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Announcements in Forum : Metin2 PServer News
06/26/2017 until 07/26/2036
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The General Board Rules

1. General Remarks

  1. You can check out the current forum staff here. You can also see a list of all assigned moderators on the bottom right when viewing a forum. An overview of all existing forum ranks can be found here. If you feel like joining the forum staff yourself, you should check out this forum.

  2. You can read up on warnings and infractions (there is a difference!) as well as on other details regarding our penalty system here.

  3. You can address complaints and other issues via the Support. We will not discuss infractions, bans and/or other penalties in the forums, nor in the shoutbox, nor in any other public area of the board.

  4. The board administration has the final say in any discussion.

  5. You are free to create a new account after a permanent ban, provided you have not been flagged as no longer welcome.

  6. Official threads like the local rules can be identified by the elitepvpers symbol

  7. The following rules apply to all forums (including the shoutbox), but can be extended or loosened by section-specific rules. You can find local rules like the Black Market Rules either as announcements or as sticky threads (those are marked with [Rules]). All violations of local rules are minor violations by default. Exceptions are denoted accordingly.

2. Very Severe Violations

  1. Engaging in or advertising illegal activities (fraud, carding etc.) is strictly forbidden. This also includes hacking computers, servers or accounts that do not belong to you (elitepvpers is okay with game hacking, not hacking)!

  2. Spreading malware of any kind (stealer, keylogger, RATs etc.) is forbidden.

  3. Extreme insults, baiting or racist comments — especially when addressed to the forum staff — will not be tolerated.

  4. Advertising forums competing with elitepvpers (about gamehacking and trading) is forbidden.

  5. The use of multiple accounts, manipulation of account stats (TBM ratings, thanks) and attempts at dodging negative ratings will not be tolerated. As soon as a person owns more than one unbanned acount, we consider it a case of multiaccounting! Additional accounts for siblings or for other compelling reasons must first be requested via support!

  6. You may not bypass temporary bans by creating a new account for the duration of the ban.

  7. Massive spam on the forums or via private message is forbidden.

3. Severe Violations

  1. Posting or requesting warez (cracked software, keygens etc.) is forbidden.

  2. Posting pornography is forbidden. We consider images/videos to be pornographic if they show primary or secondary sexual characteristics.

  3. You are not allowed to impersonate a member of the forum staff (e.g. by using rank icons as your avatar or misleading nicknames).

  4. Abusing the thanks system (especially trading thanks) is forbidden.

4. Serious Violations

  1. Insulting, flaming, accusing and baiting other members is forbidden.

  2. Posting referral links is forbidden. You may only share them via private messages and only if you are asked to do so.

  3. Advertising other websites is only allowed if they contain a publicly accessible link back to elitepvpers. Advertising your own Facebook page, Twitter account or Youtube channel is only allowed if they have liked/followed/subscribed the respective elitepvpers profile.

  4. The use of survey download mirrors (e.g. Sharecash) is only allowed, if you provide an alternative download mirror with no such limitations.

  5. You are not allowed to post questions or requests in a release forum (marked with [NO QUESTIONS]).

  6. Any intentional abuse of the report system (i.e. reporting the same post multiple times, reporting legitimate posts just for the fun of it etc.) is forbidden.

5. Minor Violations

  1. Making up your own rank icons and using them as your avatar is forbidden.

  2. Making posts that are unnecessary or meaningless one-word posts like "#reported" or "#closerequest" is forbidden.

  3. Posting twice in a row is to be avoided. Exceptions due to compelling reasons should be discussed with a moderator first.

  4. Pushing/bumping outdated threads is only allowed if there is a good reason, e.g. if you have the same the question, but so far no satisfying answer has been given in the thread. If in doubt, ask a moderator whether you should pick up the old thread or rather create a new one instead.

  5. We do not take kindly of unfriendly or provocative behavior towards other members; the same goes for excessive trolling.

  6. Usernames which partially or fully contain an URL are forbidden.

6. Signature Rules

In addition to the general board rules, the following special rules apply to signatures (violations of both being minor):
  1. Signatures should not cause discomfort or annoy other members (e.g. by using excessively bright colors or annoying animations)

  2. The maximum allowed file size for images used in signatures is 600KB. This value refers to the combined file size of all images used in a signature (including images placed in spoilers)!

7. Penalties

  • As a basic principle, any first-time rule violation will usually result in a warning whereas repeated violations will result in infractions.

  • Severe and very severe violations can qualify for an immediate infraction or even a ban. However, when it comes to minor violations, we may sometimes hand out multiple warnings for repeated violations.

  • Only infractions result in infraction points. Reaching 3 active infraction points will result in a ban. The ban duration depends on the severity of your violations, hence the amount of temporary bans before the final permanent one may vary from user to user. It's up to the acting global moderator's (or administrator's) discretion to assess the punishment.

