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New Style - ImperiaWorld

Discussion on New Style - ImperiaWorld within the Metin2 PServer Advertising forum part of the Metin2 Private Server category.

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New Style - ImperiaWorld


ImperiaWorld, after three years of great succes, decided to expand abroad. Born on 26/04/2011, we got 300.000 Registered Users and about 450 Online Users on holidays. Ready for the big step, we present ourselves to the world with an international server with a multilingual client to satisfy everyone needs. We are waiting for you!

Are you looking for a stable server, durable and that that gives you a lot of fun? ImperiaWorld is right for you. On imperiaworld, you will find a stable server, that offers you the maximum enjoyment. The server is opened by two and a half years,it never had problems: lagg, mod, reset!

  • 1 . You will start at level 75 with the set of the lv.75 +9 , a pet , the seeds that will allow you to make your skills to P and autopotion. All of this will be free.
  • 2 . You will have new script like the market system / tanaka / CostumSystem / Pet system that makes the game fun.
  • 3 . The server was of medium difficulty ,you grow up very quickly and effortlessly. The drop is high and you will drop a lot yang.
  • 4 . Maximum Level (current) 240.
  • 5 . There's no 6/7 bonus .
  • 6 . We have 2 dungeons : Catacombs of devil and tower Zakrata .
  • 7 . Users online during peak hours : 400-500 people.
  • 8 . We are open for more than 2 years , always been online. Never a reset account , seriously.
  • 9 . Change race / doctrine / status readily available in the market or the shopkeeper .
  • 10 . A new figure, the Game Helper (GH) , he will help you in-game for any information about the gameplay
  • 11 . What is in the shop is 99% recoverable in the game, the remaining 1% will be won in the monthly events
  • 12 . A Calendar Event rich , updated every month.
  • 13 . Support by ticket always within 12 /24 hours maximum .

ImperiaWorld was born on 29/04/2011 , the server was meant to entertain the players and make pleasant the vast gameplay of medium difficulty.
The spirit of ImperiaWorld it's to get up stronger after every fall , and after two years and three months , we are once again here to prove it. ImperiaWorld isn't the classic open server by a few years, where you can do the same old things , Imperia is revolutionized every year with new rich update to being up to his name . We never claimed to have some kind of number of users, but what we think we deserve it ,
in fact those who have tried this server since when was opened know all the work that has always been there , and that still obviously continue to exist .
The quality of a server is not based implementations , or by news, but on the steadiness . Implementations sooner or later you will experience them all, also the news . A server must change, must be dynamic and that's the reason why the server go on by 2 years and a half,
the server is completely NewStyle medium/easy. We are the only servers that every year brings new news, without unbalancing the gameplay.
Every ours update has always brought benefits to our server , Some updates have been difficult but they allowed us to go ahead Imperia , without any reset.

We recall also that the server is not for profit , 99% of the items that are in the shop are quietly (with a little difficulty) also obtainable in game , everything that is donated by the player is only used for improve the server in every aspect.
Our aim is not to "eat" the donations. . The directors haven't any economic problems , they dont have absolutely problem to go ahead with the server at their expense . And is managed by two people that working , do not eat on this game.
Now we do it for passion , for our users and for all the people who hate us . To make him understand , for the umpteenth time that we dont give up . We thanks all those who have continued to believe in this project and supported us , despite all the rumors turn to our detriment.


The maximun level is currently 240;
- The rate of the server are set to 200% and usually during Sunday, festivity or celebration increases to 300%;
- The useless drop has been removed to avoid the lag, but new drop has been included all for you to discover.
- In the game, some players have the label GH (Game Helper) that will be responsible for helping newcomers responding to their every demand, information or anything you can relate to the gameplay.
-The GH also have a special section on the forum (here) where you will find the guides with specific advice and assistance to equip, bonuses, drop zones ... virtually the entire Imperiaworld.
- Dont consider how long the server is open, with the good will you can get everything in a short time. You will have all the possibilities to reach the top without any problems.


Exp: Medium-High (directly set by mob)
Yang: High-High
Drop: Medium-High

What you have with the first Login:
- Initial Level 75
- New Map prelogin (level 75)
- Initial equipment +9
- Experienced horse
- 200 cloaks of courage
- Auto-Potion (as normal, but without having to manually click)
- 10,000,000 yang


You will start from level 75 in a new map to get involved right from the start and for helping you understand how the game is developed and what is the world of ImperiaWorld
After passing the initial map, a fantastic experience awaits you in our new environments.

But now let's see some of our locations. Access will be permitted at certain levels due to the Teleporter or Seon-hae:

Tower Zakrata:

Catacombs of the Devil:

Now let's see the equipment:




In addition to the ancient evil empire have appeared strange creatures called Pet .. they will be fatal for your help during the war.. with their abilities may assist you to increasing your experience and will help you in the clashes..

The pet can NOT be traded, but thanks to a "packing" you can pass them on to those who want it.

