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[Info] To everyone making a server or running one.

Closed Thread
Old 08/14/2012, 21:44   #16
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well all i have to say is Amen to that Snuggle. but i fear most people don't care for game or players. All the admins now days and coming all they want is the 'money'....

[correct me if im wrong] 'but thats what i see'...

PS. to 'all' new admins if you can't make a P-server 'your self' please don't make one......

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Old 08/16/2012, 06:40   #17
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#bumb for that topic

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Old 08/16/2012, 07:42   #18
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I really suggest having this stickied in the the dev and advertising sections so that the noobs do read it.
It would be nice to have some tutorials include this as a preface.
Putting the link in my sig
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Old 08/16/2012, 08:04   #19
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That is a good suggestion, being honest I didn't think about that.

#Moved, Stick

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Old 08/21/2012, 02:22   #20
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I have a special post!

I want to edit it a bit and add some more content as it comes to mind.
So yea I'll keep it updated as things come to mind o:
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Old 09/02/2012, 13:11   #21
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Personally I think this thread is awesome. I won't lie at the beginning I too was a nubby developer. But I learned. Learning is the KEY word here.
Most everything on my server i understand how it works and my reasons for making a server was an honorable one.(i disliked the favoritism of certain players, dodgy links made by GM's and that prices of Item mall stuff was more than OS) So I strove to build one that people could enjoy.

On the donations front .. Yes it is important but if you are serious about building a PS be ready to shell out from your own pocket. Micro-Marketing is also a huge Key. Don't rely on Few large donations .. Keep prices reasonable and you will have lots of little donations. Also with reasonable prices you dont have that huge Gap between Donators and non Donators as i have seen on many a server.

If there is something you don't know learn fast who will know the answers. IE do't go randomly adding people on skype and giving them access via teamveiwer cos they say they can help.

Sadly .. Trust No-one ... That sounds bad but even your closest member of staff can fk you up. When you chose staff with any kind of power be fully aware of what they can access and if they mess up how you can fix it. TEAM efforts are a lovely Idea but as i have seen here many times and experienced myself that doesnt always work. TAKE responsibility... if you are the min ADM/owner of a server the Butt stops with you Your staff fk up and make things bad for players YOU will be blamed so as snuggle says be ready to lose friends if you have to remove staff members. NEVER NEVER NEVER get a GM who has advertised here ... I know that sounds bad but if I read post "Any server looking for GM" I leave. I have had a ton of adds and messages on my website asking to be staff. How do you know about their ability How do you know they don't just want access to your database. BE CAREFUL

Above all Remember YOUR server is not for YOU
The age old addage "The customer is always right" should be used most of the time. At the end of the day you as n ADM/Owner will hardly ever get to play so listen to your players if they say something is up.

BE AWARE alot of people out there like to hack... don't ever think your server is hack free. And no matter how few players you have you MUST act against them. If you don't instead of losing 3 players that you have to ban you lose 50 who wont stand by watching someone hack for advancement.

Like snuggle says be ready for STRESS, SLEEPLESS NIGHTS and NO SOCIAL LIFE. The best servers out there have dedicated and reliable people running them that fully understand that this is not a EASY road to money.

The understanding that this is a business is KEY
There are overheads...
You NEED a dedicated Server - running from a home PC no matter how good will result in Lag which in turn results in a loss of players.
You NEED to protect yourself - Closing ports isn't enough. Players are fickle Unless you have the most amazing server Players wont wait days while you are attacked, they will just go elsewhere.
You NEED a website - One of the first things people will see of your server is your website-if it is terrible on the eye and hard to navigate people won't even download your game.

Please Stop all these fly-by-night servers. If you don't know what you are doing and you have no inclination to learn Go play OS or another server DON'T try building one and spamming forums on a daily basis for help.

