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Diamond 2 LoL Account (200 PayPal)

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Diamond 2 LoL Account (200 PayPal)


I want to sell my good League of Legends Account here.

The Account:

The Account is at the moment ranked in Diamond 2 (Season 4) and was Diamond 1 (in Season 3) which means that you got a Diamond Border and more in SoloQ, ARAM, normals + in 3v3 since he was Diamond in 3v3 too.

The Account has 13 Runepages.

The Account has around 90 Champs and over 100 Skins!
(There are some missing in the List)

Aatrox - Justicar Aatrox
Ahri - Foxfire Ahri
Akali - Nurse Akali
Anivia - Blackfrost Anivia
Annie - FrankenTibbers Annie
Ashe - Heartseekers Ashe, Amethyst Ashe
Blitzcrank - Definitely Not Blitzcrank, iBlitzcrank
Brand - Cryocore Brand, Zombie Brand
Caitlyn - Officer Caitlyn
Cassiopeia - Jade Fang Cassiopeia
Cho'Gath - Battlecast Prime Cho'Gath
Corki - Dragonwing Corki
Diana - Dark Valkyrie Diana
Draven - Soul Reaver Draven
Elise - Victorious Elise
Evelynn - Shadow Evelynn
Ezreal - Frosted Ezreal
Fizz - Fisherman Fizz
Galio - Commando Galio
Gangplank - Special Forces Gangplank
Gragas - Oktoberfest Gragas
Graves - Hired Gun Graves
Hecarim - Headless Hecarim, Arcade Hecarim
Jarvan IV - Dragon Slayer Jarvan IV
Jax - Nemesis Jax
Jayce - Debonair Jayce
Jinx - Mafia Jinx
Karma - Sakura Karma
Karthus - Grim Reaper Karthus
Kassadin - Harbinger Kassadin
Katarina - Kitty Cat Katarina, Sandstorm Katarina
Kayle - Aether Wing Kayle
Kennen - Arctic Ops Kennen
Kha'Zix - Mecha Kha'Zix
LeBlanc - Wicked LeBlanc
Lee Sin - Pool Party Lee Sin
Leona - Pool Party Leona
Lucian - Hired Gun Lucian
Lulu - Bittersweet Lulu
Lux - Sorcress Lux, Steel Legion Lux
Master Yi - Assasin Master Yi, Samurai Yi
Nasus - Pharao Nasus, Infernal Nasus
Nidalee - Bewitching Nidalee, Headhunter Nidalee, Leopard Nidalee
Nunu - Grungy Nunu
Orianna - TPA Orianna, Bladecraft Orianna
Pantheon - Full Metall Pantheon
Quinn - Phoenix Quinn
Rammus - Full Metall Rammus
Renekton - Pool Party Renekton
Riven - Battle Bunny Riven
Rumble - Rumble in the Jungle
Ryze - Zombie Ryze, Pirate Ryze
Sejuani - Bear Cavalyr Sejuani
Shaco - Masked Shaco
Shen - Warlord Shen
Shyvana - Ice Drake Shyvana
Singed - Augmented Singed
Sona - Guqin Sona
Soraka - Dyrad Soraka
Swain - Bilgewater Swain, Tyrant Swain
Taric - Armor of the Fifth Age Taric
Teemo - Panda Teemo
Tristana - Buccaneer Tristana
Tryndamere - King Tryndamere
Twisted Fate - The Magnificent Twisted Fate, Underworld Twisted Fate
Twitch - Whistler Village Twitch
Udyr - Primal Udyr, Spirit Guard Udyr
Varus - Blight Crytal Varus
Vayne - Heartseeker Vayne
Veigar - White Mage Veigar, Superb Villain Veigar
Velkoz - Velkoz Skin
Vi - Neon Strike Vi
Volibear - Runeguard Volibear
Warwick - Feral Warwick
Wukong - General Wukong
Xerath - Scorched Earth Xerath
Yasuo - High Noon Yasuo
Zac - Special Weapon Zac
Zed - Shockblade Zac
Ziggs - Pool Party Ziggs
Zilean - Groovy Zilean
Zyra - Haunted Zyra

Please add me in Skype: omgololskill1
or message me here!

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