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Elveron 718 - Daily Content - Most Unique - Ultimate Economy

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Just uploaded a new and improved client that should fix the issues people have been having with not being able to load/connect/etc. This will be updated by the Loader or can be downloaded on any of our links. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Another busy day, but its almost the weekend. Can't wait to kick back, relax, and chill with you guys when Friday comes. In the meantime, I'm on full work mode and doing the best I can to respond to my PM's. Anyways, here are today's updates:

-Wrote a php script for server to connect to.
-Rewrote highscores handling for new php script.
-Highscores is now fully working and back online.
-Fixed safespot at Skeletal Wyverns
-Fixed requirement for Hunter master cape
-Fixed requirement for Construction master cape
-Fixed requirement for Summoning master cape.
-Added the NPC Contact Lunar Spell.
-Added pages to the highscores page.
-Resolved some issues regarding death exploits.
-Began reworking on the shops.

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Very busy day today, but tomorrow is the weekend. I will be on TeamSpeak tomorrow with Elveron :3 Here are today's updates.

Also, congrats to @Rockon for administrator, @Scyz for Moderator, and @Dragon_9616 for Moderator. Two supports will be picked this weekend!

- Implemented a new jailing system.
- Items can no longer be re-sold to donator shops.
- Fixed a major dupe in the hunter kit.
- Can now refill empty beer glass with dragon bitter in your home.
- Fixed issue in houses with sitting on benches/chairs putting you on wrong height.
- Limited highscores updates to once every 15 minutes per player to minimize traffic to webhost.
- Fixed some login issues.
- Wilderness exploit bugs have been patched.

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Finally got the client prepared that I have been working on for quite a while, since last week. Spent a good chunk of the day finishing it up, finally got the packets adjusted. I got many issues finally solved with the client and there are some major improvements that you will see. However this client is still beta, and there may be bugs encountered. Please report to me any new bugs you find in the client and also what issues seem to be fixed.

Lastly, this weekend @King Fox and I will be working on fixes and content that will make the server more enjoyable. We want to make sure that we are retaining players and that people are enjoying Elveron, wanting to stay for a long time. We have noticed that there are certain bugs that are causing many quits, and we will be spending the entire weekend on those things. So, please message us and let us know what game breaking bugs need to be fixed in order for us to move on.

- Adjusted KBD attack delay from 5 to 6 seconds
- Patched the unlimited potion exploits.
- Fixed issues with Tutorial Island.
- Adjusted the cutscene, no longer bugs.
- Added client sided path finding.
- Improved: following, object reaching, etc.
- Fixed crashes that related to generating appearances.
- MAC banning has now been implemented.
- Enhanced the sound effect and music system.
- Fixed some buggy interfaces interpreted by the client.
- Implemented the Tray Icon system into our client.
- Players now receive notifications for private messages and punishments.
- Extreme Abyssal Vine Whip special been fixed
- Patched several wave skipping bugs.

Thread Link:

Whut, Drygores have been implemented back into the game finally, yuh. But that's not all!

Well, it was a long long day. But in a long day, many updates were done. We are trying to improve Elveron and we are following the needs of the community. Hopefully over the next few days you will see updates that are making the server more enjoyable. This has been day one, and it will continue. Enjoy everyone!

@Random has made a thread here to post major things you want done with the server:

