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Elveron 718 - Daily Content - Most Unique - Ultimate Economy

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Starting to get better, nothing much to say about today although maintaining 90 basicly the entire day was a great experience Here are the updates from today and yesterday!

-You can now fish Sardines, never added them o.o
-Purple sweets now eats 1 by 1, not the whole stack.
-The Assassin's shop is no longer bugged when you have a task.
-Fixed the Nex task for the Assassin's Skill.
-Fixed the bugs with crafting Ganodermic Gear.
-Updated the staff list on the ::support command.
-Added the ability to enter the Elveron Skype Group through ingame.

-Added full potion on potion decanting.
-Added full flask on flask decanting.
-Fixed the bug so you can log in multiple times to an account.
-Added the Pest Control rewards shop.
-Added dialogues to the Void Knights on the Pest Control island.
-Queen Black Dragon is fixed up an fightable again.
-Fixed the Sandwich Lady event.
-Increased the Dagannoth King drop rates for Rings.
-Slightly increased the Corporeal Beast's drop rate for sigils.
-The Hexhunter Bow now fires properly.
-Nerfed the Korasi's special attack.
-Reduced the drop rate on Polypore Sticks.
-Increased the price of the Korasi.
-The podium at home now heals you 100 hp every few seconds.
-Lowered the amount of the first Trivia winner's points from 5 to 3.
-Finished house joining, you can now enter your friend's house!

Thread Link:

All I heard this weekend was the word Construction. And I know we have a solid 80-85% complete construction which blows away many servers, but we have to step it up a notch. Plus some of these things are helpfull such as making teleport tabs, gilding your shields, etc. So, I am working on finishing construction and making it as complete as possible. Enjoy!


-You can now used charged Black Masks to create a full Slayer Helmet.
-Added all the Bagged Plants to the Construction store.
-Added balls of wool to the Construction store.
-Fixed Cat Beds in Player Owned Houses.
-The Costume Room can now be built.
-You can now mount "big" fish and monster heads on the wall in your home.
-Added all the Maps, Portraits, and Paintings for the Quest Hall to the construction store.
-Added the correct image and level requirements for the Chef's Delight barrel.
-You can now create every type of Crested Helmet, Shield, and Banner using the Heraldic Station.
-Fixed the Cannonball task from Max.
-Fixed the random hint marker during the Tutorial.
-Fixed an issue with logging into the same account at once.
-You now need to be in appropriate distance of the Ape Atoll agility obstacles to use them.

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Great day today, Elveron is really making some progress! Sorry for the two crashes today, found the cause of them thanks to Innocent and they have now been patched. Anyways, I had an extended swim practice today so I could not get as much done as I wanted to. However, most of the stuff done today were security updates that will benefit the staff team, however there are some that may please the players as well Here are today's updates!

-You can now reset your Skiller Tasks with cash.
-Elvarg now spawns only when you enter his lair rather than constantly.
-Added a system to check and block IP Adresses that are using the Master Password.
-Found a solution to the accounts that forget their Bank Pins.
-Support can now use ::checkpouch (username) to find out how much money the player has.
-Support can now use ::checktime (username) to confirm a player's minutes spent ingame.
-Wealth warning logs are now seperated by username rather than all in one file.
-Duel arena stakes are now logged in the /pking/duels/ folder.
-Cleaned up and modified the current log system.
-Changed up the cash on the Squeal of Fortune.
-Drygores, Offhands, and any EoC items are no longer allowed in the Wilderness AND Clan Portals.
-Fixed a null pointer with a command that was crashing the server.

Thread Link:

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As I promised, I worked hard and long on these new Prestige rewards and drop rate improvements to begin getting "non drygore weapons/good armor" ingame and not so impossible. Many fixes to come tomorrow.

