAX-6E]
0056416B  83F9 0A     CMP ECX,0A
0056416E  77 79      JA SHORT sro_clie.005641E9
00564170  33D2       XOR EDX,EDX
00564172  8A91 3C425600  MOV DL,BYTE PTR DS:[ECX+56423C]
00564178  FF2495 24425600 JMP DWORD PTR DS:[EDX*4+564224]
0056417F  BE 48C49100   MOV ESI,sro_clie.0091C448        &#59; ASCII "GameGuard is already running. Try rebooting first and executing the game again."
00564184  EB 68      JMP SHORT sro_clie.005641EE
00564186  BE D8C39100   MOV ESI,sro_clie.0091C3D8        &#59; ASCII "There are multiple events of game execution or GameGuard is already running. Close the game then try again."
0056418B  EB 61      JMP SHORT sro_clie.005641EE
0056418D  BE 58C39100   MOV ESI,sro_clie.0091C358        &#59; ASCII "GameGuard initialization error. Try rebooting and executing the game or close the program considered to cause a collision."
00564192  EB 5A      JMP SHORT sro_clie.005641EE
00564194  BE E8C29100   MOV ESI,sro_clie.0091C2E8        &#59; ASCII "Failed to load virus and hacking tool scanning module. Possibly due to lack of memory or virus infection"
00564199  EB 53      JMP SHORT sro_clie.005641EE
005641A1  81F9 E6000000  CMP ECX,0E6
005641A7  77 40      JA SHORT sro_clie.005641E9
005641A9  33D2       XOR EDX,EDX
005641AB  8A91 68425600  MOV DL,BYTE PTR DS:[ECX+564268]
005641B1  FF2495 48425600 JMP DWORD PTR DS:[EDX*4+564248]
005641B8  BE 90C29100   MOV ESI,sro_clie.0091C290        &#59; ASCII "GameGuard file does not exist or is corrupted. Please install the GameGuard setup file."
005641BD  EB 2F      JMP SHORT sro_clie.005641EE
005641BF  BE 38C29100   MOV ESI,sro_clie.0091C238        &#59; ASCII "Window system files might be corrupted. Please reinstall the Internet Explorer(IE)."
005641C4  EB 28      JMP SHORT sro_clie.005641EE
005641C6  BE F0C19100   MOV ESI,sro_clie.0091C1F0        &#59; ASCII "Fail to run GameGuard. Please reinstall the GameGuard setup file."
005641CB  EB 21      JMP SHORT sro_clie.005641EE
005641CD  BE 98C19100   MOV ESI,sro_clie.0091C198        &#59; ASCII "Illegal program detected. Close all the unnecessary programs before running the game."
005641D2  EB 1A      JMP SHORT sro_clie.005641EE
005641D4  BE 00C19100   MOV ESI,sro_clie.0091C100        &#59; ASCII "GameGuard update has been aborted. Please check the status of Internet network or personal firewall settings when unable to connect continuously."
005641D9  EB 13      JMP SHORT sro_clie.005641EE
005641DB  BE 80C09100   MOV ESI,sro_clie.0091C080        &#59; ASCII "Fail to connect the GameGuard update server. Please try again after a while, or check personal Firewall settings if any."
005641E0  EB 0C      JMP SHORT sro_clie.005641EE
005641E2  BE E8BF9100   MOV ESI,sro_clie.0091BFE8        &#59; ASCII "Fail to complete GameGuard update. Suspend Anti-Virus program temporarily and try the game, or check the settings of PC management programs if any."
005641E7  EB 05      JMP SHORT sro_clie.005641EE
005641E9  BE 70BF9100   MOV ESI,sro_clie.0091BF70        &#59; ASCII "Error occurred while running GameGuard. Please send all *.erl files in GameGuard folder to [email].kr[/email] via email."
005641EE  50        PUSH EAX
005641EF  68 4CBF9100   PUSH sro_clie.0091BF4C         &#59; ASCII "GameGuard execute error : %lu"
005641F4  68 C8389400   PUSH sro_clie.009438C8         &#59; ASCII "GameGuard execute error : 0"
005641F9  FF15 14348A00  CALL DWORD PTR DS:[8A3414]       &#59; USER32.wsprintfA
005641FF  83C4 0C     ADD ESP,0C
00564202  6A 00      PUSH 0
00564204  68 C8389400   PUSH sro_clie.009438C8         &#59; ASCII "GameGuard execute error : 0"
00564209  56        PUSH ESI
0056420A  6A 00      PUSH 0
0056420C  FF15 60348A00  CALL DWORD PTR DS:[8A3460]       &#59; USER32.MessageBoxA
00564212  C605 D9399400 01 MOV BYTE PTR DS:[9439D9],1
00564219  33C0       XOR EAX,EAX
0056421B  5E        POP ESI
0056421C  C3        RETN
0056421D  B8 01000000   MOV EAX,1
00564222  C3        RETN

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LOL thats hot

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Old 03/08/2006, 05:39   #3
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Yes, they looks. Never realized it U r good!
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Freegin lots of fun with this. Props on ur lil stumble there.

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keeps may fingers crossed ^__^
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i like this message:
"Error occurred while running GameGuard. Please send all *.erl files in GameGuard folder to via email.
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Thats great news!!!! hope it will progress sOOn!!!!
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HMm O.o

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