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[Gift]Create a Private server perfect world (PW)

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Old 10/23/2009, 10:45   #16
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look here

Perfect World 136 on Ubuntu 8.04 Server VMware Image by Beastie ^^


Your Ad Here Hi Guys, it seems like a load of you are having issues with databases, java versions and whatnot and after hours seeing the fruits of your labour crashing and burning and after many hours of trying is very downheartening (been there got tee-shirt etc..)

So I release this Image created on VMware Workstation 6.5.1 which has the following installed..

* Java 1.6.0_12 JDK
* Lampp 1.6.8a (which has Apache 2 and MySql 5 installed)
* Perfect World Server files 1.3.6 (version changed to 131 to use on 131 clients)
* Jakarta tomcat 5.5.9 (im sure this works as its accessable with http:/ but iweb doesn't function correctly
* SSH & OpenSSH server (so you can access the server using putty and WinSCP for ease of use)

also included in the archive is a matching (by tekk) and file, just extract them to your perfect world install directory in elements/data/

The IP of this server is to access the registration page enter

to start the server there is 2 files

* (this will start a FULL server including all dungeons etc.. if you dont have the RAM I wouldnt run this as it may crash your comp at worst)
* (as it says, its a minimal startup, no dungeons but will start lampp and jakarta)

I've set the image to 2GB RAM 1 CPU, please adjust accordingly to your spec (mine originally was 5GB RAM 2CPU as I have a dualcore CPU and 8GB RAM)

All I ask that if you spread this release, please credit it to me and please feel free to rip bits out and add bits in if you feel confident (just remember to have a backup)

Remember, if you learn how to fix the iweb and any other bits in this release POST IT dont just leech and keep quiet , I did this so we all could learn

So Enjoy

User = root, pass = root for both bash and phpmyadmin ()



Big thanks to xypher of mmorpg dev

Originally Posted by xypher
*this is not the server pack, just a 10mb update.*

- [a01][Nether Beast City] instance not showing any mobs
- [a25][Mist City] instance not showing any mobs
- [a27][Crescent Valley] Map regions 1 - 8 now playable with mobs and bosses

- Shovel/Picaxe can now be bought from merchandiser (courtesy of tekk)
- Updated and (prevents the Mission Unavailable message when teleporting to Crescent / Frost through the stone)
- Safe mode enabled - can now switch between safe mode / PK mode

(for enabling the safe mode)
*gamesys.conf for gdeliveryd included - replace with your current IP's except the ones with

*if you have changed the isec keys and osec keys differerent from the default ones, you should also update it.

Goodluck, i hope this could be useful.

Originally Posted by nevermind
Follow-up Fix :

1.) open your /gdeliveryd/gamesys.conf
2.) find "battlefield=0"
3.) replace with "battlefield=1"
4.) restart your server =p



linky --->>> <<<--- (1 part requires premium account)


Split parts (non premium account)
* File joiner *
* part 1 *
* part 2 *
* part 3 *

you will have to unrar part 1 (damn megaupload wouldn't let me upload it without error unrared)

Client can be found here as the official site is doing 1.3.9 only.. (Thanks to insane007 & IIMaxII)


Client Torrent:




Adding/Removing GMs and Adding CubiGold

Use the excellent BatGM v0.08a by adslpredator Originally found on MMORPG Dev

I reupped it so you dont have to register to DL it

you will have to allow BatGM to Access the Mysql database so do the following..

In phpmyadmin (after you have logged in as root) select your database (dbo) then select the privileges tab, once you have done that select "open new phpmyadmin window"
once that opens you should see the user overview page
1. select add user
2. add the following..
USER = root
HOST = IP of the comp that has BATGM on it
PASSWORD = Your Password
Retype Password = Your Password
Ignore Generate Password
3. now select for Database for user Grant all privileges on wildcard name (username\_%)
4. select check all
5. hit go

that will give you access to the MySql database from BATGM.

Errors found so far..

* 1HP/MP bug

To fix, simply edit the following file by typing this..

nano /PWServer/gamed/gs.conf
and changing this line

AntiCheat = true

AntiCheat = false
save and reboot server

* eth0 doesn't start

Edit the following file by typing this..

nano /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules
and change the line

SUBSYSTEM=="net", ACTION=="add", DRIVERS=="?*", ATTR{address}=="00:0c:29:68:9e:a3", ATTR{type}=="1", KERNEL=="eth*", NAME="eth0"

SUBSYSTEM=="net", ACTION=="add", DRIVERS=="?*", ATTR{type}=="1", KERNEL=="eth*", NAME="eth0"
and remove any line concerning eth1, once done, save and reboot server