There are also several mounts, here are some:

  • - Global Chat: ability to write a message to all 3 kingdoms (such as the "call" or the group chat, putting "£")

  • - New Bonus system: it will simply pass the mouse on HP / MP / Attack / Defence in the page to see the status of your bonus equip

  • - Costume System: There are new costumes that will cover the armor worn without removing the bonuses:


This new system will allow you to change the bonuses directly from this little tool , you should therefore not always drag the enchanted object to spin the bonus . You press "Spin Bonus" and your bonus will appear in the appropriate slot.. That's to make your life easier . It is always the law of the switch , so if you turn the item in less than a second to more than 3 times in 60 Second and after 3 warnings ( if not stated in the chat server , it means that you dont do this) will be considered like if you are using the switch bonus .


Pressing a button found below the minimap you can open this screen that will tell you exactly that you have 4 slots and you can change the equip .

How to do :You can put in every slot a different equipment , equipment will not be completely removed from the inventory , but they will remain appear as " doubled " in this screen. You can do this for 4 sets so as to have 4 sets ready , like one for pvp , one for pvm , one for brawl etc
By simply pressing the button "Change" below , the server takes the equipment of your choice from the inventory ,putting it on and inserts the item that you've choosen into the slot used . This to avoid confusion.

- Skybox System: the sky will change depending on the time with dawn, morning, afternoon, sunset

- Monarch System: You can vote to elect a candidate to Monarch of the kingdom, which will assign some Bonus like +10% Attack on pg of the realm, teleport a character and more;

- New system guilds with ranking of kill, double kill and more;

- New System Market 24H/24 from the NPC Hing-Sat, alongside the warehouseman, where you can buy and sell items of all kinds;

- New duel system in arena with ranking;

- New Shining System: you can turn on / off the gleam of armor and weapons:


As already mentioned, there is a calendar of the many events that run, updated every month by the staff:

- Lottery Event: extraction tickets to the Oldie. Award ... one of four pet to pvp. (only shop)

- Tanaka Event: a new event where you have to kill more Pirates Tanaka possible.when the event is activated to participate simply talk to Uriel.

- New system "Energy System" consisting of an energy bar above the HP that will give random bonuses if charged through the items dropped in the map Oasis Astral

- New Aura Imperiaworld full HD:

- Blood when a pg is killed:

... and much more! To see in detail all the updates visit the forum page!


As already mentioned, there is a calendar of the many events that run, updated every month by the staff:


As already mentioned there's not the 6/7 bonus , while the 5 ° will be easily insertable through Marble of Blessing (available in game). The Bonuses hannno 3 variables (eg 5% - 8% - 15%).
The maximum values ??of the main ones are:

- HP: 4500
- Absorbed by HP: 10%
- Resistance against Sword / Broadsword / Arrow / etc: 15%
- Strong against Zombie / Devil / Orcs / etc: 20%
- Strong against Means: 10%
- Critics / Transfixed: 10%
- Fainting / Poisoning: 10%
- Speed ??Magic: 20%
- Magic Resistance / Fire: 15%
- STATUS: +12
- Value attack: +70
- Lock / Reflect the physical attack: 15%
- Double drop / yang: 20%
- Antistun / Antislow

ImperiaWorld is not the classic server where to get to the level 240 you spend 2 years and without any fun. On ImperiaWorld a player has spent 4 day to reach the level 200. This is to make you realize how easy is the exp. It 'a server structured in its way, you will have to stop for stop equip but the exp is very fluid. Will not get bored,We guarantee this.
This is roughly the presentation of our server, I hope haven't forgotten anything. In future we can add other things.ImperiaWorld (as the name implies) is a WORLD ... and we leave you only the pleasure to finding out.
As I said earlier, this is a project in which we all believe and we work hard to provide the best day after day.

A greeting from the staff of ImperiaWorld, as always, we will try to give the best of ourselves.

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good luck :P

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Looks very nice.
Good Luck ! :3

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Wie die sich immer Mühe geben mit den Vorstellungen, echt crass =)
Viel Glück Leute

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good luck, very nice vorstellung (sry for my bad english) <3

i hope u will get a lot of luck with ur server and if not don't cry a river, the world is big enough and there are a lot of p-server who need a SA with a bad server <3

I'm just joking, love u and ur server !!
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very very nice
good luck = )
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wow sieht ja mal extrem geil aus
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Well made.
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I'm really glad to see people interested in our ImperiaWorld. The result of years of work.

We wait for you in a more than welcome!

For foreign users, there is a bid to raise awareness of spam ImperiaWorld abroad and earn coins ..: # post132103
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Sieht echt Nice aus, wieso sind denn nur die ausländischen Server so derbe
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gibts den client auch in anderen sprachen, wie englisch oder deutsch?

edit: are there other languages for the client such as english or german?
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Yes, there are other languages ​​such as German, English, Romanian, Polish and Spanish. The site is in English and we are working on the translation of all in English, then move on to the German and Romanian, etc.: D
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******* Nice!
I hope my English is sufficient for this Server

Good Luck.
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Originally Posted by αкιѕнα View Post
gibts den client auch in anderen sprachen, wie englisch oder deutsch?

edit: are there other languages for the client such as english or german?

Die verfügbaren Sprachen sind:
1 Italienisch
2 Deutsche
3 rumänische
4 Polnisch
5 Englisch

The available languages ​​are:
1 Italian
2 German
3 Romanian
4 Polish
5 English
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Verry nicee good luck *-*

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