That said Good luck to those willing to learn and building for the right reasons and THANK you to all who have helped me learn. We understand if you have never built a server before you are going to have issues but LEARN. Don't get others to fix stuff for you
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Old 09/02/2012, 16:39   #22
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Originally Posted by [Boss]FemmeFatale View Post
NEVER NEVER NEVER get a GM who has advertised here ...
Unless it's me of course!
Sorry needed that moment for a slight confidence boost...not like I need

Anywayyyyy XD
So I think the post above this is a complete understanding of the way things should be run and I like that ^_^
It's a tough thing to do when running a server.
The number one thing I see from people playing on servers though that I personally HATE...
"Is there a GM on??" "Why is there no GM on?"
Well ummm...dumbass (yes you obviously are because you think GMs have to BE in game) GS or whatever the server names them are there to help you.
NOT GMs. They are the ones keeping the server up for your complaining *** so you can play there.
Don't bother them with stupid **** unless they ask what's going on >.>
I can't tell you how bad that ****** me and probably most other GMs off.
Please respect what they do for you because without them..bad server or not it wouldn't be up.
Sorry needed my rant about that xD
So in other words I've been compiling more things to add here o.o
Not only do I want to add advice, yet I want to add a guide of sorts feel to it.
Not a "this is how you set up things" like the other 50 posts here.
Just a "this is how you don't **** things up" type thing xD
Enough of my wall!
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Old 09/26/2012, 15:40   #23
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Thought I forgot about this thread did you? Incorrect.

Guide/Tutorial whatever you want to call it is completely resigned.
For now it's kinda crappy to read I guess in the spoilers.
I'm kinda sick and tired plus went to the hospital last night xD fun fun so yea.
No I won't die ._. how dare you people wish to get rid of me!
Don't worry I'll be gone in December :P
Anyway hope this new update to it works out better as of suggestions and all.
Just trying to provide helpful insight.
Anyway getting off my phone and going back to sleep o:
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Old 09/26/2012, 16:52   #24
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awsome snugg .
btw im in hospital atm aswell looool get better soon!
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Old 11/13/2012, 09:50   #25
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Reply to [Admin]Snuggle post

I can honestly say Snuggle does have a Point If you have Jerks for staff they need to be gotten rid of keeping players is the #1 priority for a server to run without the players the server would be die I'm a former GM and I watched a server go down hill I Myself am trying to build an effective/different server something Different and most of all Choosing staff that have experence is #1 key to making your server effective for the players sake And last but not Least Favortism Lights shouldnt be favortized by staff on lightside same with fury they shouldnt be favotized they should be treated Equally same with staff Staff should respect fury just like fury respect staff on lightside there is no I in team
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Old 12/12/2012, 19:32   #26
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Finally someone gets it!! Nice Post!
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Old 01/15/2013, 05:51   #27
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I just started looking into starting my own server, I fell in love with the shaiya pheonix server,,,,love it to death, but, still missing things,,,, question,,,

What if, each map was its own kind of........this is going to be hard for me to explain because im not good at that,,,but,,, here goes, sry if i repeat myself.....

