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Mu 4fun x702 Premium Files, Pro Custom Configs, 500x. Let the true fun begin!

Discussion on Mu 4fun x702 Premium Files, Pro Custom Configs, 500x. Let the true fun begin! within the Private Server forum part of the General Gaming Discussion category.

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Mu 4fun x702 Premium Files, Pro Custom Configs, 500x. Let the true fun begin!

Hello to all Mu Players of this dear estimated comunity that is elitepvpers.
4FUN Mu Online:


>> Server will be open 30 minutes before, but without any monsters. It will have only NPCs. Mobs will spawn at the opening schedule time.

Website: ( Download and register available soon )

Forum: Available soon.
Grand openning: To be defined. But probably within 3~10 days. We are still making tests.
x702 MuE premium files + Custom Events + Mu Guard premium
Basic exp: 500x
Boost exp: 50% for seal, 50% for panda pet. Maximum basic exp: 1000x with seal+panda.
Exp formula: Basic exp + bonus event exp ( like BC and DS ) + Bonus party exp - resets penalty exp = Final exp
Basic exp: 500x, +50% if with panda, +50% if with seal.
Bonus event exp withing BC, DS, and with happy hours, and surprise days.
Bonus party exp:
3 random char exp : 20x, 4 random char: 30x, 5 random char: 50x
3 different char exp: 50x, 4 different char: 80x, 5 different char: 120x
Resets penalty exp: With each reset exp goes 0,5% lower. This means that in 69 resets you will have 34,5% less exp. This is good for helping new players to have fair chances of getting close to the older players.
Penalty is reseted with GR. It is based only on Resets. with 69 resets you have 34,5% less exp, with 1 GR, 0 resets you have no penalty.
Creating chars lvl:
MG: 250
DL: 300
SUM & RF: 400
Max stats: 32k. ( The game wasn't made for 64k, this make the game really unbalanced )
NO VIP SYSTEM ! No special treatments. Everybody is equal, everybody need to follow the rules and the gameplay.
NO GOLD CHANNEL ! We are all equal, its unfair to split people. This is segregation, this should be dead since the Apartheid.
NO No-PVP Channel! This is war! Mu is a PVP game, especially with this configs for pvp server, and not lvling. This war, dead warriors, and you can't call your mom! Haha
Drop: 30%
Drop zen: Low
Jewels drop / drop map / value on npc
Chaos: 2% / from lorencia and up / 800k
Soul: 1,5% / from lorencia and up / 7kk
Bless: 1%, / from lorencia and up / 10kk
Life: 0,8%, / from tarkan and up / 15kk
Creation: 0,5% / from kantru and up / 12kk. ( Required to join custom events )
Exc drop: 5/1000 = 0,5% = 1 item for each 200 mobs you kill, with big spots, that will be fast.
Spots: 6~7 mobs in each spot. Easy lvl up.
Mobs HP: 100%
Socket+Ancient = No, never.
Socket+Exc = No, never.
Ancient+Exc = No, never.
380 exc = Not ingame. Only from GR reward.
Max socket slots: 4
Max Exc options: 2 from boxes/hunt, 3 from GR, and 4 from LordMix ( 50% of 2 options, 40% of 3 options and 10% of 4 options )
Jewels rates:
Bless: 100%
Soul: 50% no luck / 75% + Luck
Life: 60%
Creating Dark spirit raven and horse: 60%
Creating wings: Default
Reset system:
lvl 400, clear stats only. Skills, spells, items, quests remains.
Points for reset: See the table next
Zen to reset: 100kk
Max Resets: 70
Grand Reset:
From: 70 resets
Remove: 70 resets
After GR: Stats clear, lvl 1+0 resets, with 1k of stats for GR.
GR Reward:
+ 1k of stats
+ 1 box 4fun Special Box lvl3
+ 1 item +15+16+L+3opt EXC / OR / 1 item +15+16+L+2Socket ( + Skill if weapon, + Harmony if possible. ) This item can be any item on the game, including Ancients, Sockets, Rings, Wings.
PS: There will be not Ancients+EXC, Ancient+Socket, Socket+Exc ( The game wasn't made to have those items. This makes all the game, including the most important: PVP, totally unbalanced ). If you chose an ancient item it will be +15+16+10+L+S ( 10 stamina )
Socket items will have only 2, why? Socket items is OP in DMG, this way 3 options could make more unbalanced. But ingame you can make one item +15+4socket+L, the same way you can make one +15+4opt exc, but this one will be only from LordMixer.
Max GR Points: 10k. After this you an keep reseting as long as you want, and you will still get the rewards, only won't get more stats.

