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Welcome to Arda Online, a new game that has came with a LOT of features developed from scratch since february 2013.

A real challenge in a unique and innovative game developed for YOU!

- Multi-Language
- Staged Spells / Spell Forge
- Crafting, Mining, Alchemy and Herbalism;
- Interactive tutorials & dialogs;
- 100% Custom Vocations (with Double Wielding);
- Refining System;
- Socket System;
- RPG Quests;
- Global loots;
-Random mount raids;
- 100% Custom Monsters
- Large Map;

and much, much more!




Arda focuses in a good PVP and RPG. Spells usually require soul to be used, controlling the battle duration. In arda everything depends of a good team so that everything works out, because each vocations has it's function and need the others to have it's full potential achieved.

We do not have level or magic level limits for weilding any spell or equipment/weapon and you do not have to buy spells, all you have to do is have the required mana/soul (complete spells table on our website).



Experience: 5x
Skills and magic level: 3x
Version: 9.83
Port: 7171

You may create an account on the website.

Warning: Our game client has it's data securely packed/virtualized, so some antivirus may falsely acuse it of having a virus in it. Just ignore it as it is a false positive warning.

Virus total report:



There are many features that will make your game interesting.

Multi-Language System:

Arda is translated for the players best experience, you may change your language at any time by simply saying: "!language" or "!lang". Although it is not entirely translated, the development team is working hard to make it more understandable.

Examples: !language portuguese / !language english / !lang pt / !lang english


Ardan vocations evolve in tree shape and are divided into three stages:

Primary: the primary chosen vocation
Promoted: the vocation chosen to be followed after your primary vocation
Specialized: a vocation achieved through the mastery of the promoted vocation

The vocations available are the following:

Warrior (Reaver - Mystic Reaver or Berserker - Fierce Berserker)
Archer (Hunter - Demoon Hunter or Assassin - Phantom Assassin)
Wizard (Pyromancer - Divine Pyromancer, Shaman - Shadow Shaman or Summoner - Ancient Summoner)

Staged Spells:

The spell system consists in using spells that evolve as the player reaches higher levels.
It uses the same words for every vocation but with different spells for every vocation/specialization.
Non-specialized vocation spells will usually not evolve as much as specialized ones.

The default magic words are:

Attack: uto, exi, ino, max
Healing: curo, curator
Support: adito, lux, celero, utor, anima
Special: mor

Spell Forge System:

Consists in special keywords that will improve your current spell in specific atributes.
Each forge keyword will have a mana amount, original spell mana percentage or soul cost.


-You may combine the 'uto' spell keyword with 'amp'. The result spell will be 'uto amp', a uto spell with higher damage.
-You could also use the keyword igo in order to add a freezing condition in the spell, resulting in uto amp igo or choose only the condition that would result in uto igo.
-Another example would be the use of 'max gran lar igo aqua', this exagerated example is possible and would expand the original spell area, increase the damage, cause a freezing condition and shift the combat type and effect of the spell to water.

Socket System:

Sockets are slots that equipable items have to be upgraded by using socket crystals in it.
Weaker crystals can also be bough from NPCs for gold and ardan points.

-Crystals bought with gold are random and the attribute added will only be known after it is used in the desired item.
-Crystals bought with ardan points have their attributes known before using it in the desired item.

Attributes: health, mana, magic level, speed, melee, axe, sword, club, distance, shielding and fist.


Fixed- (melee +1)
Variable- (magic +0-2)
Percentage- (health +1.4%)

Note that if a socket is applied with the value 0, it will also count as an used socket.
An equipment can have a maximum of 2 sockets.

Item Refining:

Refining is a system that allows an equipament to have enhanced attack, armor or defense by using a refining stone in it.

Weaker stones can also be bough from NPCs for gold and ardan points.

-Stones bought with gold can only reach (+1 +2 +3)
-Stones bought with ardan points can reach (+4 +5 +6)


A magic plate armor has armor 17 by default, but if it was refined +5 it would have armor 22.
A war hammer has attack 45 by default, but if it was refined +2 it would have attack 47.


Alchemy is the art of creating potions by using your enchanting words in an appropriate haltar.

our alchemy level will increase a bit at every potion made and also when you fail, but with a much lower amount.
A player with a higher level will make much more powerful potions.
Alchemy materials are obtained by the use of the herbalism skill.

To check your alchemy level you must say !alchemy

The alchemy enchanting words are:


sero curo (Small Health- All Vocations)
sero vex curo (Medium Health - Warriors and Rogues)
sero crucio curo (Great Health - Warriors only)


sero vegrandis (Small Mana- All Vocations)
sero vex vegrandis (Medium Mana - Rogues and Wizards)
sero crucio vegrandis (Strong Mana - Wizards only)


sero anima (Small Soul - All Vocations)
sero vex anima (Medium Soul - Promoted Vocations)
sero crucio anima (Strong Soul - Specialized Vocations)

The available herbs are:

Rused for life potions (red)
Echinacea used for mana potions (purple)
Flavescens used as a neutral material for potions (yellow)


Herbalism is the art of collecting herbs that are spread over Arda
One can easily start to collect herbs by obtaining a herbalism knife with a NPC.

The herbs obtained through herbalism are usually used in alchemy.
Herbalism is static and you will not evolve levels.

The available herbs are:

Calycanthe used for life potions (red)
Echinacea used for mana potions (purple)
Flavescens used as a neutral material for potions (yellow)


Crafting is the art of creating items by using your skills with an crafting tool over a crafting table.
Your crafting level will increase a bit at every crafted item and also when you fail, but with a much lower amount. A player with a higher level will craft items easily while lower level players will lose much more items attempting to do it.

Crafting material and minerals may be obtained in NPCs and by the use of the mining skill. They are: steel, wood and cloth.

The tool required can be bought from NPCs, be careful as it can easily break.

To check your crafting level you must say !crafting


Mining is the art of digging crystals that are spread over Arda in search of valuable minerals.
One can easily start to mine by obtaining a mining tool with a NPC.
The minerals obtained through mining are usually used in crafting, they can be identified as: red, blue and green crystals.
Mining is static and you will not evolve levels.

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