To change SQL password

./mysqladmin -u root -p password YOURNEWPASSWORD
it will ask for a password which you enter the old one which in this case it's root
this new password will have an immediate effect so here are files to edit so PW still functions correctly..


change line

connection name="auth0" poolsize="3" url="jdbc:mysql://;characterEncoding=utf8" username="root" password="root"/>

connection name="auth0" poolsize="3" url="jdbc:mysql://;characterEncoding=utf8" username="root" password="YOURNEWPASSWORD"/>

change line

$DBPassword = "root"; // Database password

$DBPassword = "YOURNEWPASSWORD"; // Database password
Also now you can access with the new password

Changing Root password

this is very easy, just type in the command whilst being logged in as root..

it will then ask you to type in a new unix password then ask again for you to type it in for verification..

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i want to create my one server perfect world can same one help me plss here is my id

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Old 11/23/2009, 19:26   #18
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admin this links is not working and from megaupload i cant download the file pls can you make it work and al so try to put this file wich is 1.56 GB on diferent page pls mane
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for pw is so dificult if some now how please share??

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i would like to have the link for the pvt server creation link. . please!! thanks. if possible the one that has the tide born in it already
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Doesn't work anyway..If you post,make sure that it will work.understand?
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RapidShare: 1-CLICK Web hosting - Easy Filehosting

RapidShare: 1-CLICK Web hosting - Easy Filehosting

RapidShare: 1-CLICK Web hosting - Easy Filehosting

These are dead links
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I know this a repeat of about, But i am interested in running my own perfect world as well. So if you can please email me some details on where and how to get started, I be greatful. thanks
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This should really be in the PWI discussion section. But whatever. I guess people there are looking in the wrong spot anyway...
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how can i get this page i want to create my one server perfect world in Europe pls my email is :
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pls i want to make MY PW server pm me:
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Very nice to look add me skype
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Here is a step by step guide for making a Perfect private server ...

1. Install Debian 5.x
You can skip this if Debian is already installed (i.e. vServer)
Internet access is required

* Download Debian 5.x netinstall and burn image to CD
* Boot your PC from CD
* Most of the installation process should be self explaining
* As file system i've selected ext2, if you plan to handle a large amount of small files you should choose a journaling file system i.e. ReiserFS
* When the installer ask for package selection deselect all packages, we will install everything on our own
* After installation is complete, remove CD and reboot
* Login as root with the root password that you had set during installation
* First we update the source list
COMMAND~: apt-get update
* Now we install the first package, the SSH server that will allow you remote access
COMMAND~: apt-get install openssh-server
* The server files used in this guide are bzip2 compressed, bzip2 is required to decompress the files
COMMAND~: apt-get install bzip2

2. Install Kernel
The generic kernel when installing Debian uses ~150 MB RAM, so we going to install a server kernel with a memory footprint of ~40 MB.
If you have enough RAM you can skip this.

* Figure out which kernel you use i.e. linux-image-2.6.26-2-686
COMMAND~: uname -r
* Now view a list of available kernel images
COMMAND~: apt-get install linux-image
* Select one of the vserver kernels that fits with your system (amd64, 686,...)
If you have a 32 Bit system you should install an image with PAE extension to use more than 4GB RAM i.e. linux-image-2.6.26-2-vserver-686-bigmem
COMMAND~: apt-get install linux-image-2.6.26-2-vserver-686-bigmem
* At least you can remove the current kernel if you want to...
During uninstallation you'll be ask if you really wanna remove the kernel that is currently in use, select no to continue uninstallation
COMMAND~: apt-get autoremove linux-image-2.6.26-2-686

3. Install PW-Server Files

* Change to the root directory
COMMAND~: cd /
* Download the server files (host address may change in future)
COMMAND~: wget
* Extract the files
COMMAND~: tar -xf PWServer.tar.bz2
* Now delete the downloaded archive (or keep it if you want)
COMMAND~: rm -f PWServer.tar.bz2
* Set permissions of the pw-server files to 0755
COMMAND~: chmod -R 0755 /PWServer
* Next we have to change all host ip addresses in the pw-server configuration files
* First we check for the current host ip in the server files, in our example lets say
COMMAND~: cat /PWServer/glinkd/gamesys.conf | grep address
* Now lets check which host ip your machine has, in our example
COMMAND~: ifconfig | grep "inet addr"
* Allright, time to replace all old host ip's with the ip of your machine.
Replace the OLD-IP in the following commands with the ip from the server files (i.e.
Replace the NEW-IP in the following commands with the ip of your host machine (i.e.
COMMAND~: sed s/OLD-IP/NEW-IP/g /PWServer/glinkd/gamesys.conf > /PWServer/glinkd/
COMMAND~: mv -f /PWServer/glinkd/ /PWServer/glinkd/gamesys.conf