Chaos Machine: ( Luck adds +25% ) ( Increased rates to make building gears easier, for better pvp )
Normal items: +10 ( 60% ) +11 ( 60% ) +12 ( 55 % ) +13 ( 55% ) +14 ( 50% ) +15 ( 45% )
Exc items: +10 ( 55% ) +11 ( 55% ) +12 ( 50% ) +13 ( 45% ) +14 ( 40% ) +15 ( 35% )
Socket items: +10 ( 50% ) +11 ( 45 % ) +12 ( 40% ) +13 ( 35% ) +14 ( 30% ) +15 ( 25% )

This way game will be long term, with lot of fun. And you can always get stronger, and chasing the goal of completing your gear +15+3opt or 2 socket.

Items on NPC:
Tier 1 items on Lorencia, Noria, Elveland: +7+12+L+S
Tier 2 items on Devias, Elveland: +7+8+L+S
Tier 3 items on Swamp of Calmness: +7+8+L+S

Scrolls/Orbs on npc: Impale and first scrolls only ( Ice, Lightning, Meteor, Fireball )
( Here is one of the most fun things on the server. Hunting for skills, this is fun, and its done only one time, then it deserves to be hunted. )
Potions on NPC: SS says for itself
Pets: Only Uniria on NPC, Imp and angel can be hunt from devias, with drop increasing by map lvl:
Drop on devias is lower than lost tower, and losttower is lower than tarkan, for example:
Premium pets: Cash shop and Lucky coin ( for free )

Boxes of Kundun: ( Items +1opt+Luck / +1opt no luck / +2opt + Luck / +2 opt no luck ) Skill: 100%
Pendants/rings can have add too.

Higher items than dragon at bosses, events, and high map drop exc.

Bosses drops i'll update later, in this same post.


Items required to make invitations on NPC, you need chaos to mix it. It is 60% of chance to mix.
BC: Double exp. Reward: 1 4fun Special Box lvl 1 For Each player in the winner pt. Increased EXC drop rate.
DS: Double exp. Reward: 2 4fun Special Box lvl 1 For Each Player. Increased EXC Drop rate.
IT: 2 4fun Special box lvl 1
CC: 50% chances of 4fun special box lvl 1, 25% of 4fun special box lvl 2, and 25% of ancient
WW: 1 4fun Special Box lvl 1 for each.
Red Dragon: Jewels
Golden Dragon/ GoldenMobs: Every 4 hours, with increased number of goldens in each map.
Crywolf, Kantru: Higher exc items
Kundun: Higher exc items + ancients
Medusa and Selupan: Socket items + ancients
Mirror Event: 2 4fun special box lvl 2.

Custom Events:
Bring me: Reward: 1 4fun special box lvl 1 each round
Scramble words: Reward: 1 4fun special box lvl 1 each round
Dungeon race: 1 4fun special box lvl 2 ( invite required to join )
Bet system

We have more custom events to be added later.

-> 4fun Special Boxes: ( So far, we still thinking in add things, give us some ideas! )
lvl1 drops: Jewel of Chaos, Bless, Soul, Creation, Life, Boxes of kundun +1, +2, +3.
lvl2 drops: Jewels, Jewels Bundles of 10, Demon pet, Angel pet, Talisman of Chaos Assembly, Talisman of Luck, Boxes of Kundun +4, +5.
lvl3 drops: Jewel bundles of 20, bundles of 20, Bundles of 30, Demon pet, Angel pet, Panda pet.

