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Elveron 718 - Daily Content - Most Unique - Ultimate Economy

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Some simple yet important things done today. Most of today's effort has been spent on finishing Stealing Creations and a new and more stable client. More to come tomorrow

-Rewrote alot of how Troll Invasion handles leaving the game (either win, death, logout, etc.)
-General Graardor and Commander Zilyana no longer take ages to respawn.
-Patched some bugs with Stealing Creations.
-Added the option to the Estate Agent to reset your house.
-Added the Purple Sweet running effect.
-Players no longer get hit in the Death Room by bosses with special combat scripts.

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Got some great things coming out tomorrow, however I have spent a ton of time doing homework and I have a presentation due in less than 2 hours. Therefore i don't have time to finish some updates nor post the ones done today. I will make a post of both of the updates tomorrow, stay in tune Elveron!

And I know it is Saturday, however it is homework from over the break so I still have a lot to do in the morning/afternoon

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Hello everyone, many of you are aware of the thread recently for suggestions of different roles for the server. The staff team has read the suggestions and are debating the new roles that will come out. We are still taking suggestions of course, and we will notify you when we know which spots will be open.

Now, a very exciting and new important part. I realized that a lot of the staffs time is wasted with being pummeled with questions that don't require staff assistance, so many to the point where it gets overwhelming to do the job. Now, staff are there to handle the things that regular players do not have the power to assist. However, people are still left with questions and tips.

There are special players, veterans, that have been playing the server for quite a while and have a vast knowledge of the server. Even these members can answer most of the questions that staff get pounded with and I have seen it in the friends chat. So, why not make it convenient to lend the veterans a helping hand?

We are going to be implementing a live support system tomorrow (similar to the ones you find on gold websites and larger servers) in which players will be able to get support from some of our wisest members whether it be help with client issues, advice on how to train a skill, questions on how to reach an area, how to obtain a certain item, etc. This will allow the staff to do their jobs with more efficiency and will satisfy the needs of the player.

What will be included with this live support system:
-Implementation on every page of the website in a little tab at the bottom right of the page.
-A list of the operators that are currently available to assist.
-Different departments if there are players that specialize in areas.
-Ability to identify players that need assistance with fields for ingame names, main question, etc.
-A mobile friendly support chat for people on their devices.
-Transfering of clients to staff members if the issue needs to be escalated.
-Logs of chats available to staff members and ability to ban for abuse.
-Ability to open the chat in your browser by clicking a button ingame.
-Operators will not need to have a window open 24-7, the software provides a tray notification and noise when someone requests assistance.
-Giant control panel for operators and a beautiful interface to ease assistance.
-Mobile app for Apple and Android devices for operators to assist players from the comfort of their devices.
-Ability for operators to set accurate availability statuses.
-Automated responses to frequently asked questions (such as: How do I make money? What is the download link? How do I train Summoning?)
-Abiliity to rate operators which will help us determine who is fit for the job.

Now, we are looking for a total of 8 operators. We want this service to be 24-7, so we will need a team of active players who love to help. I have already received requests to join this when I simply mentioned the idea in the post, so I suggest PM'ing me on the forums ASAP. You will need to use the following format:
Ingame Name:
Daily Time Spent Ingame:
Time Length Playing the Server:
Knowledge of the Server:
Explain Your Ability to Assist Players:
Do You Have a Mobile Device? If so, which one:
What Timezone and Hours Can You Be an Operator:

Operators do not have to be veterans, as long as they have a vast knowledge of the server. They will receive a special rank on the forums and will stand out ingame. I will also reward them if they work dilegently and receive great feedback.

Now, here are today's updates:

- Finished Boss Kill Count interface, its ready to rock n' roll.
- Progress tracking for all of the main bosses of the server, as we add more we will expand this.
- Soon to come rewards for having high counts :3
- Added option for the Boss Kill Count (BKC) to account options on the quest tab.
- New support system mentioned above.
- Highscores are back online, administrators should be removed.

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Today is the first day of our support team revamp and I am very excited. We have gotten many things set up and prepared for the beginning of a strong team that can take Elveron far.

