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NovaMetin2 Remastered | International New-School | 19 August 2019

Discussion on NovaMetin2 Remastered | International New-School | 19 August 2019 within the Metin2 PServer Advertising forum part of the Metin2 Private Server category.

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Originally Posted by CrashZTV View Post

Schlechte Spieleranzahl??? Seh ich nichts von

Und von Push hab ich auch noch nichts gehört, denke auch nicht dass der SA das toleriert.
Wow das war gerade eben mal eine kleine "Schlacht" von vielleicht 20-30 Mann.

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Was fürn Push bitte

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Fixed some issues that caused lags and delays in pvp


It now requires less effort to upgrade the pickaxe (50, 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 500, 750, 1000 )
If you are sitting on a mount and hitting another player, you will automatically dismount
You will now no longer be able to use "Dispel" on other players with a higher level than yours


We implemented a new Map called "Mining-Cave", you can find it in the warpring
Take a look at our "Changements of the PvP-System" below

Changements of the PvP-System:

Today is the day of our PvP-Update. It took us a loot of work and adjustments to finally reach a solution we are happy with.
In the following we explain you which equipment we used for testing and why we changed or adjusted some things.

Used equipment:

Azure Helmet +9:

Azure Shield +9:
- Faint Resistance
- Demi-Human
- Chance to block attack
- status point 1
- status pooint 2 (e.g. Warriors: Str + Dex)

Azure Bracelet +9:

Azure Armour +9:
- HP
- Def: Sword, Longsword, Dagger, Cooldown
- Def: Bell, Fan, Arrow, Cooldown

Azure Boots +9:
- HP
- All Defs

Azure Necklace +9:
- HP
- All Defs

Azure Earrings +9:
- HP
- All Defs
- Demi-Human

Azure Weapon +9:
- Demi-Human
- Cooldown
- Chance of crit
- Status Point 1
- Status Point 2 (e.g. Warriors: Str + Dex or Str + penetr.)

We always used the defensive sash cause this is way better, but you can of course also try the damage-sash
if you want to deal more damage.
- Defensive Sash:
- Azure Armour+9
- TP + Defs
- TP + Cooldown + Defs

We always used the "Tourmaline Belt+9" with 3 sockets.

6/7 Bonus:
You can have 6/7 Bonus on every equipment, including costumes (weapon, armor, helmet) and the sash.
We always had the 2k HP and the best bonus for the class as 6/7.
(e.q. Shaman: 2k HP + 5 int, 12x)

Starting Point:
Our first mission was to investigate which class is dealing how much damage against a normal class and against a Blackmagic-Sura.
So we started with testing the damage of each spell and the hit damage against those 2 kinds of classes.
That was our starting point and the damage we refered to. I am not sure if we started at the same point as the liveserver was at that moment.
But that is not even that important. More important is where we are now with our PvP-System.

In the following we will share with you all the patches and adjustments we have done, for the ones that do not like to read that much, we provided you a summary on top:


Overall changes:

- we increased the basic attack damage to have a better feeling in pvp

- buffi will not buff you anymore in Map1. You will still be able to call her.
- Furthermore the formula for dragon shaman buffs got nerfed, that includes the buffi automatically

- We changed the bonus
"Chance to block Crit" and "Chance to block Penetration"
"Resistance against Crit" and "Resistance against Penetration".

The calculation now works totally different, before it was like:
Chance to block Crit => You reduce the chance to crit of the one who is attacking you.

Now it works like:
Resistance against Crit => You reduce the enemy of the critical hit / ability of the one who attacked you.
- You will find these Bonuses on 15% each in the "Azure-Bracelet" and the "Azure-Shield"

- Decreased the HP Fill Ratio of Autopot about ~ 35 %
=> Now its possible to kill someone in Open-PvP

- Pink Dew:
We reduced the Penetration Chance from 20% to 10%.

