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[OCE] SELLING Plat 5 Account

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Smile [OCE] SELLING Plat 5 Account

Hey I have a Plat 5 account on Oceanic I am looking to sell perhaps.
Season 3 = Silver,
Season 4 = Gold,
This season = Platinum.

Current RP = 54
Current IP = 31,345
Current Rank = Plat 5


9 Rune Pages (buy more with the IP)

Skins owned: (87)

Spirit Guard UDYR
Creator Viktor
Phoenix Quinn
Panda Annie
Steel Legion Garen
Steel Legion Lux
Neon Strike Vi
Masked Shaco
Koi Nami
Arclight Varus
Shockblade Zed
Death Blossom Elise
Mecha Kha Zix
Sultan Tryndamere
Poolparty Ziggs
Nemesis Jax
Headhunter Rengar
Full Metal Rammus
Dark Valk Diana
Muay Thai Lee Sin
Pool Party Lee Sin
Augmented Singed
Darkflame Shyvana
Soulreaver Drav
Foxfire Ahri
Nightraven Fiora
Bladecroft Orianna
TPA Orianna
Headmistress Fiora
Kitty Kat Katarina
Mercenary Katarina
Jade Dragon Wukong
Iron Solari Leona
Sandstorm Katarina
Thunderlord Volibear
Hyena Warwick
Blood lord Vlad
Amethyst Ashe
Frejlord Ashe
Mafia Miss Fortune
Officer Caitlyn
Redeemed Riven
Pentakill Karthus
Dragonslayer Vayne
Demolisher Nunu
General Wukong
Ravager Nocturne
Harbinger Kassadin
Gurellia Trist
Blood Moon Akali
Lord Mordekaiser
Dreadknight Nasus
Cottontail Teemo (Lol)
Lion Dance Kog Maw
Dreadknight Garen
Pharaoh Nidalee
Frejlord Rammus
Prestigious Leblanc
Mistletoe Leblanc
Gangster Twitch
Infernal Mordekaiser
King Tryndmere
Assassin Master Yi
Chosen Master Yi
French Nidalee
Bewitching Nidalee
Masquerade Evelyn
Championship Thresh
Victorious Morgana
Matador Alistar
Unchained Alistar
Frosted Ezreal
Pool Party Graves
Road Warrior Miss Fortune
Haunted Nocturne
TPA Nunu
Rune Wars Renekton
Tribal Ryze
Bear Cavalary Sejuani
Silent Night Sona
Traditional Trundle
Arclight Vayne
Snow Day Ziggs
Winged Hussar Xin Zhao

Offer me a price pls, thanks.
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I can deal with you for EUNE plat 5 account, 60 champs, some skins, nice account, and 15$. if you're interested, pm me

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