First up, our staff organization has been majorly improved. Like any other staff team, we are not perfect and we realize that there are faults. However we are here to correct them and we have developed more strict guidelines and standards in order to keep ourselves on top of our game. @Light will be returning to the staff team as the Staff Manager. What will he be doing? He will be logging staff activity (literally to the minute), monitoring corruption, observing interactions with the community, making sure that staff are doing their jobs, checking in with their real life statuses, etc. On top of that, we have cleaned out the staff chat and have only affiliated it with our existing team so that there are no cross communications and less of a tumult. Next, we have come up with a more organized fashion of dealing with things. We are now using Google Drive to organize everything from logging punishments to discussing possible staff promotions. Through Google Docs, we are able to have a news board for the staff and categorize the different branches and restrict access to the different ranks. We can access and even edit these from our mobile devices, any computers, etc. and are able to share files and important documents easily. The punishment system will be a lot more organized now that we can log all of our punishments with the punisher, offender, time dealt, punishment length, and reason. Not only that but staff can comment on the punishments and discuss appeals privately. We also are able to discuss important topics as a team such as our new rewriting of the official rules which will be out this weekend. This also makes applications a lot easier as the staff can discuss individual players, provide insight analysis on our possible promotions, etc. From this point on, everything we do should be a lot more organized and less cluttered, ultimately leading to less stress for both the staff and players.

Secondly, we now have a brand new Event Manager @Philelelele who will be training with myself and @Light for his first event on Friday. Why aren't his events starting now? Because we are still testing his ability and teaching him the basics needed for this role. We have decided to chose Philelele because of his active participation in the community and his leadership skills. We have personally watched him organize events and activities along wiith guiding players without us asking him to. I believe that he has the skill set to bring together the community and make the server a lot more fun. Both Light and I have been watching Philelelele create his schedule for his first week of events as well as reward suggestions and they have proved to be well balanced and unique, with some events I've never heard of but sound extremely fun. Not only that, but he has gone above and beyond and prepared nearly two weeks of events along with schedule changes incase Stealing Creations comes out early. Because we are still training him, the events have not been approved yet. However the events should be approved by Thursday and will be posted along with dates and times on the forums in Philelele's brand new section of the forums dedicated to his events. Get ready for the daily community events in which was used to have so much participation begin to return This will hugely benefit the server and bring the players together.

Third, we now have a brand new Marketing Manager @Millenium who will be helping us with advertising, communicating with the players, coordinating the development team, and everything else that falls into the category. This rank is still in development as it is a relatively new thing, but we know what good marketing has done for Elveron so far. It is important that we have every part of the team necessary and I am glad for Millenium to be on our side helping us soar past our goals. Hopefully we can dig ourselves out of this hole very soon.

Lastly, our Live Support system is online! I would like to congratulate the following members who will be our official operators: @Satanic , @Charity , @deansta , @kingjosh484 , @yuze , and @lolfail . This team of experienced players have impressed me for quite a while with their knowledge of the game and willingness to help the community out. They all have ridiculous hours of dedication and what makes this team unique is that they are all spread out. We have operators on both coasts of the United States, operators in New Zealand and Australia, and an operator in England (and possibly another tomorrow in Holland). Players can access the live chat from any part of our website or by typing the command ::livechat ingame. They have yet failed to impress me as I have already seen lot's of positive feedback in the chat transcriptions. Myself and @Light have also been testing them undercover throughout the day and have been receivinig responses in 1-3 seconds, one time in less than a second all at different times and it was just mind blowing. Hopefully they keep up this rapid and helpful support as it has already proven in a few hours to help players.

Also, since admins are more in demand now, we will have an administrator promotion this weekend. That also means two moderator promotions. Which also means two support promotions. So make sure those applications are submitted (foreshadowing).

On another note, the highscores should be functioning well once again.

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Light has been demoted due to extreme immaturity and corruption thanks to the influence of Justin. Anyways, enough is enough and I will no longer put up with bad staff members. Light was once good, but things have changed and he along messed up the forums which should be organized up by the morning.

