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[WTS][EUW] Lvl30 Unranked - Championship Riven

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[WTS][EUW] Lvl30 Unranked - Championship Riven

Hey boys and girls,

I'm from Germany and i want to sell my lvl 30 unranked EUW Acc.
I got Gold in S3 and S4. In Season 4 i finished Gold3.
Highlight is the rare Championship Riven Skin.

Account name: I'll don't tell you, but its named after a nautolan Jedi Master. ( Pure name, no numbers or shit )

RP: 416
IP: 2202

Champs: All Champions ( Tahm Kench including )
Runepages: 20
Runes: Nearly all
Skins: 167

Aatrox: Justicar
Ahri: Midnight, Foxfire
Akali: Nurse, Silverfang
Alistar: Golden, Unchained, Sweeper
Anivia: Blackfrost
Ashe: Woad
Blitzcrank: Riot
Brand: Zombie
Braum: Dragonslayer, El Tigre
Cassiopeia: Mythic, Jade Fang
Cho'Gath: Jurassic, Battlecast Prime
Darius: Woad King
Mundo: Rageborn
Draven: Gladiator
Elise: Death Blossom, Victorious, Blood Moon
Ezreal: Nottingham, Pulsefire
Fiddlesticks: Dark Candy
Fiora: Royal Guard, Nightraven
Fizz: Atlantean, Tundra, Fisherman
Galio: Gatekeeper
Gankplank: Minuteman, Special Forces
Garen: Commando, Rugged, Steel Legion
Gragas: Santa
Graves: Mafia, Pool Party
Heacarim: Blood Knight, Reaper, Headless, Arcade
Heimerdonger: Blast Zone
Irelia: Infiltrator
Jarvan: Commando, Darkforge, Warring Kingdoms, Fnatic
Jax: Nemesis
Jayce: Full Metal, Debonair
Kalista: Blood Moon
Karma: Traditional
Karthus: Phantom, Grim Reaper
Kassadin: Harbinger
Katarina: Bilgewater, Kitty Cat
Kayle: Judgement, Aether Wing
Kha'Zix: Guardian of the Sands
Kog'Maw: Jurassic
LeBlanc: Mistletoe
Lee Sin: Traditional, Dragon Fist, Muay Thai
Leona: Iron Solari
Lucian: Hired Gun
Lux: Steel Legion
Malphite: Obsidian, Glacial
Malzahar: Overlord
Maokai: Totemic, Haunted
Master Yi: Assassin, Ionia, Samurai, Headhunter
Miss Fortune: Waterloo
Mordekaiser: Dragon Knight
Morgana: Blackthorn, Ghost Bride, Victorious
Nami: River Spirit
Nasus: Pharao, Dreadknight, Infernal
Nidalee: Leopard, Headhunter
Nocturne: Haunting, Eternum
Olaf: Brolaf, Pentakill
Orianna: Bladecraft
Pantheon: Glaive Warrior, Dragonslayer
Poppy: Scarlet Hammer
Quinn: Phoenix, Woad Scout
Rammus: Chrome, Ninja, Full Metal
Renekton: Galactic, Outback, Bloodfury, Rune Wars, Scorched Earth, Pool Party, Prehistoric
Rengar: Headhunter, Night Hunter
Riven: Redeemed, Championship
Rumble: Bilgerat
Sejuani: Traditional
Shaco: Asylum
Shen: Warlord, TPA
Shyvana: Ironscale, Boneclaw
Singed: Augmented
Sion: Hextech
Sivir: Warrior Princess
Skarner: Sandscourge
Soraka: Celestine
Swain: Northern Front, Tyrant
Syndra: Justicar
Talon: Dragonblade
Taric: Bloodstone
Teemo: Badger
Thresh: Championship
Tristana: Riot Girl
Trundle: Lil'Slugger, Junkyard, Traditional
Tryndamere: Viking
Twisted Fate: Musketeer, Underworld
Twitch: Kingpin, Pickpocket
Udyr: Black Belt, Primal, Spirit Guard
Varus: Arclight
Veigar: Superb Villain
Vi: Officer
Viktor: Creator
Vladimir: Marquis, Blood Lord
Volibear: Thunder Lord, Northern Storm, Runeguard, Captain
Warwick: Feral
Wukong: Vulcanic, General, Jade Dragon, Underworld
Xin Zhao: Warring Kingdoms
Yasuo: High Noon
Zac: Special Weapon
Ziggs: Major
Zyra: Haunted

I am the first owner.
If you are interested, pm me.

Greetings and nice weekend to everybody!

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epvpImg: A picture is worth a thousand words.

Hier, dein Acc Name ist: Kit Fisto
eigentlich ist dies nun ein Banngrund, weil du Acc Verkauf betreibst und den Namen zeigst.
Also ändere dies lieber schnell.
Wieviel willst du für den Acc haben?

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Der Wald vor lauter Bäumen... keine Ahnung, wie ich das übersehen konnte

Hab dir ne pm geschickt.
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pn mir ma deine preisvorstellung

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acc kaufen

Ich würde mich für den acc interesieren. falls er noch zu veraufen ist kannst du mir eine e-mail schicken :
In der email bitte preis auch mitschicken ( kann nur mit paysafe karten bezahlen)
lg Bronzeop

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