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Rare exclusive & limited skins! [330+ Skins, Odyssey 2017, Master Duel/Joust...]

Discussion on Rare exclusive & limited skins! [330+ Skins, Odyssey 2017, Master Duel/Joust...] within the Smite Trading forum part of the Other Online Games Trading category.

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Arrow Rare exclusive & limited skins! [330+ Skins, Odyssey 2017, Master Duel/Joust...]

This Smite account includes:

-Level 30
-God Pack
-All Voice Packs (86 at this time)
-God Skins: 390
-Gems Available: 8,465
-Favors Available: 34,842
-Mastery Level: 86
-Season 3 League: Platinum 4 Conquest, Platinum 1 Joust & Diamond 4 Duel!
-Season 4 League: Diamond 5 Conquest, Master Joust & Master Duel!
-Season 3 Ticket: 20,000+ Fantasy Points!
-Season 4 Ticket: 16,000+ Fantasy Points!
-Full Odyssey 2017 - Includes Demonic Pact Anubis!
-Completed Celtic Event - "The Morrigan" Woodland Rogue Skin!
-2017 SWC Digital Loot Pack!
-Valley of Victory Bundle!

Contact me on Skype if interested: gentleman_mentlegen

I'm selling it for $100 (the price may vary depending on the payment method)

GOD SKINS: -includes all recolors (those are not listed)-

-AGNI: Swagni(600 Gems), Gemini(Exclusive), Volcanic(400 Gems).
-AH MUZEN CAB: Dark Whisperer(600 Gems), Solid Hornet(Exclusive), Killer Bee(250 Gems), Legendary(300 Gems), Swarm Sentry(Exclusive).
-AH PUCH: Galactic Invader(400 Gems), Nutcromancer(Exclusive), Chilling Grasp(Exclusive).
-AMATERASU: Foxy(Exclusive), Ordo Solarus(400 Gems), Shining Heaven(250 Gems), SWC 2017 Heroine(Limited).
-ANHUR: Duke Dan De Lyons(Exclusive), Shadow(Clan Skin), Olympian(400 Gems), Sand Warden(250 Gems).
-ANUBIS: Gravehound(400 Gems), Stargazer(400 Gems), K-9(Exclusive), Afterlife(250 Gems), Demonic Pact(Limited), Adjudicator(Exclusive).
-AO KUANG: Clockwork Knight(Exclusive), Dragon King(250 Gems).
-APHRODITE: Afro-Dite(400 Gems), Diva(400 Gems), Aphra Cadabra(Exclusive), Beach Babe(Exclusive).
-APOLLO: Curse Apollo(Exclusive), Vicious(Limited), Elite Agent(600 Gems), SWC 2017 Hero(Limited), Battle Bard(250 Gems), Legendary(300 Gems).
-ARACHNE: Grim Weaver(Exclusive), Tormentula(Exclusive), Black Widow(250 Gems).
-ARES: Diamond Sword(400 Gems), Soldier of Fortune(Exclusive), Spectral Sword(Exclusive).
-ARTEMIS: Stalker(Exclusive), Wrangler(400 Gems), Recon(600 Gems), Primal Huntress(Exclusive), Oak-Seer(Exclusive), Briar Queen(250 Gems).
-ATHENA: Peacekeeper(400 Gems), Liberte(Exclusive), Red Star(400 Gems), Enforcer(Exclusive), Shield of the Gorgon(250 Gems).
-AWLIX: Renegade(600 Gems), Feline Fashion(Exclusive).
-BACCHUS: Hoot 'n Holler(Exclusive), The King(Exclusive), Brynhildr(400 Gems), Father Chrismash(Exclusive).
-BAKASURA: Death Machine(400 Gems), Ravenous(250 Gems), Laughing Skull(400 Gems), Feaster Bunny(Exclusive).
-BASTET: Crimson Ops(Exclusive), Covert Ops(400 Gems), Arcane Assassin(250 Gems), Kawaii Pop(600 Gems).
-BELLONA: Torment(400 Gems), SPL 2016(Exclusive), Furiona(Exclusive), Rock-a-Bellona(Exclusive).
