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All the shit about Divine Shaiya

Discussion on All the shit about Divine Shaiya within the Shaiya forum part of the MMORPGs category.

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All the **** about Divine Shaiya

Ok...for first i'm an old donator of this server that will let you
know to many thinks that you dont know that [GM]/[ADM] do
are donating for server and they are licking you ass"oo are you...nice to see you in server and bla bla" but when you have already
donate and you got some problems...and bcz they are to lazy to find
a solution to fix them they IP ban you...and you cant do nothing and
noone knows nothing too..SO IF YOU ARE A NOOB GO DONATE...clever ppl will
never spend their money's for a shity game like this..almost all of donators
are some noob kids that they are just playing with parents credit card..
but you wana know why ppl donate ? bcz they dont have the balls to start from 0 ... (i donaed bcz i donating in all pservers)
them they are also to lazy to restore ppl's accounts that got scammed
and bcz they got ..THATS NOT THEIR FAULT...its GOD's fault that noobs
are born in this world .. lol ...
so yes go ahead and donate .. and them get IP ban in next 3-4 days ..
Ok now a real interesting part about donation..that we are talking here
about real $.. not cookies lol ...on this server [ADM]Indugo maked a
story that he takes all the money .. well that BULLSHIT .. he's sharing
moneys with [ADM]Fame and with [GM]Night too .. but Indugo's & Fame's
money are the same just bcz they are a couple... so what they are doing
to [GM]Night .. when a GS finds a guy that whont to donate...he gives
Indugos skype to him (thats he's skype is : indugo6) an Indu makes hima a custom button with one link
and he goes and donates there ... so with this way .. Indi get all the money ... and Night get's a shit xD
so now about Ubers..almost all of the Ubers they a ask why ?
well that bcz you SUCK in pvp you can make only Guild raids and kicking
new noobs that whant to pvp..EVERYONE HAS THE FREE WAY TO PVP..(like i
have the free way to call a friend to hack this server...and idc if you will hate me .. go ahead .. you will never find me)..
also us i started talking about donation .. say how you are stealing donation with Fame from you other GM's with money transfer .. huh ?
you got the balls to say them the truth you dickhead ?
One more point is the DD Guild with the selfish & Gready Leader that thinks he's a KING .. well he's the king of TOILETS...
and its not only the dumbass leader .. there is also this fucking bitch Trixi .. that RIDDLER rapes here in real life for $$ and he says that she's her gf .. what a LOOSER
also he makes only DD PVP RAIDS .. WTF? o.O that he first server that someone make's a guild in pvp raid .. EVERYONE IS WELCOME IN PVP..
i was in that guild and i know how shity it is and what they do...
they are making duped gears and geving them out to ppl that they call from other server's..
and them they are saying that they are donators..NOOBS..also lets dont talk about
the statpaders of that Guild THAT DONT EVEN GETTING BANDED...also us i sayed they are kicking players from raids
and they dont letting them to pvp .. like i got kicked too .. so that means that they are growing up only treir selfs
and dont help the server to grow up.....
Also there is a bitch [ADM]Fame that deleted [GS]ButtaFace and [GS]April's account
with out REASON ..woops.. there is a reason ? oh .. realy ? yeah the reason
is that Indugo didnt fucked here ass last night and she diseded to fucked
some accounts..WOW .. HOW BRADE AND CLEVER...also that not all .. read this here too
[ADM]Fame .. has an another account and coming in pvp on normall toon with poped up stuts
and whem ppl QQing that she's an ADM ..SHE BANS THEM...WTF ? ADM in pvp
[ADM]Indugo & [ADM]Fame has some buddy that they called them to play on their server and they gave them an account for free
with FULL DONATIoN GEARS and 40-50K kills .. WTF ... and QQ about that .. he got a ban .. totaly .. and yes THAT TO FAIR FOR OTHER PLAYERS..
but i'm here to make you pay..
and i'm 200% that you will come to me and you will cry ... also i learned some new thinks too that i will let you know .. even if i'm out of server..
i learned something about [GM]Hotel that every1 knows that he's a man..and in real life she's
a girls with holes (_8_)...come on Indugo say what did you done to [GM]Hotel
dont make me to get out everything...and that only a small part of shit about a fight with this GM...
there are to many ppl that need to know whats going on..also something about
1 GS in AOL about [GS]PrinceDino the 17 year old fucking bastard that
cares only about this [GS]tag and nothing more .. he NEVER answers
in pm's..ignoring them all , all the time...but yeah players that SUCK they
got a [GS]tag..GAME GZ to did at list something
right...Now an issue about all [GS]'s that they are to lazy even to organize an event now..
..NO EVENTS NOW AND NO MM'S..and you know why ? bcz Server stuff is to
lazy now ... they have raped 100+ ppl so now they dont whant even to
work on server...i heared only that [GS]Marie works .. but i still dont know if that true ..
but i will say to you GZ [GS]Marie...
idk what action will you take Indu..but fix it fast
you dont have much time...fix the problem with raids and with this DD
guidl...oohhh you scared bcz there all almost all the donators QQ..
what a dont even have the BALLS to talk to them bcz you can
only SUCK BALLS...and us i have heared there to many post on forum
about DD guild from different kind of ppl that uou just ignoring them and deleting... us you dont care about me and other players.. i dont care
about you too and they will not care about you too...and you will pay for your selfish...
ask to your self where are ALL THE DONATORS that was when server opened
..ohh you sayed they left..well ask your self why ?...SO YOU GOT A
LIMITED TIME TO FIX EVERYTHING...bcz to bad thinks will happen to you my friend ... and this time i whant stayed and
bitching with you like last time on skype man..i have payed already a hacker 10,000$ to hack your server .. and he's should remeber that name Akane Tendo..
So if you whant to save your server go fix the fucking problems...yeah maybe i pissed now bcz i
got raped but idc thats my fathers money so i dont give a shit...but you will pay
you will see have fast you will lose everything.. yeah i'm a rich kid and i'm provrd of it.. i got the money power on my hand
and you Indu got a shit in your hand .. that i will just slap it in your face !!!
your server has been already reported to Aeria Games with SS's and to many Skype convecation's.. so you whont
desapear so fast this time ... also i have maked post's on a lot of forums about this server so EVERYONE will not how shity you are..
damm i can write more bcz this post can be so big .. and this forum is so small .. lmao
so us i sayed i WILL SHUT THIS SERVER OFF and go ahead hate me us much us you whant .. you will never find me ...
also one more points you have on forum almost 8,000 ppl so that means you should have in game 8,000 ppl too
well you dont have .. you max 1000 ppl online... and you know why .. bcz of DD... new player came here .. join a pvp raid and got kicked for a DD NOOB Leader
and ofcorse this guy will leave server in the next GZ to you DD .. you are all SUCKERS and selfish ppl that dont even know what is life ...
oh you know ? so what is life ? OMG .. DD answer is Life Lapis Lv 8 QQ .. get out on streets and go learn what is life you you DICK LICKERS...
now also about donation .. you think this is good ? $10 = 1k DP .. that you cant even buy 255 etins bc you need 2K DP .. WTF 20$ .. thats rapeing..
also something uselles that you need to know about ban on this server..
when tay ban you is did says "account is blocked" like in other servers
it says "nvalid ID or Password" so whant to know why ? thay maked it
to say to you that your account is fine and we dont see any problems..
try to type you account info again .. and you are satying and trying
and you get a shit .. so with this way they just kicking you easy
out of server ...
ok.. and 1 more think and post is over .. you think you have the control of the server just bcz you are the owner
so that's why you are makeing your self a king ? well yes you are a king of the server
but you missed up something .. I'M THE KING OF KINGS ... that will make you to pay .. !!

