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LoL Account, Plat V, All champs, 146 skins, EUW

Discussion on LoL Account, Plat V, All champs, 146 skins, EUW within the League of Legends Trading forum part of the Other Online Games Trading category.

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Post LoL Account, Plat V, All champs, 146 skins, EUW

Hello there,

Thanks to University pressures, I offer my League of Legends Account for sale. This account has been played since Season 1. Currently it is at Plat 5.
It contains ALL champions, 146 champion skins, 4 ward skins, 20 Runepages, 78 RP, 26241 IP (runes on picture)

Akali – Silverfang Akali, Chrimson Akali, Allstar Akali
Alistar – Unchained Alistar, Sweeper Alistar
Amumu – Little Knight Amumu
Annie – Panda Annie
Ashe – Woad Ashe
Blitzcrank – Definately Not Blitzcrank, Goalkeeper Blitzkrank
Caitlyn – Safari Caitlyn
Chogath – Nightmare Chogath, Lochnes Chogath
Corki – Dragonwing Corki, Fnatic Corki
Darius – Bioforge Darius, Lord Darius
Diana – Dark Valkyre Diana
Draven – Gladiator Draven, Primetime Draven
Dr.Mundo – TPA Mundo
Evelynn – Masquerade Evelynn
Ezreal – TPA Ezreal, Nottingam Ezreal, Striker Ezreal
Fiddlesticks – Fiddle Me Timbers, Pumpkinhead Fiddlesticks
Fizz – Thundra Fizz
Galio – Hextech Galio
Gangplank – Minuteman Gangplank
Garen – Steel Legion Garen, Commando Garen
Gragas – Oktoberfest Gragas, Superfan Gragas, Fnatic Gragas
Graves – Maffia Graves, Riot Graves
Hecarim – Arcade Hecarim
Heimerdinger - Snowmerdinger
Irelia – Nightblade Irelia
Janna – Frost Queen Janna, Fnatic Janna
JarvanIV – Commando Jarvan, Fnatic Jarvan
Jax – Nemesis Jax, The Mighty Jax, SKT T1 Jax
Jayce – Full Metal Jayce
Jinx – Maffia Jinx
Karthus – Grim Reaper Karthus, Pentakill Karthus, Statue of Karthus, Phantom Karthus, Fnatic Karthus
Kassadin – Festive Kassadin
Katarina – Bildgewater Katarina, High Command Katarina, Red Card Katarina
Kayle – Judgement Kayle, Riot Kayle
Kennen – Deadly Kennen
Khazix – Mecha Khazix
KogMaw – Butterfly Kog’ Maw
LeBlanc – Prestigious Leblanc
Leona – Iron Solari Leona
LeeSin – Poolparty LeeSin, Dragonfist LeeSin, Traditional LeeSin, SKT T1 Lee Sin, Muai Thai Lee Sin
Lucian – Striker Lucian, Hired Gun Lucian
Malphite – Mecha Malphite
Maokai – Totemic Maokai, Goalkeeper Maokai
MasterYi – Ionia Master Yi
Wukong – Volcanic Wukong, Haunted Wukong
Mordekaiser – Infernal Mordekaiser
Morgana – Blade Mistress Morgana, Ghost Bride Morgana, Victorious Morgan
Nasus – Galactic Nasus, Pharaoh Nasus, Infernal Nasus
Nidalee – Pharaoh Nidalee, Headhunter Nidalee
Nocturne – Hauting Nocturne
Nunu – NunuBot, TPA Nunu
Olaf – Forsaken Olaf
Orianna – Bladecraft Orianna, TPA Orianna
Pantheon – Full Metal Pantheon, Myrmidon Pantheon, Ruthless Pantheon
Poppy – Noxus Poppy
Rammus – Molten Rammus
Rengar – Headhunter Rengar
Riven – Battle Bunny Riven
Rumble – Bilgewater Rumble
Ryze – Uncle Ryze
Shaco – Masked Shaco
Shen – Surgeon Shen, TPA Shen
Singed – Augmented Singed, Mad Chemist Singed, Snowday Singed
Sion – Hextech Sion
Sona – Arcade Sona
Shyvana – Icedrake Shyvana, Championship Shyvana
Swain – Tyrant Swain, Bilgewater Swain
Syndra – Athletean Syndra
Talon – Renegade Talon, Crimson Elite Talon
Teemo – Badger Teemo
Thresh – Championship Thresh
Tristana – Riot Girl Tristana, Bilgewater Tristana
Trundle – Traditional Trundle, Lil Slugger Trundle
Tryndamere – Sultan Tryndamere
TwistedFate – Underworld TwistedFate, Red Card Twisted Fate
Udyr – Spiritguard Udyr
Urgot – Butcher Urgot
Varus – Archliight Varus
Vayne – Dragonslayer Vayne, SKT T1 Vayne
Veigar – Bad Santa Veigar
Vel’ Koz
Vi – Neon Strike Vi
Volibear – Northern Storm Volibear
Warwick – Big Bad Warwick
Xerath – Runeborn Xerath
Yasuo – High Noon Yasuo, PROJECT: Yasuo
Yorick – Undertaker Yorick
Zed – Shockblade Zed, SKT T1 Zed
Ziggs – Snow Day Ziggs
Zilean – Shurima Desert Zilean, Old Saint Zilean, Time Machine Zilean
Zyra – SKT T1 Zyra

Ward skins:
Draven ward
Season 3 ward
SKT T1 ward
Golden Goal
Season 4 Tier Two

If we make a deal, i insist on exchanging personal datas! Furthermore I will be glad to help you with any questions.
Skype name: babenbro

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