-CABRAKAN: Gamma Slam(400 Gems), Nerd Rage(Exclusive).
-CERNUNNOS: -(Nothing)-
-CHAAC: Slaughterhouse(Exclusive), Boom Chaac-a-laka(250 Gems), Chaacolate(Exclusive), Chaac Brazil(Exclusive), Chaac Latin America(Exclusive).
-CHANG'E: Enchanted(400 Gems), Sun's Bride(400 Gems), Moonlight Love(Exclusive), Lunar Tango(Exclusive), Hunter's Moon(250 Gems).
-CHIRON: Hellrider(400 Gems), Chevalier(250 Gems), Constable Moosejaw(Exclusive), Slay Bells(Exclusive).
-CAMAZOTZ: Jurassic(Exclusive).
-CHRONOS: Fallen Lord(400 Gems), Father Time(Exclusive), Super Chronos 64(Exclusive), NRG(Exclusive).
-CUPID: Lil'Devil(400 Gems), Lucky Baby Fuwa(Exclusive), Guttersniper(Exclusive), Bizzy B(Exclusive).
-ERLANG SHEN: Monster Trainer(Exclusive).
-FAFNIR: Griffindwarf(Limited), Dread-Lord(400 Gems).
-FENRIR: Lord Slashington III(Exclusive), Metal Carnage(400 Gems), Wolf Man(Exclusive), Wreck the Halls(Exclusive), Ragnarok(Exclusive), Iron Maw(250 Gems).
-FREYA: Frost Maiden(400 Gems), Valkyrie(250 Gems), Pixel Buster(Exclusive), All for One!(Exclusive).
-GEB: G.E.B. 1(600 Gems), Snowman(Exclusive), Life's a Beach(Exclusive).
-GUAN YU: Master Guan Fu(400 Gems), Grim Horseman(Exclusive).
-HADES: Soultaker(400 Gems), Classic(400 Gems), Grim Wraith(Exclusive), Heebee Chibi(Exclusive).
-HE BO: He Bro(600 Gems), Infinity Wave(Exclusive), Sydney Shredder(Exclusive), Lord of the Amazon(Exclusive).
-HEL: Solstice(400 Gems), Expelled(600 Gems), Jingle Hel(Exclusive).
-HERCULES: Legion(250 Gems), Grand Slam(400 Gems), Derpules(Exclusive), La Roca(Exclusive), Hunkules(Exclusive).
-HOU YI: Grim Eclipse(Exclusive), Moon's Groom(400 Gems), Legendary(300 Gems), Searing Sun(250 Gems), Hou Ru Kai(400 Gems).
-HUN BATZ: Shaolin Monk-ey(400 Gems), Space Monkey(400 Gems), Hun.Bat(Exclusive).
-ISIS: Shadow(Clan Skin), Scarlet(400 Gems), Celestial(Exclusive), Desert Omen(250 Gems).
-IZANAMI: Plague-Bearer(Exclusive), Dreadful Doll(Exclusive).
-JANUS: Jandroid(400 Gems), Keymaster(Exclusive), Riftshaker(400 Gems), Ba5s Drop(Exclusive).
-JING WEI: Pool Party(Exclusive), Mini Metal(400 Gems).
-KALI: Crimson Death(250 Gems), Trophy Hunter(Exclusive). Skaliwag(Exclusive).
-KHEPRI: Steel Scarab(Exclusive), Horned Beetle(250 Gems), Convention 2017(Exclusive), Shadow(Exclusive), Chef's Special(Exclusive), Ladybug(Exclusive), Hug Bug(Exclusive).
-KUKULKAN: Sacred Dragon(400 Gems), Sir Pentsworth IV(Exclusive), Kuku(Exclusive), Quetzakukulkan(Exclusive), Breezy Chibi(Exclusive).
-KUMBHAKARNA: Pijama Party(400 Gems), Warlord(Exclusive), Kumbhalayan Yeti(Exclusive).
-KUZENBO: -(Nothing)-
-LOKI: Grim Mariachi(Exclusive), White Death(Exclusive), Infiltrator(400 Gems), Legendary(300 Gems), Diamond(400 Gems), Joki(400 Gems), Loki Charms(Exclusive).
-MEDUSA: iDusa(Exclusive), Mortal Coil(250 Gems), Legendary(300 Gems).
-MERCURY: Shaolin Fury(Exclusive), Run.Exe(Exclusive), Centurion(250 Gems), Prizefighter(Exclusive), Captain Quick(400 Gems).
-NE ZHA: Cyberpunk(400 Gems), Fire Lord(400 Gems).
-NEITH: Scarlet Dangerfield(Exclusive), Diagnosis(400 Gems), Buccaneith(Exclusive), Carnaval Queen(Exclusive), Harajuku(Exclusive), Worldweaver(250 Gems).
