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Blood&Glory Metin2 Pserver

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Blood&Glory Metin2 Pserver


Blood & Glory Metin2

RATE Default: 200%

The server is the result of months of hard work and sweat and seeing a dream realized for some staff. The staff is comprised of former players metin2 ITA experts, who have personally tested and helped all of us to do in order to create a game that stravolgesse the world of metin2 and create a game-play that lasts over time.

GAME FILE: 2089 DB 1866.

Useful links:


The game is a semi old-style, the maximum level is 120, the game includes new weapons and armor sets and simple, we say that we have decided to keep them with their real names while keeping the copyright and not stealing anything around like many do.


OS - Win 98, Win XP, Win 2000
CPU - Pentium 3 1GHz
RAM - 512M
Graphics Card - Graphics card with more than 32MB of RAM
Sound Card - DirectX 9.0 Support
Mouse - Mouse compatible with Windows
Recommended System Requirements
OS - Win 98, Win XP, Win 2000
CPU - Pentium 4 1.8GHz
RAM - 512MB
Graphics Card - Graphics card with more than 64MB of RAM
Sound Card - DirectX 9.0 Support
Mouse - Mouse compatible with Windows


The server is completely in Italian, structured in such a way that long-lasting and will not occur in any way reset or termination of the server. In addition, to maintain the server enduring as the game goes on, with the will of the player can expect the introduction of new implementations.
To make your job easier, we decided to eliminate all the missions, there will be only those created by the staff!
The exp is set entirely on the database and also the presence of RATE is fairly smooth.
We have eliminated all unnecessary drop, keeping the items that will be used to upload and items most commonly used.


Item until Lv.60:

+1 -> +6 = 100%
+6 -> +7 = 70%
+7 -> +8 = 50%
+8 -> +9 = 40%

From Lv.60 up:

+1 -> +6 = 100% No item
+6 -> +7 = 70% No item
+7 -> +8 = 45% With Blue Pearl
+8 -> +9 = 30% with red pearl

New weapons:

+1 -> +6 = 100% No item
+6 -> +7 = 50% With blood-red flower x3
+7 -> +8 = 40% with orange flower x3
+8 -> +9 = 30% with yellow flower x3

Upp Epic:

50% chance of success


Sword Battle Sword by = Sirius = Ice Sword
By Fang = Spirit Sword = Sword Baron pinned
From Exorcism Sword = Sword = Sharp Sword Demon
Nymph Divine Sword = Sword = Sword of Silence
Deadly Sting Sword = Sword = Sword Infinite
Poison Sword = Sword Moon
Demon Blade Sword = Santa
Partisan = Kill Blue Dragon Greatsword = Solar
Electromagnetic = Kill yellow dragon
Lama halfling dragon god = Greatsword = Greatsword Ice
Knives Knives Soulless = Dragon = Dragon's Eye
Lightning = gutter
Chakram = Teeth = saw sharp
Yellow Dragon arc = Arc = Arc of the spirits of Metal
Arc jet = Devil = Arc giant diamond
Bell bird = thunder Mower = Fantasy
Sky = earth ibiscio
Range = heavenly Demon
Salvation Fan = Fan = Fan Ancient Dragon
Range = Ecstasy Fan Trigrams

Example Upp Weapons:


From Black Steel Armor = Armor = Titanium Hwang
By Magic Armor = Armor = Armor Blood Zin-Hwang
By Black Dress = Dress Magic Armor = Sang-Hwang
By Dark Wind Dress = Dress Assassin Armor = Hwang-Red

Example Upp Armour:


Our Metin Rocks are very important!
For every rock metin is allocated a certain drop.
It starts from the rock of Level 5 up to the rock level 90.

Metin Drop Of Evil Lv 25: Lv 30 Weapons; Stone Of Souls; Stones.
Metin of Darkness Lv. 30 Drop: Weapon Lv 30; Stone Of Souls; Stones.
Metin Of Jealousy Lv.35 Drop: Weapon Lv 30; Stone Of Souls; Stones.
Metin Drop the Soul Lv.40: Weapons Lv 30; Stone Of Souls; Stones.
Metin Drop Shadow Lv.45: Lv.30 Weapons; Stone Of Souls; Stones
Metin Drop the hardness Lv.50: Weapon Lv.65-60; Stone Of Souls; Stones
Metin Devil Lv.55 Drop: Weapon Lv.60; Stone Of Souls; Stones
Metin Drop the drop Lv.60: Weapon Lv.60-65; Stone Of Souls; Stones
Metin Drop Of Death Lv.65: Weapon Lv.65-60; Stone Of Souls; Stones
Metin Assassin Lv.70 Drop: Weapon Lv.65-60; Stone Of Souls; Stones
Pung-Ma Lv.75 Drop: Weapons Shields Lv.61; Stone Of Souls; Weapon Lv.65
But Drop-An Lv.80: Lv.61 Shields; Stone Of Souls; Lv.65 Weapons
You-Drop Young Lv.85: Lv.61 Shields, Weapons Lv.65-60; Stone Of Souls; Armour Lv.66
Jeon-A Drop Lv.90: Lv.61 Shield, Weapon Lv.65-60; Stone Of Souls; Armour Lv.66

droppabili from all metin. (In addition to the metin, the PDA can be found also by all the bosses except the villo1 and villo2).