On a more positive note, I am getting excited to approve and release the event list for Phil tomorrow along with a new and improved official rules list.

Also due to increasing demand, I will be adding in the Iron Man Mode into the game tomorrow and white portal should be up again tomorrow as well

Lastly, I have no school tomorrow because the weather will be in the negatives. So, I will see you guys on teamspeak tomorrow and ingame :3

- Fixed some possible abuseable bugs with the crystal chest.
- Gave summoning charms a value, possible new money making method.
- Removed the Edgeville home as it is better to just have one.
- Touched up the starter cutscene so that it runs more smoothly for new players.
- Reduced the distance of the Abyssal Demon teleport special move.

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So, I planned on releasing a lot today such as fixes and what not, however my computer decided to act up and I can't finish coding the updates. That means there are unfinished things on the server right now and I can't restart. I will post the updates tomorrow and I will try to fix up my computer and finish the updates in the morning. Sorry for the inconvenience!
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I apologize my absence for the afternoon/night. I have 5 midyears and 4 projects this week, and I need to get ahead of my game so that I am not suffering. So, the last half of the day was consumed with school work and then tomorrow may be busy as well.

However good news, two actually. First of all, Stealing Creations beta v2 occurred today and it is absolutely fun. Most of the bugs from the first beta were patched and the game is running ALOT more smoothly (can still be tested by donators). I just have a few more things to fix and finish then it will be released to the public.

Secondly, I am very happy to have heard from @Chloe today, and since things started to smooth out for him, Chloe is now returning to the Elveron team. Many people may not know who Chloe is because he had to leave quite a while a go, more than a month ago due to events in real life that Chloe didn't want to effect the server. We thought that was the last we would see of Chloe on Elveron, however I was so excited to hear back today. Chloe has EXTREMELY helped us with the stability of our server in the past and has successfully kept Elveron up and running. Now what was Chloe's job? Chloe was our first and only technician of the server. Chloe did any technical tasks such as maintaining hardware on the Dedicated Server, guiding me through the process of converting our server environment from Windows to Linux, properly allocating our resources and network for smoother performances, fixing issues with the server including solving nulls and such when I am not available, etc. Chloe does a lot and was immensly recognized for his work when he was around and we will get started tomorrow when I wake up and have another chat with him.

- Fixed a null pointer with ground items
- Players that could not create Iron Man mode accounts can now properly.
- Iron Man NPC drops no longer stick to the ground forever.
- Added some more restrictions to prevent Iron Man smuggles.
- Players no longer lose items in the White Portal.
- Remade skillcape requirements cause Fox is bae...
- Added in accept aid for Lunar Spells (because people like to group veng everyone).
- Accept Aid can now be toggled in Settings.
- Rewrote a lot of Castle Wars in preparation for Phil's big event!
- Added a ::kdr command to see kills and deaths along with a ratio.
- There are also PKing highscores found in Edgeville.
- Gravestones that were not letting certain game modes pick up items are solved.

Thread Link:


Well, the minigame that you all have been asking for is finally here. Stealing Creations, and I am beyond excited about this moment. For once, I released a minigame after weeks of development and after many beta testing sessions, rather than releasiing incomplete or buggy minigames. Now this may have a few bugs because nothing is perfect, however it is very close to the actual thing.

HUGE shoutout to help from Brennen (taht one guy) for the MAJOR help on making this minigame possible. He provided the fundamentals of what we are using for our base, he provided his knowledge of the minigame to get it as realistic as possible, and has been a major assistance in this giant update.

