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[Legend Of Mir] - The Three Heroes!

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[Legend Of Mir] - The Three Heroes!

First hello, i'm new on this website!

So Legend of Mir!

Game Information

Players have the option of playing one of three professions, with no more than three characters per server. Professions range from Taoist, healers who use magical and melee attacks. This is the support class of mir and not suited to solo game play. Taoists can summon pets to assist in battle, poison targets and heal. Warriors, who are the "tanks" of Mir use melee attacks and have the highest defense and attack attributes of all classes. Wizards depend on magic and can kill multiple monsters with ease using AoE spells. Wizards have low health and defense against physical damage and are especially weak against higher level warrior magic attacks. Assassins have taken over as the primary melee damage dealing class but have much weaker defense attributes than warriors. Conversely this instead of undermining the warrior class, has strengthened its position and clarified its role as the 'tank'.


are incredibly strong characters that use their brute force to hack away at their enemies. Warriors are generally the easiest character for new players due to their higher maximum health, defense and ease of play. The main drawback of the warrior is the cost of items as well as the fast depletion of the duration of these items due to the number of times the warrior is hit in combat.


are a magic based class using magical ranged attacking due to their inability to sustain melee damage. Similarly, wizards rarely use melee attacks against their enemies, instead preferring to kill multiple mobs from distance with powerful magic.


are largely dependent on hunting in a group as its strengths are as a supporting class. Due to the supportive nature of the class, the harder the situation the players find themselves in, the more a tao will prove its worth. Taoists are famed for their ability to survive. Taoist, combine both physical and magical attacks although at a lower level than other classes. This has led to a number of different playing style including the economical but slow leveling method of players treating their tao like a low leveler level warrior. Taoists are considered the hardest class to play.


Players are allowed to attack and kill other players ingame for any given reason, though it is generally frowned upon. Once a player has killed another player they are labeled with either yellow or later, red, that informs other players that they have killed somebody recently. Red players are not allowed in most cities and are generally ignored by NPC's. Red players are also fair game to other players, a punishment for their PK status.
Another punishment is the chance of having one's weapon cursed by killing another player. Curses cause weapons to deal less of a melee blow. Increased number of curses will render a weapon useless.
While attacking another player, the attacker will be labeled with a Brown player name. Any other player can attack and kill the offending player without accumulating PK points.

Let me say this game pvp system is actually the shit!

Server Information

Server overall info.
Server is hosted over a deddicated server.
Custom made files not from scratch though.
customized spells/images/mobs etc.

So lets talk about a few things that make the server a little unique and different.

Level Cap:

Its something never been done in any successful mir server, and that is a level cap. The reason for this is because pretty much every major MMORPG these days will have some form of level cap, why? Well theres many reasons why level caps work, one of the obvious reasons is that players levels don't get out of hand. It allows for proper patchs to be implemented, stops the "geeks" from going too far ahead, allows new players the feel that they are able to catch up and play on par with those playing for years. The list is endless so I won't go on about it to much.

Level Gain/Loss via PK

This is something that has been done before in a few servers, but never in a successful server. A few veterans of mir will have played such servers before. The system is simple... If you PK someone higher level, or within 10 levels of your own level.. you gain their level.. While they lose a level.
This isnt something that will happen in every map however, we plan to make a few maps where this system wont work, for example a place where a mass fight takes place, but is mostly for fun, and not tears. However these places will be decided while the server is online, and through a mass vote.
We are also in talks about an option to disable it individually, as we are aware not everyone plays mir for the PK. The idea is pretty simple, if you have the PK option turned off you neither gain levels, or lose levels on PK. But this will be something that cannot be changed unless you are sitting in a safezone to avoid players abusing the system mid-combat.

Sell your Levels

I feel there are 3 types of players, Levelers, Pkers, and Hunters. Im fully aware there are players that like to keep themselves to themselves, and peacefully level aware, so this system is based off that idea.

The NPC will basically buy levels from you, de level you, and award you gold for said levels. As well as auto giving you gold and de leveling to back to 220 if you ever go above 220 (this will only happen if a level 220 player pks a level 211+ player).

This system is not 100% complete so far but at the moment there is the option to de level down to 1, 100, 200. With 100 option offering better rewards than the 200, and 1 better than 100 (obviously)

Stats and stuff

Technically at the start the server will be considered a "Low rate" in terms of stats, lets say around level 50 euro hp/mp/dc etc. Obviously as the server progresses over the months, and years it will eventually turn into a med, and high, and extreme rate.. you know the drill.

Start level is 1, and max level is 220. However dont be taken back by such a huge level gap, leveling is very very easy, and because of how the levels are spread out (think of 220 as level 50) you will certainly see yourself flying through them.

Cave layout etc

The caves have been split into 4 catagorys.

Leveling Caves - Your typical high spawn, easy to kill mobs. Droping some basic items with the odd sub boss.

Hunting Caves - These are your kinda main caves. Sub boss's on every floor, with a final boss at the end. Droping their own unique hunting item sets, along with various random items. Hunting caves can actually be faster levelin than a leveling cave, however will cost you more in gold from the amount of pots you spend. And most likely will need to be grouped at lower level

Group Caves - We aim to make a new group cave every couple months, similar to how WoW and other games released new "Raids/Instances". The cave will have around 6-7 boss's, will be non-rtable, and will require some time, skill and players to work your way through. We aim to have each of the boss's here to have their own unique style of AI and "tactic", rather than your typical tank and spank fight. Even if its as simple as having to kill MobA, before you call kill MobB.

Battle Areas - These are your typical areas where we expect most the fighting to take part. OmaKingSpirit style caves for example.. a fairly High HP boss, not hard tactic wise.. the hard part is fighting off the numerous players and guilds.

We plan to have MudWall, Ginko, Border and Sabuk fights on this server as well.


Theres Quests guiding you from level 1 to 220 throughout the server, and we hope the quest list continues to grow along with the server. The Levelin caves for example can be unlocked by completing quests in the Hunting cave, or paying gold to unlock.

Variety and Choice

During your time on the server you'll have certain choices to make. Heres a few examples.
-Unlocking levelin caves can be done from completling hunting caves quests, or paying the gold fee. Obviously doin the quests will be the best option as you wont be wasting gold, you'd be gaining it. But if players so wish, they can skip them.
-Gaining cash at level 220 can be done via hunting boss's, or de-levelin via the NPC.
-You can choose to level in a normal cave, or go to a "rich mans" area and level at x1.5 of the speed.
-You can choose to buy Gems, Items, and other things from a NPC, or go find/create them yourself.

This brings me onto my next point, Gold.


Gold is going to play a HUGE part on the server, litterly everything is going to give you choices of if to part with your gold, or keep it for something else. There will be NPCs that sell items for gold, gems for gold, and other stuff for gold! This may make you think twice about wasting your gold on pots and stuff.

Nothing much to say, Game itself doesn't have the graphics to compete with the famous games, WoW/BlackOps/HoN and so on, but instead we offer a pretty good ingame content and fun, the fighting system in mir is what makes this game unique and pretty good.

You should give it a try!

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is this Legend of Mir 1, 2 or 3? :3

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This is Legend of Mir 2, we felt like it died when legend of mir 2 Euro died, so we made our own closed source and we decided to make our own server, usercount nowdays is around 150, so not so bad if u ask me.

This is a video made ages ago , some new monsters AI's, we do have the new spells WIS aswell


new spells theres loads of them, i just don't really have enough time to upload the new spells.

ps fourheroes is our older server, Three Heroes the one im advertising is the new one, both runs the same engine though.
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free mmorpg, legend of mir, three heroes

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