-Added new items to the Prestige Store: Tzhaar Rapier, Warped Claws, Death Cape, Blazing Flameberg, and Brutal Whip.
-The Brutal Whip has stats that are slightly higher than its ancestor, the Vine Whip.
-This awesome whip also has a specail that resembles the whip's tangle effect while hitting 3 times, resembling nearly a Dragon Dagger.
-The Warped Claws have the stats of the good old Dragon Claws.
-What makes the Warped Claws so special are that they are the original Dragon Claws, not the EoC one handed ones, but the original pair.
-These claws have the special of the original Dragon Claws and pack the same punch.
-The Tzhaar Rapier has no special, however it is a very fast and powerful rapier.
-This rapier is not as powerful as the Chaotic Rapier, however it is the second most powerful rapier ingame.
-The Blazing Flameberg is one of the most awesome looking and worthy two handed swords.
-This has a special attack that is similar to one of the Godswords.
-The Blazing Flameberg has stats that resemble all four of the godswords, since it is the ultimate godsword.
-The Death Cape is a powerful cape that has stats similar, but slightly better, than those of a Max Cape.
-Why does this cape have better stats than a max cape? Prestiging is already achieving max, so we can go farther right?
-This cape also has the ability to give a 1 in 5,000 chance of instantly killing the MONSTER (not players) that you are fighting like a Death Touched Dart.
-Added the Dragon Chainbody drop to the Kalphite Queen and increased the Dragon 2h Sword rate.
-Increased the rates of Hilts, Subjugation, Saradomin Amulets (Whisper, etc.), Bandos Gear, and Saradomin Sword.
-Increased the rates of Draconic Visage and Dragonbone Upgrade Kits (King Black Dragon).
-Added the Seercull Bow drop to the Dagannoth Kings and increased the rates of the Rings.

Thread Link:

This has been the day. Not too many updates due to the stress of fixing the hardware failure and also the many accounts that were bugged. Seemed to get most of them done that were brought to my attention. Tomorrow is Friday, so more to come then. In the meantime, let's just kick back, relax, and recover from that down time.

-Got the server back up and running thanks to Chloe.
-Fixed the website hang overs on sending PM's.
-Our emailing system is back online for news letters.
-Began migrating databases to seperate hosting.
-Added stats to the prestige store items.
-Fixed up issues with accounts.

Thread Link:
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Terribly sorry for the down time everyone. I have been working very hard with some other developers on fixing the issues that we have recently come across. I will make up for it this weekend. There will be many fixes all weekend long, awesome events being hosted, and more. Thank you to everyone who has stayed strong during these times and I hope that we can now move on from this! I will not be posting updates tonight due to the stress I have gone through and the many detailed fixes I have gone through myself and with other developers. I will post tonight's updates with tomorrow. Stay tuned everyone!

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Website is back online and running, terribly sorry for the downtime!
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So, didn't get much done today. I had an interview for MIT and it went great. Was able to show the interviewer software that I developed (non-rsps) recently for fun, it was very casual, and things went smoothly and it was actually enjoyable. I also got my flu shot while I was out. So, since you guys went crazy over the weekend's fixes, here I am with more! Enjoy you guys!

On another note, since it is vacation on Wedneday, there will be a lot flowing in and many events ingame. I hope to see our playercount recover from the weekend.

There will also be something special I will be doing on Thanks Giving day :3

-Godwars kill count now subtracts 40 rather than the whole thing.
-Fixed a bug of kill count draining if you cancel your request for an Instanced Dungeon.
-Instanced Boss dungeons now properly charge you money.
-Prevented transformation emotes in PvP.
-Added announcements for achieving 200m exp in a skill.
-Improved potion useage and drinking.
-Made some price change adjustments.
-Fixed up some weapons that looked odd.
-Improved some problems with OpenGL for specifically MAC USERS.
-Made adjustments to the warning system.
-Worked on re-doing the ladder system.
-Added a confirmation when emptying your inventory.

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I had virtually no time to be on the computer today, sorry. I have so much going on IRL that it is crazy and I just couldn't deal with all the stress. I also had a 3 hour swim practice today, and after burning thousands of calories in a single evening, I am completely out of energy and need to get some rest very early. In my fatigue, I was able to get a few updates done, but not many. I love Elveron so I won't let you guys down. Here we go:

-Adjusted some of the drop rates.
-Gave the ability for banned users to appeal on the forums.
-Logging into a banned account on the server will open the appeal section on the forums.
-IP Banned users will not have the appeal section opened for obvious reasons.
-Started to re work the punishment system.
-New rules on punishments and how appeals are dealt with is in progress and an official list will be posted this week.

