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Lineage II Allstars PvP Substack Race Only (New beginning starts April 6)

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Lineage II Allstars PvP Substack Race Only (New beginning starts April 6)

New beginning starts April 6 - 18.00 GMT+1

We opened February 18th -2012, we hit over 300 players the first day, but we noticed that even though we had months of open beta, the biggest bugs had not been found. We released our update with lots of fixes, but it was too late. We also forgot what we really should be focusing on, pvp.

We are now preparing for wipe, we promise you that this time, with our added pvp features, you will have the best substack pvp experience of your life.

Use ctrl+f and search for "New:" to see our new features.


We have chosen Interlude for it’s balance with the substacking system. No other L2 Client fits more and it’s very attractive to old school lineage 2 players who search for fun.


Exp: 45x SP: 45x Adena: 300x Drop: 1x Party Exp: 2x

Substack System

L2 Allstars is a Substack Race Only server, but what does that mean? And how does it work?

When you become level 76 and you have completed third job quest, then you can start looking out for 2 raid bosses that spawns every 3rd hour.

The 2 raid bosses are:

Antharas Priest Cloe – Level 78 (Lair of Antharas)

Bloody Priest Rudelto – Level 78 (Lair of Antharas)

These 2 raid bosses drops a magic book called The Book of Regeneration.

This book is the key of adding a class in your own race as your substack, which makes you able to use the skills of both classes.

You can never choose a class that is not in your race.

But you can still do the retail subclass quest, and use The Book of Regeneration on your “retail subclass”.

The Book of Regeneration can be sold, dropped and destroyed, but it will disappear once you use it at the Substack Master.

You can now only have the base stats of your base class.

How ever, if you create a retail subclass, and substack it, then you can switch base stats between them.

So be careful what class you substack on your “Main” class because that’s the base stats your character will always have.

Passive skills: Armor Mastery, Weapon Mastery, Robe Armor Mastery, Light Armor Mastery and Heavy Armor Mastery will not stack
Auto Learn Skills

All skills are automaticly learned when you reach a new level, so you don’t need to waste seconds clicking to learn new skills.

Class Changer

You can easily change your class, for free, at the class changer in Giran Castle Town. All 3 job quests are free here on L2 Allstars.


All character has 24 buffslots (+4 with divinie inspiration).

General Buffs, Dances, Songs and Chants has 1 hour buff duration.
Prophecy of Water/Wind/Fire, Chant of Victory & Magnus’ Chant are 15 minutes.
Blessing of Queen, Gift of Queen/Seraphim are retail duration.

NPC Buffer in all towns which provides you with:

Normal Prophet Buffs (no pof, greater might, greater shield etc).
Dances (no siren)
Songs (no renewal/champion)


Max enchant for Armors and Jewels are +6. Weapons doesn’t have a max enchant how ever it’s not that easy, and we will never have overenchanted weapons on L2 Allstars.

Our enchanting system is like retail, how ever we have made it harder after +9 on weapons. Getting a +16 is nearly impossible.

Max enchant via donation is +12, it will always be +12 that’s for sure.

Player Shops

We have several player shops. All located in Giran Castle Town.

The regular Player Shop where you can find armors, weapons, jewels from grade D to S, with SA and unsealed.

Also enchant scrolls and other miscellaneous.

Event Shop, where you can trade your Event Coins, that you get from winning events.

Epic Shop, where you can craft Stars, and also trade for Epic weaponry/armory.

Donation Shop, where you can trade your Donation Coins for a gift.

Star System

Collect stars and trade them at the Epic Shop in Giran Castle Town for Epic armory/weaponry.

You can earn stars by crafting, winning events, voting or killing raid bosses in Lair of Antharas.

Crafting: Slay monsters in Lair of Antharas and Monastery of Silence to get Star Powder and Star Design. You need 100 of each to craft 1 star.

Winning Events: By winning events you get Event Coins, collect 50 event coins and trade at the event shop for a star.

