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Scammer warn : sworderr

Discussion on Scammer warn : sworderr within the League of Legends Trading forum part of the Other Online Games Trading category.

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Scammer warn : sworderr

this guy scammed me like 10minutes ago

here ist he full chatlog

[18:42:35] pav petrov: hi how can i help you
[18:43:09] Oláh Mária: hello
[18:43:15] Oláh Mária: you've sent me a msg
[18:43:17] Oláh Mária: on paypal
[18:43:19] Oláh Mária: i mena
[18:43:19] Oláh Mária: epvp
[18:43:24] Oláh Mária: im looking for
[18:43:28] Oláh Mária: a lol euw account
[18:43:45] Oláh Mária:
[18:43:50] pav petrov: ah yes i have an eune acc with 5600 RP so you can transfer to euw if needed , it has 80 champions ~ 70 skins alot of rare ones
[18:45:10] Oláh Mária: and how the deal would be
[18:45:11] Oláh Mária: i mean
[18:45:15] Oláh Mária: just bought an account
[18:45:16] Oláh Mária: to west
[18:45:23] Oláh Mária: coz i am usually
[18:45:25] Oláh Mária: eune player
[18:45:31] Oláh Mária: bought an euw account
[18:45:33] Oláh Mária: and the woner
[18:45:35] Oláh Mária: taken it back
[18:45:38] Oláh Mária: after one month
[18:46:04] pav petrov: well i won't take it back lol
[18:46:58] Oláh Mária: are you the real owner ?
[18:50:29] pav petrov: y
[18:51:10] Oláh Mária: and what about this ?
[18:51:11] Oláh Mária: #151411 - Jan 16, 2013 - 20:36
Scammer, took my money and ran.
[18:52:10] pav petrov: the guy buyed an account and he donated for refs for my main account
[18:52:27] pav petrov: after 1 day he pmed the guy he donated to for my refs that i scam him and wanted a refund and he - ed me
[18:52:30] pav petrov: got his money back
[18:52:32] pav petrov: and dissapeared
[18:55:41] Oláh Mária: hm
[18:56:10] Oláh Mária: how much would you take for it ?
[19:01:59] pav petrov: well you can offer
[19:02:07] pav petrov: it's a pretty good acc
[19:02:58] Oláh Mária: 40€
[19:03:01] Oláh Mária: paypal
[19:03:24] pav petrov: well i don't have my own paypal but you can buy me a game called TERA for 35 € ?
[19:03:59] Oláh Mária: you know that if you trade your lol account
[19:04:01] Oláh Mária: for this tera
[19:04:03] Oláh Mária: gaming time
[19:04:05] Oláh Mária: or card
[19:04:09] Oláh Mária: playing time
[19:04:11] Oláh Mária: or lisence
[19:04:34] Oláh Mária: if you try to scamm me and i'll contact my bank to return my money since it was fraud stuff
[19:04:39] Oláh Mária: your tera account gets banned
[19:05:56] pav petrov: whow now you scared me
[19:06:03] pav petrov: that means you can scam me now too
[19:07:06] Oláh Mária: no, its just simply as that
[19:07:06] pav petrov: well okay seems to me that's the best way to do it if i scam you you can fck me so i will be sure not to scam you lol ^^
[19:07:17] Oláh Mária: alright
[19:07:23] Oláh Mária: how can i get that playing time for you
[19:07:26] Oláh Mária: and please
[19:07:29] Oláh Mária: request a tbm
[19:07:30] Oláh Mária: on epvp
[19:07:34] pav petrov: and anyways how can i be sure
[19:07:43] pav petrov: you won't just get money back and ban me after i give you acc ? (worry)
[19:07:47] Oláh Mária: well
[19:07:52] Oláh Mária: then you can get back your account
[19:07:55] Oláh Mária: so wouldn't make sense
[19:07:56] Oláh Mária: at all
[19:08:04] Oláh Mária: i bought an account
[19:08:07] Oláh Mária: previously
[19:08:12] Oláh Mária: and the real owner taken it back
[19:08:15] Oláh Mária: after one month
[19:08:19] Oláh Mária: thats why im kinda scared
[19:08:30] pav petrov: yeah i know there are alot of ppl like that
[19:08:44] pav petrov: btw im in a middle of a trade when i make it i will re-pm you so we can do it
[19:09:03] pav petrov: in the mein time you can give me your epvp profile just to see it please
[19:09:28] Oláh Mária:
[19:12:01] Oláh Mária: pme me
[19:12:05] Oláh Mária: when we can do it
[19:12:22] pav petrov: k
[19:15:53] Oláh Mária: can i know the name of the account so i can check it on lolking
[19:48:49] Oláh Mária: are you done with your trade ?
[19:52:26] pav petrov: yeah just done
[19:52:35] pav petrov: but he bought me tera and i don't have a paypal so what do we do now
[19:52:39] pav petrov: if maybe u can get a psc ?
[19:53:01] Oláh Mária: in my country there is no psc
[19:53:05] Oláh Mária: heres*
[19:53:20] Oláh Mária: for what the psc woudl you need for ?
[19:53:56] pav petrov: well to donate for my cabal to give present for my friends birthay to give him CC
[19:54:07] pav petrov: okay i will see with what i can donate on cabal
[19:54:18] pav petrov: and will tell you what are the options ok ? :P
[19:54:27] Oláh Mária: well yeah
[19:54:32] Oláh Mária: i can get it with credit card
[19:54:35] Oláh Mária: or paypal i guess
[19:54:35] Oláh Mária: for sure
[19:54:39] Oláh Mária: the most reputation
[19:54:40] Oláh Mária: s
[19:54:46] Oláh Mária: donator system
[19:54:47] Oláh Mária: is payla
[19:54:48] Oláh Mária: pal
[19:54:48] Oláh Mária: so
[19:55:00] Oláh Mária: most of the sites supported by paypal
[19:55:40] pav petrov: it doesn't have paypal
[19:55:45] pav petrov: thats why i sayd it
[19:55:52] pav petrov: sec im on a table eating when im done i will chek
[20:04:50] pav petrov: i found the way after 30min i wiill pm you
[20:04:57] pav petrov: cuz i have job to do now
[20:04:59] pav petrov: ..
[20:26:37] pav petrov: I'm here
[20:26:42] Oláh Mária: k
[20:27:29] pav petrov: so i found a game i can donate , you donate 30 euro and then again 10 and i give you acc deal ?
[20:28:03] Oláh Mária: is the acc comes with signup mail ?
[20:28:14] pav petrov: y
[20:28:19] pav petrov: and transaction id's
[20:28:22] pav petrov: and whatever you want
[20:28:28] pav petrov: like i sayd im the owner
[20:29:34] Oláh Mária: alright
[20:29:36] Oláh Mária: then its k
[20:29:48] Oláh Mária: the on the signup mail you still have the wellcome one ?
[20:30:22] pav petrov: yeah i didn't delete it
[20:30:30] pav petrov: it has my steam messages i will only delete them
[20:30:33] Oláh Mária: then its all right
[20:30:38] Oláh Mária: k
[20:30:41] Oláh Mária: request
[20:30:43] Oláh Mária: a trade on epvp
[20:30:47] pav petrov: sec please
[20:32:02 | Törölve 20:32:05] pav petrov: Az üzenetet törölték
[20:32:05] pav petrov: ops
[20:36:22] pav petrov: give me a thread
[20:36:24] pav petrov: so i can request trade
[20:37:27] Oláh Mária: k
[20:37:41] Oláh Mária:
[20:39:41] pav petrov: done
[20:39:44] pav petrov: okay give me teamviewer
[20:40:16] pav petrov: m8
[20:41:54] pav petrov: m8 accept trade and lets go
[20:41:58] Oláh Mária: second
[20:42:08] Oláh Mária: im just in prooving grounds on eune
[20:42:12] Oláh Mária: 2mins and i'll finnish it
[20:42:15] pav petrov: ok
[20:47:34] pav petrov: m8 fast please i gtg soon
[20:47:46] Oláh Mária: k
[20:47:46] Oláh Mária: so
[20:48:08] Oláh Mária: accepted
[20:48:10] Oláh Mária: the trade
[20:48:31] pav petrov: ok so i log in via your teamviewer you donate one 30 euro and then another 10 like you sayd 40 and i give you all data you want for my acc
[20:48:42] Oláh Mária: well
[20:48:47] Oláh Mária: after 30€ bought
[20:48:51] Oláh Mária: then you should
[20:48:54] Oláh Mária: gimme the detials
[20:48:55] Oláh Mária: and then
[20:48:57] Oláh Mária: i will get
[20:49:00] Oláh Mária: the
[20:49:04] Oláh Mária: 2nd 10€
[20:49:06] Oláh Mária: is that ok ?
[20:49:11] Oláh Mária: thats fair enough
[20:49:36] pav petrov: well i don't know you can still scam me 10 euro , i can offer to give you just account and pass and after 10 more i give email ?
[20:49:55] Oláh Mária: alright
[20:50:16] pav petrov: ok give me teamviewer
[20:52:34] pav petrov: m8?
[20:52:36] Oláh Mária: 946 364 506
[20:52:41] Oláh Mária: 8750
[20:53:56] Oláh Mária: so i'll turn off tv
[20:53:59] Oláh Mária: till im loggin in
[20:55:29] Oláh Mária: Miklós, your donation is now complete
Confirmation number: 46N99258KX8208403.
An email with your donation details has been sent to and you can print your donation receipt.
Donations Coordinator Contact Information
Damian Vishanov


