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Some information about model files (DIFK or KFID, not BTRF or FRTB)

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very nice reader ... it work to me almost file *.nx3.

BTRFReader almost convert file *.cob, *.naf , *.nx3 to *.dae .so can you creat a script reverse .. to make a new monster or a new pet.

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i get this error and it creates a file with size = 0kb

i don't know why but the command close few sec after i open it
i used this tuto to prevent it from closing by her self

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The command is console application, it takes some argument to know what to do and when there is something to do, it's just do it and then quit. This program does not take input from the user in other way than command line parameters.

How to use BTRFReader

(Yes wiki mode is better than plain text : o )

Rappelz NX3 -> Collada DAE, for those who don't want to know all details

To convert a nx3 file to collada dae file use the program like this:
BTRFReader.exe --input 1handaxe_antimagic.nx3 --ouput 1handaxe_antimagic.dae
This command will convert the nx3 file to collada dae file, replace the filename with the one you want to convert.

Details about BTRFReader usage

Get a command prompt

So to use the BTRFReader.exe correctly, you need a command prompt.
You can either use "cmd.exe" (execute it using Win+R shortcut for example) and go to where BTRFReader.exe is using the "cd" command, or use Eziorav's way (which might be easier to do as there is no need to use the "cd" command)

I will explain the cmd way as for the other one, jsut read the tutorial provided by Eziorav.

So to start cmd, press the shortcut "Win + R" (the windows key + R), then, in the opened dialog box, write "cmd.exe" then press enter.

you should have a command prompt like that:

(In fact, this is just the content that is important, that is the text "C:\Windows\system32>", so you may have no menu nor tabs nor the same window decoration, but that's not a problem)
If you don't have exactly "C:\Windows\System32\" that's not a problem.

There, you have a cursor blinking after the ">", so now we need to change the current folder.
To do that, wee need to use the "cd /d" command with your folder containing BTRFReader.exe.
For me, BTRFReader.exe was in E:\BTRFReader\bin\Release\, so I wrote that:

Then you should have your folder before the ">" as shown in the above image.

You are now ready to type command to convert nx3 files to collada dae or to dump BTRF files.

Command line parameters

To begin, you can just print the help screen. For that, you can either write "BTRFReader.exe" with no parameter or use the --help parameter (for those who regulary use Linux / GNU stuff ^^) Then press enter.

This help screen shows which parameters can be used and how. It follow this convention:
  • <filename.ext> : replace the text (including the '<' and '>') by your filename
  • [ ... ] : Any thing inside square bracket is optional and may be omitted when using the program
  • ... : three dot after a command mean you can use that command several times.

So we can see 4 different parameters:
  • --input <yourfile.ext>
  • --template <template.tml>
  • --output <collada.dae>
  • --dump

* --input

The --input parameter is used to specify a BTRF file (nx3, cob, naf, ... files), to specify a file, just write
BTRFReader.exe --input yourfile.nx3
You need --output or/and --dump to have something output, else the program will do nothing. To specify more than one file, you can add --input parameters as many as you want, for example, here I use three files:
BTRFReader.exe --input yourfile.nx3 --input yourfile.naf --input yourfile.cob
The order does not matter and you can have other parameters between them.
* --template
The --template parameter is optional. It can be used if the template files are not nx3.tml and nobj.tml (or if you need another template file). If this parameter is omitted, BTRFReader will use nx3.tml and nobj.tml.
When you use this parameter, you have to add all template you need, including nx3.tml and nobj.tml, as the default one are not added automatically in this case.
To use this parameter, write something like this (you can specify several --template parameters).
BTRFReader.exe --input yourfile.nx3 --template nx3.tml --template nobj.tml --template sprite.tml
Here I use the --template parameter to add one template (sprite.tml) beside the default one (which I need to specify as well) In most case, you don't need this parameter. These two file are enough to be able to read .nx3, .cob and .naf files. (Notice that the nobj.tml file provided by me is a modified one, the original use non standard GUID numbers ...)
* --output
The --output parameter specify the output collada file. You can specify this parameter only one time (If not, the latest one only in the command line is considered)
To convert yourfile.nx3 to yourfile.dae to be able to read it in 3d model software, use this command:
BTRFReader.exe --input yourfile.nx3 --output yourfile.dae
If you use multiple --input command, only the first file will be converted to dae, other ones will not be converted.
* --dump
The --dump parameter is used to dump the content of the input file(s). The output is printed on the console so may want to redirect that to a file. The dumped data is just text, like the txt files I provided in earlier zip file in this thread.
To dump the content of yourfile.nx3 on the console in text form, use this command:
BTRFReader.exe --input yourfile.nx3 --dump
As the output may be very long, I recommend to redirect the output to a file.
For example, here I dump the content of yourfile.nx3 to yourfile.txt:
BTRFReader.exe --input yourfile.nx3 --dump > yourfile.txt
The dumped data is the full content of the input file(s). You can use the output of these command to get some data like the vertex coords.
Notes about this program

