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Levelng up fast skillfully <2> {chinese}

Discussion on Levelng up fast skillfully <2> {chinese} within the SRO Guides & Templates forum part of the Silkroad Online category.

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Exclamation Levelng up fast skillfully <2> {chinese}

As everyone knows there are three base builds in SRO. That are pure str, pure int and hybrids. All of those builds has several under builds, ranging from weapons to the different ways how they can be made.

1. Pure Str

Pure Str Glaive
- All pure str characters are based on their physical str and so hp. A pure str glaiver is the highest damage dealing pure str build that you can make. They can tank a lot and are a very good PvP/PvE build.
- With a glaive you must should garment, because with all the Str you will lack on magical defense and garment is so the best option. You can also wear protector, if you donít plan on doing lots of PvP, because you will do better in PvE with more physical defense. If you would run around in Armor you would get pwned by two or three magical attacks.
- The advantages that come with the leveling of the heuksal tree are stun, knock-back and splash damage or the ability to hit several mobs with one hit. You also have a ranged attack, the 2nd last skill which is very good for dragging mobs and also does very good damage.
- Glaive builds deal lots of damage and with all the hp they are a very good choice for people that want to PvP a lot.

- Pure Damage Glaiver
- As already said there are more types of each build. This one is the so called pure dmg glaiver.
- Your main is of course heuksal, but the other 2 masteries are fire and lightning. You must get all possible buffs if you want to deal the ultimate damage and your weapon is also a very important aspect.
- Fire is your must have imbue of course.

Damage/Healer Glaiver
- Now this is the other glaiver build. The so called damage/healer glaiver.
- In this build you of course focus on heuksal as your main masterie, but you also get Force, since you want to be a healer. The positive things about this build are that you will have extra mp, can ress other players, what is wanted by many guilds and can make the cool healing circle.
- You will lose the option to have buffs from lightning.
- If you don't plan on playing SRO for long, long, long time then you should get lightning for all the buffs, but if you will stick with it until the last cap, don't get lightning.

Pure Str Blader
- The main quote for bladers is: "They can't kill and can't be killed." A blader is the ultimate tanker. You have lots of hp and wear a shield which is able to block and also gives you extra defense.
- You will level very slow, since the blader is the slowest lvling build in the game. You will also hardly kill on the 80 lvl, because you deal the lowest damage, but you will not be killed.
- The good think is that in PvE you will hardly use any hp potion which saves lots of money and so you will not lose much money on buying pots.
- Just like the glaiver you should wear garment, because you don't have enough magical defense as a pure str based character. With armor you will hardly take any damage by mobs that do physical damage, but from magical mobs you will die in two or three hits, also you will walk slower in Armor.
- If you want to tank as crazy and most of your battles to be either a pot fight or until you land a good series of criticals then you must be a blader.
- In my sight, there is only one good blader build, which gives you Bicheon as the main masterie, fire as secondary and lightning for buffs.

- Pure Str Bow
- The pure str bow is proven to be a very good overall build. In PvP you will do pretty well and in PvE you won't also have big problems, because of your ranged attack.
- The one thing that is disturbing by the bow is that the arrows take up a lot of space, so if you can it is recommended to get some silk and buy 10k arrow stacks.
- Your lvling speed as a pure str bow is around the average, basically the more you play the faster you will lvl.
- When it comes to 1 vs 1 PvP you will do pretty well, since you can pull some hard hits before the enemy reaches you, but the big problem with the bow is that it takes lots of time to preform the skills, especially the 2nd last skill.
- In group PvP you will do very well, because of your hp you can take lots of hits and 1 or 2 crit will also deal enormous damage to your opponent. As a bowman you should wear garment of course. It is the most useful to wear, since you are ranged and can also tank lots of hits. And you will also run faster in garment.

Common Bow Build
- The common bow build is a bow build that many players use.
- It is based on pacheon, fire and lightning. So as many other builds.
- With this build you will do pretty well in both PvP and PvE. There are no special things about this bow build and you will meet many people which will have the same build as yours.

*NOTE: You can also add concentration series in lightning, but that is optional.

- Burning Ice Bow
- Now this is a cool name for a build . So as you can think this build is based on ice and fire.
- The good thing with this build is that you will have two imbues, yes two. You can use both in either PvP or PvE, but i recommend using fire in PvP and ice in PvE.
- As a bowman you should of course wear garment. And this build is of course the offering of speed for the freezing effect, but since the 100% ice resistance is a bug, as far as i know it will be fixed one day and you will be happy for having ice as an imbue, since in PvP with all the multi arrow combos you will be able to kill your enemies before they reach you.
2. Pure Int

- The main role of the pure int or nuker is to deal damage. They are the fastest lvling build possible, but are pretty low on hp.

- Although with the alchemy they have a nice stack of hp to survive a few hits in PvP. In trading they are the best because they can kill their own thiefs with one nuke.

- A pure int should use armor, because he lacks in physical defense, but from my personal experience i recommend using protector or garment, because you simply kill two fast and wonít get hurt by mobs if you use garments or protector. Garment is also much better for PvP then armor!

- The nuker is a very good choice if you want to trade a lot and plan not to PvP before 64 . Nukers also needs good amount of farming, since they use almost every skill in the Force tree.

