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How to use iBot - Silkroad Online

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How to use iBot - Silkroad Online

I've noticed the absolute lack of tutorials associated with the bot for Silkroad Online "ibot", which is strange considering the absolute demand for one. So I've decided I will make one for you!

I'll update it regularly as the ibot program updates, unless of course no valid changes are made to the program smile.

Note: This tutorial will only be updated on .

Enjoy you cheating scoundrels! big grin

Ibot Tutorial: [ENGLISH]

First of all, you will need to actually download the program, I guess if your reading this you probably have already, but what the hay maker, I'll give you the download link anyways!


iBot v1.0.89 -

iBot v1.0.89b -

iBot v1.0.89c -

Note: These are the official download links as given by , but if you dont trust me ( sad ) then you can always go on their website and download the program from there.


Okay, so now that you have the program, lets get started!

1. Your going to need to create a folder for ibot to install into. I made a folder called "Silkroad" and placed it on my desktop, and inside of that I made another folder called "ibot".

2. Extract the rar files you downloaded into the folder you just created, in order from v1.0.89, v1.0.89b, v1.0.89c. The first extraction is the program itself, and update b and c are just patches, you probably don't even need to worry about using patch b.

3. Go into the folder and run " ibot.exe ".

Now, more often than not, it won't actually work on the first run, this is generally because your firewall and/or resident shield is blocking it. You can either turn off your firewall and resident shield, or add " ibot.exe " to the bypass lists.

4. If your very unlucky, and ibot still isn't working, you'll need to follow these steps.

1. Go into the folder you installed ibot into, and oepn " iBot_Necessities ".
2. Inside this folder should be four .OCX files, register each of the files using either the WinXP or Win7 version (remember to run Win7 version as an administrator).
3. WINDOWS 7 USERS (and anyone else having trouble) LOOK HERE!
4. If your registration tools give you errors about how the files failed to register, then it's because the tool is having a hard time copying the files to the proper directory. On Windows XP, the files should be copied to: C:\Windows\system32.
However, on Windows 7, some things can't be done even if you do provide admin permissions. The Win7 registration tool attempts to copy the .OCX files to C:\Windows\SysWOW64, which, on most Win7 installations, doesn't exist. So, go to your Windows directory and create a folder called 'SysWOW64' (minus quotations). Copy the .OCX files from the iBot dependencies folder into your new folder.
5. Run the Win7 registration tool as an administrator.
6. From now on, run ibot.exe as an administrator and it should work like a charm!

[How To:]

Now that you have ibot working, there are a few things that will need to be explained, in order to the get bot to actually work.


You can either load start the bot in client, or clientless form. Client form is the easiest way, but is less reliable over time. In order to use the client form, just hit run client. It will load the game as normal and allow you to login.

Note: It is recommended that you login using the client whilst configuring your bot.

Clientless is abit differant. You will need to hit the second tab along in the task bar located at the top of the screen, it's a picture of a man riding a camel or somthing like that. Once you've hit him, there will be a tab labelled "Login Type". select clientless, check the box for auto reconnection, and hit connect.

You are now connected to the game. Next, in the auto select character box, type your characters name, and check the box "Auto Select Character". This is for if any un-wanted disconnections occur.

In the "Login Information" box, select your server from the drop down box, type in your login details, check "Auto Relog" and hit the [ C ] button located just left of your login information.

Congratulations! You've now logged in without a client!


In order to start your bot killing, you will need to move your character to the enemies you want your character to kill. using the client, just run there as you would normally.

Now you will need to select the third tab across, its a picture of a man thrusting a sword.

You will need to set the area in which your character trains, in order to do this, hit "Set Area" located in the "1st Training Area" box.

Choose a radius, the default is 100, which is generally good anough.

If you hit "Start Bot" now, you'll notice nothing happens! This is because you havn't actually set any skills to use.

Hit the fourth tab across, which is an image of a book. Inside this tab you will see three main boxes, allow me to explain each of them.

Skills List: This box displays all of the current skills your character has access too.

Attack Skills: This box contains area's in which you can place skills for your bot to run when in attack mode.

Buff Skills: Finally, the Buff Skill box displays which buff's your character will automatically use, for example a weapon enchantment buff.

To get your character to begin killing, you will need to check "Use Normal Attack" in the Attack Skills box. He will now be able to attack, but without skills.

In order to make your character use skills, select one from the Skills List, and hit add. Your character will now use that skill when attacking.

