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League of Legends - Diamond 1 EUW Account - 100 Skins

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League of Legends - Diamond 1 EUW Account - 100 Skins


after thinking a long time about that, I want to sell my Account now.

The Account:

The Account is Diamond 1 at the moment and was Diamond 1 in Season 3 too, so you got every possible Season 3 Award + Diamond Badget and Summoner Icon.

The Account has 13 Rune Pages, so you can play everything you want.

The Account has 85 Champs and 97 Skins:

Aatrox - Justicar Aatrox
Ahri - Foxfire Ahri
Akali - Nurse Akali
Anivia - Blackfrost Anivia
Annie - FrankenTibbers Annie
Ashe - Heartseekers Ashe, Amethyst Ashe
Blitzcrank - Definitely Not Blitzcrank, iBlitzcrank
Brand - Cryocore Brand, Zombie Brand
Caitlyn - Officer Caitlyn
Cassiopeia - Jade Fang Cassiopeia
Cho'Gath - Battlecast Prime Cho'Gath
Corki - Dragonwing Corki
Diana - Dark Valkyrie Diana
Draven - Soul Reaver Draven
Elise - Victorious Elise
Evelynn - Shadow Evelynn
Ezreal - Frosted Ezreal
Fizz - Fisherman Fizz
Galio - Commando Galio
Gangplank - Special Forces Gangplank
Gragas - Oktoberfest Gragas
Graves - Hired Gun Graves
Hecarim - Headless Hecarim, Arcade Hecarim
Jarvan IV - Dragon Slayer Jarvan IV
Jax - Nemesis Jax
Jayce - Debonair Jayce
Jinx - Mafia Jinx
Karma - Sakura Karma
Karthus - Grim Reaper Karthus
Kassadin - Harbinger Kassadin
Katarina - Kitty Cat Katarina, Sandstorm Katarina
Kayle - Aether Wing Kayle
Kennen - Arctic Ops Kennen
Kha'Zix - Mecha Kha'Zix
LeBlanc - Wicked LeBlanc
Lee Sin - Pool Party Lee Sin
Leona - Pool Party Leona
Lucian - Hired Gun Lucian
Lulu - Bittersweet Lulu
Lux - Sorcress Lux, Steel Legion Lux
Master Yi - Assasin Master Yi, Samurai Yi
Nasus - Pharao Nasus, Infernal Nasus
Nidalee - Bewitching Nidalee, Headhunter Nidalee, Leopard Nidalee
Nunu - Grungy Nunu
Orianna - TPA Orianna, Bladecraft Orianna
Pantheon - Full Metall Pantheon
Quinn - Phoenix Quinn
Rammus - Full Metall Rammus
Renekton - Pool Party Renekton
Riven - Battle Bunny Riven
Rumble - Rumble in the Jungle
Ryze - Zombie Ryze, Pirate Ryze
Sejuani - Bear Cavalyr Sejuani
Shaco - Masked Shaco
Shen - Warlord Shen
Shyvana - Ice Drake Shyvana
Singed - Augmented Singed
Sona - Guqin Sona
Soraka - Dyrad Soraka
Swain - Bilgewater Swain, Tyrant Swain
Taric - Armor of the Fifth Age Taric
Teemo - Panda Teemo
Tristana - Buccaneer Tristana
Tryndamere - King Tryndamere
Twisted Fate - The Magnificent Twisted Fate, Underworld Twisted Fate
Twitch - Whistler Village Twitch
Udyr - Primal Udyr, Spirit Guard Udyr
Varus - Blight Crytal Varus
Vayne - Heartseeker Vayne
Veigar - White Mage Veigar, Superb Villain Veigar
Vi - Neon Strike Vi
Volibear - Runeguard Volibear
Warwick - Feral Warwick
Wukong - General Wukong
Xerath - Scorched Earth Xerath
Yasuo - High Noon Yasuo
Zac - Special Weapon Zac
Zed - Shockblade Zac
Ziggs - Pool Party Ziggs
Zilean - Groovy Zilean
Zyra - Haunted Zyra

You get the ID, PW and the E-Mail from me after paying.

Only PayPal, if you want with MM.

PS : The Account is on Ebay too - Diamond 1 League of Legends Account - ~ 100 Skins, many Legendarys! EU-West | eBay

If you want, add me on Skype
Skype : omgololskill1

If you want, I can share Screen and give you pictures.

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