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Seeling EUW Account all Champions with about 150 skins

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Seeling EUW Account all Champions with about 150 skins

What up guys im selling my EUW acc

- lvl 30
-all champions
-195 skins like soulsstealer vayne, spirit guard udyr, elementalist lux,mediaval twitch, tons of legendary skins tons of epic skins,
-13k + blue essences
-7k IP
-53 RP
-9 rune pages
-almost every rune
-ban free account
-Honor lvl 5
-about 70 champs over mastery lvl 4

I made a list of the skins:

Aatrox - none
Ahri - Dynasty,Foxfire
Akali - Sashimi
Alistar - Unchained, Moo Cow
Amumu - Emumu, Almost PromKing
Anivia - Black Frost, Festival Queen
Annie - Red Riding, Annie in Wonderland, Reverse
Ashe - Heartseeker
Aurelion Sol - Ashen Lord
Azir - Gravelord
Bard - SnowDay
Blitzcrank - iBlitzcrank
Brand - Cryocore, Zombie, Battle Boss
Braum - Santa Braum
Caitlyn - Headhunter
Camille - Program
Cassiopeia - none
Cho'Gath - Nightmare, Loch Ness, Battlecast Prime
Corki - Ice Toboggan , Arcade
Darius - Dunkmaster
Diana - Bloodmoon
Mundo - Mr. Mundoverse
Draven - Soul Reaver, Gladiator, PrimeTime
Ekko - Project:
Elise - Death Blossom
Evelynn - Shadow, Masquerade
Ezreal - Frosted, TPA -
Fiddlesticks - Pumpkinhead, Fiddle me Tibbers, Suprise Party
Fiora - Project:
Fizz - Tundra, Void
Galio - Enchanted, Commando
Gangplank - Captain
Garen - Rugged, Steel Legion
Gnar - Gentlemen, SnowDay
Gragas - Hillbilly, Esq, Vandal
Graves - RIOT, SnowDay
Hecarim - Arcade
Heimerdinger - Alien Invader 60
Illaoi - none
Irelia - none
Ivern - Candy King
Janna - Forecast
Jarvan IV - Warring Kingdoms
Jax - Temple, SKT T1
Jayce - Full Metal
Jhin - High Noon, Blood Moon
Jinx - none
Kalista - Blood Moon
Karma - Sakura
Karthus - Grim Reaper, Fnatic
Kassadin - none
Katarina - High Command, Warring Kingdoms
Kayle - Aether Wing
Kayn - Soulstealer
Kennen - Swamp Master, Karate, Super
Kha'Zix - Death Blossom, DarkStar
Kindred - SuperGalaxy
Kled - none
Kog'Maw - none
LeBlanc - Prestigious
Lee Sin - Dragon Fist, Muay Thai, Knockout, God Fist
Leona - Defender, Pool Party
Lissandra - Bloodstone, Blade Queen
Lucian - Striker, Project:
Lulu - Pool Party
Lux - Spellthief, Elementelist
Malphite - Obsidian, Mecha
Malzahar - Battle Boss
Maokai - none
Master Yi - Assasin, Chosen, Project:
Miss Fortune - none
Mordekaiser - Infernal
Morgana - none
Nami - none
Nasus - Galactic, Archduke
Nautilus - Astronautilus
Nidalee - Snow Bunny, Bewitching, Challenger
Nocturne - Frozen Terror, Eternum, Cursed Revenant
Nunu - TPA
Olad - Glacial, Brolaf, SKT T1
Orianna - Heartseeker, DarkStar
Ornn - none
Pantheon - Dragonslayer, Slayer
Poppy - none
Quinn - none
Rakan - none
Rammus - Guardian of the Sands
Rek'Sai - Pool Party
Renekton - Pool Party, Prehistoric, SKT T1
Rengar - Headhunter (Red chroma), Nighthunter, SSW
Riven - Arcade, Championship 2k16, Dawnbringer
Rumble - Super Galaxy
Ryze - Zombie
Sejuani - Traditional
Shaco - Nutcracko, Masked
Shen - TPA
Shyvana - Boneclaw
Singed - Hextech, Mad Scientist
Sion - Warmonger
Sivir - Snowstorm
Skarner - none
Sona - DJ
Soraka - Dryad, Divine
Swain - Tyrant
Syndra - SKT T1
Tahm Kench - none
Taliyah - none
Talon - Renegade, SSW
Taric - Armor of the Fifth Age
Teemo - Badger, Super
Thresh - Championship, BloodMoon, SSW
Tristana - Riot Girl, Firefighter, Buccaneer
Trundle - Lil' Slugger
Tryndamere - Highland, King, DemonBlade, Sultan, Beast Hunter, Chemtech
Twisted Fate - Tango, Underworld
Twitch - Medieval, Pickpocket
Udyr - Spirit Guard
Urgot - Giant Enemy Grabgot
Varus - Arctic Ops
Vayne - Aristocrat, SOULSTEALER
Veigar - Greybeard
Vel'koz - none
Vi - Neon Strike, Officer, Demon
Viktor - none
Vladimir - Bloodlord
Volibear - El Rayo
Warwick - Firefang, Marauder,(URF-WARWICk CAN BE PURCHASE WITH BLUE ESSENCE IN PRESESSION FOR 150k got atm 120k if multiplied up)
Wukong - Jade Dragon
Xayah - none
Xerath - none
Xin Zhao - DragonSlayer
Yasuo - High Noon, Project:, Nightbringer
Yorick - none
Zac - Special Weapon
Zed - SKT T1, Project:
Ziggs - Mad Scientist, Master Arcanist, Battle Boss
Zilean - Groovy, Time Machine
Zyra - Dragon Sorceress

for more details pm or skype: SpaceBoy

further on, have a nice day

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edited to thread

Edited the thread now there is a complete list of the skins
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