Equipment changes:

- "Azure Bow+9" Attack ranged changed from (740-936 => 840-936)
- "Kyanite Bow+9" (830-926 => 730 - 826)
- Decrased Attack of:
"Azure Sword +9" (673 - 717) => (643 - 667)

- Switch Attack Damage of "Azure Fan+9" & "Azure Bell+9"
- Switch Attack Damage of "Kyanite Fan+9" & "Kyanite Bell+9"

- Status Points reduced to 5:
Ruby Earrings (Int)
Garnet Earrings (Strenth)
Emerald Earrings (Int)
Sapphire Earrings (Strenth)

Fire Shoes+9 (Avage Dmg 12% -> 5%)

- 8% (+2% in Sash) Anti Magic Resistance from Azure Armors to 10% in Azure Shield

- implemented HP in following 1n1 belts: 5k HP on +9 so that its better than the Tourmaline Belt+9
Shadow Belt +9
Rune Belt +9
King's Belt +9
Belt of Wisdom +9

- Block Chance reduced: (50% -> 30%)
Azure Shoes+9 (20% -> 10%)
Fire Shoes+9 (20% -> 10%)
Oceanic Shoes+9 (20% -> 10%)
Qilin Shoes+9 (20% -> 10%)
Azure Helmet+9 (10% -> 0%)

- Azure Necklace+9: Removed Crit-Chance

Class changes:

Due to the increase of the base attack damage, the body warrior went a bit crazy and we had to nerf him.
- Cooldowns increased of:
Frenzy (12 - 16 seconds)
Whirlwind (15 sec -> 20 sec)
Charging (12 sec -> 16 sec)
- Damage decreased of:

It is not that funny when a Mental can cast his spells like every few seconds, we had to change that.
- Cooldowns increased of:
Slash (15 sec -> 20 sec)
Stomp (15 sec -> 20 sec)
- Cooldowns decreased of:
Leap (20 sec -> 15 sec)
- Slash and Leap now scale with DEX instead of VIT
- Increased dmg of:
Slash => 12k
Fury => 7.5
Leap => 9.7
Lightning Sword => 8.5

After the nerf on the Liveserver this guy really suffered a lot, we had to help him back to shine a bit more.
- Dmg increased of:
Poison Nova ~1k => (8300 -> 9300)
Quick Blow ~600 => (8300 -> 8900)
Getaway ~500=>(4200 -> 4700)
- Cooldowns reduced of:
Poison Nova CD: 25 => 20
- Damage range increased a bit of:
Poison Nova
- Increased range a bit of:
Poison Nova

This guy was literally useless before, now i can really recommend to play him! Makes a lot of fun!
By the way you can cancel his animation of "Begone" with the clap-emotion like this:
1. Use Begone
2. Spam Clap animation
3. Spam Autoattack
4. Use the next skill
(this will need a bit of practice)

- Dmg increased of:
Flame Arrow ~5000 (5100 -> 10000)
Rage ~3000 (7000 -> 10000)
Multi-Shoot ~ 1,400 (7000 -> 8100 -8700)
Begone ~2000 (7600 -> 9750)
Poison Arrow ~1400 ( 7200 -> 8600)

- Dance with Wind now grants on L +30% Castspeed. (That is not stackable, do not worry )

This class is still really strong in 1on1's, as it should be but now you can kill him in openpvp
- Decreased the %-Defence of his Aphotic Shield (30% -> 20%)
- Dmg increased of:
Dark Hole ~1k => (9000 -> 10000)
Entangle ~650 => (4150 -> 4800)

Looks like he only got nerfs but believe me, he is still really strong!
- Decreased cooldown of:
Remove Magic: 55 -> 24
- Decreased dmg of:
Remove Magic ~1k => (7900 -> 6900)
Dark Twister

- Decreased Def of:
Enchanted Armor

As most of you should know, this class dominated the live-server since day 1 so we decided to make her a bit less powerful.
The point where we started on the testserver, was a bit different to the live's one. The heal shaman now deals less damage,
so we had to improve her healing:

Natures Enchantment (6k -> 8k)

The Dragon-Shaman was more used as a Buff-bot cause the Dragon Shield Buff was so powerful. So we decided to nerf it and bring Dragon-Shaman back in the fighting spot.
- Skill "Dragon Shield" Int Scaling reduced: 210 Int -> (90.7 %) => (62.7 %)
- Skill "Reflect Damage" Int Scaling reduced: 210 Int -> (158 %) => (63.5 %)

As the buffi also scales on the same formula as the dragon shaman, the buffi also got automatically nerfed.
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Top Server !

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Really nice server - can recommend it to everyone.
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vorstellung und server sieht echt nice aus.
werde ihn safe mal anspielen
<3 DABEI^^
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tote hose keine updates mehr nichts
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Buffi wird dich in Map1 nicht mehr stärken. Sie können sie immer noch anrufen.

Grotten Schlechte Übersetzung!