-NEMESIS: Blind Vengence(400 Gems), Silent Blade(Exclusive), Leona JPF(Exclusive), Modern Mercenary(Limited), Red Vengeance(250 Gems).
-NIKE: Conqueror(Limited).
-NOX: Madame Darkness(400 Gems), BunBun(Exclusive), Heartbreaker(Exclusive).
-NU WA: Water Dancer(Exclusive), Old Wa(Exclusive), Aurum(Exclusive), Nu Horizons(Exclusive), Nice and Naughty(Exclusive), Oktoberfest(Exclusive).
-ODIN: Daimyodin(400 Gems), Mountain Man(400 Gems), Pandamonium(Exclusive), Raven's Throne(250 Gems).
-OSIRIS: The RE-Animated(Exclusive), Frankenhotep(Exclusive), Lord of Silence(250 Gems).
-POSEIDON: Dreadbeard(600 Gems), King of the Deep(Exclusive).
-RA: Sunstar(Limited), Solar Eclipse(Exclusive), Solar Sentinel(400 Gems), Ra'Merica(Exclusive), Eldritch(Exclusive).
-RAIJIN: Devil Horns(400 Gems), Thunder's Roar(250 Gems), Drums Out(Exclusive).
-RAMA: Orbital Strike(Exclusive), Last Commando(Exclusive), Nature's Guardian(400 Gems).
-RATATOSKR: Armored Scurrier(250 Gems), Ragnatoskr(Exclusive), Festive(Exclusive), Squirrel Squad(400 Gems).
-RAVANA: Rock From Bisrakh(Exclusive), Demon King(250 Gems).
-SCYLLA: Daisy Despair(400 Gem), Lil' Red(Exclusive), Prototype(Exclusive), Child's Play(Exclusive).
-SERQET: Dread Queen(Exclusive), Madame Blade(400 Gems), Desert Queen(250 Gems), DemonSoul(Exclusive).
-SKADI: Frostbound (250 Gems), Ski Patrol(600 Gems), Such Cold(Exclusive).
-SOBEK: Crikeydile(Exclusive), Kaiju(Exclusive), High Seas(600 Gems), Land Shark(Exclusive), Nile Stalker(250 Gems).
-SOL: Polaris(250 Gems), EpSOLon(Exclusive), Meltdown(Exclusive).
-SUN WUKONG: Sun Wu Xing(Limited), Dark Lord(600 Gems). Heavenly Warlord(250 Gems).
-SUSANO: Steel Samurai(Exclusive), Swashbuckler(Limited).
-SYLVANUS: High Noon(Exclusive), Season's Spirit(Exclusive), Deathcap(250 Gems).
-TERRA: Igneous(Exclusive), Spriggan(Exclusive).
-THANATOS: Jack The Reaper(Exclusive), Reaper Tech(400 Gems), Final Boss(400 Gems).
-THE MORRIGAN: Woodland Rogue(Limited), Twisted Metal(Exclusive).
-THOR: Wrath of Valhalla(250 Gems), Heavy Metal(400 Gems), Barbarian(Exclusive), Blood Eagle(400 Gems), Shadow(Exclusive), Iron Gamer(250 Gems).
-TYR: Privatyr(400 Gems), King Ar-Tyr(400 Gems), Hail to the King(Exclusive), Shadow(Exclusive).
-ULLR: The Survivor(400 Gems), Wyrm Slayer(400 Gems).
-VAMANA: Lil' Mana(600 Gems), Cangaceiro(Exclusive), Rakshasa(250 Gems).
-VULCAN: Sentry(400 Gems), Warforged(250 Gems), Vulcap'n Redbeard(Exclusive), Full Metal(Exclusive).
-XBALANQUE: Shinobalanque(400 Gems), Jag.Rar(Exclusive), Jaguar Footballer(Exclusive).
-XING TIAN: Siege Engine(400 Gems), Iron Tyrant(Limited), The Undying(250 Gems), Tiermonster(250 Gems).
-YMIR: Obsidian Shard(400 Gems); DIGI-MIR 9000(400 Gems), Baron Frostchild(Exclusive), Nuclear Winter(Exclusive), Irezumir(Exclusive).
-ZEUS: Stormbringer(400 Gems); Almighty(400 Gems), Wrath of Olympus(250 Gems), Uncle Zeus(Exclusive), Heaven's Rave(Exclusive).
-Zhong Kui: G.I.Zhong(600 Gems), Demon Catcher(Exclusive).


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