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Hello fellow ePVPers.

It has :
Best Halloween 2012/2013 Icon + All 2012/2013 Halloween Skins.

All 2012 Winter Skins, including the legacy ones from the year before.

Very enjoyable 46% Crit damage page worth 25k IP

All legendary skins , Including Pulsefire Ezreal, Spirit Guard Udyr, Zombie Brand, Other legacy (like Annie in wonderland/Red Baron Corki / The magnificent TF


x20 Runepages, With all the runes available


INSTANT BUYOUT = 250 € Moneybookers(skrill) ,PSC (OFFLINE PSC ONLY).

Scammers asking for teamviewer/account name, etc can just turn their backs and walk away. Don't waste time. I'm just here to sell my Diamond 1 smurf account.

Another thing: Do please not add me telling me you will have cash within X-amount of days. I want professional buyers/re-sellers etc. No time waste.

No low offers. Keep the thread clean.

Thick text = Legacy/Limited/Legendary 320+ SKINS!
Aatrox - Justicar Aatrox
Ahri - Foxfire Ahri, Dynasty, Midnight Ahri
Akali - Nurse Akali, Blood Moon Akali
Alistar - Matador Alistar , Golden Alistar, Infernal Alistar
Amumu - Pharaoh Amumu, Emumu, Little Knight Amumu Sad Robot Amumu, Almost prom king
Anivia - Bird Of Prey Anivia , Hextech Anivia Blackfrost Anivia
Annie - Annie in Wonderland, Goth Annie, FrankenTibbers Annie, Prom Queen Annie
Ashe - Amethyst Ashe, Queen Ashe
Blitzcrank - Piltover customs , iBlitzcrank, Riot Blitzcrank, Boom Boom , Definitely not Blitzcrank
Brand - Cryocore Brand, Zombie Brand
Caitlyn - Officer Caitlyn, Resistance Caitlyn, Artic Warfare Caitlyn
Cassiopeia - Siren Cassiopeia, Mythic Cassiopeia, Desperade Cassiopeia, Jade Fang Cassiopeia
ChoGath - Battlecast Cho'Gath, Gentleman Cho'Gath, Jurassic Cho, Loch Ness Cho
Corki - Urfrider Corki, Red Baron Corki, Dragon Wing Corki
Darius - Lord darius, Bioforge Darius, Woad King Darius
Diana - Dark valkyrie Diana
Dr Mundo - Mr. Mundoverse, Corporate Mundo, Mundo Mundo Rageborn Mundo
Draven - Soul Reaver Draven, Gladiator Draven
Elise - Death Blossom Elise, Victorious Elise
Evelynn - Tango Evelynn, Masquerade Evelynn Shadow evelynn
Ezreal - Frosted Ezreal, Explorer Ezreal Nottingham Ezreal, Pulsefire Ezreal
Fiddlesticks - Surprise Party Fiddlesticks, Dark Candy Fiddlesticks, Pumpkin head Fiddle
Fiora - Nightraven Fiora , Headmistress Fiora Royal Guard Fiora
Fizz - Fisherman Fizz. Atlantean Fizz
Galio - Gatekeeper Galio, Enchanted Galio
Gangplank - Spooky GP, Minuteman GP Sailor GP, Special Forces GP, Toy Soldier GP
Garen - Commando Garen, Dreadnight Garen, Steel Legion Garen Desert Trooper Garen
Gragas - ESQ Gragas, Vandal Gragas, Oktoberfest Gragas, Scuba Gragas, HillBilly Gragas
Graves - Mafia Graves, Riot Graves, Poolparty Graves Jailbreak Graves
Hecarim - Blood Knight Hecarim, Headless Hecarim, Arcade Hecarim
Heimerdinger - Blast Zone Heimerdinger, Snowmerdinger
Irelia - Nightblade Irelia, Aviator Irelia, Frostblade Irelia
Janna - Hextech Janna, Forecast Janna Tempest Janna, Frost Queen Janna
Jarvan - Commando Jarvan, Darkforge Jarvan , Warring Kingdoms Jarvan, Dragon Slayer J4
Jax - Angler Jax, Nemesis Jax, Temple Jax, PAX Jax
Jayce - Full Metal Jayce, Debonair Jayce
Jinx - Mafia Jinx
Karma - Sun Goddess Karma, Sakura Karma, Traditionall Karma
Karthus - Grim Reaper Karthus, Statue of Karthus
Kassadin - Pre-Void Kassadin, Harbinger Kassadin
Katarina - Bilgewater Katarina, Sandstorm Katarina, High Command Katarina Slay Belle Katarina, Kitty Kat Katarina
Kayle - Battleborn Kayle ,Aether Wing Kayle
Kennen - Deadly Kennen, Kennen M.D, Artic ops Kennen, Karate Kennen
KhaZix - Mecha Khazix
KogMaw - Lion Dance Kog'Maw, Deep Sea Kog'Maw, Jurassic Kog'Maw, Monarch Kog maw
Leblanc - Prestigious Leblanc, Mistletoe Leblanc, Wicked Leblanc
Lee Sin - Acolyte Lee Sin, Muay Thai Lee Sin , Dragon Fist Lee Sin, Pool Party Lee sin, Traditional Lee
Leona - Iron Solari Leona, Pool Party Leona