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In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I have put out a new event for Elveron. This is not a large event like Halloween or Christmas since it is not celebrated world wide, however I felt the need to still have an event. The event is explained in more detail in the update log. I am also getting closer to a solution for the NPC nulling, however time will tell. Good night everyone and I will see you guys tomorrow (when I'm not cooking)!

-Fixed null pointers caused by certain Ganodermic creatures.
-Re did the combat scripts of the Polypore Dungeon monsters that were extremely glitchy.
-Fixed some crash issues in the Polypore Dungeon.
-Made some major work on the NPC nulling, time will tell if this made a difference.
-To celebrate Thanksgiving, we will be having a Thanksgiving event that will carry out till Sunday night!
-All of the Penguin H&S penguins are now turkeys.
-Added every single turkey variation of the current penguins after finding all those id's o.o
-Added some twists to a few of the hints that needed fixing.
-Added Thanksgiving related rewards to finding these turkeys.
-You still receive penguin points for finding the turkeys.
-Looting these turkeys will also gaurentee a turkey and drumsticks to eat, cause food is one of the best parts of Thanksgiving right?
-The Thanksgiving food can be eaten and heals quite a favorable amount.
-Special Thanksgiving rewards listed below are given at chance and are not received every time!
-Added a reward of Mackers the turkey, and what player wouldn't want to walk around with the most swagged out turkey?
-Added a fillable Cornucopia to store food in and heal at ease.
-Added an awesome looking Turkey Hat as a possible reward.

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Hello Elveron players and happy Thanks Giving! I hope everyone had an enjoyable day today, as did I on my first complete break in ages. Had some good times with family, stuffed myself three times today, got to try out Far Cry 4 (which I purchased Monday but held off till today just for Elveron <3), it was just a great day over all. And of course, swimming starts again the next day so I will be back on that schedule, but I have to burn off all that pie and stuffing anyways (dat swimmer burn of 20k+ calories per week). Anyways, I will be online with you guys tomorrow and on TeamSpeak for a long time.

Now, for the moment you guys have been waiting for. Technically this is an update for today, because I finished it at 1am last night, and that is today. So, I STILL HAVE YET TO MISS A DAY OF UPDATES! Through sickness, through school, through sports, through holidays, through commitments, I have been here for you guys, and each one of you deserves more So, our NPC nulling issue is gone.

PLEASE NOTE: Since I rewrote the NPC spawning system, I have not finished converting all the NPC spawns to their correct positions. This means that some NPC's such as King Black Dragon, Vorago, etc. may be missing, but they are not nulled. They will be converted when I wake up in the morning. There is only a select few of them that are missing so don't worry.

Also, a dedication to Elveron:

-Rewrote the NPC Spawning system.
-Added a system to check the regions for dissappearing/nulled NPCs.
-The system then refers to the database of initially spawned NPCs and fixes the broken ones.
-More efficient method of respawning NPCs.

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Hello Elveron Players!

Come hop on Elveron and join our community games of Castle Wars! We are currently hosting a game of Castle Wars that has 50+ people playing (20 of which are on our Community Events teamspeak channel). COME JOIN THE FUN, REWARDS WILL BE SHARED AMONGST THE WINING TEAMS!

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Had an absolute amazing time today. Really, 50+ player Castle Wars game? Really never thought I would see that on my own RSPS. Today was truely amazing, we kept above 100 a good amount of the day, and hey, maybe we can hit our new record of 140 tomorrow! I have a cache update coming out tomorrow, just waiting on some more items from @Innocent and our new client background for @5ive. I will also be packing our own music into the cache and will be adding it into our special zones to make them more interesting.

There is also a new client out that I suggest you download. It has our new model header and if you don't want to crash in the presence of the new items, I suggest you download it. The Loader will automatically update the client.

Secondly, our Wikia page is turning out great. However our pages are NOT guides like the forums. They are pages that serve as the ultimate source of information that includes things like locations, drops, statistics, pictures, etc. I don't want to see people copy and pasting guides onto the pages. I like the participation however.