The same is done with buff skills. Select a buff such as "Ice River Force" and hit add in the primary tab.

Now whenever your character goes to kill an enemy, it will automatically use "Ice River Force".

Hit "Save Settings" and your configs will be saved.

Now hit "Start Bot" and your character will begin it's training!

[Train Scripts:]

This is the most important part of your botting. A train script tells your bot what to do in order to get to your training location from town.

Use a scroll to get to your selected town, this is just so that your character is on the right point to start the script.

Hit the fifth tab across, it should be a picture of an arrow point at some shoe prints. Inside, is the "Return to town when..." settings, which is pretty self expalnitory. The, "Buy Settings" which allows you to select how much of what, your character will buy during the town script. And the script settings.

In order to record a script, there will be a tab called "Record Script". When clicked, a button will show up saying "Record". Hit record, and check the box that allows the script to automatically record whatever steps you take.

Note: Be careful not to take your steps to far away from each other, it often messes the bot up.

Walk your character to your training point, (The Exact Centre) if your having trouble doing that, just set you training point as mentioned previously, to the point inwhich you stop moving.

Now, in the text box below the co-ordinants recorded, type the name of the script, for instance "Mangyangs.txt".

That's your script written, now move back to the "Current Script" tab. Select "Load New Train Script", and open it from the ibot folder.

Hit "Save Settings" and your done! Your bot should now move back to the location you want to train at after it returns to town!

Before you start your script up however, just take a moment to set the buy options and the "Return To Town When..." options.

[Item Management:]

If your anything like me, and you found that after an hour of training your inventory is full, this section of the tutorial is for you!!!

In order to make your character return to town and sell/store the items it has gained through it's automatic journey, select the second last tab across. It should be a picture of a hand picking up some loot.

It's pretty self explanitory, but here ya go.

The items you want to keep, check the box "store", for items you'd like to sell, (eg alchemy mats) hit, sell. Woah, pretty advanced aye?

Of course you can always set it so that it doesn't pick stuff up by checking the "Don't Pickup" box.

On a more advanced note, comes the issue of tablets. Hits the box "Tablets Filter".

Inside there will be another menu, exactly the same as the last. Only this time it's for seperate tablets. Hit store on what you want to keep, sell on what you want to sell, and your done!


Here is the reasoning behind a few errors that might occur. I will gradually add to the list as I discover them.

*Error - Timer Train Go - This is because you havn't set a "Train Script" that leads you to your training area.

C9 Error (Ping Timeout) - This sometimes occurs when logging in. It is not actually an Ibot error, it is a sro login error. It should connect after a few tries. If not, restart ibot.

Run-time Error '13' (Type Mismatch) - There is either somthing wrong with your script, and you need to re-install it. Or you are using the wrong script for an area. For example using a Movia script in Jangan.

Run-time Error '339'; - This is because you don't have a file that ibot needs to run. In order to fix this, install/reinstall Windows Media Player 10.

Tutorial by TechnoVision

Special thanks to...


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Question trouble with buffs

I got a little problem when ibot returns to town she stores my secondary weapon i have weapon check again on also the char does not buff himself automatically i cant seem to figure it out please help

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i have a problem. when i tried to log in with clientless it said "old clientless version" and there are no choosable servers.
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is this ri bot for rsro?

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Originally Posted by ahoisss View Post
is this ri bot for rsro?
No this is ibot for isro.
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Why u put this at "" section? :|
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#Wrong Section
#Request Close or Move
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THX to all of ya everything works great...
DarkSideDani: yes i like it xD
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My dude wont buy pots although I put in "Amount:50" D: he just talks to the pot npc and then continues with the script without buying

-->Oh, I think he wont buy pots unless they reach the value that is ticked on the fifth tab "return to city when.." e.g 10 pots left. I didn't try it yet but i think he will buy them if they really get that low. Solved by brain lulz.
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Hey Guys i have a Problem =( My Bot Dont will Show : Succesfully Login and Dont Load Character Infos (Skills,scripts etc.)
I Got the newest Version of the Ibot incl. Hs Server
Thank you for a Fast Answer
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This one doesnt work:iBot v1.0.89 - Deposit Files. btw im using sro online cilent ver. 1.310
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Ibot v 2.99 gg
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ip limit FIX
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Guys...i have a error of running ibot...
when i open ibot...after few minutes...ibot has stopped working. A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available.
Can someone help me?

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how to use ibot, ibot, silkroad, silkroad bot

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