- Added in potion mixes and their effects.
- Double EXP is now 80, Triple EXP is now 90.
- Increased the amount of Pest Control Points for winning a game, get your void gear now
- Vorago has now been added back and completely revamped.
- Vorago now has multiple attacks (mage/melee/range and multiple special attacks).
- Beware, he also summons minions that can heal him, sends shock waves, throws dirt at you (OH MY).
- Players can no longer "safe" Vorago and AFK him.
- Vorago's HP has been adjusted so that he is no longer a tank.
- Siesmic rates have gone up, stats have been added to those items as well.
- All the lovely dragon armor is dropped by Vorago as well.
- What's that? Drygores are back (main hands), yes they are! Vorago drops main hand drygores (rarest drop).
- Drygore off hands will be added in a different way in the future.
- Temp disaled client notification, was causing mass dc's
- Fixed XP Well not giving double exp like it should.
- Donators can no longer bank at Nex, or any Godwars dungeons.
- Fixed Fungal, Grifolic, & Gano Visor crafting.
- Remade the crafting dialogue for the above.
- Fixed the money pouch bug in trade with a full inventory.
- Overloads no longer kill you.
- Fixed many escapes in the new jail (we gon' get chu).
- Slightly improved the path finding.
- Patched most of the randomly transforming NPC's (eg. Gano Beasts).
- Fixed a large majority of the crashes that were occuring
- Greatly reduced the CPU Usage (some people went from 90-100 to 30-40 )
- Improved the use of Neem Juice on Polypore Creatures.

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Hardcore benefits coming in whut?!? Path finding for combat NPC's whutt!! Oh, there was just so much today.

Looks like another incredibly productive day my children. I am happy to say that I ran down through the list and I am getting things done that you guys really want. And it shows that this is working, we have had a significant player base recovery today. Hope this continues to show throughout this new week

There are just so many things that were done... Please, take the time to read this list

- You no longer have to stand next to large NPC's to attack them, #PathFinding.
- Puro Puro implings no longer spawn outside of the map when failing to catch.
- Pets no longer dissappear when logging out, they are instead picked up.
- Trivia rewards no longer gives extremely OP amounts of spins.
- Fixed some issues with Vorago.
- Ranged can now be used on Vorago.
- Vorago no longer dies for about two minutes.
- Game mode rates have been modified! Regular (x150) Challenging (x75) Difficult (x10) Hardcore (x1)
- Regular is no longer 99 in 10-15 minutes, it is a bit more worth it now.
- Beginning to work on implementing Hardcore benefits, whuttttt.
- Hardcore users now have slower prayer draining.
- Hardcore users also now have their strength bonus caps lifted slightly.
- More hardcore benefits are coming, these are just basic ones for now.
- With prestiging being slightly more challenging now, tetsu has been added to the Prestige Shop.
- Tetsu armor has its given stats.
- Halloween event items are no tradeable.
- You no longer need to have prestiged to view the Prestige Store.
- Instanced boss rooms are now completely mutli and support guest joining.
- Fixed an issue with some item prices returning wrong value due to a null pointer.
- Fixed an issue at runespan with animation bug.
- Fixed an issue with certain Spiritual Mages not as slayer task.
- Report Bug button is now working on Quest Tab
- Fixed an issue with Gem Bags emptying all of the coal when inventory didnt have enough slots.
- Emptying Gem Bags now returns gems noted.
- Fixed an issue with digging.
- Increased Blood Barrage heal from 5% to 8%.
- Began fixing many of the dupes and exploits in the Duel Arena, it will be back soon.
- Just a note, the Duel Arena is up for testing on beta access, as it will only be released once majorly fixed up.
- Fixed Spirit Kalphite pouch creation.

Thread Link:

As predicted, the weekdays are going to be slower then the weekends. However we are here to continuously improve Elveron every day and have updates for you guys still.

I am busy this week because it is my last chance to get my college applications done for reviewal, my essay to be workshopped with my old english teacher, etc. So I will not be on a lot this week for a heads up.

Also, for the people who still experience client crashes. You are the only people who can help get this patched, because these crashes don't happen to me. These crashes pertain to certain computers, and I need you guys to use the .rar client found at . When using this client, there will be a cmd line box that will be open along with your client. If you experience a crash or a black screen, the cmd box will print out an error. It is important that you send that error to me because I can use that error to fix the bug. Otherwise, I won't be able to solve the issue. So please, if you want those crashes fixed, follow those instructions.

