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Granblue Fantasy SSR Accounts! Bahamut/ Lucifer/ Order Grande as well as other SSR's

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Granblue Fantasy SSR Accounts! Bahamut/ Lucifer/ Order Grande as well as other SSR's


SSR Summer Zoey, Anchira, Limited SSR's such as Black Knight, Limited Katalina and others all available! Send a message or pm with requests! Other combinations available as well, just send an email to

All of the accounts below are starters, with the Start Dash all unused

Update :

Characters Price
Triple Primal SSR Shiva, Varuna, Zeus + SSR Summer Io, Summer Izmir, Summer Siegfred + SSR Altair, Aliza, Seruel, Romeo, Siegfried, Forte, Metera Wind + SSR Medusay2$220
Full Dark Setup SSR Bahamut + SSR Kaguya + Summer Zoey SD + SSR Limited Black Knight, Amira, Magisa, Sarunan Light, Cagliostro, Albert, Altheia, Altair, Nezaphualli + SSR Rose Queen#34$180
Dark Earth SSR Order Grande + SSR Titan + Summer Zoey SD + SSR Dark Jeanne, Dark Zeta, Chat Noir Yggdrasill, Yodohara, Limited Katerpilla + SSR Ca Ong, Morrigna#40$145
SSR Kaguya + Summer Zoey SD + SSR Limited Lecia, Limited Sturm, Limited Summer Izmir, Vampy, Dark Cagliostro, Marquies, Fire Societte, Zeta, Metera Wind, Charlotte + SSR Dark Angel Olivia, Oceanos#52$105
SSR Limited Summer Izmir + SSR Summer Zeta + SSROrder Grande , Zeus+ Limited Rosetta + SSR Oceanos + Summer Narumeya / Summer Zoey SD + SSR Dark Zeta ,Chat Noir, Altair, Metera Fire , Yuel , Nezaphualli+ SSR Apollo, Macura Marius#35$170
Earth Setup SSR Godsworn Alexial + SSR Summer Izmir, Limited Eugen, Razia, Cagliostro , Altheia+ Summer Zoey / Summer Vira SD + SSR Summer Danua, Nezaphualli, Hector, Cerberus + SSR Macura Marius, Gilgamesh,Grani, Zephyros#32$165
SSR Order Grande + Summer Zoey SD + SSR Korwa Beatrix, Veight, Silva, Catherine, Melissabele + SSR Twin Elements, Quatzycatoyl, Macula Marius#31$95
Strong Water Earth Setup SSR Godsworn Alexial + SSR Kaguya + SSR Limited Summer Beatrix, Summer Narumeya, Summer Izmir, Limited Diantha, Limited Rosetta + SSR Korwa, Jeanne D Arc, Casino De La Fille, Altair, Gawain, Vira, Societte Water, Albert, Clarisse, Rosamia, Yuisis + SSR Apollo, Ocanos, Rose Queen, Satany1$205
SSR Hades + SSR Titan + SSR Limited Io, Limited Rosetta, Narumeya, Vaseraga, Altheia, Magisa, Jeanne D Arc, Rosamia + SSR Medusa, Grani,y3$120
Earth Team SSR Mahira + SSR Dark Jeanne + SSR Limited Summer Izmir + SSR Rackham, Vampy + Summer Zoey SD + SSR Lady Grey, Ferry, Lily, Eustace Magisa Sara, Arulumeya + SSR Macura Marius, Seth Lans x 2#30$125
Double Primal Fire SSR Shiva + SSR Agni + Summer Beatrix SD / Summer Zoey SD + SSR Zeta + SSR Ghandagouza , Limited Katerpilla, Yodohara, Charlotte + SSR Earth Casino De La Fille, Siegfred + SSR Apollo, Macura Marius, Nezha#47$185
Characters Price
Characters (Summer Zoey / Summer Heles / Summer Beatrix / Summer Vira in Start Dash) (Send pm for others unlisted)  
SSR Triple Primal SSR Order Grande + SSR Agni + SSR Titan + SSR Percival, Zeta, Siegfred, Sara, Ferry, Albert, Seruel, Amira, Charlotte, Melleau, Petra, Beatrix, Chat Noir, Yggdrassil, Summer Io + SSR Macura Marius,Dark Angel Olivia, Medusay4$200
SSR Godsworn Alexial, Yodohara + SSR Vampy + SSR Korwa + Summer Zoey SD + SSR Anthuria, Limited Summer Io + SSR Morrigna, Typhon#36$130
SSR Hades + SSR Lucifer + 35,000 Crystals + SSR Silva, Seruel, Cerberus, Zeta, Arulumeya, Carmelina, Lancelot + SSR Athena, Baal, Satany5$160
Double Light Primal + Dark Wind Team SSR Zeus + SSR Odin + Summer Zoey SD / Summer Heles SD + SSR Limited Orchid, Limited Rosetta, Nezaphialli, Metera Wind, Carmelina + Danua, Lady Grey, Summer De La Fille, Zalhalmelina, Catherine + SSR Setekhp9$128
Primal Earth + Rainbow Setup SSR Titan + SSR Order Grande + SSR Yggdrasill, Limited Eugen, Limited Katalina, Romeo, Vira, Zeta + Summer Zoey SD / Summer Vira SD + SSR Dark Sarunan, Metera Fire + SSR Nezha#45$175
SSR Kaguya + Summer Zoey SD + SSR Vampy, Limited Katapilla, Limited Strum ,Yggdrasill, Yngwie, Arriet, Clarisse + SSR Nezha#41$105
SSR Order Grande + Summer Zoey SD + SSR Limited Summer Izmir, Aliza, Metera Wind, Carmelina, Sarunan Light, Lilele + SSR Typhon#43$95
