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Granblue Fantasy SSR accounts! 5/6/7/8 + SSR accounts, and Lucifer/Bahamut/Grande etc

Discussion on Granblue Fantasy SSR accounts! 5/6/7/8 + SSR accounts, and Lucifer/Bahamut/Grande etc within the Mobile Games Trading forum part of the The Black Market category.

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Granblue Fantasy SSR accounts! 5/6/7/8 + SSR accounts, and Lucifer/Bahamut/Grande etc

Hey guys! With the arrival of the english translation of Granblue Fantasy, I've decided to sell my SSR accounts. Most of the accounts below are ones with Lucifer/Bahamut/Grande/Anchira/Korwa/Jeanne/Amira/Dark Knight and Dark Jeanne etc listed; if you're looking for other combinations, such as Catalina, Percival, Lancelot or Magisa + Yeul etc then just send me a pm! I only list ones with more popular SSR's, but if you have a certain SSR's that you'd like that you can't find in the list just let me know!

Send your pm's or email me at , and I'll get you sorted out with your favorite SSR's!

11 SSR Bahamut Dark Setup + SSR Dark Jeanne, Cerberus, Dark Sarunan, Yuel , Rosetta, Clarice, Charlotte, + SSR Nezha , The Angel Olivia1 2 3 $280
6 SSR Anchira + 10,000 Crystals+ Metera wind Sarunan Dark Beatrix Lancelot and Aoidos $120
13 SSR Ultimate Light Setup Lucifer + Jeanne x 2, Amira, Feena, Aoidos, Eustace + SSR Athena, Odin, Dark Angel Olivia, Grani, Quetzacoatl59$290
6 SSR Lucifer + Siegfred, Agielba, SSR Medusa, SSR weapons Slanand, Crimson Finger55$50
5 SSR Lucifer + Limited Rosetta + SSR Titan, Grani, Premetheus56$55
10 SSR Lucifer + Limited Catalina, Limited Io, Melleau, Agielba + 5500 Crystals + SSR Zephyuros, Grani, Athena, Medusa58$150
Bahamut + Anchira + Korwa + Limited Rosetta, Petra, Percival, Catherine, Albert + SSR Apollo60$600
6 SSR Bahamut + Medusa + SSR Percival, Ferry, Arulumeya, Silva61$64
7 SSR Bahamut + Jeanne D Arc, Beatrix, Metera Fire, De La Fille, Zalhalmelina62$84
9 SSR Bahamut + Zeta, Societte, Siegfred, Sara, Magisa, Cagliostroa + SSR Nezha, Neptune63$110
13 SSR Bahamut + Narumeya, Vaseraga, Yodohara, Henriette, Feena, Percival, Yuel, Magisa + SSR Odin, Medusa, Baal64$240
14 SSR Bahamut + Anchira SD + Cerberus, Yuel, Zeta, Altair, Riruru, Lancelot, Limited Catalina, Metera Wind, Lennah x 2 + SSR Agnes, Vortex Dragon65$280
12 SSR Order Grande + Limited Io, Altair, Serual, Eustace, Silva, Beatrix, Metera Wind, Sarunan Light66$90
7 SSR Order Grande + Yodohara, Lily, Metera Fire, Sarunan Dark, Zephyros67$120
6 SSR Order Grande + 20,000 Crystals 28 tickets worth + Amira, Ferry, Melleau, Charlotte, Arulumeya68$140
11 SSR Order Grande + Anchira SD + SSR Nezaphuallia, Limited Rakham, Aoidos, Lily, Altheia, Seruel +SSR Siren , Apollo, Lich69$175
8 SSR Anira SD + Yeul, Altheia, Sara, Metera Wind, Sarunan Dark + SSR Agnes, Prometheus, Vortex Dragon70$50
7 SSR Anira SD + Beatrix, Sara, Limited Io, Yodohara, Eustace + SSR Morrigna, Dark Angel Olivia71$65
5 SSR Order Grande + Anira SD + Silva, Aoidos, Heles + SSR Morrigna72$75
7 SSR Anira SD + Korwa, Clarice, Aoidos, Vampy, Lady Grey+ SSR Morrigna. Okeanos73$85
12 SSR Anira SD + Jeanne, Yodohara, Metera Wind, Metera Fire, Riruru, Ferry, Sarunan Dark + SSR Hades, Angel Olivia, Twin Elements, Vortex Dragon74$110
5 SSR Order Grande + Anchira SD + SSR Cerebus, Charllotta, Vira + SSR Baal75$65
8 SSR Anchira SD + SSR Yodohara, Seruel, Cerberus, Sarunan, Lily + SSR Varna, Macura Marius76$65
8 SSR Anchira SD + SSR Yuel, Metera, Silva, Melleau + SSR Titan, Vortex Dragon, Satyrus77$65
7 SSR Anchira, Lennah, Sarah Vira, Melleau + SSR Zepphyrus, Nezha78$100
7 SSR Anchira , Fire Metera, Rakham, Clarice, Cerberus, Sarunan + SSR Nezha79$105
8 SSR Korwa, Gawain, Magisa, Morrigna x 2, Zephyros, Anubis, Macura Marius80$45
Waifu team 4 SSR Korwa, Lennah, Catherine, Yuel81$50
4 SSR Korwa, Narumeya,Cagliostro + SSR Zephyros82$60
7 SSR Korwa + Limited Rosetta + 20,000 Crystals, + Sara, Clarise, Metera Fire + SSR Agnes, Satyrus83$150
