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Elveron 718 - Daily Content - Most Unique - Ultimate Economy

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Meant to post some of these last night, but didn't get the chance to update the server because I fell asleep on the couch. Anyways, a lot in store and many improvements were made and we are nearly back to our state and a very much improved Elveron. There is a new client out for download (the Loader will automatically update) that has some crashes patched, improvements in player appearance, working maps in specific areas, and more. Anyways here are the updates, enjoy!

- The System Update Timer now properly shows on the screens.
- Certain quick prayer setups no longer crash players.
- Added tab quick replying to PM's.
- Bonuses now should be to their proper states.
- Packed missing XTEA's, haven't found a map yet that is missing objects/data.
- The Squeal of Fortune reminder interface is now moveable around the screen.
- Multi combat regions now display if they are multi.
- Fixed the resizeable skill button interface.
- Fixed the resizeable dominion tower interface.
- Split PM'ing has now been reimplemented, you can now see PM's above the shoutbox.
- Patched the non working donator commands.
- Reworked the icons for certain donator ranks.
- All of the Dungeoneering maps (Frozen+) now work.
- The Divine Donator zone and Sink Hole map objects have been fixed.
- Fixed map crashes in the Kalphite Lair.
- Successfully shoveled the God Wars Dungeon ^.^ (mapdata fixed).
- Converted over to a new donation system.
- Fixed client sided appearance nulls.
- Fixed equipment tab not opening sometimes.
- Items can now be unequiped in the equipment interface.

Thread Link:

Well the verdict is clear. With a large majority thinking that Edgeville would be a good new home, we will have moved by tomorrow night. In the following days will be more fixes and adjustments along with new Wilderness content that will get people enticed to PvP and will lure all kinds of players into the Wilderness to carry out new activities.

On another note, there is a new client out. This should have fixed some preference saving issues, improved performance on Mac and Linux operating systems, as well as fixing some crashes relating to certain things.

I loved being ingame with you guys today, now that the conversion is over and I feel a lot less stressed I will be appearing ingame more often and building those player relationships that I need. I may not be online at all tomorrow due to the fact that I am seeing a friend who has been away for the entire year so I don't want to miss out on that, however expect updates to flow in as usual.

Also, @King Fox has an amazing new update to our website that will make Bug Reports and Suggestions a lot more organized and will help us get stuff done faster. Follow his progress here:

Lastly, I would like to congratulate @Stefio and @YelloFellow (Korean Chain) on their new roles as Support members. The Live Support is now back online with @valkyrie and @Charity so enjoy some extra assistance. Lastly I would like to welcome @Valo back to the team as our Marketing Manager. Valo was the one who really built Elveron to what it was in it's glory in the past and now that things are smoothing out development wise, we are ready to kick in our advertisement and bring Elveron back to where it should be.

- Double and Triple XP are at 60+ and 80+.
- Stores show the actual item prices(new client required).
- Price checker shows the shop prices.
- Improved preference saving.
- Fixed auto setup message appearing and crashing clients.
- Weight updates as items are banked/worn/etc.
- Reduced the run drain effect for weight.
- Fixed a few client sided crashing issues with appearance.
- Players no longer spawn at tutorial island after a fun match.
- Fixed opponent not spawning or not dying in fun matches.
- Tournaments have now been re enabled.
- Fixed a client crashing error with hit marks.
- Bank tabs can now be created properly.
- The Ganodermic Beasts should now be in their proper spots.

Thread Link:

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We have now officially moved homes to Edgeville. I am actually very tired right now so I won't write up a ton. But we have some awesome new updates coming in the next few days that will enhance the PvP experience for you guys.

Also, @Sasuke will no longer be with us as support anymore sadly as he will not have internet access for possibly 1-2 months. We will be looking for a support member to fill in the spot in the next few days. We are also looking for a new Event Manager, however I will make a post about that tomorrow morning.