Lissandra - Bloodstone Lissandra
Lucian - Hired Gun Lucian
Lulu - Wicked Lulu, Dragontrainer Lulu
Lux - Sorceress Lux, Imperial Lux, Steel legion Lux, Spell Thief Lux, Commando Lux
Malphite - Coral Reef Malphite, Glacial Malphite, Marble Malphite
Malzahar - Djinn Malzahar, Overlord Malzahar, Vizier Malzahar
Maokai - Charred Maokai, Totemic Maokai, Haunted Maokai, Festive Maokai
Master Yi - Headhunter Master Yi, Assassin Master Yi, Ionia Master yi
Miss Fortune - Mafia Miss Fortune, Secret Agent Miss Fortune
Mordekasier - Lord Mordekaiser, Pentakill Mordekaiser, Infernal Mordekaiser
Morgana - Black Thorn Morgana, Ghost Bride Morgana, Blade mistress morgana
Nami - Koi Nami
Nasus - Galactic Nasus, Pharao Nasus, Dreadknight NasusRiot K9 Nasus
Nautilus - Abyssal Nautilus, Subterranean Nautilus, AstroNautilus
Nidalee - French Maid Nidalee, Pharoah Nidalee, Leopard Nidalee, Bewitching Nidalee, Headhunter Nidalee
Nocturne - Frozen Terror Nocturne, Void Nocturne Eternum Nocturne, Haunting Nocturne
Nunu - Sasquatch Nunu , Nunu Bot
Olaf - Brolaf, Pentakill Olaf
Orianna - Sewn Chaos Orianna, Gothic Orianna, Bladecraft Orianna
Pantheon - Full Metal Pantheon , Glaive Warrior Pantheon, Ruthless Pantheon
Poppy - Scarlett Hammer Poppy, Battle Poppy Noxus Poppy, Lollipoppy
Quinn - Phoenix Quinn
Rammus - Chrome Rammus, Full Metal Rammus, Freljord rammus, Ninja Rammus
Renekton - Galactic Renekton, Outback Renekton, Bloodfury Renekton , Rune Wars Renekton, Pool party Renekton
Rengar - Headhunter Rengar
Riven - Crimson Elite Riven, Redeemed Riven, Battlebunny Riven, Championship Riven
Rumble - Rumble in the Jungle, Bilgerat Rumble
Ryze - Uncle Ryze, Dark Crystal Ryze, Pirate Ryze, Zombie Ryze
Sejuani - Darkrider Sejuani, Traditional Sejuani, Bear Cavalry Sejuani, Traditional Sej
Shaco - Asylum Shaco, Masked Shaco, Mad Hatter Shaco
Shen - Surgeon Shen, Warlord Shen, Blood-Moon Shen Yellow-Jacket Shen
Shyvana - Darkflame Shyvana, Ice Drake Shyvana, Iron-Scale Shyvana
Singed - Hextech Singed, Surfer Singed, Mad Scientist Singed, Augmented Singed, Riot Squad Singed
Sion - Warmonger Sion, Hextech Sion
Sivir - Warrior Princess Sivir, Bandit Sivir, Huntress Sivir, PAX Sivir
Skarner - Sandscourage Skarner, Earthrune Skarner
Sona - Arcade Sona, Guqin Sona
Soraka - Dryad Soraka, Celestine Soraka
Swain - Tyrant Swain
Syndra - Justicar Syndra
Talon - Crimson Elite Talon, Dragonblade Talon
Taric - Armor of the fifth age Taric, Bloodstone Taric
Teemo - Astronaut Teemo, Cottontail Teemo, Panda Teemo, Super Teemo
Thresh - Deep Terror Tresh, Championship Thresh
Tristana - Firefighter Tristana, Rocket Girl Tristana, Buccaneer Tristana
Trundle - Lil'Slugger Trundle, Junkyard Trundle, Traditional Trundle
Tryndamere - King Tryndamere, Sultan Tryndamere, Demonblade Tryndamere
Twisted Fate - High Noon TF, Tango TF, The Magnificent TF, Underworld TF
Twitch - Gangster Twitch, Vandal Twitch, King Pin Twitch
Udyr - Primal Udyr, Black Belt Udyr Spirit Guard Udyr
Urgot - Battlecast Urgot, Giant Enemy Crabgot
Varus - Blight Crystal Varus, Arclight Varus
Vayne - Heartseeker Vayne, Dragonslayer vayne
Veigar - White Mage Veigar, Veigar Greybeard Superb Villain Veigar, Bad Santa Veigar
Vi - Neon Strike Vi, Officer Vi
Viktor - Full Machine Viktor,Prototype Viktor, Creator Viktor
Vladimir - Marquis Viktor, Bloodlord Vladimir, Nosferatu Vladimir
Volibear - Northern Storm Volibear, Runeguard Volibear
Warwick - Big Bad Warwick, Firefang Warwick, Hyena Warwick
Wukong - Jade Dragon Wukong
Xerath - Scorched Earth Xerath, Battlecast Xerath
Xin Zhao - Viscero Xin Zhao, Imperial Xin zhao, Commando Xin Zhao Warring Kingdoms Xin zhao
Yorick - Undertaker Yorick, Pentakill Yorick
Zac - Special Weapon Zac
Zed - Shockblade Zed
Ziggs - Mad Scientist Ziggs, Major ziggs Pool Party Ziggs, Snow Day Ziggs
Zilean - Groovy Zilean, Shurima Desert Zilean, Time Machine Zilean
Zyra - Wildfire Zyra

