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[Guide] Server behind a router metin2 2010/2011 no hamachi.

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Old 07/27/2012, 01:18   #16
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At least show some evidence that you can actualy make a no hamachi on a router cuz i cannot believe it.

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I don't get it. What is it for?

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Originally Posted by noobsbuster12 View Post
At least show some evidence that you can actualy make a no hamachi on a router cuz i cannot believe it.
Try the guide yourself and look at the result.
It does work.
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Originally Posted by noobsbuster12
At least show some evidence that you can actualy make a no hamachi on a router cuz i cannot believe it.
Well, the fact is that, if you know how metin2 2010/2011's files work, you know that this is working. If you want an evidence, I just can tell you, PM me and I'll tell you how you can join our newly server. You will not need to install hamachi. And of course, ill send you a photo from my servers, and router.

And of course, as [email protected] told you. You can try it out. Remember that with this configuration, you could be unable to connect from your own lan. (as I already told in the guide)

Originally Posted by [email protected]
Try the guide yourself and look at the result.
It does work.
I think that with the first scheme I posted at the start, its not so difficult to understand.
I appreciate your help here.

Originally Posted by DasSchwarzeT
I don't get it. What is it for?
This is a guide, to make a metin2 server, with 2010/2011 files, reachable from Internet, without the use of hamachi, or other vpn software, despite you are behind a router.

Of course, I assume you already got a metin2 server functional and runing.

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Old 07/27/2012, 12:40   #20
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Originally Posted by eddynator View Post
Haha, you are welcome ^.^


My partner(ArcZero) told that you will need a client witch do not use MC sura, and if you get error when connecting, it could be possible that the cause is the PONG. You need to configure the same PONG in the clientmetin2.exe/.bin. That PONG is find into the game file, into the server.

Moreover he told me that it is not easy to find that PONG since it is anywere in that file.

He told me too, that some of your troubles connecting could be because you have wrong port configuration in at your root.

Although if we want to know why you cant connect, we would need more information. Have you got you server behind a router, did you bridge your vmware to your physical network? did you open the ports? Are you using 2007 files? or 1010/2011?
my server work on wmvare or virtualbox 2 program installed

i have 2011 server files and client but my players connect with mc sura

oh but i have one exe with login screen kick problem

and i read all article but i dont understand

for me help with team wiever so at least see

i wait for pn and help a lot thanks everyone
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Old 07/28/2012, 16:15   #21
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Oke so I have the 2010 files hamachi running and working, cuz i got a router. Now tell me how to convert it cuz the tutorial is looong and i kinda dont get it.

and also whats the point of me trying it if i dont have evidence that it works..?
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Old 07/31/2012, 01:18   #22
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Originally Posted by eddynator View Post
It seems that metin2 server 2010/2011 files return the local NIC address so the client tries to connect to that connection -->

So, if that happens (and apparently it does) here is the solution:

I posted this exact post as a reply to an old post, thanks to that post I could think with this solution -->

Excuse me for my bad English, and no German, I'm from Spain. But at least I changed my windows lenguage to English, so the screenshots will be easy to understand.

Beginning of the trouble
A friend and me were making a private server, and after all the work, we were unable to understand why we couldn't made any external connection although DMZ was enabled for this server.

So after almost a month googling different words, I hit to this thread. And made me know what was happening. So the solution or workaround is so simple, you have to put your server in a subnet, and assign that subnet the same range than your public ip, and of course your public ip to that server NIC.

Beginning of the solution with an example
Example (I'm using windows server 2008 R2):
Lets think our public ip is so what we want is the same ip in our metin2 server, so when he return the interface ip, it will be the same as the public ip.

INTERNET ---> [COLOR="DarkOrchid"]Router[/COLOR] --->  (DMZ)  ( -(NAT)-> Server (
                         |---> PC1 (
                         |---> PC2 (
                         |---> PC3 (
So yes, as you can see, you need 2 network adapters on the DMZ computer. If anyone want to test it, one of the way to try it out is using a virtual machine on a windows environment, and install the Microsoft loopback adapter.

To achieve this you must go to the device manager, right-click on your machine name, add legacy hardware, select the hardware manual from a list (advanced) and there you shall seek for network, and when you got there, just select windows, and his loopback adapter.

After that you'll have got one new adapter, the loopback adapter. So, what now? We have to configure this one, with the same range ip than your external IP. Let’s do that.

Yes, it’s that simple, you can add your ISP DNS, and if you are on a DNS Server, will add automatically But really, you don't need to put anything more.

So far, what we have got here is a second network in our DMZ, but there are still work left.