Call the Schami plz!
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Originally Posted by DerDiss View Post
Buffi wird dich in Map1 nicht mehr stärken. Sie können sie immer noch anrufen.

Grotten Schlechte Übersetzung!

Call the Schami plz!
Hast du nen IQ von 40?
"call" heißt das du sie herbeirufst, nicht anrufst.

Fixes :

Fixed Switchbot Lag.
Fixed Guild Storage.
Fixed Skill colors not saving after you teleport.
Fixed Red Luna costume color on Shaman Female.
Fixed Few client graphical issues and crashes.
Fixed the defence value on volcanic and royal boots, shield and helmet.

Adjustments :

Increased the drop for leader's notes ( 50% chance ).
Added 2000 HP to Vote4Buff.
Adding Buffi boosters to your buffi will add up now. ( The max remains 200 ).
You can now Transmute Costumes ( Body - Hair - Weapon ).

New :

Dragon Mage can now buff all nerby party members at once.
2 New Premium Dances Available for premium users only.
New NPC Shiva in map1 which allows you to preview your cosmetics before buying them.
New Costumes - Deathflower Set.
New Pet - Angelica.

PvP Changes:

- Cooldown increased of "Bloodrage" from 7 to 9 seconds
- Int-Scaling of "Aphotic Shield" slightly reduced: (INT: 200 = DEF: 954 -> 724) This only lowers the normal defence this skills grants, this does not effect the %-dmg reduction!

- Increased the Int-Scaling of Enchanted Blade:
=> PvM-Effect: ~155k -> ~171k
This dmg is the maximum, with mount, pet and full int-buff equipment that is possbile.
=> PvP-Effect:
This increased the DMG of:
"Dark Twister",
"Hit Damage".

Note: We will have an eye specially on the Weapon-Sura the next days. He should not be too weak anymore.

Body-Warrior: (Info: Attack Power + HP in 6/7 is better than STR + HP. You can even use buff equipment with STR if u wish to, to reach the damage in the patchnotes!)
- Increased the damage of:
- Decreased the Cooldown of:
"Frenzy": (16 -> 14 seconds)

- Decreased the damage slightly of:

- Decreased the damage of:
"Flame Arrow" slightly,
"Poison Arrow" slightly,

- Decreased the Weapons:
"Azure Spear +9" (740 - 821) => (700 - 781)
"Kyanite Glaive+9" (720 - 801) => (680 - 761)
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Originally Posted by Bommel0705 View Post
tote hose keine updates mehr nichts
Wie du am letzten Update gesehen hast, arbeiten wir noch intensiv an Updates. Manche Dinge, welche auf ersten Blick nach wenig aussehen, dauern doch länger als man denkt.

Wir arbeiten aktiv weiter, keine Sorge und werden euch informieren sobald es neues gibt. Der Server steht noch ganz am Anfang seiner Reise, bleibt dabei!

Euer NovaMetin2-Team
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Finde den Server bisher echt nicht schlecht, er hätte definitiv mehr Spieler verdient.
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Originally Posted by MrWampsen*** View Post
Finde den Server bisher echt nicht schlecht, er hätte definitiv mehr Spieler verdient.
Genau an dem Punkt arbeiten wir sobald wir euch in Kürze etwas sehr schickes zu präsentieren haben! Bis dahin wünschen wir viel Spaß!

The Nova2-Team would like to announce to you that during each weekend the EXP YANG DROP rates will be increased by 50%.

The event starts every Friday at 8PM Followed by its ending at 8PM Sunday. (GMT+2).

Information related to new upcoming events will be announced soon, stay close.
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Gefühlt nichts mehr los, schade^^
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Originally Posted by .Perxy View Post
Gefühlt nichts mehr los, schade^^
Das kommt schon wieder, keine Sorge.

Vor 2 Tagen erst wurde das PvP-Turniersystem eingebaut und getestet, ab sofort finden dann an jedem Wochenende PvP-Turniere statt.

Derzeit wird mit Hochtouren an einem Update gearbeitet um mehr Content im PvM-Bereich zu bieten.

Euch erwartet noch viel also bleibt dran!
__________________________________________________ ___________


Join our Discord to get any kinds of news as fast as possible:

[EC]Ares {EN/RO}Today at 17:49
Hello, @.

I would like to inform you that tonight at 9PM GMT+2 the OX event will take place.

Make sure to be here, we will host 3 rounds.
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Ich find in den letzten Tagen sind es sogar bemerkbar mehr Leute geworden

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