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WTS Lvl 30 Euw Account, A lot of Stuff.

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WTS Lvl 30 Euw Account, A lot of Stuff.

Hello Evrybody, Im here to sell my main account, i just wanna quit league of legends, I tryed the way of the pro playng with bad results xD Now im playng on Street fighter, and is going pretty well, Anyway this is the list of the thing you will find in my account.

LvL 30
Rank: Gold 1
Last season: Plat 3
Rune pages: 20
Runes: Basically i have all playble runes, exept troll runes like less time dead
Champions: All, Yes Azir too.
Rp: 255
Ip: 30095
Bans: Never banned, Just some tips to flame less. ( yes shit happens xD)

Now, The funny part!
Red Skins Are Legendary
Blu skins are Rare or Legacy.
Purple skins are Ultimate
Green skins are Almost unique.
Skins: Aatrox: None. Ahri: Foxfire. Akali: Nurse, Blood moon.
Alistar: Golden, Longhorn, Unchained, Infernal. Amumu: Emumu. Anvia: Extech, Bird of pray.
Annie: Frostfire. Ashe: Freljord, Amethyst. Azir: None. Blitzcrank: Goalkeeper, BoomBoom, Piltover custom, Definitely not, Riot. Brand: Apocaplyptic, Vandal, Zombie. Braum: None Caitlyn: Resistance, Safari. Cassiopeia: None Chogat: Loch'ness, Jurassic, Battlecast prime. Corki: Red Baron, Urfrider. Darius: None. Diana: None Dr.Mundo: Toxic, Tpa. Dreaven: Soul reaver, Gladiator. Elise: Victorious. Evelynn: Shadow. Ezreal: Pulsefire, TPA. Fiddlesticks: Pumpkinhead, Fiddle me Timbers, Dark candy. Fiora: None. Fizz: Tundra, Fisherman. Galio: Enchanted, Commando, Gatekeeper. Gangplank: Minuteman, Sailor. Garen: Dreadknight, Rugged, Steel Legion. Gnar: Dino. Gragas: Hillibilly, Esq, Vandal, October fest. Graves: Hired gun, Riot, Pull Party. Hecarim: Reaper, Headless. Himerdinger: Blast zone, Azmat. Irelia: Nightblade, Frostblade. Janna: Tempest, Frost queen, Victorious. jarvan IV: Warring kindoms. Jax: The mighty, Jaximus, Temple, SKt1. Jaice: Full Metal. Jinx: none. Karma: Traditional. Karthus: Statue, Pentakill. Kassadin: None. Katarina: Red card, Bilgewater, Kitty cat, Sandstorm. Kyle: Judgment, Eather wing, Riot. Kennen: Artic ops. kha'zix: Mecha. Kog Maw: Jurassic, Caterpillar. LeBlanc: Mistletoe. Lee sin: Traditional, Dragon fist, Muayi thai, Pool party. Leona: Valkirye, Defender, Iron solari. Lissandra: None. Lucian: None. Lulu: Bittersweet. Lux: Sorceress, Steel legion. Malphite: Coral reef, Obsiadian, Glacial. Malzhar: Shadow Prince. Maokai: Totemic, Festive. Master yi: Ionia. Miss Fortune: Secret agent. Mordekaiser: Dragon knight, Infernal, Pentakill, Lord. Morgana: Blackthorn. Nami: None. Nasus: Dreadknight, Riot k-9, Infernal. Nautilus: Astronautilus. Nidalee: French maid, Headhunter. Nocturne: Frozen Terror, Void, Eternum. Nunu: Demolisher, TPA. Olaf: Brolaf, Pentakill. Orianna, Sewn Chaos, Bladecraft, TPA. Pantheon: Glave warrior, Dragonslayer. Poppy: Battle Regalia, Scarlet hammer, Lollypoppy. Quinn: None. Rammus: Molten, Full metal. Renekton: Galactic, Outback, Pool party. Rengar: Headhunter. Riven: Reedimed, Battlebunny, Dragonblade. Rumble: Bilgerat. Ryze: Uncle, Dark Crystal, Triunphant. Sejuani: Traditional. Shaco: Asylum. Shen: Frozen, Yellow jacket, Warlord, TPA. Shyvana: Ironscale, Dark flame. Singed: Hextech, Augmented. Sion: Lumberjack, Warmonger. Sivir: None. Skarner: Earthrune. Sona: Muse, Pentakill. Soraka: Divine. Swain: Northern Front, Bilgewater, tyrant. Syndra: Justicar. Talon: Dragonblade. Taric: Bloodstone. Teemo: Cottontail, Panda. Thresh: Championship. Tristana: Riot girl, Buccaneer, Rocket girl. Trundle: Traditional, Junkyard. Tryndamere: None. Twisted fate: Jack of hearts, Tango, Musketeer, Underworld, Red Card. Twich: Medieval. Udyr: Black belt, Spirt guard. Urgot: Battlecast. Varus: Artic ops, Archlight. Vayne: Dragonslayer, Heartseeker. Veigar: Leprechaun. Vel'koz: None. Vi: None. Viktor: None. Vladimir: Count, Soulstealer. Volibear: Northern Storm. Warwick: Grey, Feral, Hyena. Wukong: General. Xerath: Runeborn. Xin Zhao: Commando, Warring kindoms. Yasuo: None. Yorick: Undertaker, Pentakill. Zac: Special weapon. Zed: Shockblade. Ziggs: Mad Scientist, Pool party. Zilean: None. Zyra: Haunted.

Now, i beg people to be serious like i want to be, this is an important thing for me to do.
SO, If u want to contact me for More informations add me on skype: dott.met (italy).. Just notice that is a pretty big deal, so dont contact me for pretty low bids, thx

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