The generated collada dae files have been tested with blender 2.64. Later versions seems to not handle correctly the file (missing textures and the face seems to not be double sided). If your 3d software does not handle the file correctly as well AND you know why (because of tests, and modification in .dae file, it's just a xml file so you try to modify it to see if it works better), you can then tell me what seems to cause the file to not be read correctly.

If you can't read this file at all (even after having modified the file to help your software to read it), you can use blender 2.64 to import the file and then export to a format known to work (like .3ds for example).

You can export to collada dae file only NX3 files, other files are not mesh files. If for example, you try to convert a naf file to dae, BTRFReader.exe is likely to crash. (But the crash will not affect the output of a dump if --dump is used)

Errors messages

* "Invalid BTRF file, missing signature"
One of the input file is not a BTRF file. Not all .nx3, .cob, .naf files are BTRF one, they can be a DIFK file (like for the anatema). To check that, open the input files in notepad and see if the 4 first letters are BTRF or not.
* "Unsupported BTRF version x.y, only version 1.1 si supported"
If this error occur, it mean the file is a BTRF file, but of a another version than the 1.1. Actually, I never saw a BTRF file which wasn't of version 1.1, so if you have a file that cause this error, I will be happy to see if the format is very different or not, and what can be done to support it ^^ (ATM, the client know the version 1.0 and 1.1 which are incompatible. I never saw the version 1.0 so I don't try to support it as I have no file to check my implementation)
* "Premature end of file"
Data is missing from the file. Is the file corrupted ? This should never happen.
* "Index too large for member <substruct_field_name> index <index> / <number_of_element>"
* "Index too large for data <field_name> index <index> / <number_of_element>"
These error should be caused only when using --output parameter. It's probably that you try to convert a file which is not a nx3 one to a collada dae file.
* "Missing template definition, .tml file is missing ?, guid = "
A template structure used in a input file was not defined in a template file. This can occur if a template file is missing, for example you tried to read a nx3 file without having the nx3.tml file specified with --template or if the file does not exist. For .spr input file, be sur to add sprite.tml else you will have this error.
* "Missing template definition, .tml file is missing ?, field name = "
If this error occur, it means that a field has been referenced in a template file, but was not known. This should never occur if you use correct template files. Be sure the field is declared before it's usages and that the template order is correct (reorder --template parameters)
* "Internal error, magic is None or Array"
An error that should never occur
About blender and texture

Just for information, blender by default does not draw the mesh using textures. To draw the mesh with texture, change the combo box at the very right of "Object Mode" (see the Modamer9's screen) just in the toolbar under the viewport to "Textured" (or something like that). You may also want to disable lightening by deleting the spotlight (right click on it then press "del" then "enter" while having the mouse pointer in the viewport)

About writing a "BTRFWriter"

I don't have so much time, so it won't be there soon.

And BTRFReader is not complete at this moment, support for bones is still experimental, and animations are not supported. So if I write a BTRFWriter, you won't be able to create model that are completely different from existing ones as the animation data need to exist, else your model will be static.

So in fact you could only create model for weapons, decoration object, or other thing like that, but indeed, that would be still interesting to have it just for static meshes. (And I know that a collada library exist, that will make the collada parser part easier)

Also, I am thinking about making a library with a .net C# wrapper to be able to use the BTRF parser in C#. The needed stuff to support animation is a math library that can make matrix arithmetics to convert all bones animations transformation (And still, I don't know if it's the only thing needed)

But focusing on reading collada dae file to convert them back to nx3 would be better I think (this feature would be indeed great to have really custom content in our private servers, other than just re-texturing things ^^)
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just curious, do u plan on releasing the source code for BTRFreader

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not soon. Anyway, you can still use what I have said about BTRF in earlier posts, I explain how to read it (And C++ is not really popular here, and the code is not very modular)

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