- Added a head icon for Iron Man users so they can stand apart from the crowd.
- The elemental and catalytic runes now work in Fists of Guthix.
- Made the appropriate login message for staff ranks.
- Added more ranks to the quest tab player rankings (donators, support, gfx, etc.)
- Updated the list of commands found using the command ::commands
- Fixed so many grammatical mistakes I made in the past (I spelled "received" wrong 50 times, etc.).
- Both Virtus and Ahrim's Wands now have stat-s.
- Possible fix to Death Trading (GET REKT).
- Comp cape will now act like an Ava's Accumulator.
- Reduced the Comp Cape penguin requirements to 150.
- Added a Stealing Creations task to the Completionist Cape, yehhh boi keep up with the new content!
- Changed the Comp Cape examine to something more fitting.
- Stealing Creations is now publicy released.
- Maps for games are generated based on player levels and lobby size (eg. it won't generate hotspots that no one has the level for).
- More players in the game -> bigger map.
- Randomized generating of maps for each game, strategically placing the hotspots and such.
- Lobby handling system for both of the teams, clan lobby is currently disabled.
- Proper climbing over the stiles (in and out, registering and deregistering).
- Added all of the proper game restrictions according to RS Wiki (money, items, familiars, etc.)
- Lobby interface complete with combat/skilling stats combined and players needed to start.
- Added in those objects around in the lobby that you may need to interact with.
- Added every single food and potion into the Stealing Creation game.
- Creation Kiln's interface is complete with selecting class types, levels, products, etc.
- Barriers can be created, allowing the proper team to enter and blocking the enemy team.
- Barriers can properly be attacked and broken down with a giant force.
- Players can deposit all of their items for rewards on the table.
- Team mates can pick up x amount of specific items on the tables at their bases.
- Added the dialogues to the base leaders allowing players to cure/heal themselves, leave the game, or just chat (waste time).
- Players can both pick pocket and give items to players that are on their teams.
- Added all of the hotspots for skilling, combat, fragments, etc.
- All of the objects work in the Stealing Creations game.
- Stealing Creations points accurately calculated according to the RS Wiki (pre eoc).
- All of the Runes/Arrows/Weapons/Armor work properly and are well balanced for the games.
- Count down interface warns you when there is only one minute left.
- Added every single proper level requirement for all activities in the game, skill wise.
- PvP, death, etc. works completely in the game plane.
- Added in systems to detect cheating or smuggling in and out of the game.
- Players can successfully disguise themselves in the clouds of smoke/fog/w.e. that big blurb is.
- Added in all the obstacles such as wall climbing, crevice jumping, and giant ice mountains.
- All of the Stealing Creations familiars have been added and have their proper special abilities.
- Beast of Burden can be properly used with the Clay Familiars.
- Accurate game statistics showing who won, team points, individual scores, ranks (see RS Wiki for more info on Ranks)
- Added the rewards shop, displaying of points, purchasing items.
- Volatile tools can be transformed into a random Volatile tool (x2 xp for use).
- Sacred Clay tools can be selected from a Proto-Tool (x1.75 xp for use).
- Added in the random pieces of armor/weapons/shields/etc. for the rewards.
- Added proper degrading, stats, and weapon styles to all the rewards and game items.

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Small day, but for good reasons. I have two projects due tomorrow so there went my entire day (literally have been working non stop). Anyways amazing things to come this week, even a new Tournament minigame (spoiler alert) that will really spice up PvP, especially for players who can't afford the equipment. I will mention more about this in the upcoming days :3

- Touched up Master Capes and the requirements.
- Fixed up the permissions for Donator pets.
- Improved charge handling for Sacred Clay and Volatile tools.
- Added proper bonuses to the skilling tools from Stealing Creations.
- A couple of fixes for Stealing Creations.

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Even more school work today, long swim practice. It is 1:30am and I am pretty tired so I won't write a paragraph today. Lot's of future updates to come.

- Major progress on a huge future Dungeoneering update.
- Progress on multi floor level and type handling.
- Testing of new Dungeoneering map generating.
- Start on multi Dungeoneering, including the Ring of Daehmonheim.
- All of the configs for the ring including floor/difficulty selection, etc.
- Iron Man mode is now part of the highscores.
- Fixed some dupes up with the Duel Arena in preparation for the return of the Duel Arena.
- Minor fixes with some recent null pointers.

