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WTS [Garena League of legends Account PH server]

Discussion on WTS [Garena League of legends Account PH server] within the League of Legends Trading forum part of the Other Online Games Trading category.

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WTS [Garena League of legends Account PH server]

P5000 (negotiable) S4 S5 Chall, S6 Diamond (you can check in icons)
Diamond Border
High MMR, No case of chat restrict, W/Email,Mobile

champs - All champs exept camille, ivern, talon, malzahar
skins more or less 250-252
Aatrox - Justicar, Mecha, Sea Hunter
Ahri - Dynasty, Foxfire, Challenger
Akali - Stinger, Nurse, Blood moon, Silver Fang, Headhunter
Alistar - Golden, Long Horn, Sweeper
Amumu - Emumu, Little Knight
Anivia - Bird of Prey, Noxus Hunter, Hextech, Blackfrost
Annie - Prom Queen
Ashe - Freljord, Sherwood forest, Woad, Marauder, Project (with border early purchase)
Caitlyn - Resistance, HeadHunter
Cho'gat - Gentleman, Battlecast Prime
Corki - Ufo, Ice Tobogan, Hot rod, Dragonwing
Darius - Lord, Bioforge, Dunkmaster (Forged Chroma Pack)
Diana - Dark Valkyrie, Infernal
Dr.Mundo - Mr.Mundoverse, TPA
Draven - Soul Reaver, Gladiator, Pool Party
Ekko - Academy
Elise - Blood moon, Victorius
Ezreal - Frosted
Fiddlesticks - Union Jack, Bandito, Suprise Party
Fizz - Atlantean, Tundra, Void
Galio - Hextech, Gatekeeper
Gankplank - Toy soldier
Garen - Rugged, Steel legion
Gnar - Gentleman
Gragas - Hillybilly, Superfan, Caskbreaker
Graves - Hired Gun, Mafia, Pool party
Irelia - Night blade, Aviator, Frostblade
Janna - Victorius, Fnatic
Jarvan - Dragon Slayer, Victorius, Fnatic
Jax - Vandal, Temple, Warden
Jayce - Full metal, Forsaken
Jhin - High noon
Jinx - Firecracker, Mafia, Slayer
Kalista - Bloodmoon, Championship
Karma - Sakura, Traditional, Order of the lotus
Kartus - Pentakill
Kassadin - Harbinger
Katarina - Mercenary
Kayle - Battleborn, Aetherwing, Riot
Kennen - Swamp master, Kennen M.D.
Kha'zix - Guardian of the Sands
Kog'maw - Catterpillar, Deepsea, Battlecast
Leblanc - Prestigous
Leesin - Traditional, Acolyte
Leona - Valkyrie
Lucian - Hired gun, Striker, Project
Lulu - Pool party
Lux - Spell thief
Malphite - Coral reef, Obsidian, Glacial
Maokai - Charred, Totemic, Victorius
Master yi - Assasin, Chosen, Samurai, Headhunter, Project
Miss Fortune - Cowgirl, Waterloo, Secret Agent, Mafia
Mordekaiser - Pentakill
Morgana - Sinful succulence, Blackthrorn, Victorius, Lunar Wrait
Nami - Koi, River Spirit, Urf the namitee
Nasus - Galactic, pharoah, Riot k-9, Infernal
Nautilus - Abyssal, Warden
Nidalee - Leopard, French Maid
Nunu - Nunubot
Olaf - Forsaken, Brolaf, Pentakill
Orianna - Sewn Chaos, Bladecraft, Winterwonder
Pantheon - Myrmidon, Ruthless, Fullmetal, Glaive warrior
Poppy - Scarlet hammer
Quinn - Phoenix, Woad Scout
Rammus - Chrome, Freljord
Rek'sai - Pool Party
Renekton - Outback, Scorched earth
Riven - Crimson Elite, Battle Bunny
Rumble - Super Galaxy
Ryze - Dark Crystal, Ryze Whitebeard
Shaco - Mad Hatter, Asylum
Shen - Blood Moon, Warlord
Shyvanna - Iron Scale, Darkflame, Ice Drake
Singed - Riot Squad, Hextech, Surfer, Augmented
Sivir - Warrior Princes, Spectacular, Bandit, Snowstorm, Warden, Victorius
Sona - Muse, Arcade
Soraka - Dryad, Divine
Syndra - Atlantean, Queen of diamonds
Tahm Kench - Urf
Teemo - Badger, Astronaut, Cottontail, Super, Panda, Omega Squad
Thresh - Blood Moon
Tristana - Guerilla, Buccaneer, Rocket Girl
Trundle - lil'slugger, Junkyard, Traditional, Constable
Tryndamere - Highland, Viking, Demonblade, Sultan,
Twisted Fate - Jack of Hearts, Red Card, Cutpurse
Twitch - Whistler Village, Gangster, Vandal,
Udyr - Primal, SGU
Urgot - Giant enemy, Battle Cast
Varus - Archlight, Swiftbolt
Vayne - Vindicator, Heartseeker, SKT T1
Veigar - White Mage, Veigar Greybeard, Leprechaun, Baron von, Superb Villain
Vel'koz - Archlight, Battlecast
Vi - Demon, Debonair, Officer
Vladimir - Count, Bloodmoon, Soulstealer
Warwick - Hyena, Marauder
Wukong - Volcanic, General
Xerath - Battlecast
Xin'Zhao - Secret Agent, Warring kingdoms
Zac - Special Weapon, (Chroma Pack)
Zilean - Time Machine, Bloodmoon
Zyra - Wildfire, Haunted
Ultimate Skins - 1 (SGU)
Legendary Skins - 14
Rune Page - 20
Remaining IP - 18222
Solo / Duo - Unranked
Flex - Plat 1 (10 games)
Hextech Annie - 739/865 orange essence

Manila Area, You can contact me thru fb or email

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