Pure Int Spear
- Pure Int Spear is the biggest damage dealing build in game for sure. You will deal much damage, but will also lack on defense.
- So it is recommended when doing wars and similar to have a tanker attack first, because in a group PvP you are the primary target.
- When you want to PvP you should start the fight with a nuke and then use only spear skills. If you stun your enemy you have the chance you launch another nuke. Knock-back unfortunately doesnít give you enough time to do a new nuke.
- In PvE you will own everyone and you will lvl faster then any other build (the dual weapon nuker will only lvl as fast as you).
- As clothes you should wear protector or garment, but for grinding on lvl 37+ i recommend armor.

Pure Int Sword
- The pure int sword is better in PvP then the pure int spear, but will lvl a little bit slower.
- You have a shield which allows you to block and raises your defense. This allows you to survive longer and the block will save your life many times.
- In PvP your KB and Stab are your main weapons and just like the spear always start the battle with a nuke.
- On this build it is recommended to wear protector, because they will help you lots in PvP and PvE then the others.
- This build is a good for overall, so you can hunt/thief/trade and PvP very good with this build, but you must reach a higher lvl to have a good shield, good sword and lots of blues on your equipment (especially +5 str and 400 hp).

Pure Int Dual Weapon
- This is a very interesting and proven to be a very good PvP and PvE build. Maybe the best.
- With the dual weapons you have both spear skills for PvE and PvP and sword skills for PvP. Then the nukes for PvE and especially PvP.
- You are not a tanker, but you can kill really fast. You should wear garments or protector, but for grinding on lvl like 37+ i do recommend switching to armor, by the lag you will need the protection.
- In PvP you fight with both spear and sword skills, of course you need to learn how to do that quick, because you need to switch between different F slots and also change weapons, very quick. The best practice on that can be made on giants.

3. Hybrids

- Now hybrids are something pretty special, since you have three types of Hybrids. Str Hybrids, Int Hybrids and 70:70/80:80 Hybrids.
- Most of people who play this game for a good amount of time will agree that Str Hybrids, are a more or less useless build. So i will not write about them, but instead about the two other Hybrids.

Int Hybrid

- Int hybrids are very good characters. With the new cap they have a good stack of hp and mp.
- Few months ago almost everyone went with pure builds, but the hybrids changed that concept in every possible aspect. They have enough str/hp to survive a good amount of hits and enough int to deal good damage. With the alchemy they can also have more hp and mp which gives them even more power.
- They are at the moment the best PvP build, but we will see how it develops trough time and how it will change when the new cap comes.
- The best clothes for int hybrids is of course garment. The weapon that you should use is spear, since you have enough hp to survive and your main worry is your dmg.

1:2 Str:Int Hybrid Spear / The Classic

-This is the classical int hybrid build. On every level you put 2 point in int and 1 in str. You will have a very good hybrid at the end with a good amount of hp and good damage.
- The weapon is of course spear as earlier said.

1:3 Str:Int Hybrid Spear

-Now this hybrid is the same as the earlier one, except that you add 3 points to int and 1 point to str.
-With this build you have the same skills, but less hp, but more int and more dmg. As the other hybrid you should wear garment and use spear as your weapon.

70:70/80:80 Hybrids

- These hybrids are threated by some people as noob builds, but if you make some mathematics, you can see that the bow is a hybrid weapon.
- So with some good skills you can make a extremely good 70:70/80:80 hybrid. This 70:70 is your "starting" physical/magical balance, later on when you go for alchemy on your gear, you can have the ultimate 80:80 balance.
- So already said the bow is the weapon that you should use. Nukes shouldn't be used, since you won't deal much damage with them, but maybe you now think that a dual weapon build is not a bad choice, but there comes the question which to use, since you are 70:70 and all weapons except the bow are based on one type of damage.

*NOTE: Skills like: Cold Imbue, Thunder Nuke Higher lvls, Fire Nuke Higher lvls, Ice Nuke Higher lvls, Frost Nova Higher Books are optional, because you don't need nukes and the other skills and only lvl them for joking around, because they are useless in PvP and PvE for a 70:70/80:80 hybrid

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nice guide but it would be a good idea to use a spell check
here is a link:

But nice guide

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THx .... I think its a bit long but sry for the spelling
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Nice, but thats just another Thread were everything that has been said allready, is been said again.

Nothing new.

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Originally Posted by _FritteBoy_ View Post
Nice, but thats just another Thread were everything that has been said allready, is been said again.

Nothing new.
But it helpes who didnt read it before .
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hiiii guys im playing sjsro and i yust got an lvl 90 acc full str with 300k sp
and i was thinking about the job i should choose bower or glavier
please tell me and wy i should do that (sjsro has 70 skil gap)
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good work
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thanks good job i agree with ur all words ^^
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Originally Posted by lordmrbean View Post
hiiii guys im playing sjsro and i yust got an lvl 90 acc full str with 300k sp
and i was thinking about the job i should choose bower or glavier
please tell me and wy i should do that (sjsro has 70 skil gap)
first of all thank guys .... now i would tell you to make a nuker but i think it wont pvp good like glaive ....i vote for bow or glaive

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