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Avery - Oldschool at its finest | International [09.09.2022]

Discussion on Avery - Oldschool at its finest | International [09.09.2022] within the Metin2 PServer Advertising forum part of the Metin2 Private Server category.

Old 09/24/2022, 21:50   #316
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Originally Posted by M2Trading View Post
Bist ja ein richtiger Sherlock
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Old 09/25/2022, 08:44   #317
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Patchnotes 1.0.14

The maintenance has been finished and the server is back online!

• Added an instant close function with [CTRL] + [Left Mouse Button] to whisper buttons.
• Increased the page count of pages in special storages to 4.
• Level 30 weapons can no longer be sold to NPC shops to prevent accidentally selling them.
• Changed the spawn times for the Mighty Ice Witch from 8, 16 and 0 CEST to 18, 21 and 0 CEST.
~ We did that to increase the competition and to encourage PvP fights for it, because most players cannot attend the previous spawn times.
• Increased the required skill book count from 25 to 30 to craft Fishing Books.
• Changed the functionality of Dispel:
~ No longer works on characters with a level difference higher than 20.
~ Buffs won't come back after Dispel runs out anymore.
• Reduced the required mining points to upgrade Pickaxes by 50%.
~ Also slightly increased the success chance of upgrading.
• Increased the chance of obtaining Golden Tunas when fishing.
• Your movement speed will now be limited to 200 when in a PvP fight.
• Using the shop search now gives you a notification on how many shops were found containing the requested item.
• Skipping the selling confirmation dialog no longer works for +7 items or items with more than 2 attributes.
• Healing shaman buffs are now removable as well.
• Resetted Dragon's Roar to its old behaviour.

Bug Fixes:
• Fixed the bonus display on Sashes.
• Fixed a spelling mistake in the item description of dews in NPC shops.
• Fixed Dragon Scrolls not being craftable at the Blacksmith.
• Fixed twisted item counts for Bonus Changers from the Lv. 90 metinstone.
~ It now always drops 2 and 1 additional with luck instead of always 1 with 2 more based on luck.
• Fixed "in PvP"-mode sometimes not getting recognized.
• Fixed mounting on horses shouldn't be possible during PvP.
• Fixed an issue with the nameing of personal shops.
• Fixed a chat output when fishing.
• Fixed an error in the big notice window.
• Fixed an issue with adding a skill affect twice.
• Fixed an error on appending an affect.
• Fixed the item tooltip of the absorb window when hovering an unequippable item first.
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Old 09/25/2022, 11:13   #318
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Was fuer einen pin soll man denn beim login eingeben?
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Old 09/25/2022, 11:30   #319
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Originally Posted by judgelloyd View Post
Was fuer einen pin soll man denn beim login eingeben?
musst du selbst erstellen auf der HP
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Old 09/25/2022, 13:05   #320
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Originally Posted by judgelloyd View Post
Was fuer einen pin soll man denn beim login eingeben?
Hey judgelloyd, beim ersten Login wirst du aufgefordert einen Pin einzugeben. Du denkst dir einfach einen 4-Stelligen Pin aus den du dir merken kannst und gibst den da ein. Dient nur zur Sicherheit deines Accounts.
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Old 09/25/2022, 22:01   #321
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Server macht richtig bock. Seit AoM der beste Oldschool Server, regelmäßige patches und man hat nicht sofort alles in paar stunden erreicht. Viel Erfolg weiterhin, wird gezockt!
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Old 09/26/2022, 07:01   #322
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Patchnotes 1.0.15

The maintenance has been finished and the server is back online!

• You can now select the basic hair style of your character in the character selection.
• The country flag is now independent from your selected client language and can be chosen in the character selection.
• Added a Bravery Cape Chest to the shop of the general store to compact Bravery Cape storage.
• You can now link an item from your own offline shop to the chat.
• Lv. 30 weapons can be sold to NPC shops again.
~ Please be careful when selling items. We won't restore any more accidentally sold items!
• Slightly increased the damage of monsters in the Red Forest.
• Empire names in the new player announcement are now colored.
• Reduced the drop rate of Leadership skill books.
• Certain items such as Dews, Dragon God items and more can no longer be sold to NPCs to prevent accidentally selling them.
• Drastically increased the Max. HP of the Mighty Ice Witch since there is higher demand due to the last patch.
• Added an icon to the Vote Buff event within the event calendar.
• The drop info now shows item ranges if it can drop with variable counts.
• The hide effects option now also hides buffs.
• Increased the size of the offline shop search marking effect.
• Show the names of marked offline shops even when the shop names are hidden via game options.

Bug Fixes:
• Fixed a bug that very rarely could have caused you not to be able to choose a skill group.
• Fixed a bug that caused the character not to be saved properly.
• Fixed the cast range of shamans Shooting Dragon's skill.
• Fixed the skill description of 3 dragon shaman skills.
• Fixed the Dark Ghost Leader not dropping properly above character level 62.
• Fixed mission books giving EXP even with an activated Anti EXP Ring.
• Fixed the whisper dialog sometimes showing the wrong flag.
• Fixed the whisper dialog quick close still showing the whisper button after a warp.
• Fixed the sash absorption window sometimes showing a level limit from the absorbed item.

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Old 09/26/2022, 19:59   #323

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Beginner Event schaut gut aus.
Werde dann morgen auch mal reinschauen.
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Old 09/26/2022, 20:10   #324
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Ich bin zwar noch ziemlich am Anfang, aber bisher macht es bock Zuzocken der Server läuft Stabil und es wird auch voller was die Spielerzahl angeht. Mal sehen wie es sich entwickelt. bisher sieht es gut aus.
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Old 09/28/2022, 08:48   #325
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Patchnotes 1.0.16

The maintenance has been finished and the server is back online!