- The automatic donation system is now live, should be all sorted now.
- Fixed the XP display counter.
- Fixed the graphical disconnection bug (certain quick prayer combinations, emotes, etc.).
- Readjusted the prayer drainage for Iron Man accounts, should be improved again.
- Turmoil bonus now increases with NPC's as well as Players.
- Home has been migrated to Edgeville.
- Wilderness wide Bounty Hunter is in development.
- Started on a new EP System that will be out soon.
- Stats can be reset at home with Mandrith now.
- Shops have been consolidated into one categorized NPC.
- General stores are available in the shops.
- Fishing spots have been added to the Edgeville/Barbarian River.
- The Blacksmith's hut by the bank can now be used to smelt and smith.
- In the houses of Edgeville, all of the objects are useable (including skilling ones such as ranges, ovens, water taps, etc.)
- Clan/White/Dangerous Portals are now accessible at home and players can use the challenge option.
- All of the skilling resources including stardust and the robust glass machine from the old home are now conveniently located in Edgeville.
- Shortcuts to the Grand Exchange have been added for ease of access from home to the Marketplace.
- The Stronghold of Security has been touched up, a great training place for new players to get gear.
- Only four slayer masters are available at home now, the most used ones. The rest are placed in their appropriate spots.
- All the necessities to PK are available at home.
- Convenient locations to travel are added near home: Lodestones, Spirit Tree, Minecarts, Canoes, Fairy Ring.

Thread Link:

It's been a great weekend, and although we have been a lot lower than usual, I am not giving up. The team is more than motivated and I can see a come back beginning that will be noticeable in the following week. I hope everyone is enjoying the new home and our new PvP revamp will be coming soon.

I have also read all the Event Manager applications and I will be reading anymore that come within the next 24 hours. If you are interested or curious, please read this thread:

- Increased the number of general stores.
- There should now be a total of 11 general stores.
- Fixed a squeel of fortune infinite scroll glitch.
- More efficient method of loading prices client sided (faster loading).
- Grand Exchange searching now works and the Grand Exchange has now returned.
- Voices can be turned off with a "voiceoff" command in the console.
- Zoomin and zoomout commands will zoom in and out, must be used in the console.
- EP can be gained over time while standing in the wilderness.
- Adjusted range damages and attack delays.
- Fixed staffyell(Guys, this is secret don't ask).
- Brought back the potion shops that dissappeared recently.
- Bounty hunter targets are assigned once the target bar is completely filled up.
- Bounty hunter targets are lost when they are away too long.
- Started working on bounty hunter rewards.

Thread Link:

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So as we are working towards our great comeback, one thing that is a key feature to getting our player flow: votes. However we never had as much votes as we should have mostly due to our old buggy vote system. Sites weren't working, the system's callback was faulty, you could never tell which sites you voted missed or didn't work, etc. Well after some work our new vote system is back online and you will enjoy it! So everyone, let's get voting!

On a second note, continue to watch @King Fox 's stellar progress on our new major website update which is nearly done:

Also, Bounty Hunter is nearing to a finish and official release. I am very excited and I hope you guys are too Awesome progress by @taht one guy .

Lastly, @Valo is hosting an amazing contest in which you can win up to $250 in prizes! Check it out here:

- Brand new and smooth looking Voting Page.
- Ability to see what sites you voted on successfully (no more wondering which site didn't work).
- Fixed all of the voting issues people had with certain sites.
- Timers to display how much time till you can vote on each individual site.
- New interface for collecting rewards.
- Rewards automatically given as soon as the vote is submitted and the player has enough free space.
- Callbacks on all of the voting sites, removed some useless sites. No more cheating >.>
- Increased certain potion prices.
- Quick Fire shoots faster (unaware of a buff?).
- Optimized the updating of bounty hunter components.
- Finished the bounty hunter timer system.
- Players who remain away from the target for 5 minutes will be penalized.
- Players can be attacked for 10 seconds after leaving the wilderness.
- Both the target and player will be informed of when they need to return to their target.
- Finished bounty hunter target assigning based on combat level and wilderness level.
- Completed the EP gaining system.
- Hint icons (yellow arrows) appear for bounty targets.

Thread Link:
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And so went one of the happiest days of my life. Got my first college reply and it happened to be an acceptance from my #1 choice, Rochester Institute of Technology for Computer Science/Software Engineering. I am very excited.

