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EUW Acc GOLD II with lots of skins (also limited) and all champ

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EUW Acc GOLD II with lots of skins (also limited) and all champ

Hi guys, I am selling this account not because I want to but I have to. So here my wonderfull account. Started at beginning of season 3 and done at the end of season 3.

This account containts ALL the champsions.

Skin Character Skin Name
Aatrox Justicar Aatrox
Ahri Midnight Ahri
Akali Crimson Akali
Akali Nurse Akali
Akali Blood Moon Akali
Alistar Longhorn Alistar
Amumu Pharaoh Amumu
Anivia Bird of Prey Anivia
Ashe Woad Ashe
Ashe Sherwood Ashe
Ashe Freljord Ashe
Ashe Queen Ashe
Ashe Amethyst Ashe
Blitzcrank Boom Boom Blitzcrank
Blitzcrank Riot Blitzcrank
Caitlyn Sheriff Caitlyn
Caitlyn Safari Caitlyn
Darius Lord Darius
Diana Dark Valkyrie Diana
Dr. Mundo Toxic Mundo
Dr. Mundo Mr. Mundoverse
Dr. Mundo TPA Mundo

Draven Soul Reaver Draven
Evelynn Masquerade Evelynn
Evelynn Tango Evelynn
Ezreal Notthingham Ezreal
Ezreal TPA Ezreal

Fiddlestick Bandito Fiddlestick
Fiora Nightraven Fiora
Galio Hextech Galio
Gangplank Minuteman Gangplank
Gangplank Galoir Gangplank
Garen Desert Trooper Garen
Hecarim Reaper Hecarim
Irelia Aviator Irelia
Janna Tempest Janna
Janna Forecast Janna
Jax Vandal Jax
Karma Traditional Karma
Kassadin Deep One Kassadin
Katarina High Command Katarina
Katarina Bilgewater Katarina
Katarina Slay Belle Katarina
Kayle Unmasked Kayle
Kayle Aether Wing Kayle

Kennen Kennen M.D.
Kog'Maw Caterpillar Kog'Maw
LeBlanc Precision LeBlanc
LeBlanc Mistletoe LeBlanc
Lee Sin Acolypte Lee Sin
Leona Iron Solari Leona
Lissandra Bloodstone Lissandra
Lux Spellthief Lux
Malphite Shamrock Malphite
Master Yi Samurai Yi
Miss Fortune Road Warrior Miss Fortune
Miss Fortune Secret Agent Miss Fortune
Miss Fortune Mafia Miss Fortune
Morgana Blackthorn Morgana
Nasus Dreadknight Nasus
Nidalee Pharaoh Nidalee
Nunu Sasquatch Nunu
Nunu TPA Nunu
Orianna TPA Orianna

Poppy Scarlet Hammer Poppy
Quinn Phoenix Quinn
Rammus Ninja Rammus
Rammus Molten Rammus
Rammus Full Metal Rammus
Riven Crimson Elite Riven
Riven Battle Bunny Riven
Ryze Dark Crystal Ryze
Sejuani Darkrider Sejuani
Sejuani Traditional Sejuani
Shen Frozen Shen
Shen Yellow Jacket Shen
Shen TPA Shen

Shyvana Boneclaw Shyvana
Sion Warmonger Sion
Sivir Warrior Princess Sivir
Sivir Huntress Sivir
Sona Guqin Sona
Sona Muse Sona
Soraka Dryad Soraka
Syndra Justicar Syndra
Taric Bloodstone Taric
Teemo Badger Teemo
Tristana Rocket Girl Tristana
Trundle Traditional Trundle
Tryndamere Highland Tryndamere

Twisted Fate Tango Twisted Fate
Udyr Spirit Guard Udyr
Veigar White Mage Veigar
Warwick Tundra Hunter Warwick
Warwick Feral Warwick
Zyra Wildfire Zyra

More :
Season III Icons (each 250) total 16 icons
Additional Rune Page
Additional Rune Page

Icons :
Avorsan Icon (from Ashe's tribe)
1x Winter 2012 Icon
2x Chinese New Year Icons
4 different udyr Icons

Runes :
Marks :
x2 Armor
x9 Physical Damage
x7 Attack Speed
x9 Crit Chance
x9 Magic Pentration
x9 AP at lv18

Seals :
x9 Armor
x5 Attack Speed
x1 Crit Chance
x9 AP at lv18
x9 Mana Regen at lv18

Glyphs :
x9 Attack Speed
x9 AP at lv18
x4 CDr at 18
x9 MR at 18
x1 Mana at 18

Starting the bids at 150 euro, I spend huge amount of money on this account. Think of the rare skins you won't able to buy anymore.

Oh and a reminder, This account NEVER got banned. Just once a warning.(Mad guys reported me I guess) but that was at the beginning of season 3. For the rest it is a pretty clean account.

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