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Awesome account, gl selling it!

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Nice guy, recommended!

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Do you also accept paypal? i would be highly interessted, i also could buy with paysafecard... can you give me some more information via pruivate message?
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I'd be intrested, is it with original e-mail with wellcome mail from riot ?
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Old 11/18/2013, 23:15   #7
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Yep, everything. Added your skype.
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Old 11/18/2013, 23:28   #8 Trade Status: Unverified(?)
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This account is epic.. Maybe u can find a 1 like this on 1/10000 lol!!! 320 + skins all champs all runes... Insane account And cheamp for diamond division .. Iam sry i dont have this money now :S ... Good luck dude, iam sure some one will buy your account..
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Old 11/19/2013, 01:37   #9 Trade Status: Unverified(?)
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gl with this awesome acc
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Old 11/20/2013, 13:29   #10 Trade Status: Unverified(?)
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Is this ranked previous seasons? Thanks. Free bump.
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Old 11/20/2013, 19:16   #11
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Its diamond s3 correct
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Old 11/21/2013, 02:43   #12 Trade Status: Unverified(?)
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Originally Posted by .#Goomba View Post
Its diamond s3 correct
Is it ranked Season 1 or Season 2?
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Old 11/21/2013, 09:33   #13 Trade Status: Unverified(?)
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Interested pls send me a PM
Just want to resell it if is still 250, it think i d like to buy it :P
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Hi Goomba.
What server is it?
I like to offer you 250 € .
But I actually don't trust this or better said YOU.
This is a big time account how do you plan selling this ,any proof ??
Show me on skype evreything and really evreything!
Do you HAVE evreything the new owner needs ?
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200€ PSC. 4now.

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