Now we are starting on the PvP revamp and I am currently doing a lot to combat while Brennen is working on some content like Bounty Hunter, EP, etc. Today I was able to get 90% of the Lunar Spells complete working with accept aid, all the group spells etc. We are only missing 3 spells that are useless atm so I will do them later. But we have all the combat/stat ones complete for the people who have been craving some of these spells. I have also begun on working on weapon specials and operations that need to be added. There is a lot to go into all of this and I will need to hear from experienced PKers on what is needed to be done.

We are also still fixing bugs, got some of those pesky ones that were bothering us done today, so stay tuned and patient while we work on as much as we can

Great ideas coming along and myself and @taht one guy are working hard on the PvP Revamps, today being day one. More to come in the following days.

@Chance has also completed our new and beautiful forums theme which comes with a lot of new features, read all about it here:

- Fixed the Dungeoneering Rewards shop confirmation dialogue.
- The empty and destroy warning dialogues have been updated to the revision.
- Dungeoneering floors of all kind now count towards the Completionist Cape.
- Fixed the Cannonball Completionist Cape requirement.
- Added the Staff of Light special attack.
- Added the Disruption Shield spell blocking hits in the time frame casted.
- Added the Dream spell which heals a player 10 hitpoints every 12 seconds.
- Fixed the Cure Group spell which now heals poison and disease of nearby players (with accept aid on).
- Added the Heal Group spell working just like RuneScape, accept aid must be on for nearby players.
- Added the Spellbook Swap spell, I hope it is useful atleast o.O
- Added the Magic Imbue spell to create combination runes without an altar.
- Updated the Top100Arena vote cool down to 12 hours.
- Players can now enter the Armadyl Lair.
- Fixed the Bounty Hunter interface not showing certain elements.
- The Bounty Hunter interface disappears when the player is out of the Wilderness.
- Bounty hunter EP, target, and target likelihood save on logout.
- Fixed the Bounty Hunter combat level range.
- Temporarily removed Lesser Demons to prevent odd crashes in the Wilderness and Taverly Dungeon.
- Major work on a rewards system for the EP System.
- Fixed a bunch of null pointer exceptions for Bounty Hunter.

Thread Link:

Another awesome day of PvP stuff and the implementation of @King Fox 's new Elveron Panel. Now we can easily organize suggestions, mark statuses on them, vote on them, etc.

Please note that we cleaned the suggestions and bug reports sections to make way for the new system, therefore if you would still like your suggestion added please post it on the new system.

- Elveron panel is complete and is now redirected from the Suggestions/Bug Report sections.
- Players can now vote on suggestions with thumbs up and thumbs down.
- Accounts on the panel allow for comments and discussion on people's ideas.
- Suggestions/Bug Reports can be marked as open, in progress, completed, or closed.
- Admin accounts have ease of access to moderate the posts.
- Very user friendly interface on the portal.
- Rewards such as PVP tokens, Statuetes, and PVP armor can be obtained from bounty hunter.
- Fixed the chat type issue (switching between public/friends chat).
- Players won't get toolkits after dying in the Wilderness.
- Fixed message for amount of wealth that players drop when killed.
- Fixed clan war portals at home.
- EP will influence the type of statuetes/pvp armor received from bounty hunter.
- Mandrith can change player's combat settings.
- Mandrith exchanges artifacts for coins.
- Players can talk to Mandrith to view the PVP rewards.
- Fixed the edgeville door issue.
- The chances for EP drops are better when killing your bounty hunter target.
- Quick-fire has been disabled in the Wilderness.
- Purple sweets have been completely disabled in any form of PvP.

Thread Link:

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Sorry for the inconvenience of last night's updates. Because the forums was down we decided to push the updates into today instead. So, here are two days worth of updates.

PvP Revamps are looking great and there is still much to do. Glad to see people actually boxing and fighting in the Wilderness now and hopefully we can grow. Hey maybe we can even start getting PKing videos out? Step by step of course

I would also like to congratulate @-V. (Ray/Bows) on his position of our new Event Manager. He will be posting his Event Schedule within 12 hours and will begin events tomorrow. This was a big decision that I had discussed with @Philelele and we found him to be very qualified for the position. We hope to see new activity in the community following in the next few days.