Go to PayPal Account Overview
[20:55:33] Oláh Mária: you can login back
[20:55:43] pav petrov: ok sec
[21:01:47] Oláh Mária: ispawnishi - epvp123

seems legit altho not that many runes (worry) yeah but there are alot of skins , its a shame you can't buy runes with RP true , k i'll change the stuff ok ? then get the rest 10€
[21:01:56] Oláh Mária: then you will give me the e-mail
[21:02:09] Oláh Mária: so 2 mins and connect back to
[21:02:11] Oláh Mária: tv
[21:04:09] Oláh Mária: eu ne site
[21:04:11] Oláh Mária: a bit slow
[21:04:24] pav petrov: u did it
[21:04:24] pav petrov: ?
[21:04:31] Oláh Mária: nop yet
[21:04:33] Oláh Mária: had to wait
[21:04:35] Oláh Mária: to load in
[21:05:11] Oláh Mária: k
[21:05:13] Oláh Mária: you can come back
[21:06:51] Oláh Mária: done
[21:07:17] Oláh Mária: so the e-mail is ?
[21:08:07] Oláh Mária: are you serious ?
[21:08:15] Oláh Mária: going to report it for my paypal
[21:08:19] Oláh Mária: and then your mu account
[21:08:21] Oláh Mária: gets banned
[21:08:21] Oláh Mária:
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Scammed me to.. I was the one that brought his Tera account.
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report it for paypal, then his tera account gets banned easy
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Reported it to my bank; They have contacted Tera.. The money has been refunded and my bank are taking legal action against him.. What it sucks to be him now.
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I warned you all. He scammed me too.
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A lot of people say that he is a scammer.
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he IS a Scammer!
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Close this Thread or reported !
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What´s up ?
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Closed Thread

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