Other Dropp:

Imperial Lv.90 Rock Drop: Stone Of Anime Armour-Lv.66-Flower red / yellow / orange
Red Dragon Lv.75 Drop: Stone Of Anime-Weapon Lv.75
Dragon Aquatico Lv.125 Drop: Stone Of Anime-Weapon Lv.65-70
Chief Orc Lv.50 Drop: Weapon Lv.60-65; Stone Of Souls
Lord Lv.86 Ghost Tree Drop: Shields Lv.61, Lv.60 Weapons-65; Stone Of Souls
Re Spider Lv.65 Drop: Weapon Lv.60-65; Stone Of Souls
Spider Queen Lv.60 Drop: Weapon Lv.60-65; Stone Of Souls
Nine Tails Lv.72 Drop: Weapon Lv.60-65; Stone Of Souls
King Of Demons Drop Lv.75: Lv.61 Shield, Weapon Lv.60-65; Stone Of Souls
Nine Tails elitist Lv.72 Drop: Shields Lv.61, Lv.60 Weapons-65; Stone Of Souls
Turtle Lv.67 Drop: Weapon Lv.60-65; Stone Of Souls
Turtle Lv.72 Dark Drop: Weapon Lv.60-65; Stone Of Souls
Spirit Of Death Lv.75 Drop: Shields Lv.61, Lv.60 Weapons-65; Stone Of Souls
Zombie Death Metal magic-Dresses-Flower red / yellow / orange

Villo 2:

Our second village has some significance in the fact that here you will find the different metin from lv 25 to 40 in which you can drop the PDA and weapons lv 30 of every race!


Just log out and log in game you will find the following items:

- 50,000 yang
- 200 cloaks
- Equip base
- PERMANENT SPECIAL BONUS: drop yang, warehouse space,% points increase love,% increase fisherman.



Arms dealer:

For those who will take care of the lack of weapons lv 30, TRANQUILLIZATEVI, you drop by Metin 2 in villus spawnate much more frequently as you will see more of!

Merchant Armor:


Will be used for missions and to access the beloved arena duels thanks to which we will not see many duellatori the streets but that will enter the arena!

Seon-Pyeong (Fabro Legendary)


The New Villo3! (Accessible from Lv 95)

Villo3 square:
Metin Imperial Villo3:

The New Map TRIGRAMMI (Accessibile from Lv 110)


Hp: 1500-2000-2500-3000
Mp: 1000-1500-2000-2500-3000
Force Of Life: 10-15
Strength: 10-15
Intelligence: 10-15
Mobility: 10-15
The Attack Speed: 10-15
Motion speed: 10-15
Magic Speed: 10-15
Regeneration Hp: 10-15-20-25-35
Regeneration Mp: 10-15-20-25-35
Poisoning: 10/05/15
Fainting: 10/05/15
Slow down: 10/05/15
Critical Hits: 10/05/15
Shots Trafiggenti: 05/10/15
Strong Vs Mezziuomini: 10-15-20
Strong Vs Orc: 10-15-20
Strong Vs Animals: 10-15-20
Strong Vs Devil: 10-15-20
Strong Vs Zombie: 10-15-20
Absorption Hp: 10-15
Consumption Mp: 10-15
Block: 10-15
Reflect: 10-15
Defense Sword: 10-13-15
Defense Greatsword: 10-13-15
Defense Dagger: 10-13-15
Defense Bell: 10-13-15
Defense Arrow: 10-13-15
Defense Fan: 10-13-15
Defense Lightning: 10-13-15
Defense Fire: 10-13-15
Defense Magic: 10-13-15
Bonus Exp: 7-15-20
Bonus Drop: 7-15-20
Fall Bonus Item: 7-15-20


The stones will be uppabili +3 to +4 (100% chance)
from +4 to +6 (35% probability)

Stock Handset:

Portable Teleporter:

On the server we have implemented some new missions and REMOVE the horse! To many it will seem crazy but for us it is something more and also given the fact that at level 30 you will see a new mission called "Mission Boar" then at LV50 you will see the "Mission Wolf" to lv80 "Mission Tigre" and finally the LV100 "Mission Leone". One of the missions you have to do is the following that appear at level 30:


The hike to our 120 levels will be enriched by the various events that Blood & Glory puts at your disposal. We illustrate below the various events:
- 50% more exp, (every weekend).
- Event mob
- Event PvP, weekly
- PvP Tournament divided in levels (monthly)
- Gare Ox, (weekly)
- Wars between kingdoms (monthly)
- Selection of the monarch (To illustrate, this is a new event that will allow each month for each realm have their own monarch, who choose the same player and GM to vote into npc! Monarch This has provided a new armor date by GM with features slightly above the other and different to make it discoverable) In this event every vote is equal and no vote is worth more than the other implying that the vote of the GM is always 1 as that of a simple player!


Blood & Glory is not based on the item shop, but of course donations will be used to maintain enduring our wonderful world. The items shown in item shop droppabili are 100% game.


[GF] Franky
[GF] Baltasar
[SGA] Sauro

[GA] Blood
[SM] Far3Nait
[SGM] Bjah
[GM] Lucky

o The staff will try to cover as many hours as possible ... But of course there will always be someone available to all staff online and for your problem.
o The staff is made up of older people, with no school obligations, therefore, also present in the morning.
or staff will NOT pg-player, for obvious safety reasons and to maintain balanced competition among players. All players will be treated the same way. We do not make any difference. Even those who Shoppa will be banned.


The staff is not responsible for any transfer of data to third parties and invites players to activate and enter the password in various game related to the warehouse and to the bank.
For more information follow the guide.

The server of their own choice decided not to implement the change doctrine after level 30, the 6th and 7th bonus and race changes.


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Wrong Section Please post it here ->
Really lame Presentation.

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i understand nothing, like 90% of the others here, will not play sry

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