Now what we need to do is to Bridge, our virtual machine network interface, to that newly created.

If you are using virtual box, you can do that with right-click on your machine, then settings, and, under the network setting you chose bridged adapter and the Microsoft loopback adapter.

Íf you are using Vmware Workstation, you must go to Edit --> Virtual network editor. And there you shall change one of the vmnet to bridged, and choose the loopback adapter, in this example I choose, Vmnet6.

Afterwards, you have to configure you virtual machine to use that Vmnet6 connection. If you right-click his network icon, you can select settings, and there you must use "custom: specific virtual network" and use our Vmnet6.

If we have followed all the way here, now we have got our virtual machine in a "subnet", so we have got to configure his IP correctly. NOW is when we are going to assign the same public IP. So, if we want to do that, we just need to type "sysinstall" in our FreeBSD, and configure the network adapter something like that -->

When using the host and the domain, i don't think that is really very important. but the fact is that I use myself there. What is really important is the "name server", you have to use there some real DNS, at last, youll need that if you want to install from internet things on your FreeBSD, else your will be unable to resolve internet names. I simply use my ISP DNS.

Now we reboot our freebsd.

And now the last steep. What we need to do is simply redirect the incoming traffic from our DMZ from the example, to that other IP. There are some programs if you want to do it. You can use portmaps, you can use Routing and Remote Access (RRAS), or some other software. They all are almost the same, but in my example, since we are working with windows server 2008, I'm using Routing and Remote Access (RRAS). (tested it with portmaps and it does work!)

If you want to install RRAS here is the guide (it’s one of the windows server 2008 features) --> Installing RRAS

After installing that one, you simply right-click on your RRAS server and select configure[...] you do next, and select NAT.

Then you must choose what is the network connected directly to the router (the one that give you internet, normally your local area connection)

Then you select the virtual loopback that we created before.
[NOTE] if there are no more networks left than the loopback, it could be that RRAS will select automatically your loopback network.

After that, you already have got almost ready your tunneling from internet to your metin2 server with the same router IP. What we need to do now is just to redirect those desired ports that you are using in metin2. As you know those ports are into the config files of each channel folder, and auth folder.

We have to go to IPv4 --> NAT --> right-click local area connection --> properties, and just add each one of the ports. And of course you chose your "router" IP, since is the one of that metin2 server, from that virtual network.
 I have changed the name of the loopback adapter, from local network 2, to Virtual Area connection, so it’s more visual for me.

once you put all the ports needed there the server will be ready to run, and players from outside your LAN will be able to join. But you could have troubles to join from your LAN, since without making some more networking work, you will not see that metin2 machine from the other LAN computers.

 As a final note, if you want to make sure, all the traffic to the (our metin2 new ip) is redirected through the loopback network, and not to the router, you can do the next line in CMD:
route add MASK METRIC 1 -p

Doing that you are telling your system, that when you are going to the IP you will do it from the interface. and the metric 1 is to tell the system, that have got the most possible priority.
As last thing, remember to change those example IP with your real public ip.

Thanks for your time, Thanks [email protected], thanks to you, and my partner ArcZero, I could get with this solution.
ArcZero asked me, so you can assign any ip to the server, right? so, can you just assign the router ip? nah forget this, sound foolish...

That just did me to think. Yes you can do it! And yes, it is working now.

Of course, thanks to TraDeus, your question was my answer.

And obviously, many thanks to elitepvpers for your knowledge and simply this forum.
I get error please help me:

English: An error occurred while internet connection sharing was being enabled (null)

Deutsch: Ein Fehler ist beim Internet Connection Sharing in die Lage versetzt wurde (null)

Spain: Un error ocurrió mientras Conexión compartida a Internet estaba siendo activada (null)

Italy : verificato un errore durante la condivisione della connessione internet veniva abilitata (null)

I get error on windows network adapter "Local Area Connection Properties"

I wait for help
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A tutorial for windows 7 ?

# I don`t understand the part with the RRAS.
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Old 01/25/2013, 00:20   #25
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wow finaly an english post i have been looking for this for a long time but i have just one question i can log in successfully in my dmz pc but my other pcs on the same network cant
is that normal ..? and can people on other networks join ..?
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Old 08/29/2013, 07:39   #26
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router mainpage
WAN status:
Connection status Connected
Subnet Mask
DNS server
Alternate DNS server
Connection type PPPoE
Connection time 2Day08:39:35

ip is avaible in my case? i see its my gateway

Edit : i don't have rras what can i do? portmap?
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Old 01/06/2015, 19:32   #27

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The Thread is very old...Let dead People sleep.


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