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[Lineage II]

Closed Thread
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Thumbs up [Lineage II]

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Current version of server
Server Version= 3144
Datapack Version= 3144
  • Fixed the mpreg being to high
  • Turned on Community board
  • Added class changer with drops
  • TvT requirement changed from 8 to 4 players in total.
  • Fixed quest for hatchling to not give 4
  • Fixed Merchant Summon bypass
  • Updated Demon Contract Fragment chance
  • Fix for wrong bypass syntax on fishermen
  • Small correction in Trex AI + lowered respawn time a lil bit
  • fix for Reflect damage should not be absorbed
  • fixing raidboss mass cancel
  • Fix for Lethal2 to set CP = 1 and HP = 1 in PvP
  • Fix CH Resist Shock overpowered
  • Now that TW is done added clans can lvl up to 11.
  • Handy's Block Checker Event added, can be found in Fantasy Island
  • Jet Bike added, currently only for GM's, might be given out as event rewards
  • For a Good Cause - Level restriction fixed
  • Little fix for dynasty tunic wizard
  • Fixed Fire/Water Attribute Enchanter
  • fixed exploit not consuming Pailaka Instant Shield
  • Fixed quest Good work reward
  • Fix for Sandra now offers the coin collecting book every 4 hours for 60 minutes.

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Just let us know for how many months is the game server prepaid?
With that rates could end up being a nice server if it wouldnt get wiped after 3-5months.
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Server is prepaid for over 6 months. No need to worry about it shutting down

Server has been updated yet again all lags and all crashes are fixed our top onlines so far has been 211, our web dev added a peak counter on website.

Join us on the fun, it is still new and people are not that good yet

Server Version= 3642
Datapack Version= 3642

* Some stability updates
* retail message when login protection ends
* new TvT mode - Capture the Flag
* System messages updated to match latest client
* Characters that are currently engaged in an Olympiad match can no longer receive party/friend invites.
* Strike Back reflect mele dmg.
* Great Fury chance on retail is much lower
* Ability of Doubt added
* Boing Hammer's Effect of Doubt added
* few missing talismans
* Giant cave mobs exp/sp
* Trex AI corrections
* fix for When skill enchanted to max, enchant route cannot be changed
* Fix an issue with return coords
* fix for remedy potions do not work on summons
* Masterwork Dynasty Jewels fix
* fix for varka mage doing 15 dmg on players
* Fix for Slashing Blade
* Fix not consumed potions for kamaels
* Fix for Kamael skills with souls bonus
* Fix for Darin quest (Letters of Love)
* Quest necklace of devotion is not enchantable
* Sword Of Solidarity sound fix
* Little Wings quest reward fix
* fixed issue for when you craft duals you lose the weapon + crystals if equipd
* "Frost Armor" to retail
* 2 raids spawn loc update
* added Missing Landslide (masterwork) skill
* Fix for "Heals & SS/BSPS Formula"
* fix for RB jewels identification
* Masterwork Nature skill assignment.
* Narsell Fortress teleports
* Wolf Skills updated
* Talisman skills - Yellow updated
* small fix for mimirs elixir
* Fixing Debuffs do not work in party duel
* Fix error with Frintezza
* Update QA nest a little bit
* Added restriction for level on For a good cause quest
* Rewriting T1Tutorial quest to java, fixed issue with kamaels not getting shots
* Converting Tutorial to Java
* "Rise and Fall of the Elroki Tribe" rewards updated to GE
* "A Powerful Primeval Creature" rewards updated to GE
* Fixed issue with Saga Superclass quest item drop range
* Fix olympiad user info packet
* Olympiad buff display for observers is back
* Fix for memory leak in LS thread
* Fixed polearm target numbers
* Fix for show olympiad game bars on spectator enter from npc.
* Fix for Sonic Blaster "weapons allowed"
* Another little memory leak: clearing overhit values too on aggrolist clear
* Updated weapon xml stats to latest client files
* KE Exchange tweak + added a check for inventory limit
* Fixed quest drop issue
* xtractable_skills update
.Kamaloka Rewards
.Pathfinders Rewards
* Spell Turning fix and update
* onKill fix, items should go to random party member.
* Red Talisman of Maximum Clarity fix
* Fix for debuffVuln on berseker hero
* s80 quests party reward fix, pet tickets quests fix
* Feedable beast update
* fixing few npc spawn
* added missing minions for Quest monster
* Talisman skills - Orange, also some etcitem update
* Talisman skills - Grey, also little transformations update
* Talisman skills - Blue updated and fixed
* Talisman skills - Red updated
* added Missing aggroPoints in some skills
* Fixed "Mercenary Posting Ticket" price.
* on retail that trigger haste should work also with bows
* Rage of paagrio stack fix
* Another little memory leaks fixes.
* Talisman skills - White, and some cleanup
* update Correct reuse time for Spring CP Potion
* Fix for summons 'weird behaviour' in instances
* Force of Destruction reuseDelay should be 15 seconds
* Some minor quest fixes
* Seed of Destruction update. NOT READY yet
* 6 quests transfered to Java from py
* Added few fortress teleports. in some fortresses which did not have, all are not added yet
* Death Mark rework
fix a lot of problems
* The Other Side Of Truth reward fix
* Updating Checkmate after Death Mark Rework
* check if pet is close enough to get exp.
* fix for Tifaren spawn in Rune Magic Guild.