- Prestiges have been added to the highscores.
- Added a system for game points.
- NPCs are now weaker to magic attacks.
- Spawned more Grand Exchange people in Edgeville.
- The Heal Group spell in the Lunar book now heals other players.
- All Dungeoneering floors should now count for Comp Cape.
- Votes on the new voting system work for the Comp Cape now.
- PVP tokens cannot be gained from castle wars.
- PVP tokens can only be gained in the Wilderness and Clan wars.
- Revenants spawn randomly throughout the Wilderness.
- Revenants will not leave the wilderness.
- Revenants can now walk through walls.
- Caskets now award 75,000 coins.
- Game point rewards were added, and are listed in ::gamepointrewards.
- The following are game point reward commands:
- ::doublegamepoints (The player will receive double game points. Lasts 1 Hour.)
- ::meleeweakness (All NPCs will be weaker to melee. Lasts 1 Hour.)
- ::rangeweakness (All NPCs will be weaker to range. Lasts 1 Hour.)
- ::magicweakness (All NPCs will be weaker to magic. Lasts 1 Hour.)
- ::inventorydrops (NPC drops listed in ::drops will be placed in the inventory. Lasts 1 Hour.)
- ::bankdrops (NPC drops listed in ::drops will be placed in the bank. Lasts 1 Hour.)
- ::skilldrops (Automatic bone burying and automatic herb cleaning. Lasts 1 Hour.)
- ::coindrops (All tradeable NPC drops worth less than 100,000 will be converted to coins. Lasts 1 Hour.)
- ::moredrops (NPCs will drop more items. Lasts 1 Hour.)
- ::betterdrops (The chance of getting rare items increases. Lasts 1 Hour.)
- ::weakness (NPCs will be very weak. Lasts 1 Hour.)
- Players can log in during the update time.
- Fixed an issue with the update timer.
- Fixed the issue with trading artifacts.

Thread Link:
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Amazing day for me, found out that I just received a $10,000 scholarship to RIT that is renewable every year that I study there. So pumped about that, less debt for me

Now since it is the beginning of the month and we need votes, double vote rewards will be on for the next few days. So please make sure you are voting twice every day and let's climb the top lists!

We are also cleaning up the staff team and making demotions to inactive staff. We have had enough of seeing many staff members not active anymore and we are really cutting down. We have known for a while that @Quad and @Philelele have been less active due to other commitments and they have stepped down so their positions can be filled, but there are still other members to investigate.

This means many new staff positions are open and we will be looking through applications, so make sure that you post an application and prove yourself worthy ingame by being active and helpful to players. Good luck everyone!

- Players who have spaces in their names can now claim vote rewards.
- Patched some of the home "You cannot tele anywhere from here" issues.
- Began to make major progress on the world map thanks to Dennis.
- Fixed some issues with the voting call backs.
- Double game points is now 10,000 game points.
- Gave bonuses to all of the weapons in the forum points shop.
- Fixed sheathing deleting stats for most weapons.
- Voting rewards are now doubled for the next few days, get voting!

Thread Link:

Hello everyone, sorry for not being online today. I had a swim meet that ended up taking hours and then a slow commute because of the snow. Therefore I was gone early in the morning and didn't come back till night time and I still have homework to do. We didn't have time for updates today due to the events of today however we have a lot in store for the week so keep an eye out. Sorry for the inconvenience everyone and enjoy the server!

And also just a quick reminder, we are still on the lookout for staff members to fill in our new three empty spots. So make sure that you are showing your best character ingame, helping players out both new and old, and showing that you can be an active and dedicated addition to the team. Also don't forget to post your applications on the forums ^.^
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Hello everyone, @Apollo and I can happily say that all the rolling back is done and the situation is now under control. We are terribly sorry for the inconvenience that this has caused and double exp will be activated until Friday because of this and double vote rewards will carry on until Saturday morning. Luckily, this went a lot more smoothly than we expected as we were preparing for the worst. This has slowed down development, however @taht one guy and myself are ready to pump out major bug fixes the next few days.