  • We reserve the right to deviate from this system in certain cases. Members who have proven their worth to the community may be looking at reduced penalties whereas known troublemakers can expect a stricter treatment. Any such decisions will be made by the administration individually and are not up for debate.

  • If you still find yourself with 3 or more active infraction points after your temporary ban has expired, you will of course not be banned again. However, should you receive a new infraction after that, resulting in a total of 3 or more active infraction points, you will receive another ban. So keep in mind that it does not take 6 active infraction points for you to get banned twice.
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02/20/2017 until 07/29/2050
ars aurea
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We want you!

You are elitepvpers. Sounds cheesy, but it's true. How so? Because you are the ones who have been filling elitepvpers with many valuable posts and discussions for years. Because you are the ones who breath life into the forums on a daily basis. Because you are the ones who have been supporting elitepvpers, even during the toughest times, until today. A seemingly endless list with one common denominator — You.

Posts, articles, polls — User-generated content is the heart of this community. No machines, no algorithms and no robots can replace your opinions, not even remotely. Quite the opposite is the case, because for all those talented linguists, line typers, and event specialists out there, there is a special place offering more than the usual forum life: the Content Team!

Content Team – What' that?

Whoever wants to dedicate themselves to the exciting topics of the gaming industry on a journalistic level, whoever has a fancy for producing videos and podcasts, or whoever has strong organizational skills encounters like-minded people here. Within the Content Team editors, pod- and broadcasters, translators and event planners work together hand in hand. With team spirit and willingness to help each other the members of the team produce content, organize great events, and give every member enough room for their own development. The perfect place to enhance personal abilities like spelling and grammar, or even planning and realization.

That's in it for you!

elitepvpers is your stage. You have the chance to showcase you and your skills in front of thousands of people. Be it as an editor writing gaming news, a Let's Player publishing videos on our official elitepvpers YouTube channel, or as an event planner directing the next big eSports event — experience is what get. However, that is by far not everything. In addition a variety of features will make your daily life on elitepvpers more tempting.

Members of the Content Team are not only proud owners of a highly coveted badge but also stand out from the crowd due to their royal blue name. Moreover you will receive access to exclusive forum areas (including the Premium areas), and get the chance to share your passion with the board's coolest crew.

So, what are you waiting for? If you are interested in a position in the Content Team or would like read up on the details, click here.

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02/08/2015 until 03/08/2050
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Metin2 - Rules/Regeln

Neben den allgemeinen Board-Regeln, welche sektionsübergreifend zu beachten sind, gilt folgendes Reglement innerhalb Metin2. Regelverstöße können mit dem -Button gemeldet werden. Bei Missachten der Regeln kann nach Schwere des Verstoßes eine Strafe in Form einer Warnung oder einer Verwarnung folgen. Genaueres diesbezüglich ist in Infractions & Warnings: Things You Should Know zu finden.

In addition to the general board rules, which have to be observed across all sections, following regulations apply for the Metin2. Possible rule violations can be reported by using button. Whenever a regulation is violated, immediate punishment - depending on the severity of violation - in form of either warning or infraction can be inflicted. More details regarding this can be found in Infractions & Warnings: Things You Should Know.

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10/28/2014 until 11/28/2033

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Metin2 - UG wants you!

Liebe Metin2 Gemeinde,

aufgrund der Tatsache, dass ich nun mit Nico gemeinsam die Underground Sektion leite hier ein kleines Update diesbezüglich.

Seit einiger Zeit nun schon ist der offizielle Source der Metin2 Files geleaked worden und somit habt ihr eine neue Chance euch zu beweisen, weshalb gerade ihr für den Unterground bereit seid und wieso wir gerade euch aufnehmen sollten.

Solltet ihr euch für fähig genug halten aufgenommen zu werden, so schreibt bitte eine aussagekräftige Bewerbung an mich oder Nico mit folgendem Inhalt:

Titel: Bewerbung für die Underground Sektion von [DEIN FORENNAME]
  • Kontaktmöglichkeiten
  • Alter
  • Warum du beitreten möchtest
  • Was du beitragen könntest
  • Was du bisher veröffentlicht / beigetragen hast
  • Warum du eine Bereicherung wärst

Gerne könnt ihr auch mehr als nur diese Punkte eintragen, allerdings werden diese definitiv erwartet und alles andere wird ohne Rückmeldung gelöscht. Bitte beachtet, dass ihr für den Beitritt der Sektion mindestens 300 Posts habt und seit mindestens 3 Monaten registriert seid.

Bitte beachtet aber auch, dass ihr nicht aufgenommen werdet aufgrund der Tatsache, dass ihr einen Level 105 Körperkrieger besitzt - Dies ist kein Grund. Ihr könnt noch so gute Spieler sein, ohne die nötigen Kenntnisse im Gamehacking oder Coding Bereich seid ihr nunmal keine Bereicherung für die Sektion und werdet dementsprechend abgelehnt.

Best Regards,
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