-> Lucky Coin:
10: 4fun special box lvl
20: Demon, Angel
30: 4fun special box lvl 2

-> Surprise days events:
Every week we will have 1 or 2 special days that can have:
- Extra exc drop
- Extra exp
- Extra jewel drop
- Extra CM rates
- Extra Feather drops
- Extra Flame of condors drops
- Extra Jewel rates

-> Special seasonal boxes:
We will have events with different boxes, like candy boxes with rings/pendants +7~+9, with exc items +11~+15, bundles of jewels +30... Etc. So wait for it. Here the fun never ends, the game never gets boring.

-> Online Record Event:
50 players online: Box of kundun +1 on NPC for 5 minutes.
100 players online: 4fun special box lvl 1 dropping from mobs for 1 hour ( with low/medium drop rate)
150 players online: 4 fun special box lvl 1 dropping from mobs for 2 hours + boxes of kundun +2 on npc for 5 minutes. + Kundun invasion!
200 players online: Boxes +3 on npc for 5 minutes. + Kundun Invasion!
250 players online: 4fun special box LVL2 dropping from mobs for 40 minutes. + Kundun Invasion + Jewels on npc for 1 minute + Ancient items drop on lorencia.

-> Advertise Me Event:
Mu is a PVP game, so... The more players we have, the more fun we have right? More players to kill and to be killed. Much more fun. This way you can help us, and we will reward you.

Advertise 4fun in websites, forums, facebook, and send us one email with SCREENSHOTS+LINKS of your advertises and you will be rewarded.

For forum TOPICS: 10 points ( 1x for forum only )
For forum POSTS: 2 points ( 1x for forum for day. ) ( This means same forum, 2 posts in 2 days = 4 points )
For Facebook Group post: 5 points ( 1x for group for day )
For Facebook TimeLime Post: 5 points: ( 1x for a day, it will be checked ! )
For Facebook Profile Picture: 20 points ( 1x for every 2 days you have the picture on your profile, it will be checked )
For comentary on other servers page: 10 points ( 1x for each comentary in each server )
For ingame other servers /post: 10 points ( 1x for each day in each server. You gotta /post 3 times within at least 5 minutes, like: /post, wait 2 minutes, /post, wait 2 minutes and /post again )

At the end of the event:
1st place will be rewarded with: 30days of seal + 30days of panda + 1 starter package
2nd place: 30 days of seal + 1 starter package
3rd place: 30 days of seal
4th and 5th place: 1 starter package.
5~10th places: 5 boxes 4fun Special Box lvl 2
10~20 places: 5 boxes 4fun Special Box lvl 1.

Grand Openning Event:
For each 1 player online on the openning, 1 4fun special box will be dropped, in the following formula:
70% of 4fun box lvl 1, 25% of 4fun box lvl 2, 5% of 4fun box lvl 3.

This mean: 100 players online = 70 boxes 4fun lvl 1, 25 boxes 4fun lvl 2, 5 boxes 4fun lvl 3.

See? The more players online, the more fun, and the more rewards!

BUG TRACKING + reward event:
Our forum will have developers and GMs supporting all day long. And the bugs you may ocasionally find ingame will be solved as soon as possible ( usually in 24 hours ) after you post on forum.
And you will also be rewarded for it.
If the bug reported is low you will get 2 4fun box lvl 1
If the bug reported is medium you will get 4 4fun boxes lvl1
If the bug you reported is high you will get 1 4fun boxes lvl 2.

Vote system will be implemented soon.

This server have huge maintence prices, like VPS, programmers, GMs for support via ticket and forum, premium files maintence, anti guard premium monthly fee. This way we gotta accept donations to pay all this, and keep the server online and growing better everyday.
This game is TOTALLY FREE to play! You only donation if you want to help us, you are not obligated to do it.
Donators will be rewarded.

