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WTS League of Legends NA Account (all champions + 125 skins) $200

Discussion on WTS League of Legends NA Account (all champions + 125 skins) $200 within the League of Legends Trading forum part of the Other Online Games Trading category.

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WTS League of Legends NA Account (all champions + 125 skins) $200


My skype is HorrosGrace
Now that that's taken care of, lets get started. I'm Kevin and I've been a long time league of legends player but recently quit due to real life time constraints. I've put in over 1000$ in this account alone, but am willing to sell it for much less, as I don't need it anymore (price negotiable). As a bonus I will also change the name to whatever the buyer desires.

Now onto the most important part, this account has every champion, 20 Rune pages, and the following skins. Limited Edition skins will be bold. Legendary skins will be highlighted red. Theme skins will be bold and highlighted blue.

If requested, I can provide screenshot with time stamp and name on it on any desired skin or show the skins over Skype screen share.

Ahri - Foxfire Ahri
Akali - Nurse Akali
Alistar - Unchained Alistar, Infernal Alistar
Amumu - Pharaoh, Little Knight Amumu
Annie - Panda Annie
Ashe - Amethyst Ashe
Brand - Zombie Brand
Caitlyn - Safari Caitlyn
Cassiopeia - Siren Cassiopeia, Jade Fang Cassiopeia
Cho'Gath - Jurassic Cho'Gath
Corki - Red Baron Corki, Urfrider Corki, Dragonwing Corki
Darius - Lord Darius
Diana - Dark Valkyrie Diana
Mundo - Rageborn Mundo
Draven - Soul Reaver Draven
Evelynn - Shadow Evelynn
Ezreal - Nottingham Ezreal, Frosted Ezreal, PulseFire Ezreal
Fiddlesticks - Surprise Party Fiddlesticks
Fizz - Fisherman Fizz
Galio - Gatekeeper Galio
Gangplank - Special Forces Gangplank
Garen - Desert Trooper Garen, Rugged Garen, Steel Legion Garen
Gragas - Scuba Gragas, Gragas Esq.
Graves - Jailbreak Graves
Hecarim - Blood Knight Hecarim, Headless Hecarim
Heimerdinger - Alien Invasion Heimerdinger, Snowmerdinger
Irelia - Nightblade Irelia, Frostblade Irelia
Janna - Frost Queen Janna
Jarvan IV - Dragon Slayer Jarvan IV, Warring Kingdoms Jarvan IV
Jax - Jaximus
Jayce - Full Metal Jayce, Debonair Jayce
Karma - Sakura Karma
Karthus - Phantom Karthus
Kassadin - Deep One Kassadin, Harbinger Kassadin
Katarina - Slay Belle Katarina
Kayle - Judgement Kayle
Kennen - Kennen M.D., Arctic Ops Kennen
Kha'Zix - Mecha Kha'Zix
Kog'Maw - Jurassic Kog'Maw
Leona - Valkyrie Leona, Iron Solari Leona
Lulu - Bittersweet Lulu, Wicked Lulu, Dragon Trainer Lulu
Lux - Sorceress Lux, Steel Legion Lux
Malphite - Glacial Malphite
Malzahar - Overlord Malzahar
Maokai - Totemic Maokai, Haunted Maokai
Miss Fortune - Cow Girl Miss Fortune
Morgana - Blackthorn Morgana
Nasus - Riot K-9 Nasus
Nidalee - Leopard Nidalee, French Maid Nidalee, Pharaoh Nidalee
Nocturne - Frozen Terror Nocturne, Eternum Nocturne
Olaf - Glacial Olaf
Orianna - Bladecraft Orianna
Pantheon - Glaive Warrior Pantheon
Poppy - Noxus Poppy, Blacksmith Poppy, Battle Regalia Poppy
Renekton - Galactic Renekton
Rengar - Headhunter Rengar
Riven - Redeemed Riven, Championship Riven
Ryze - Pirate Ryze
Shaco - Royal Shaco, Workshop Shaco, Asylum Shaco, Masked Shaco
Shen - Warord Shen
Shyvana - Ironscale Shyvana, Darkflame Shyvana
Singed - Mad Scientist Singed, Augmented Singed
Sivir - Bandit Sivir
Skarner - Earthrune Skarner
Sona - Arcade Sona
Swain - Tyrant Swain
Syndra - Justicar Syndra
Talon - Crimson Elite Talon
Teemo - Recon Teemo, Panda teemo
Tristana - Rocket Girl Tristana
Twisted Fate - Underworld Twisted Fate
Twitch - Gangster Twitch
Urgot - Butcher Urgot, Battlecast Urgot
Varus - Blight Crystal Varus, Arclight Varus
Vayne - Heartseeker Vayne
Veigar - Superb Villain Veigar, Bad Santa Veigar
Viktor - Full Machine Viktor
Vladimir - Blood Lord Vladimir
Volibear - Thunder Lord Volibear
Wukong - Jade Dragon Wukong
Xerath - Scorched Earth Xerath
Xin Zhao - Warring Kingdoms Xin Zhao
Yorick - Undertake Yorick
Zed - Shockblade Zed
Ziggs - Pool Party Ziggs, Snow Day Ziggs
Zilean - Time Machine
Zyra - Wildfire Zyra


The following are all tier 3 runes, can give screenshots if requested

This account has 20 Rune Pages

And the following Runes:

Red: 9x Attack speed, 9x Armor Pen, 9x Magic Pen, 9x Physical damage, 9x Armor/Magic Pen, 9x Armor, 9x Flat mana regeneration, 9x Flat Mana, 4x Flat health

Yellow: 9x Physical Damage, 9x Gold per 5, 9x Scaling mana regeneration, 9x Flat mana regeneration, 9x Flat ability power, 9x Armor, 9x Scaling health, 9x Scaling mana, 9x Scaling ability power

Blue: 9x Attack speed, 9x Flat cooldown reduction, 9x Physical damage, 9x Flat mana regeneration, 9x Flat ability power, 9x Scaling magic resist, 9x Flat magic resist, 9x Flat health, 9x Scaling ability power, 9x Scaling mana regneration

Quints: 3x Gold per 10, 3x Flat armor pen, 3x Flat health, 3x Ability Power, 3x Lifesteal bonus, 3x Physical damage, 3x Movement speed


This account has a few rare avatars, such as the S2 Championship avatar which will never be released again, and the Harrowing avatar set, and several Snowdown Showdown avatars.

Pricing and transaction

We will discuss pricing over Skype or PMs. If you use a middleman, the price of the middleman will be deducted from the total price. Paypal gifts only.

NO new middlemen, You will pick a middleman, give me their name and allow me to review their reputation, if I approve we will go about the trade.

Alternatively, you can choose to go first, I will review the payment and then give you the Information necessary to: Log into the account, Prove ownership of the account if anything goes wrong, recover the account, Find account creation and Rp purchase details (necessary for account recovery). And any other details you request.

This will all be given as soon as the payment is confirmed, I will provide a paypal name during our skype chat.


[Q] Can I log in "just to check?"
[A] No, I have seen many people use this excuse to hijack an account, I am willing to do screen share via Skype.

[Q] Can you give me your summoner name so I can check things out?
[A] I will not give a random person the summoner/ login name until they paid, I will however give a TRUSTED/ verified middleman the summoner name if required.

[Q] How do I know you're legit?
[A] I am very willing to use a middleman if requested, I also have no reason to scam anybody, I'd like somebody to be able to enjoy my account as I no longer can.

[Q] Skype name?
[A] horrorsgrace , exactly as it appears.

Thanks for reading guys, I look forward to talking to potential buyers!
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