SSR Kaguya + Summer Zoey SD + SSR Yodohara, SSR Ferry, Lady Grey, Cagliostro Metera Fire#39$88
SSR Shiva + Summer Beatrix SD + SSR Limited Rakham, Korwa, Vira, Ayer, Cerberus, Izymir, Lancelot, De La Fille, Cagliostro + SSR Seth Lans#46$135
Full Water Setup SSR Kaguya + SSR Limited Summer Narumeya, Limited Summer Izmir, Limited Katerpilla + SSR Summer Danua, Veight + Summer Zoey SD + SSR Yuel, Petra, Catherine, + SSR Garula, Shining Hawk#51$120
Characters Price
Strong Light Setup SSR Lucifer + SSR Seruel, Ferry, Sarunan Light + Summer Zoey SD / Summer Heles SD + SSR Summer Io, Limited Eugen, Beatrix, Romeo, Magisa, Zalhalmelina, Yggdrasil, Dark Cagliostro + SSR Seth Lans#61$105
SSR Earth Setup SSR Godsworn Alexial + SSR Eustace, Siegfred, Arulumeya + Summer Zoey SD / Summer Vira SD + SSR Limited Katalina, Lancelot, Magisa, Zeta, Aoidos, Dorothy and Claudia, Melisabelle + SSR Cybelle#60$115
SSR Light Earth Setup SSR Godsworn Alexial + SSR Light Clarisse, Juliette, Amira , Albert+ Summer Heles SD / Summer Zoey SD + SSR Limited Summer Izmir, Yodaruha, Korwa, Cerberus, Sara + Heles + SSR Seth Lans, Nezhac12$120
Light Wind Setup SSR Claudia and Dorothy + SSR Seruel, Clarisse Light + Summer Heles SD / Summer Zoey SD + SSR Gawain, Metera Wind, Lennah, Limited Katalina, Narumeya, Zeta, Anthuria + SSR Medusac30$55
SSR Erune Fire Setup SSR Summer Heles, Limited Sturm, Anthuria + SSR Limited Summer Io, Metera Fire, Fire Societte, Yuisis + Summer Zoey SD / Summer Beatrix SD + SSR Rosamia, Hallezena+ SSR Satuyrusc5$88
SSR Shiva + SSR Summer Heles + Summer Izmir + SSR Societte Fire, Yuel, Anthuria + SSR Forte , Korwa + Summer Beatrix / Summer Zoey SD + SSR Limited Eugen + SSR Athena Anubis, Set#1$155
SSR Yuel + Anthuria + Summer Beatrix SD / Summer Zoey SD + SSR Summer Izmir, Beatrix, Albert, Limited Io, Izymir, Ariette + SSR Apollo, Gilgamesh, Zephyrosc2$78
SSR Limited Lucio + SSR Zeus +Summer Zoey / Summer Heles SD + SSR Magisa, Lady Grey, Feena, Zalhalmelina, Granip10$30
SSR Varuna + SSR Beatrix + SSR Veight + Dark Cagliostro + Summer Zoey SD + SSR Limited Rosetta, Limited Katerpilla, Silva, Yuel, Petra, Cagliostro + SSR Cybelle, Zephyros + SR Jeannep1$90
SSR Vira + SSR Narumeya + Summer Zoey SD + SSR Zeus, Limited Lecia + SSR Hector, Macura Marius + SSR Lennah , Eustacep3$105
Fire Primal Setup SSR Agni + Summer Beatrix SD / Summer Zoey SD + SSR Societte Fire, Aliza, Zeta, Korwa, Societte + SSR Prometheus, Ca Ong, Cybelep6$145
SSR Summer Heles + SSR Odin + SSR Vira + Summer Zoey SD + SSR Aliza, Charlotte, Arulumeya, Anriette, Lennah + SSR Ca Ong,Thor, Hector, Satyrusp5$70
Wind Water Team SSR Limited Lucio + Limited Rosetta, Metera Wind, Carmelina +SSR Limited Summer Izmir, Lancelot, Lilele+ Summer Zoey SD + SSR Yuel, Anthuria Vaseraga, Arulumeya + SSR Quatzycatoylc16$85
Water Team SSR Limited Drang + Limited Summer Izmir + Lancelot + SSR Limited Summer Vira + Summer Zoey SD + SSR Dark Zeta, Limited Strum, Sophia, Carmelina + SSR Medusa, Thor, Neptune, Quatzycatoylc20$70
Strong Water Setup SSR Bonito + SSR Limited Summer Izmir x 3, Chat Noir, Vane, Altair, Charlotte + Summer Zoey SD / Summer Narumeya SD + SSR Limited Rosetta, Yuisis, Ferry, Veight, Nemone + SSR Rose Queen, Grani,c5$95
Fire Setup SSR Fire Societte, Yuel, Aoidos + Summer Beatrix SD / Summer Zoey SD + SSR Dark Zeta, Limited Io, Limited Rosetta, Ayer, Izymir+ SSR Athena, Odin, Baal, Hector , Nezhac7$45
Dark Team SSR Forte + SSR Dark Zeta, Limited Summer Danua, Lady Grey + Summer Zoey SD + SSR Ayer, Aliza, Yngwie + SSR Seth Lans, Neptune, Zephyrosc14$72

And many more combinations also available! Just send a pm, leave a reply, or send an email to , and we'll get you started with your favorite SSR's!

Apart from Granblue, we also sell F/GO and [email protected] Starters. Don't hesitate to send us a message anytime!

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By far the fastest and smoothest transaction I've ever done online. Quick and easy as well as being very helpful and speedy at replies. Highly recommend!

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Added latest Summer Beatrix Limited SSR's, as well as Summer Heles and Summer Zoey etc!
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