I advise people who can't login to refer to this thread to gain access to their accounts back:

Lastly, I would like to congratulate these three members on their new roles as support: @Nayhorrorn , @Dematt , and @Sparkfear . We are still looking out for one more support member, so continue the hard work!
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As most of you know I took a personal day yesterday, however @taht one guy got some stuff done. I didn't get home until late at night therefore I didn't make a post so I will just mix in those updates with tonight's. Keep an eye out :3

So as some of you may know, this morning I injured my neck and it is very stiff and sore right now. I can't really move it at the moment without severe pain and it has to be in a proper upright position, leaving my in a lying down position most of the day. Using the computer is not helping at all so I am staying away from it as I recover. I will be on my phone some times, but not a lot so if you need anything please contact another staff member and note that we do have another developer. I am hoping I will be better tomorrow.

However, we still have fixes coming in. Everyone give a hand to @taht one guy for pushing through and making sure we still had updates and improvements while I have not been able to make it online yesterday and today. I am very glad that Brennen is part of the team as he is a very hard worker, has lot's of talent, and is passionate towards the server.

Lastly, we now purchased a Team Speak server of our own and it will be set up as it used to be very soon. If you are interested in joining, here is the connection IP and port:

- Mods+ can now see hidden players.
- ::hide command is now mod+.
- Auras have working cool down timers.
- Items can have different prices in different stores, depending on the currency.
- Added command ::reloadprices to reload prices.
- All master capes are now 1 gp.
- Console messages are extremely limited.
- Null pointers will be easier to see in the console.
- Fixed possible null issue with players.
- IPGuard can be bypassed when used with the master password.
- Systems limited to ips may be switched to use mac addresses.
- Mac addresses for each player are saved in the player file.
- Players are always properly removed from the World list of players.
- Dragonfire shield options were added.
- Dragonfire shield system rework is in progress.
- Voices for specific players can be added/removed by using commands in the console.
- Finding 50 penguins is now part of the completionist cape requirements.
- All of the prestige tokens gained from prestiging count towards the comp cape.
- Every 3 prestiges is the same as the first prestige.
- Iron men get 25 prestige tokens for prestiging.
- Hardcore get 10 prestige tokens for prestiging.
- Challenging get 3 prestige tokens for prestiging.
- Edited prestige message to include the correct amount of tokens.
- Black mark mutes now last 24 hours.
- Changed the staff yell colors.

Thread Link:
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Well, my neck is starting to feel better. Spent another day as a coach potato, but atleast things are looking a lot better. Hopefully with good rest I will be up and running again tomorrow, ready to swim :3 Today was a slow day however tomorrow will be better. Since little was done with me not being at the computer and Brennen having a busy day, we will put our updates in tomorrow's batch. Stay tuned everyone and have fun playing Elveron!
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Sorry guys, due to various reasons we haven't posted the updates in the past 2 days. Well here is the list of all of them. I don't have time to go in depth so here they are, more improvements to come throughout the week so get excited!

- Fixed issues with not being able to invite members to your clan.
- Added a login request handler to prevent issues such as logging in multiple times, etc.
- Added in some debugging to the Death Room to find issues with it.
- If you come across any messages in the Death Room, please alert me and take a picture.
- Squeal of fortune can be used in edgeville.
- Players can teleport in edgeville.
- ::macban and ::unmacban have been added as moderator commands.
- Advertisors will be mac banned as well as ip banned.
- NPC item drops in quantities more than 3 will be noted.
- Lamps don't hate iron men.
- Added the effect to gloves of silence.
- Summoning pouch creation will tell the players which items they are missing.
- Players cannot gain xp at tutorial island.
- Players who leave tutorial island will be able to gain xp.
- When entering clan wars at home, players will return to edgeville when leaving.
- Fixed a client dc issue for the friend's chat.
- Increased the chances of Scarlet and Hope.
- Fixed some graphical issues with mining showing the wrong pickaxe.
- Tickets now stand out and are easier to read.
- Fixed up the desert strykewyrms.
- Fixed the dragon armor set.
- Ring of Kinships are now included in the starter packs.
- Added lighting fire pits in the Jadinko Lair.
- Roots/Vines/etc. can now be burned in the Jadinko pits.
- Fixed the Korasi special damage.
- Decreased the price of toy horseys.
- Increased certain herblore, log, and ore prices.
- More jail restrictions have been added.
- PvP token shop has food/potion/armor/weapon rewards.
- Fixed clue scroll interfaces.
- Patched the crashing issue with Glacors.
- Upgrade tokens are gained in the pvp shop.
- Updated the new attack animation for Pest Control Brawlers.