Lastly I would like to congratulate @0siris on his new Event Manager rank. He will be hosting events starting tomorrow that will bring the community together like good old Sasu. Hopefully we can have some more fun Wilderness Tournaments, Castle Wars Events, and so on.

- Purple sweets have been disabled in wild, duel arena, and clan wars due to being stackable.
- Modified the Event Manager rank to 0siris.
- More behind the scenes work on cores.
- Vorago can now be properly ranged.
- Adjustments to make the landing page more friendly.
- Continued work on benefiting difficulty accounts.
- Fixed some issues with the Party Chest.
- Possible fix for npcs transforming into Hans >.>
- Fixed donators still being able to use bank at certain locations.

Thread Link:

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Great things planned ahead for this week, including some awesome website updates to come that @King Fox is working on. Today was mostly bug fixes and performance issues since those are a priority right now. Again just a reminder to people, I most likely will not be responding on skype until FRIDAY and I will not be ingame till then. However, I will get updates done with the extra time I have after all my commitments are over for the day.

Also, a new Staff Feedback thread for Mid-December has been posted, please contribute here:

- Reduced the aspect ratios of the Medium and Large Dungeons (4 x 8 to 4 x 6, 8 x 8 to 6 x 6).
- Note that those ratios are not room numbers, they are infact giant chunks.
- In comparison, the Pest Invasion minigame only uses a portion of a chunk.
- Dungeoneering maps should no longer conflict with Clan Citadels or broken maps.
- Did some more work on path finding, and let me tell you, it looks pretty beautiful right now.
- Fixed up some server sided issues that were causing lag.
- Rewrote some of the way timers and executors were handled, improving the performance of the server.
- Fixed a possible memory leak in Dungeoneering.
- Made adjustments to the client and patched some of the crashes, some still persist though.
- Improved the performance on OpenGL regarding certain graphics drivers.
- Fixed some dupes found today, luckily only discovered by one player.

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Another very busy day, need that weekend to survive. It's getting close to 1am and I am tired, so I will just get straight to the updates.

- Patched a potential exploit with the Death Room.
- Fixed null pointers caused by any instanced regions.
- Fixed more null pointers that have been causing recent server issues.
- Solved the issue for everyone not being able to go into specific graphic display modes.
- For those who couldn't get OpenGL to work, try the new client.
- Completely recoded how server handles SQL databases.
- Finished Adventure Logs, they are now online for you guys to join.
- Added statistics for the Adventure's Log.
- Started work again on the upcoming Clan Portal ^-^

Thread Link:

We have been working on crashes and npc issues all day for literally hours. I will post the updates tomorrow, but I wanted to keep you guys informed that we are making progress. Good night everyone!
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Well, today was a day that in the end, made me smile. Days have been spent on this NPC nulling and client crashing issue that have had both @King Fox and I tearing out our hair, because it is the most odd thing ever that just came out of no where and can't be connected with any of the updates we have done. Going through many and many people trying to help us, we finally came near to a solution with the help of Kethsi and Kaleem who with their knowledge of networking, were able to help us pinpoint exactly where the issue was. So, we are still working on making this a lot better, however we were able to conquer the majority of the crashes that we are experiences with the randomly transforming NPC's. Although the crashing is solved, some NPC's still occasionally transform into strange looking NPC's, however they revert back within a short amount of time. Today has made significant progress and I am very happy, although now I am behind on some school work.

Also, I would like to congratulate @Kangaroo on his promotion. Both @Random and @Slimez have resigned and we will be looking for one more support.

Our latest client as well (.rar) includes a lot of debugging which is actually very useful to us in improving the performance of the client. Please share any new data you receive in the cmd line when you crash Thanks!

I hope to see a come back soon, since our nearly constant crashes are no longer common. We have had a significant player base loss from this issue, however we just need to try hard to get back to where we were and I have a lot of faith in our awesome community SPREAD THE WORDDDDD!