Thread Link:

Exciting moment in my life. I had a bit of spare time and @Chance taught me some of his GFX skills and now I am able to make our daily update GFX myself. However I am hoping I can learn more than just this and expand beyond my horizons cause I find GFX so fascinating. Yes, I DID THE GFX FOR TODAY Not Chance quality, but it takes practice <3

Anyways, some more fixes and small updates that people have wanted. I will be active Friday night, till then I still have my busiest school week ever o.o Hope you guys are having fun and I can see that we are starting to make a come back, who knows maybe we can reach averaging 80 online once again and then push our limits to 100 soon

- More work on Dungeoneering Parties, cause who doesn't like to explore in groups?
- Fixed Highscores updating with Iron Man accounts.
- Further testing and patches for the Duel Arena, coming soon.
- Falconry no longer eats your weapon slot items and adds it to your inventory.
- Cleaned out the Highscores, got rid of non legit accounts.
- Added Void Knight Gloves to the Pest Control rewards.
- Increased the amount of Pest Control points per game.
- Added in Loot Beams to any drop of value 1,000,000gp+ (including stacked amounts).
- This way, players will know if they have a valuable loot or not.

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Very busy day today studying for my 3 mid years tomorrow -_____________- Anyways, I will see you guys tomorrow afternoon since I will be coming home a bit late. Can't wait for this extended weekend, there is a lot to come

Also, bought some banners for us today that will last us around 3 months on a few great websites (spent quite a lot) and I'm hoping we can soon reach that milestone of 100 average.

- Again, major continued work on Dungeoneering.
- Dungeoneering floor progression complete.
- Purple sweets now give their energy effect.
- Stealing Creations wins now count towards your completionist cape.
- Minor core improvements.
- Continued work on improving Stealing Creations.

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Due to the fact that I have been extremely busy on weekdays due to school and sports, barely having time to code, I have made a desicion with King Fox. It has been very stressful for me to squeeze in updates on my busy weekdays every single day, usually late at night. And with the size of our server, it is overwhelming to keep up with the flow of requests coming in each day. Therefore, we have added an addition to our development team: @taht one guy .

This individual I have known for a quite a while and I have a lot of trust in him which he has earned over a long time. He is very talented and has a vast knowledge of RuneScape, putting lot's of detail into the content he produces. Brennen is also very meticulous with his content and thoroughly tests things before putting them into the live server, producing very high quality and efficient content. He also has experience running servers from the past and knows how to interact with the community and pull in ideas/suggestions/bugs that are important and will work hard to improve Elveron. He is the guy who has MAJORLY helped in our development of Stealing Creations and has amazed me with everything he has done in the past. This will not only progress Elveron further to being one of the most advanced servers out there, but will also make the server more enjoyable and relieve the stress from both King Fox and I.

Introduce yourselves to him There is a lot to come this weekend, however I do bid warning:

I will be gone half of Saturday due to community service and all of Sunday because IT IS MY BIRTHDAY DDDD

- Completed Stealing Creations Mystic dialogue.
- Fixed Stealing Creations bubble null problem.
- Made Barrier attacking an action in Stealing Creation.
- Completed Stealing Creation Kiln interface options.
- Patched being able to put untradeables in clan bank.
- Burning logs with adze counts towards Skiller tasks.
- NPC's stop autoattacking afk players.
- Players can use commands like answer and yell in minigames.
- Added the special to Dragonfire Shields, now they have use.
- Glacites now have their proper combat scripts DDDDDDDDD
- Metal Dragons no longer breathe fire every single move.

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Amazing birthday today :3 And I was so happy to see that we maintained around 80-100 this weekend, WE ARE STARTING TO MAKE THAT COME BACK! Hope we can keep this up

Thanks to the ~400 people who wished me happy birthday on skype, I tried to respond to as much of them as I could today but it is taking so long with laggy skype, so just a thanks here :3

As usual we are working hard and have a lot to come, especially with no school tomorrow. I fell asleep last night as @Charity and the teamspeak gang were wishing me happy birthday last night :'( and therefore I was not able to update the server or post the updates, so here they are:

- Fixed chat color saving.
- Increased amount of time for npcs to become unaggressive.
- NPCs are always aggressive in certain areas.
- Fixed ::chill message.
- Abyssal demons can't teleport you through walls.
- Unstackable monster drops now appear as individual items on the ground.
- Tweaked the drop rates for donators.
- Further prevention of ironman/regular player drop trading.
- Added completionist cape right click options.
- Increased the drop rates of Leeuni.
- Completed Team Dungeoneering.
- Dungeoneering now has 60 levels of awesome.
- Dungeoneering for now is still only basic. More features/additions will be added later on.
- Players can now fish at net/bait fishing spots.
- Big fishing nets have been added to a few fishing shops.
- Death cape instakills 1/5000 of the time.
- Equipment weight influences run.
- Finished basic Tournament system.
- Added in a new, more organized punishment system.
- Punishment system handles timing for all kinds of punishments.
- All punishments are logged and sent to the administrators.
- Blackmarks are automatically given when a message in any channel contains a racial slur/harsh curse/derogatory language.
- The amount of blackmarks depends on the severity of what is used.
- 5 Blackmarks results in an automatic 72 hour mute.
- Supports+ now have powers in the public friends chat channel and will be issuing bans from the channel for public arguements, derogatory language, etc.
- Teletabs, Teleport Scrolls, etc. now deplete when being used.
- Softclay has been added to the Crafting store.
- Increased the price of Teletabs, possible money making method with Construction
- Updated the links to the Beginner's and Money Making Guides.
- No longer sell huge bulks of runes in the Rune Shop.
- Increased the price in runes to encourage Runecrafting and make it profitable.
- Finished all of the Summoning scroll abilities.
- Possible new money making methods with Summoning: Fruit Bat (papayas, coconuts), Geyser Titan (charging glories), etc.
- Added in the Lunar Spell for Plank Making.
- Running to the Saw Mill or using Plank Make spell is now profitable.
- Teleportation tablets are removed from the General Store.
- Added Ring of Kinship teleport option with proper animations.
- Possibly fixed an issue with dungeoneering causing server crashes.

Thread Link:

Very busy day for me and I don't have much time to write out something big, but the Duel Arena has been tested for a while and has now returned. Have fun!

- Fixed staff list interface.
- Implemented event tokens for Phil's events.
- Updated some trivia and penguin hints that were outdated.
- Fixed those damn penguin requirements.
- Punishment manager updates.
- Duel Arena has returned.

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So in today's update post, we will be looking into a future update that has been started a while ago but we are announcing today. Jordan has been helping us make a major move that is going to take us between 1-2 weeks to complete. We are converting the base from 718 to 742.

I thought we were already 742?
No, we are currently 718 loading some aspects of 742. We are switching to a pure 742 cache and client. A lot of the issues we are having are caused by the 718 loading xxx, because it isn't packed properly, it is incomplete, the data jumps from different revisions, and it is just one mess. Now we were thinking of just properly packing 742 stuff into the 718 cache, however it would be overall better to stick to a pure cache rather than loading other revision onto it.

What are the benefits of a pure 742?
Well, we are going to have all the features of a 742 cache, not just items and a few maps. Not only this, but using a pure cache will solve many of our problems such as crashing in many maps such as Seer's Village, Rimmington, Al Kharid Mine, etc. It will also fix a ton of the buggy weapons, messed up models, broken interfaces, etc. The new 742 client is also very memory efficient, the display modes are no where near as buggy as the current ones, mac users will be able to run the client more smoothly, and so much more. There are so many benefits of using a pure cache and not loading bs onto it, I just can't list them all tonight since I'm stressed with work xD

Why will it take 1-2 weeks?
There is a lot of work to be done. The way the cache loads and is read will need to be changed, packets will need to be rewritten, we will have to update the handshake server, we will need to find new packets, etc. We are also rewriting the networking to support pipelines and multi threads (which Matrix never did for some reason?) to make connections more stable and majorly reduce disconnections. Our netty will be updated to a newer and more secure version. A lot of cores will be rewritten to make the server a lot more stable. This goes beyond just upgrading our revision, it is making Elveron more stable and powerful.

Why the revision 742?
It includes a lot of things that I love such as the new maps (yes, our current cache has half of the 742 maps since its incomplete), it has a lot of the items I really like in it, it is very stable compared to other revisions, the interfaces are very clean, it includes awesome features like JAG, and a major that can be summed up in a picture.