Added enchants
Aura Bolt
* Duel

Best Regards
Don Thompson

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Server has been updated, enjoy. Our best peak is 260+ now

Current version of server
Server Version= 3663
Datapack Version= 3663
  • Fixed issue with teleports
  • PurchaseBracelet converted to java
  • Fix for newbie guidet
  • Support for Premium (Vitamin) items / Rewarding players
  • remove flag from player at the end of the event
  • fix to disable destroy item while in transaction
  • removing some duplicate spawn
  • Fix for some errors occuring with raidbossinfo
  • Fix for some errors occuring with Npclocation
  • Fix for FI teleport
  • Wolf potion fixed
  • Fix to disable draining HP from invulnerable characters
  • Fix for all healing by % skills to do not use multipliers.
  • Now various cancel skills works on petrified targets.
  • Masterwork Leather Gloves bonus was missing
  • Fix for AoE attacks attacking other players
  • Olympiad manager match announce updated to gracia epilogue
  • Tateossian masterwork jewels skill assignment fix
  • A Powerful Primeval Creature html update to retail
  • added missing teleport in rune, Stakato nest
  • Fix for major heals should not have aggro
  • Update forgotten scrolls level 83 a little bit
  • Rise and Fall of the Elroki Tribe html update
  • Updated the way GM's find dual box, now very easy to tell if from same pc(local ip) and if from same global ip
  • ome quest reward fix for some newbie quests
  • Small fix for vitality herb exploit
  • Delete some drops of spellbooks
  • Lil fix for manor
  • Fix for purify not removing effect
  • Fix for clan level 5 quest, the recipe is not supported by client anymore
  • Fixed issue with seal of blockade
  • Enchanter Ability - Barrier is damage invul.
  • Fixed issue with heros killing raids and saving to diary
  • Acrobatic move stats should now be updated when running
  • The Guard is busy and Sword of Solidarity reworked to java
  • Fortune Telling reworked to java
  • Nottingale reworked to java
  • MissQueen reworked to java
  • Sandra Ai reworked to java
  • Fixed up Handy Block Checker event, now people should be able to play it normally
  • Added message so that players can see by what gm they were chatbanned or what gm lifted their ban
  • Update 2 fortress htmls, still do not have the coordinates so I dunno where they teleport
  • fix for negate skills, condition to prevent using soe while under fear effect.
  • Escape Shackle is supposed to remove only physical roots and it was made a fix just for this
  • Break Duress is supposed to remove all type of roots on lvl 1 and all roots and slows on lvl 2
  • probably fixed issue with mobs using SS at 100% of the time
  • 5th Anniversary Retail Event added and enabled
  • Counter Critical activates when you receive damage, not when you receive critical attacks
  • Update for Rise and Fall of the Elroki Tribe
  • you should be able to exchange olympiad tokens into points anytime and not only during validation period
  • Throne Root has been changed so that the skill can be acquired by a skill trainer
  • Pet Recharge fix.
  • Caravaner's Remedy can not be dropped on the ground
  • Fix for "Duelist Spirit" skill
  • 2 memory leak fixes
  • Saber Tooth Tiger Fear fix
  • Reworked Seven Signs storage.
  • reset manor when no owner
  • Small rework of Olympiad Manager
  • Fixed errors with Olympiad Match\Diary record
  • Hero Berserk and Mystic Immunity will add full resistance to any debuff
  • the chance of removing stun on hit when stunned is too low
  • Fix for Restore Life skil
  • Fixed issue with heal skills healing a lot
  • Small rework of skills with certain target types
  • Added custom Jail Manager(will be enabled later on)
  • Hude can exchange 10 Darion's Badges for 1 random Leonard, Adamantine or Orichalcum
  • Stigma of Shilien is not a magic skill and should not consume bss
  • Fixed some loading error into olympiad and hero tables.
  • Squad Skills update
  • Lethal Blow typo fix
  • Fix for Dual Dagger Mastery
  • Final fix for Attack After Cast
  • SHOULD fix the problem with front and behind AREA skills causing player to flag
  • Soul Gathering reuse enchant fix
  • Fix for raidbosses respawning upon update
  • wolf skill awakening is self buff, not party buff
  • All AoE skills fixed
  • Fixed small issue with enchanting skills
  • Fixed issue with magic cast
  • Small error fix in mail
  • Final fix for giant cave extractable items
  • lvl 40 (min) limit for rabbit to riches transformation skill
  • Great Fury update(chance)
  • Allows nobles players to exchange their points into tokens up to end of current month (not for validation period only
  • fort teleports bypass update
  • Using different way to remove from knowlist and also fixing some errors in code
  • itemConsumeId for every Territory Wars Supply Box + a little sql correction
  • Saving crest a little bit different way in database
  • Making Rabbit Transformation Scroll not droppable sellable or tradeable to avoid exploiting at rabbit to riches event
  • 12hr reuse added to Scroll of Transformation - Rabbit
  • Caravaner's Remedy it's not tradeable
  • Masterwork Dynasty Stockings fix
  • fixed Sandra AI, was not working at all
  • Evolved wolf shouldn't be able to eat wolf food.
  • Fix for some exploitable QI

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You need a backlink or the mods/admins will lock your thread and remove your weblink.

advertising without a link back to elitepvpers is forbidden and will be punished with an infraction (warning if it's for the first time)
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Linkback not found.


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