- Fixed the Trivia Shop dialogue. You now get the number of spins it says you get.
- Fixed an issue with server tasks always throwing an exception when stopped.
- Fixed an issue with clue scrolls sometimes not giving a reward.
- Removed annoying message wen attacking Ganodermic beasts.
- Reduced attack delay of Ganodermic beasts from 1 second to 3 seconds.
- Increase Ganodermic beasts damage from 10 to 30 to accomodate attack delay change.
- Fixed an issue with Fist of Guthix causing the server to lag slightly.
- Fixed issues regarding the White Portal and Red Portal (still a few more).
- Made significant progress with the NPC crashing on the client.
- Prevented some errors in the client from crashing the game.
- Implemented debuggers that can print out lots of useful information that you guys can use to help me improve the client.
- Fixed some issues that certain Mac users were having.
- Improvement in the combat of certain NPCs.

Thread Link:

Spent nearly the entire of yesterday working hard on fixing those server ruining bugs. Consequently, I had to spend all day on academics with this research paper, college applications, and ap microeconomics final exam since my class is excelarated and we complete the course in half of the school year to carry on and do an extra class (ugh -____-). Anyways, the great news is that I got the Common App done and I finished my college essay and I think it is pretty stellar. Now I just have to finish my MIT application, so many supplementals...

Anyways, of course I won't let down the server and I tried hard to get some updates in today. So, I got what I could get done with the 30 minutes I had <3

Also, I am so happy to see we had 104 online today, and 80-90 a good chunk of the day. A few days ago, we were averaging on 40-60 due to our crashes and issues, and I was stressing out thinking that we lost all that we had worked for. But, we are already beginning to bounce back and I am so happy to see our playerbase slowly returning back to normal (although we still have a bit to get back into the swing). I would like to thank all of the dedicated players and our amazing community for sticking with us through hard times and I can't wait to see what the future that awaits us <3


- Adjusted Blood Barrage from 8% to 25% heal amount
- Added in a Help Book to assist new players and answer questions. Thanks to @Random
- The starter for any class now includes the Help Book.
- The command ::help can give a player the ultimate beginner tips.
- Fixed some null pointers with name entering.
- Did more work on the client, however there is not a new client release tonight.
- Reworked the combat scripts of certain NPC's.
- Fixes with Fists of Guthix since I'm getting ready to host some minigame events over Christmas break.

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is this serves no longer needs a member to access some items ?
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It is great to finally be on winter break. Spent most of the day sleeping because of the lack of sleep I have been getting the past few days due to all of this school work. I got lot's of progress done on the Christmas Event and it will be out by midnight on Christmas Eve.

It is now vacation, let's see Elveron boom. Now is the time to get on, invite player to join in on the fun, etc. If we can average 100 this weekend, I have some extra special events that I am ready to unleasch that weekend.

- Started work on Stealing Creations (yes finally) with Kethsi.
- Finally found the coords for the Stealing Creations plane thanks to Cjay0091.
- Found all of the chunks necessary for the Stealing Creations game including skill hotspots, team bases, obstacles, kilns, etc.
- Added special attacks to the extreme godswords: armadyl, bandos, saradomin, and zamorak.
- Improved the special attack of the excalibur.
- Started work on the Christmas Event storyline.
- Nailed some dialogues and riddles for the Christmas Event.
- Thieving random events are no longer so common.
- Updated the new beginner's guide on registration to @Teerent 's new guide.

Thread Link:
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Merry Christmas Elveron! Terribly sorry I couldn't make it on today, I had Christmas shopping to do, mass tp attend, preparing for tomorrow's feast, etc. and things have been very busy today. I will be very busy tomorrow due to it being Christmas and I need some time to relax and relieve the stress that I have had recently. So I just wanted to give a heads up that I will probably not be online tomorrow.

Nevertheless, I was able to get the Christmas event done today which can be started at home by speaking to Santa. I am dedicated aren't I?