We have more events to come tomorrow hosted by @Sasu. I can't wait to be part of them! If you want to look at the action from today, Light has uploaded a series of pictures of the event.

Image Gallery of Castle Wars Event: castlewars - Imgur

Video Commentary of the 1st Game (58 players):

-Clan banks (donator) are now accessed via ::cb.
-Added some more filters into certain titles.
-Patched up some memory leaks in Dungeoneering.
-Dagon'hai Monks now drop Dagon'hai Robes.
-Zamorak Wizards (in the Mage Arena) now drop Zamorak Robes.
-Elite Dark Knights now drop their appropriate armor.
-The Assassin Master no longer opens the wrong when you have a task.
-You can now upgrade your Abyssal Vine Whips!
-Fixed special attacks for Warped Claws and Blazing Flameberge.
-Fixed the issue with not being able to start certain clues.
-Fixed server lag issues with the Artisan's Workshop.

Thread Link:

Didn't get a lot done today because I spent most of the day running errands, doing chores (these leaves don't move themselves), getting a haircut/looking SWEG, and all these things. AP Economics test tomorrow, AP Literature paper due Tuesday, AP Calculus test Tuesday, I got a lot infront of me... Oh yeah, Biology and Chemistry SAT's this weekend... FML Anyways, got some things that were spammed to me done and had help from @5ive and @Innocent to get things done Here are today's updates:


-All factions of the God Wars Dungeon drop the Ecumenical Key.
-If you have an Ecumenical Key in your inventory, you will not need a kill count to enter the bosses.
-Familiars can now be used in Instanced Dungeons.
-The Grim Reaper event (and getting your Gravestone) now works with Instanced Dungeons.
-We now have a new client background to set us apart.
-The friends chat and channel now have custom Elveron flags that own the look of the RS flags.
-We now have an ingame VETERANS rank with a new icon, apply now!
-Imported new item and gear models for future updates to come this week (Special thanks to @Innocent for slaving away)

Thread Link:
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I had a very busy day today with school, tons of stuff for tomorrow. Therefore I couldn't get on at all today, however I had a few minutes to make some tiny client adjustments. I have solved some of the crashing issues, however there are still some that exist. I recommend that everyone updates their clients to the newest client as of 5 minutes ago for the best possible performance. Nothing else has been changed, however you should experience less crashes for those who have been crashing recently.

Thread Link:

Terribly sorry everyone, my schedule has been absolutely crazy. I've had AP and Advanced level tests here and there, plus large papers, studying for multiple SAT II's, etc. My schedule for this week is TIGHT and I will not be that active until Saturday. I hope you all understand, I need to get my senior year right and finish highschool strong.

On the bright side. I am planning to do some fixes still Wednesday-Friday, although there will be little to no new content as I know I will not find the time this week.

Also, I would like to proudly announce that we now have an advertisement banner and sticky on OSBot. After months of waiting in the dreaded queue, we have finally gained a spot in the advertisements and hope to keep it there. There are benefits to us saving up money rather than spending it all on the spot, and I am glad, because if I did not have the $500 today, we probably wouldn't have this spot. Anyways, I hope to see expansion for Elveron. We are doing great and I love how I hopped on at 3am this morning because I was hungry and saw 64 players online (l2sleep players). This is just amazing and I can't wait to see us dominate the 667+ servers :3

Lastly, I will be appointing Wikia admins tomorrow. I realize that there needs to be a higher level of moderation and there needs to be tasks done that normal editors can't carry out. So, if you are interested in becoming an administrator or moderator on the wikia, please PM me on the forums with the title "Wikia Staff" and an explaination on what you can do to help out.

I hope that everyone is enjoying Elveron, good night!

Thread Link:
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Studying is proving to be very stressful, but I will be able to relax after taking the test on Saturday. Anyways, got a few things done today when I had the time, although I really didn't have the time at all. I hope to be active with you guys again once this is all done with.