Metin Spawn Rate
Since we've gained a lot of new players over the last few days and are breaking our record for the concurrently amount of online players every day at the moment, we've added an experimental special functionality to increase the metinstone spawn rates during high loads of online players. For now, its just being used during the Double Metin Loot event, but if everything goes well, we might be able to automatically increase or decrease the metinstone spawn rates depending on the amount of farming players. Of course, we could also just increase the spawn rates in general, or simply decrease the respawn cooldown, but we do not want to increase the amount of new items being generated all the time, but instead just when its really necessary, for example during an event, so everyone can participate. You have to think about it, if we would permanently increase the metinstone rate, all items worth would be significantly decreased, which in return means, that all of your items would lose value. But by linking the respawn rate to the need this wouldn't be a thing, because it would basically still be the same amount of items being generated.

• Added a new loot filter.
~ Can be opened through the game options or by pressing F9.
~ Everything you tick is being blocked when picking up.
~ You can block whole categories through the "ON" button next to the category name.
~ If you want to block weapons below Lv. 30 for example, you need to change the level limit to 1-29.
~ The filter only applies if you save the settings on the bottom right.
~ There is another more detailed How To when hovering over the (?) on next to the close button.
• Added a Dungeon Re-Join system for all dungeons except the Devil Tower.
• Added that your character will automatically start mining the nearest vein if you have a pickaxe equipped when pressing [SPACE] near the vein.
~ Its just an alternative for having to use the mouse to start mining.
• Added a notification on login if your offline shop has Yang awaiting withdrawal.
• Added a notification when withdrawing Yang from your offline shop.
• Added a separate title for the PIN title when creating the PIN the first time.
• Added a total sum to the offline shop showing the total value of your items.
• Reduced the required level to post URLs in the chat from 50 to 30.
• Slightly adjusted the Beran-Setaou's Chest.

Bug Fixes:
• Fixed not receiving the private message from the Biologist once the cooldown ran out if the last submitted item failed.
• Fixed effects sometimes not rendering correctly.
• Fixed country flags sometimes showing in the chat on system messages.
• Fixed the wiki showing Yang after non-Yang numbers.
• Fixed the item link not correctly showing special characters when linking an item from the offline shop.
• Fixed the item tooltip always displaying usable for items in the inventory after hovering the absorbed sash in the sash abosption window.

New Loot Filter
During the latest patch, we've added a completely new Loot Filter to improve the experience of picking up items. You can now filter way more specific to prevent picking up certain items you don't want to pickup. For example, you can now set up the filter to only pickup weapons above a certain level or +.

You can open it within the game options (as before) or by pressing F9 on your keyboard.

Important: Everything you tick is not being picked up anymore! Also, you need to press "Save" on the bottom right to apply the filter! Pressing "ON" next to a category name will ignore the other settings within this category and will prevent picking up all items related to that category. So if you don't want to pickup armors for example, you can just press the "ON" button next to "Armour".

On the following GIF, you can see how to set up the Loot Filter if you want to:
- Block One-Handed Weapons, Two-Handed Weapons and Bows (To only pickup Daggers, Fans and Bells)
- Block Weapons in general below +3 (To only pick up items +3 or higher)
- Block Weapons in general below item level 40 (To only pickup items with level 40 or higher)

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Old 09/30/2022, 12:21   #326
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Immer noch mega, jeder kleine Erfolg macht mich stolz
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Old 09/30/2022, 21:39   #327
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good server
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Old 10/01/2022, 05:15   #328
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Patchnotes 1.0.17

The maintenance has been finished and the server is back online!

• Added boss icons to the minimap to display their respawn times.
~ Some bosses spawn at one of 3 different positions. Those are marked with "Random".
• Added a teleport button to your own offline shop (left to its name).
• Added offline shop button descriptions for better understanding.
• Added a big notice for when entering a dungeon with enabled Multi Farm Blocker.
• Added a confirmation window for removing buffs by clicking on the icon.
• Increased the PvM damage of Black Magic Suras. (same bonus as for Assassins and Shamans)
• Added a chat dialog to the Blacksmiths inside the Devil Tower to be teleported back in front of the Devil Tower again.
• Added a lot of new logs to be able to analyze offline shop actions way faster and easier.

Bug Fixes:
• Fixed links showing in sent whisper messages.
• Fixed the target board sizing when only 2 buttons are shown.
• Fixed a client error that sent a invalid request to the server.
• Fixed the loading of saved loot filters settings.
• Fixed buying from the offline shop being possible with full inventory.
• Fixed the respawn point when restarting in Town within the Dragon Room to in front of the Dragon Room instead of Map1.
• Fixed a code flaw that rarely could have crashed a core.
• Fixed still getting experience from Hunting Quests even with an activated Anti EXP Ring.
• Fixed being teleported to Map1 instead of in front of the dungeon when being kicked.
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Old 10/01/2022, 21:33   #329
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Owner of server is a trash who mute and ban people on server and discord for no reason :X
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Old 10/01/2022, 22:25   #330
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Originally Posted by nykady123 View Post
Owner of server is a trash who mute and ban people on server and discord for no reason :X
You've been muted on the Discord Server due to repeatedly talking non-sense and straight up making up lies to hate the server. Afterwards, you went in game and said the following:

"mute me simba phahahah monk"

Judging this behavior, I'm pretty sure your mute was fair
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avery, metin, metin2, oldschool, pserver

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