- New Christmas Event that can be found at home (Dec 25 - Dec 31).
- An awesome and semi lengthly quest with the event.
- Many dialogues created for this event.
- The event is spread out all over the map and you will have to do exploring.
- Added an activity unlocked after helping santa with his quest.
- Added an awesome rewards shop that contains exclusive items that will be discontinued after the event.
- Both Combat and Skilling activities are available in the after quest activity.
- Added awesome effects of the snowball generating snow on the ground.
- Snow can be picked up from the piles you find.
- Snowballs can be properly thrown at people (WOOOHOOOOOOOOOOO).

Thread Link:
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Well, today was an extremely day for me. I was finishing my college applications, and MIT having a ton of supplementals and these non common app ones are killing me. But, I spent a good amount of hours on them today and I am about 90% done with them, I will continue tomorrow. So, as I announced this morning on the server, that was the schedule for me.*

I will not be posting the updates today as I want to do them in a batch tomorrow, since most of my day was consumed by getting my applications ready.


I have a sneak preview that I may have alluded to on Christmas Eve and earlier for the staff team...

Coming soon to Elveron... (Monday I hope)

Server #3-5 to have Stealing Creations?
Huge shout out to Brennen for making SIGNIFICANT progress in Stealing Creations for Elveron with us.*
There is still a lot more to be done, bugs to be fixed, testing to do, content to finish.
However, Stealing Creations currently stands at 80% complete, including map generating (sizes depending on team sizes) with random locations each time - evenly spread out amongst classes and activities.

Thread Link:
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Had a great day with my friends, finally got some real relaxing done. It is vacation, I have been working very hard on college applications and school, the server, sports, etc. that I just need some time to relax this vacation, and I hope that the players agree that I well deserve it.

Stealing Creations? Oh it is going well, and it may be at the same point right now as the other servers that have it, but it is still not complete. However, I will open up BETA access to the minigame tomorrow to a select few people. If you are interested in beta testing it and finding bugs, please message me.

Lastly, I got home a bit late but I was able to get a bunch of those naggy bugs done that have been a pain in the ass. Some small, some large, some just suggestions. I did the ones that didn't take me too long, here we go

Actually. One more thing, please suggest some things on our new content thread (VERY IMPORTANT) or atleast read it:

-Cannons can no longer be placed at home.
-The recent issues with instanced areas and freezing is now solved.
-Patched every single null that has occured over the past week.
-Major improvement in finding regions, shouldn't overlap with existing maps.
-Patched a possible abuseable bug with Adrenaline/Special Restore Potions thanks to @DaloZ
-Adjusted the proper strength bonus of the off hand Dragon Battleaxe.
-Increased the stats of the ultimate Brutal Whip.
-Worked on future specials and plans for currently only costmetic weapons such as the Frostmourne.
-Since Drygores are no longer "common items", I increased the stats of them.
-Major work on Stealing Creations accomplished, I will list these tomorrow.

Thread Link:

First things first, I saw the Hobbit today and thought it was amazing, although it was a bit too much centered on one battle which kind of irritated me. Anyways, noticed that the dwarf cannon issues were really lagging the server and eating an enourmous amount of memory, so decided to patch that bug. But while I was at it, I worked more on improving general things about the dwarf cannon.

I am sorry to inform you guys, but Stealing Creations may be a bit delayed for beta testing. I still have some multiplayer issues to sort out with it. I hope it will be ready soon and have considered everyone who has requested beta access.

-Cannons now properly dissappear upon logging back in.
-They also properly go into your inventory.
-The cannon should no longer hit any pets or familiars.
-Cannons should no longer multi shoot a npc five times in one fire.
-You can no longer noclip with cannon placement.
-Fight Kiln crystals can only be used in Fight Kiln.
-Improved some issues with Trading and declines.
-Spent the day looking at trade bugs and possible dupes, think I nailed them all.
-Addressed the issue with Dungeoneering and no movement.
-Trades are now efficiently logged with acceptances, declines, lent items, etc.