4. Install Libraries

* Java Runtime Environment is required for the PW Java API (used by authd and pwAdmin)
COMMAND~: apt-get install openjdk-6-jre
* For 64 Bit Debian
Install ia32 libs and copy some required libraries not contained in ia32
COMMAND~: apt-get install ia32-libs
COMMAND~: cp -f /PWServer/.setup/lib/ /lib32/
COMMAND~: cp -f /PWServer/.setup/lib/ /lib32/
COMMAND~: cp -f /PWServer/.setup/lib/ /lib32/
* For 32 Bit Debian
Copy some required libraries
COMMAND~: cp -f /PWServer/.setup/lib/ /usr/lib/
COMMAND~: cp -f /PWServer/.setup/lib/ /usr/lib/
COMMAND~: cp -f /PWServer/.setup/lib/ /usr/lib/

5. Install MySQL

* First install MySQL, during installation you'll be asked for a root password, remeber it!
COMMAND~: apt-get install mysql-server
* After installation you can import the base table scheme.
Replace the PASSWORD in the following command with your mysql password
COMMAND~: mysql -uroot -pPASSWORD -h localhost < /PWServer/.setup/pwdb.sql
* We have to replace the default mysql password in the pw-server files with your mysql password.
Replace the PASSWORD in the following commands with your mysql password
COMMAND~: sed s/password=\"root\"/password=\"PASSWORD\"/g /PWServer/authd/table.xml > /PWServer/authd/
COMMAND~: mv -f /PWServer/authd/ /PWServer/authd/table.xml

6. Configure PW Web Administration (Jetty + pwAdmin)
For detailed information about pwAdmin read the online documentation

* The following will change the default mysql password to give pwAdmin access to your mysql database
Replace the PASSWORD in the following commands with your mysql
COMMAND~: sed s/db_password\ =\ \"root\"/db_password\ =\ \"PASSWORD\"/g /PWServer/jetty-7.2.0/webapps/pwAdmin/WEB-INF/.pwadminconf.jsp > /PWServer/jetty-7.2.0/webapps/pwAdmin/WEB-INF/
COMMAND~: mv -f /PWServer/jetty-7.2.0/webapps/pwAdmin/WEB-INF/ /PWServer/jetty-7.2.0/webapps/pwAdmin/WEB-INF/.pwadminconf.jsp

7. Autostart Jetty Web Application Server
The document root of jetty is located in /PWServer/jetty-7.2.0/webapps/ROOT
For more infromation on the jetty web application server read the online documentation

* Jetty uses a PHP servlet, so we need to install php-cgi
COMMAND~: apt-get install php5-cgi php5-mysql
* It's really useful to start the webserver with system boot, we install an init script and register it to the startup runlevels
COMMAND~: cp /PWServer/.setup/jetty /etc/init.d/jetty
COMMAND~: update-rc.d jetty defaults

8. Autostart Basic Firewall

* This will install a basic firewall which has incoming ports open on 22(SSH), 8080(HTTP-ALT) and 29000(Perfect World)
COMMAND~: cp /PWServer/.setup/firewall /etc/init.d/firewall
COMMAND~: update-rc.d firewall defaults

9. Finalize

* You have reached the end of the server guide, it's time to restart your machine
COMMAND~: reboot
* You can now open a Web Browser on a remote PC and loading the start page of the server that should show a phpinfo() page if everything is correct
Replace the SERVER-IP in the following command with your server ip

* At the top of the page is a link to pwAdmin and adminer. pwAdmin is the pw-server web administration interface, adminer is a php based mysql administration interface.
Click pwAdmin
* The default password for pwAdmin is "root", but pwAdmin demands to enter a new password, so on the first login enter the password you wanna use (hint: the password will be stored md5 encoded in "WEB-INF/.pwadminconf.jsp" just in case you wanna change it somtime)
* On the account tab you can create a new account
* On the server control tab you can start the server
* Use a client patched with guide for client will coming later
* have fun...

credts go to ********
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Originally Posted by lethalcoma View Post
Here is a step by step guide for making a Perfect private server ...
* have fun...
Thank you very much, but why not run some services. How to solve the problem?

PS. Solved.
apt-get install ia32-libs
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Wanna join a team

hi um i want to try and be a gm im studing game designs atm but i wanna try to join a team so they can teach me how to get started if anyone can help would be cool and im hoping its from a pw server lol plz let me know as soon as posible

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