5 SSR Dark Knight + Charlotte + SSR Agnes, Prometheus, Quatzycotl84$35
4 SSR Dark Knight + Yodohara + 15,000 Crystals etc85$45
3 SSR Dark Knight + Henriette + SSR Morrigna + 13,000 Crystals86$45
9 SSR Jeanne, Cerberus,Lennah, Agielba + SSR Odin, Baal, Neptue87$35
7 SSR Jeanne + 20500 Crystals + Henriette, Seruel, Heles, Metera Wind + SSR Siren, Titan88$65
5 SSR Dark Jeanne, Percival, Magisa, Eustace + SSR Odin89$80
7 SSR Amira + Clarise, Ferry, Nezuaphilla, Melleau + SSR Kaguya91$38
4 SSR Bahamut + Amira, Nezuaphilla + SSR Twin Elements93$120
[Reserved]16 SSR Dark + Light Setup Jeanne D Arc + Amira + Vampy + Cerberus + Lady Grey + Metera Wind + Altheia + Lancelot + Feena + SSR Grani , Cybele1 2 3 $105
7 SSR Lucifer + SSR Prometheus + Dark Sarunan ,Arulumeya, Lancelot, Vaseraga, SSR Quetzalcoatl5$80
6 SSR Bahamut, Io Fire, Sara, Cagliostro, SSR Dark Angel Olivia,13$90
9 SSR Bahamut + Lady Grey + Heles, Zeta, Petra,Riruru, Charlotte, Arulumeya, + SSR Agnes SSR Kaguya 16 $155
8 SSR Order Grande + Sophia, Lancelot, Clarice, Seruel,Ferry, Zalhalmelina, Eugene19$110
8 SSR The Order Grande + 2 x Jeanne D Arc, 2 x Io, Carmelina + SSR Morrigna, Satan20$120
14 SSR The Order Grande + Rosetta x 2 , Fire Metera, Sophia, Albert, Zalhamelina, Lily, Gawain, Lady Grey, Vampy , Henriette+ SSR Prometheuspm$240
8 SSR Anira SD + Yeul, Altair, Vaseraga, Aoidos, Lady Grey + SSR Agnes, Garuda21$50
6 SSR Anira SD +Lily x 2, Metera, Sarunan + SSR Hades22$50
9 SSR Anira SD + Metera Wind, Heles, Magisa, Lily, Albert + SSR Twin Elements, Odin, Siren, Satan25$55
8 SSR Dark Knight + Anira SD + Beatrix, Sophia, Zaruhalmellina, Nezaphalli, Societte + SSR Macura Marius, Twin Elements27$65
11 SSR Anira SD + Clarice, Gandagouze, Limited Io, Seruel, Lady Grey, Feena, Carmellina + SSR Odin, Angel Olivia, Lich, Cybele29$80
11 SSR Order Grande + Anira SD + Yeul, Albert, Carmelina,Vaseraga, Charlotte, Lady Grey, Seruel + SSR Grani, Baal31$150
6 SSR The Order Grande with Anchira SD, + SSR Charlotte, Lancelot, Feena, De La Fille, Sarunanpm$60
9 SSR Anchira SD + Jeanne, Altair, Agielba, Sarunan, Clarice + SSR Kaguya, Odin, Satan, Neptune32$50
6 SSR Lucifer + Anchira SD + Eustace, Sarunan, Harezena, Clarice, Beatrix3$50
7 SSR Anchira SD + Yodohara, Jeanne, Sarunan, Vira, Percival + SSR Odin, QuetzalCoatl36$56
9 SSR Anchira SD + Petra, Rackham, Heles, Albert + SSR Morrigna, Cybele x 2, Dark Angel Olivia, Twin Elemets37$60
5 SSR Anchira +SSR Sara, Percival, Lily+ SSR Morrigna39$88
10 SSR Anchira SD + Yodohara, Lily x 2, Societte, Limited Io, Arulumeya + SSR Athena, Odin, Apollo41$96
8 SSR Anchira + Metera Wind Setup + Nezahuapilli, Limited Eugen, Yodoraha, Silva, Metera Fire, Beatrix $190
9 SSR Korwa + Cagliostro, Ferry, De La Fille, Altair + SSR Garuda, Apollo, Oceanus, Prometheus45$110
8 SSR Korwa + Henreitte, Yodohara, Cerberus + SSR Odin, Baal, Prometheus46$100
Ultimate setup Lucifer + The order Grande + SSR Amira + Zeta, Altair, Riruru, Yodohara, Limited Catalina + SSR Quetzalcoatl48$650
6 SSR Anchira + Eugen, Gawain, Catherine, Societte $90
8 SSR Anchira + Metera Wind Setup + Nezahuapilli, Limited Eugen, Yodoraha, Silva, Metera Fire, Beatrix $190
7 SSR Light Setup Jeanne, Sarunan Light, Seruel, Lady Grey, Henriette, Gandagouza, Meterapm$45
6 SSR Agielba, Sarunan (Light) , De la Fille, Siegfred, Silva + SSR Satan1 2 3 $34
7 SSR Rosetta, Magisa, Gandagouza, Metera (Wind), Io, and SSR Quebere and GarudaPm$38
8 SSR Amira + Feena + Rackam + Silva + their respective SSR weaponsPm$40
8 SSR Societte, Rackam , Sarunan (Dark), Altheia, + SSR Satyrus, Fram x 2, PrometheusPm$60
Lancelot, Seigfried, Carmelina, Feena, Amira, Ferri + SSR Apollo $30
Aliza+ SSR Odin, Satyr $10
Lennah, Sarunan (D), Zeta, Cerebrus+ SSR Grani $25
Heles, Sara, Amira, Gawain, Eustace $35
Charolette, Societte, Nezahulapili, Sarunan (L)+ SSR Nezha $25
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