map one,,, gliter,, starting map,,,, pvp 1-15 map, get all 1-15 gears, weapons,,, and such,,, in Original Shaiya, you only get lapis in pvp, lvl 1's... AR has drops for weapons and armor, but then their is fantasm's lair,,, ( think i spelled it right ), why is that, why couldnt it be like AR, but, getting lapisia, and lapis... Ive noticed you can only get good lapis from higher lvls,,, but, if those lapis wasnt allowed in first map, and not be able to put those on map 1 armors and weapons,,, everyting would be better,,, like,,, everyting on map one, stays on map one,,, but can be used on map two,,, which is pvp 20-30... so, everything on map two should be the same, for only 20-30....
So, in map one, fantasm's lair, converted to another AR, but with lapis and lapisia,,,
For lapisia, in pvp 1-15, they can only have so many, ( dont know if you can make lapisia and lapis have different stats, but, make them different like you said )
lapis from higher lvls wont work on 1-15 armor, or weapons.. like, only 2 per armor, or weapons,,,no more, then for 20-30, no more than 10 per each, and so on,,,, sounds like allot or work to me, but, I think it would work,,, and keep everything as everyone loves in what shaiya is,,, but, putting limits on things,,, making it still fun, but, not overwhelming,,,yes, you would still have some new players getting slaughtered, but, its part of the game to a certain extent... ive been slaughtered numerous times, but if balanced, like you said, it can work, and everyone can live happy together in pvp and pve worlds... i didnt like it when i went to shaiya haven and there were no lapisia at all in pvp 1-15,,, but, thats their choice,, it works to an extent, and I love playing there,,,, but, I also didnt like lvling so fast, and I dont like lvling so slow,,, ive noticed in some servers, they can set the time it takes to lvl, either by mobs higher exp points, or setting on per lvl of toon,,, but either or, I like it to be a certain amount on each lvl,,, looks like short lvling on lower lvls until you reach like 55 like on OS, then its hard to get to the next lvl,,, or during certain pvp lvls, like 15, or 30, and so on,,, some servers made it longer because of the pvpers in pvp maps,,, but on pve it sucks... and make it free to get the exp remove pill... Im no doctor but think that works.... I guess what im saying on lapisia is, i dont like having to depend on higher lvl people to take their toons, get high lvl lapis or lapisia and sell at auction for high prices for lower toons to buy... those higher lvl lapis and lapisia should be for the higher lvl pvp maps... putting caps on armor and weapons and a way to get their own lapis and lapisia on the same map i believe would work,,,, but,,,,again, like you,,,, not out to make anyone mad,,,, but, in my book,,, what you need at least for OS, is money,,,donations are awsome and I wouldnt mind paying donations here and there if i played that server all the time,,, was starting to get that way with haven until i just recently had issues with the software,,, not their fault,,, but, all private servers have issues,,, and no one will ever be happy with one server or the other,,, because its not THEIR server,,, I would have people pay for things in game,,, but, not anything needed in game,,, like OS now has costumes,,, but, ( i dont know prices yet ) dont see paying over 25 cents for it,,,, at least a top... maybe a dollar... for entire costume, or special mounts, but, nothing that would change in game play.... anyting needed in game, should be already in game in my book... sry for the misspelling,,,tired and should go to bed... but, hope you understand what I was saying,, and if I can find out how to start my own private server and start working on it,,, I plan on doing so,,, this is how i found our thread... and will try to use allot from it, think it would help... i dont even think i would have a serious public server for at least 1 year maybe 2 with all the tweaks and update stuff,,,,,,,roflmao... Im used to programming websites, visual basic, and playing shaiya original,,,, shaiya haven was nice,,, but, time for me to start playing around with code again,,, stayed a stay at home dad for past 4 years and miss my glory days programming,,,, miss visual basic,,, but, will try my best to learn what I can, and hope to have a test server up and running (actually working ) in at least the next 3 months... many people also dont understand what it takes to get these servers running, then everything to tweaking, punching monitors, taking your tower out and smashing it on the road, or when your wife takes her wedding band off and leaves a note with a ribbon wrapped around the monitor holding her wedding band,,,, (" since you love your computer more than me, you can marry it,,, here is your ring back......") ..... ROFLMAO,,,, SRY,,,, I love my wife,,, but,it had gotten that bad once,,, and it wasnt even a game server which I believe is even worse than a hosting multiple websites with 1000's of people on them a day... more issues like you said to deal with,,,,, ( my wife and i are still together by the way, that was over 20 years ago... and we are still going strong,,, my oldest is 18 now,, and wanting to work with computers too,,,,,he's not allowed on my server unless he's just playing the game

didnt realize this was so messed up,,, so long,, but hope my point got across,,,,more of asking if making more limits on lapisia would work and the state of map one being for map one, when moved to map two, can use map one armors and lapis, and lapisia, but, only so many allowed on armor for lapisia, no more than maybe two,,, and all higher map armors, lapis, lapisia, weapons cant be used in map one pvp....same from map two to map 3.... and fantasm lair would become a 1-15 drop zone and not for high lvl toons....

sry, for this, but, dont even know where to download server, what database stuff is needed, or what,,,,be nice to just downlaod and start working on things, but dont think its going to be that easy
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Old 04/21/2013, 10:38   #28
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so many new nub servers around they should read this **** thread -.-"""

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Closed Thread

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