-Added Random Events to both Herb Cleaning and Gem Cutting.
-The Ring of Kinship no longer appears in your inventory upon login.
-Fixed issues with the Muddy Skull in Restless Ghost.
-Added a special attack to the Extreme Abyssal Whip.
-Fixed dialogue issues with the Restless Ghost npc.
-Fixed the Summoning Pouch creation requirement for the Completionist Cape.
-Increased the amounts of Runes in the Magic shop.
-Made our lovely Event Manager more noticeable.
-Double exp is now 90+, triple exp 110+. We still have the Well and bonus exp can't be 24/7, it is worked for and we gotta keep pushing.

Thread Link:

I have been very busy with studying, literally have been spending 8 hours each day tackling the Barron books for Biology E/M and Chemistry. I just want to keep everyone updated that I have been working very hard with education and that I will be back to regular activity Saturday afternoon. In school, I was able to make a few performance improvements and make some client adjustments to be beta tested for some crash fixes. Anyways, tomorrow will be another day that I will not be online and I will probably not have any significant updates. Enjoy Elveron everyone and have fun!

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Forums are currently offline due to technical difficulties. We will be back online as soon as possible!
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I had a very busy weekend, more busy than I thought it would be. I had my testing yesterday and it went great. Then it was my little brother's birthday, so of course I spent the day with him. So, I only was on for a tiny bit yesterday, and I was out pretty late with my brother so I slept when I got home and didn't make a post. Today I realized my passion of wanting to go to school in Europe, so I was doing research on Imperial College because I really want to go there. I spent a good chunk of the day researching Imperial College and some others, then I also lost internet for a few hours due to an outage in my area.

Nethertheless I was able to get some client work done because it was one of my priorities. I am not the best with clients, but I did a lot of research, looked into how they worked, and did the best that I could. So, I was able to address many of the issues with Mac computers, many of the crashes and blackscreens, the wierd stuff that has been going on recently. I highly suggest that everyone downloads the latest client for the best performance.

-Supreme donator yell stands out more now.
-Herblore/Gem Cutting random events are no longer so often.
-Soul Wars cape from prestige tokens are no longer lost.
-You can no longer deposit Teleport Crystals and Master Capes into the Party Chest.
-Patched a death dupe and some server exploits.
-Increased the maximum size of the Friend's Chat with our increasing player count.
-Improved the developer's console, admins+ check it out.
-Made some major client updates, I suggest you download the latest version.
-Huge quality improvement for the Mac users, far less crashes and improved graphical issues fixed.
-Reduced the amount of lag certain PC users have been experiencing.
-Fixed the random NPC's changing models into other NPC's such as white knights, goblins, etc.
-Fixed the headers for the new models, no more crashing on certain items.
-Removed the snow from the ground because it is actually really annoying.
-Fixed issues with going into full screen.
-Redid the ItemDefinition opcodes, some of the wrong/misread information is fixed.
-Fixed numerous crash issues and black screens, however there may be a few left.
-Faster initial cache loading upon starting Elveron for your first time.
-Added an Elveron icon to the client because why not.
-Began working on some new path finding algorithms to improve walking.
-Issues with the Death Room have been fixed.

Thread Link:

So unfortunately as many of you heard, I currently have a stressful life. My life will be a huge stressful mess until December 23rd. Therefore, on weekdays I will barely have the time for Elveron due to my numerous amounts of commitments and college applications, education, swimming, etc. I don't want to let Elveron fall however, therefore I have made a big desicion today. Because I will only be active on weekends until the 23rd, I will be hiring King Fox as our developer. King Fox has been a trustworthy and talented coder that I could turn to a lot, and he has proven to be a great coder when he worked with us in the past. I am hoping to get a great experience with King Fox again and he will be putting in those hours, wink wink. So, our daily updates including bug fixes and such will not be let down and we will still work our way up the ladder for the most advanced RSPS out there. So, everyone please welcome @King Fox to the development team

For an insider on why I will be inactive on weekdays, refer to this link:

-Fixed issue with being stuck at QBD after map is destroyed.
-Removed the false positives in the latest client.
-Removed Dominion Tower gloves from the Crystal Chest.
-Increased the difficulty to achieve high tier Dominion items in Dominion Tower.
-Fixed some issues regarding login glitches.
-Reduced the CPU usage in the latest client update.
-The Thanksgiving event has now ended and Penguin H&S is back.

Thread Link:

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