Thread Link:
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Starting to take more personal time off, just to relax and stuff. This is not permanent, it is just till January that I am not as active as I usually am. I have been working on the server, day by day, non stop for literally many many hours each day. I have not missed a day, even during Thanksgiving break, etc. I have decided it is best for my health to just relax and enjoy winter vacation due to all of the effort I have been putting into the server. I am still getting stuff done, however it is not the maximum and I will not be ingame that much until January 1st. I am just giving myself time to recooperate, time to get my applications submitted by January 1st, and some recreation time. I just wanted to give everyone a heads up and hope you guys understand!

-The Money Pouch can now be used with trade.
-You can no longer remove your main garden room in your house.
-Both Queen Black Dragon and Bork controlers are now working properly.
-Fixed not being able to move in certain instanced areas.
-General performance improvements.
-Major work continued on Stealing Creations.

Thread Link:
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Long day o.O Woke up early to elite hax0rs on the server causing mayhem. Worked vigerously to spot and patch the exploits, but I think it is good. Going to be busy since it is New Years Eve (oh my, still got applications due tomorrow night), cooking a great meal since it is probably one of my last New Year's Eves with my family in a while. Stealing Creations to come soon, I know you guys are eager

Congratulations to @Quad on his new support position. #TeamEuro

-Temporarily removed Tetsu from the Prestige shop, no more crashing
-Finished up the hotspots for Stealing Creations.
-Fixed up the path finding in instanced regions.
-Dung/Cons/etc. generated regions no longer null.
-Removed overlapping in certain maps.
-Repacked the cache with fresh client scripts.
-Hopefully patched up the exploits of today's hacking.
-Began work on a beta, more stable client that people can test tomorrow.

Thread Link:
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Happy New Years to everyone on behalf of the staff team! I hope everyone has had a wonderful year as Elveron has had a great one. I finished applying to most of my colleges and now I can truely relax. Just a friendly reminder that votes reset today. We need to take advantage and vote like crazy so that we can maintain our spots at the top. For that reason, I have turned double vote rewards on. Enjoy!

On a last note, Stealing Creations is now active for BETA! Please understand that this is a beta and it will not be flawless. We need your help to find and patch bugs, and there will probably be many. There is no rewards shop yet and you can access the beta in Gamer's Grotto. The people who PM'd me prior to this asking for beta access will have beta access along with any donator. Please report bugs to me in the form of a PM.

Again, Happy New Years everyone! Had a great day of rest, relaxation, applied to most of my colleges, had fun times on teamspeak with the community (yes we even had @Rockon 's favorite flute). Also, we were able to test out Stealing Creations with around 10 players with beta access and it worked out well. Sure we have bugs to quash that we found today, but all is going well and I am really excited.

The community has been speaking about the donator revamp, and it is something that just had to happen. So, I worked on it today before I forgot about it. Fixed up some non working features, added in some promised features, etc. Note that the Supreme/Angelic/Demonic zones are still under construction as I am collaborating on ideas with other people.

-Added ::rules which links to the rules forum post.
-The Kalphite Queen and Giant Mole are now Assassin tasks.
-Regular, Extreme, and Legendary Donators receive their Donator Capes upon auto donation.
-Donator tokens and gear now go into your bank rather than your inventory.
-All the Donator Capes are now in the respected Donator Shop.
-Updated the Regular Donator shop with new items.
-The Extreme Donator shop has been added back to the Donator Zone.
-Added in the donator Squeal of Fortune chances.
-Supreme Harmony and Divine Armor are now in the Divine Donator Shop.
-Mr. Ex is now in the Divine Donator Zone.
-Added in an Angelic Donator Zone with a new Angelic Donator Shop.
-Angelic and Supreme Donator Zones still under construction, throw me ideas.
-Mackers can no longer be exploited for penguin points.
-Pest/Jad can no longer be wave-skipped using a specific exploit.
-Fixed SOF Tab not being present when dismissing a familiar.

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