-"Can i have one FO item for donation?"
-"Can i have one FO item for 1,000$?"
-"Can i have any edited item for donation?"

-"What can I get for donation, then?" :'(

You can:
- Get wcoins for cashshop ( more infos below )
- Get starter packages.
- NOTHING MORE! No vips, No edited items, not any kind of previleges.

CashShop will have:
- Seal for 50% more exp, 25% more drop
- Pets: Demon, Angel, Panda. No skeleton for bonus exp!
- Scrolls that slighty increases stats.
- Lucky sets ( Its really lucky sets. It goes from +0 to +15 )
- Jewel of elevation
- Jewel of expansion
- Talisman of Luck
- Talisman of Chaos Assembly
- Some acessories like wizards ring, necklaces, special rings.

Starter package contains:
- 10 heavens box
- 10 heart of love
- 10 silver medals
- 10 golden medals
- 10 boxes of kundun +1
- 10 boxes of kundun +2
- 10 boxes of kundun +3
- 5 boxes of kundun +4
- 3 boxes of kundun +5
- 20 bless
- 20 souls
- 20 chaos
- 5 lifes
- 2 creations
- 1 talisman of Chaos Assembly
- 1 talisman of Luck

Our main goal is: Make a fair gameplay, with or without spending money.
This is why if you look, our donations won't change too much the gameplay:
-Pets can be obtained ingame;
-Boxes and medals can easily be obtained ingame;
-Jewels can be fast obtained ingame
-Lucky items won't give too much advantage, since NPC items are really good, and drop rates are high for medals, jewels, exc item, and increased golden mobs in each map.
-Seals will soon be available for free. ( We will implement a system for getting coins with online time and killing bosses soon, and vote system too, we just need to finish the most important things before )

This is it!
Any questions? Any sugestion? Something here don't pleases you? Tell us!
I'll be checking this topic everyday, and everyhour.

>> Server will be open 30 minutes before, but without any monsters. It will have only NPCs. Mobs will spawn at the opening schedule time.

Resume: Why should you play with us?
+ Premium files, 99% bugless, Premium Anti hack
+ Great configs
+ Fair gameplay. Everything donators can have, you can also have ingame
+ Personal support. Admins and GMs will be available to listen to you at any time. Complainnings, suggestions, critics, anything you need, we will be there.
+ Great gamming system. Dynamic gamming, will make it a lot of fun, with custom events, custom events rewards, GM events, etc...
+ CUSTOM EVENTS: BringMe, Kill the GM, Dungeon Race, Scramble words, and more to become in seasonal events.
+ CUSTOM Boxes, with custom drops.
+ Ways to get rewarded without spend a penny:
+ INFO: Here you will be informed of all the server settings.
- Advertise event
- Grand Openning Event
- Bug report Event
- Vote system ( soon )
- Grand Reset System
- Online players record Event
+ 100% all seasons resources working:
+ 100% Events: Kantru, Crywolf, Kundun, Medusa, ilusion temple, Chaos Castle, BC, DS, etc, etc...
+ 100% Pentagram/Elemental system
+ 100% Wings lvl 3, 3rd job quest
+ 100% Socket system
+ 100% Chaos Machine system
+ 100% Boxes, medals, 4fun special boxes drops!
+ 100% Dedication from GMs and Admins.
+ 100% working MARRY SYSTEM
+ Gladiators Honor: After winning a duel, you get a buff that lasts for 60 minutes, and increases exp + 10% and drop +5%.
+Gens war will be activated with custom rewards to be defined
+DS and BC will give rewards in zen, will have increased item drop, exc drop. DS will give 2 4Fun special box lvl 1, BC only 1. Rewards in exp too.
+ NO GM + PLAYER! Our Staff will be paid to support players. GMs won't have any item, any changed stats, won't have any /disconnect command, or /move... GMs will only support players, help with bug fixing, and make events with items that admins will give to them. They aren't players, they are employees from the server!
Join Us!
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