so after you have read all this .. you whant to play here .. ? soon i will let you know more .. i'm already working an another post

Here are 2 of my post in some forums and there are plenty more post on other forums
go check them out and HAVE FUN EVERYONE !!

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I left that server long time ago after find out that hacking is allowed O.O

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Anybody want to summarise that for me? Don't want to read a wall of text
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Okay, for those with the thought of "TLDR" here is a short summary

He's ****** at Divine Shaiya for being it's usual self.

Bashing a server here (even though it's all true) wont get you anywhere atall. We all know that Indugo isnt liked by the majority of people in these forums. You have your own opinions about the server, and although i agree with most of the things you say... If you dont like it there.. then dont play the server.

No-one is ever forcing you to play, let alone donate on a server. That always your own choice. There are plenty more servers out there to choose from, other than just Divine.

Hopefully some people will see your post, and realise some things about that server (which in all fareness should lose all it's players and close down) And when people stop donating that that server, and Indugo stops getting lots of money from it, he WILL close it down. From being a player on that server, i can guarentee thats all it's there for, the money.. and nothing else.

Now, we just sit back and wait for the flaming to begin...

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6 months and going strong
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LMAO.. guess i hurt some kids feelings..Sowwy buddy if u got kiked out of DD guild and a pvp raid. If you go afk or leech you will be kiked of raid and nobody likes a QQer in guild which seems to fit u haha.

No server is perfect as no person is perfect we can try to be but never perfect. i dont know Indugo nor really care to. His a pretty good adm by far. i pmed indugo i told him id give him serveral hundreds dollars if he can OJ my gears and he said NO haah and told me to use rec rune and get what ever OJs i can. DD does not dupe gears cuz...we just here to pvp lol why waste time doing ****** stuff that will ban us. i made a mistake of buying *** craft from a GM when i started but indugo removed the duped items, the GM is removed from his position. This guy cares about his server not the money...i know for a fact cuz HE DECLINED MONEY FROM ME lol..

btw *DD = no lifers* lol buddy if one of my pals didnt send me the link where u wrote this i would never have know but it seems u paid some guy to hack? lmao bring that money to my friday night poker game heck u can make 20k usd if ur on a wining strike lol cuz that money is just going down the drain if u pay someone to hack? do u also pay someone to chew ur food? cuz if u do go to home shelter and i bet many ppl will do it for a buck lol..

anyways Divine is a great server just dont except everyone to help you from your day 1..None likes begger or a QQer do what u can and in time you will gain respect and help from Divine shaiya and its gamers. ****** ppl will lead ****** resluts remeber that. haha

Again mean no offence to anyone just dont like ppl that are loosers in life think others are like him/her..******* [who knows] lol. If you get offended go cry to ur momy <33 after all no momies hate their child even if they are fat ugly loosers..

ohh ps i donate cuz IM ONE LAZY NUB TO farm items lol. i can think of serveral other stuff i can do instead of farming some items in game lol.
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As this thread is just a simple hate/QQ thread, which has (from two different members) broken way too many board rules,

#Request Close/delete; also all the reports needed have been done.

Read the board rules before doing this kind of threads
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My head hurt after reading this...needless to say, closed.

If you are going to post a thread about the flaw's of a server, do it in The right section, with a structured post, and some type of backup.....


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Closed Thread

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