Coming soon to Elveron.... :3

- Can no longer put untradeables in the party room chest.
- Fixed an issue with Dungeoneering party interface.
- Patched Lodestone teleorting so you cant use it under certain conditions.
- Tribrids, hybrids, melee, range, and mage styles have been added to Tournament options.
- Tribrids and hybrids brid with ease.
- Admins can search for item ids using the command "getid <item name>".
- Increased Tzhaar rapier's stats.
- Added stats for Completionist hoods.
- Tournament matches coming soon.

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Well first off, I have to quash the rumors that have been going around. Some people misinterpreted my post last night, thinking that we are adding in EoC. We are NEVER going to add EoC (our advertisements do say Pre-EoC server). What I was trying to explain last night was that we are upgrading to the revision BEFORE EoC. Meaning our content will be the latest version before EoC went live (which was 743). So you all can stop worrying now xD

Now I want to introduce @_Jordan . I did a poor job of introducing Jordan last night because I have not been having a good week, which has shown in my performance. Nethertheless he deserves an introduction as he is part of one of our most major updates to come soon. So, Jordan is not a random. He actually did work with me for a while a bit over a year ago on Rage-Scape. At the time, it was a project and wasn't really advertised, and I was a very novice coder so I was just tagging along with Jordan. Now we didn't stop developing together because of a conflict, he worked great on the team, rather it was at that time that I had little dedication and I just couldn't support Rage-Scape and became very inactive. Anyways moving away from the past, Jordan is a very experienced and renowned coder that has produced amazing framework which many servers use today, has a very expansive knowledge of java, has great ideas and clean coding, and works with the development team very well. We originally were not planning on having Jordan develop with us, but he was working on this upgrade at such a fast pace and has shown just stunning ability, that we eventually discussed and once this is complete Jordan will be developing full time with us.

Lastly, I don't have bullet points for today because there was a lot of work on this upgrade done, the new tournament minigame, and a major discussion with the staff team on our roster and performance so that we can improve in the next upcoming days. That is all for now, good night!
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Progression is looking very nice on the conversion, Jordan has a little teaser for us:

On another sort, things are becoming better. Both Dragon and Kangaroo are feeling better and getting back into action, and we are working hard on strengthening our team.

I would also like to congratulate @letopgevaar as our new support member along with @Quad and @Philelelele on moving up the ranks to moderator position.

- i's will now appear as I's in the chatbox.
- Tournament minigame is complete.
- Different classes of "intelligent robots" are now complete.
- Players can play tournament matches with ::match.
- Comp cape requires 15 tournament match wins.
- The blood necklace's effect has been added.
- Comp cape acts as an ava's accumulator.
- Changed herblore prices and herblore store quantities.
- Cleaned out logs and organized the log system.
- Added permmute and permban commands back into the game.
- Patched some dupes that were found.

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Making major progress on our giant update and we even have a sick new website being worked on by @King Fox . Pretty excited, sorry meant to post is last night but fell asleep on teamspeak.

- Patched another dupe.
- Added rewards for tournament matches.
- Hybrids and tribrids are now easier to fight.
- Added tournament match wins to comp reqs list.
- All of the Warrior's Guild minigames are now complete.
- Warrior's Guild has now been fixed up and has returned better than ever.
- Major cache and client work done to prepare for the conversion.
- New website under development.
- Opponents don't safe as much in Tournament matches.

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Long day of filling out my fafsa and such. Didn't get as much as I wanted to do today because of the academic stuff I had, but got some major work done on the cache in preparation for the upgrade. It is looking good, and hopefully we are only a few days away.

- All master skillcapes are equipable.
- Fixed a null pointer with sending projectiles, particularly nex.
- Master capes command gives master capes with correct inventory model id.
- Run energy no longer goes above 100%.
- Ironmen can pvp in Stealing creation and Tournament matches.
- Rune increase for runecrafting.
- Updated runes in Magic store.
- Void deflector id is now correct.
- Chat colors don't default to dark blue.

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