Thread Link:
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CapytalPk V2 IS BACK )
-Bug is Fixed
-Active Staff
-Friendly Staff
-Friendly Community
-Accounts ware not Deleted
-Good Drop rates
-Added Chaotic Lite drops at Revenants..
-Needed Players..

I will make serveral events
Pk Event
Drop Party.. OFC not OP items -,-

in video Part 2 Il proof Corp Drop Rate..

More Info: Skype.pavlikassss

First 5 Who Come Will get Secret Prizes
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As some of you may have seen I haven't been in game since yseterday. I have a swim championship on Saturday and practices have been longer and more exhausting, so I have been gone for more hours and then I haven't had much energy recently. So I will be slightly inactive the next few days until Saturday. Hope you guys understand!

- Chat box interfaces are closed when other interfaces are closed.
- Players cannot remove coins from pouch after trade is finished.
- Entering x amount in bank will close if the bank is closed.
- New JSON player saving. This will prevent accounts from not loading properly.
- Major cleaning up of the player class is in commencement now that we no longer have serializable issues.
- Leaving FFA clan wars portals will bring you to where you entered them.
- Hint icons indicate where a player's target is in the wilderness.
- The killer can see the dead player's items for 10 minutes before it's public.
- Administrators will not drop items on death.
- Players killed by administrators will not drop items on death.
- Mutated jade roots cannot be chopped indefinitely.

Thread Link:
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Lot's of great things to come and much accomplished today. Unfortunately, today was yet another rough practice in which we covered over 6,000 yards in one session (prep for a long distance meet) which destroyed me. Kind of died with the 800 I.M. sprints but gotta get on that Phelps level hurrrr. Anyways I got home late as I have been doing this week and just collapsed on the coach after stuffing 34892358293 calories into my body. Hibernation occurred and now here I am at midnight, just waking up from a lovely nap with some work due tomorrow. Because of this I will not be posting tonight's updates and you will have stay in tune tomorrow to hear them. We have a lot planned! Enjoy Elveron, I may or may not be on tomorrow due to the fact that it is my last practice before the championship on Saturday :3

Well it has been a long week and I have finally gotten to a computer. Updates will be posted tomorrow as I need to sleep and get some rest for my early championship tomorrow. I won't be back until late afternoon tomorrow but then I will be on for the rest of the day (including teamspeak). I will see you guys tomorrow!

On an important note, if you are unable to load the client please download the latest version (updated by the Loader) or manually from the website. This has a lot of major crash fixes, new content, better performance, etc.

We are also looking for a new Event Manager, for more information please read the following thread:
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Enjoying this little break of mine. I am sure that when I return, I will be re energized and ready to Elveron like crazy. Can't wait to be back and hope that all is going well!

- Fixed some of the client crashing issues.
- Most all of the prices should be correct in the shops(requires new client).
- Slightly increased item prices.
- Changed barrows drop rates.
- Fixed title hex code selections being limited to integers.
- Added the ability to exclude drops from ::drops.
- Player following now looks correct.
- Grinding and crushing with pestle in morter now works.
- Added some more support commands.

Thread Link:
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Having a great time, had a few minutes today and found some fun things I can do with teamspeak and the server. While I only implemented one feature of teamspeak into the server, there may be more to come soon Anyways here are the updates!

- Brought back old some old npc combat definitions(including Assassin).
- Fixed a major issue with player nulling.
- When an account is logged in, a message will appear when trying to login to it.
- Mapped out all of the login client scripts.
- Added the command ::teamspeak to automatically launch teamspeak and load our server (must have TS3 installed).
- Fixed Kree'arra teleporting people into walls.
- Fixed clan bank withdrawing.
- Added some contact info on the overlay interface.

Thread Link:

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