Voting: By voting for us you can get 1 Event Coin every hour if we get enough votes within the set time.

Killing Raidboss: If you slay Raid Bosses in Lair of Antharas, that spawn every 3rd hour, you can earn stars, they drop 1-5 stars.

Epic Armory

On L2 Allstars we have Epic Armors. Heavy set, Light set and Robe set.

You can view the stats of them in the donation shop.

You can get these armors by collecting stars.

Epic Weaponry

On L2 Allstars we have Epic Weapons. 1 weapon per type, so 1 bow, 1 sword and so on.

All of these weapons gives a special ability once they’re enchanted to +4 or more.

You can get these weapons by collecting stars.

Farming Zones

We have 2 farming zones.

Monastery of Silence: Where you can farm Star Design, higher adena drops and the monsters gives more exp and sp.

Lair of Antharas: Where you can farm Star Powder, higher adena drops, and the monsters gives more exp and sp. There are also 2 raid bosses in Lair of Antharas that spawns every 3rd hour, and drops stars and the book of regeneration.

Potion System

We have a few custom potions on L2 Allstars.

And we also have a potion system.

Since dwarfs have no real function in a Substack Race Only server, we gave them (and they will get more during the life of L2 Allstars), the option to create the custom potions (except for mana potions).

Combat Haste Potion: Gives 100 more attack speed. Can be used with haste at the same time.

Magic Attack Potion: Gives 100 more magic attack. Can be used with empower etc at the same time.

How to craft these potions:

Every monster has 50% spoil chance to drop Combat Haste Herb and Magic Attack Herb.

Death Waves, in Lair of Antharas and Silent Brother in Monastery of Silence can drop without spoil Recipe: Combat Haste Potion and Recipe: Magic Attack Potion.

You need 10x herbs and 100x crystal c-grade to craft 5 potions.

Crafters are the only ones that can craft these potions.


The olympiad works like retail except for a few restrictions.

You can not use any epic armor part or epic weapon.

And the most enchant you can have on any gear is +4 (you can join with a +12 weapon, how ever the value of it's p.atk is automaticly reduced.

This is to make the olympiad fair play.

Automatic Event: TvT

TvT stands for team versus team.

Every day at 10am GMT+1 TvT starts. You can easily register at the NPC that spawns in Giran Castle Town square.

You fight as team which is selected randomly, and the team with most kills gets 1 event coin each per player.

You must be level 76 to join.

Automatic Event: CTF

CTF stands for Capture The Flag.

Every day at 20pm GMT+1 CTF starts. You can easily register at the NPC that spawns in Giran Castle Town square.

You fight as team which is selected randomly, the goal is to get your team to the other side of the tunnel and get the other teams flag, and run back to your flag.

The team that delivers most flags gets 1 event coin each per player.

You must be level 76 to join.

Automatic Event: DM

DM stands for Death Match.

Every day at 15pm GMT+1 DM starts. You can easily register at the NPC that spawns in Giran Castle Town square.

You fight against everyone, and the last survivor gets 2 event coins.

You must be level 76 to join.

New: Unique:
Achievement System

We have an achievement system, which basically works like this:

There is a new NPC in Giran that will give you rewards if you have what it takes for it, it might be a minimum of PvP points or perhaps you need to have become Noblesse in order to get the reward.

  • New: An extra way to earn Red Pipette Knife (slay 30 mobs in TOI)
    Mana potion healed over time.
    We also run 1 big event every month where there’s 3 winners, bigger prizes.
    Dual-boxing is allowed.

Join us now and read more about our features at:

L2 Allstars wishes you a happy easter!

We celebrate our first easter among our launch on April 6, with 20% more donation coins!

Meaning if you donate for 10 coins, then you get 2 extra coins, if you donate 100 coins you get 20 extra coins!

Happy easter!

This is a limited offer, it ends at April 20th!

/L2 Allstars Team

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w8 i also knew this game yesterday ... so what's the best in it ? i need to learn xD

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chuck norris, lineage, race only, substack

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