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WTS/WTT EUne lol acc with rare skins 53 champions unranked

Discussion on WTS/WTT EUne lol acc with rare skins 53 champions unranked within the League of Legends Trading forum part of the Other Online Games Trading category.

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WTS/WTT EUne lol acc with rare skins 53 champions unranked

(i have the same account up for sale on other sites as well)

i dont mind using an middleman. contact me on skype (migblondiie) if ur interested and we can work it out

Hi, im selling or trading my my lol account. im looking for either payment with paypal or trade for an wow EU account with gametime and ofc lvl 90.
im up for all classes so hit me with an offer. add me on skype (migblondiie)
big + if you got mining+herbing at maxed levels

lvl 30 , 53 champs, unraked (2 of 2 wins) ,16 rune pages, almost all runes( i dont got some crazy ussless runes),23 skins (8 Limited,6 Retired,6 Colectors), 77 Rp, around 18k IP, 30 referals.
I can verify all the above with screenshots, or with programms for remote access at my desktop via skype

Champs: Singed, Swain Akali,Alistar,Amumu,Annie,Ashe,Blitz,Brand,Cho,Eve ,Fidle,Gankplank,Garen,Gragas, Graves,Heimer,Janna,Jax,Kayle,Kennen,Le Blank,Lee Sin,Malphite,Maokai,Master Yi ,Morde,Morgana,Nasus,Nidalee,Nocturne,Nunu,Pantheo n,Poppy,Rammus,Riven,Rumble,Ry ze,Sejuani,Sion,Sivir,Skarner,Sona,Soraka,Taric,Te emo,Tristana,Tryndamere,Udyr,V eigar,Warwick,Xerath,Zilean

Skins: Unchained Alistar (Youtube), Pharao Amumu (Retired), Goth Annie (Collectors pack), Red Riding Annie (Retired), Annie in Wonderland (Retired), FrostFire Annie , FrankenTibers Annie (Limited), Definetly not Blitz (Limited), Apocalyptic Brand, Toy Soldier GankPlank (Limited), Scuba Gragas (Retired), Snowmerdinger (Limited), Judgment Kayle (Ranked season 1), Mistletoe Leblanc (Limited), Festive Maokai (Limited), Riot Nasus (Pax), Bewitching Nidalee (Limited), Haunting Nocturne (Limited), Noxus Poppy (Retired), Hextex Sion (Retired), Pax Sivir ( Pax), Riot Girl Tristana (Facebook), Tundra Hunter Warwick.

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It's me

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copy/paste from skype. watch out for this guy.
got suspicious when he told me he was 15 when hes skype clearly stated he was 22
dont let him get to you.

acc still up for sale

[11:44:53] zfanta banana: Hello
[11:53:28] Kazique: hi
[14:18:48] zfanta banana: Hey
[14:18:54] zfanta banana: You there?
[14:18:59] Kazique: Y
[14:19:05] zfanta banana: I'm from elitepvpers
[14:19:11] zfanta banana: Do you want an account or do you sell 1
[14:19:14] zfanta banana: I forgott
[14:19:40] Kazique: Selling one lol acc
[14:19:49] zfanta banana: Oh yes col
[14:19:56] zfanta banana: Can I see it via skype?
[14:20:32] Kazique: Yes. But im not at home atm. Ill be home in an hour. Will u be on then?
[14:20:39] zfanta banana: Sure
[14:20:43] zfanta banana: Just write me again
[14:20:56] Kazique: Will do
[14:21:07] zfanta banana: You can speak German?
[14:21:10] Kazique: Possible to pay with po?
[14:21:14] Kazique: Pp.
[14:21:20] Kazique: Nopp swedish
[14:21:26] zfanta banana: I can pay with PP and PSC
[14:21:29] zfanta banana: Alright
[14:22:00] Kazique: Around how much r u willing to give?
[14:22:11] zfanta banana: Need to see it first
[14:22:13] zfanta banana: So I can decide
[14:22:38] zfanta banana: But I will probably pay good
[14:22:46] Kazique: U can check my post of what i got :P
[14:23:01] zfanta banana: Ok
[14:23:02] zfanta banana: Lemme check
[14:24:04] Kazique: Aite
[14:24:09] zfanta banana: Around
[14:24:10] zfanta banana: 40-50
[14:24:14] Kazique: Aite
[14:24:19] zfanta banana: Aite?
[14:25:07] Kazique: Alright :P
[14:25:10] zfanta banana: Ok
[14:25:16] zfanta banana: Write me again if your back
[14:25:21] zfanta banana: I play LoL now
[14:27:45] Kazique: Ok will do
[14:27:54] Kazique: About an hour
[15:23:12] zfanta banana: Now?
[15:23:40] Kazique: at home now
[15:23:50] zfanta banana: Cool
[15:23:54] zfanta banana: Can you show me the acc now
[15:24:17] Kazique: yepp
[15:25:01] zfanta banana: Hey mate
[15:25:08] *** Samtal till zfanta banana ***
[15:25:34] Kazique: hey
[15:25:42] zfanta banana: Alright
[15:25:46] zfanta banana: show plz
[15:25:49] Kazique: just tell me what to show
[15:25:50] Kazique: and ill show it :P
[15:25:53] zfanta banana: SHow me the
[15:25:56] zfanta banana: Champs
[15:26:10] Kazique: here runepages
[15:26:18] zfanta banana: Nice
[15:26:35] zfanta banana: Ok
[15:26:42] zfanta banana: Skins
[15:27:42] zfanta banana: Ok
[15:28:01] zfanta banana: Ok if you got all Blitzcrank skins
[15:28:02] Kazique: Cxz
[15:28:06] zfanta banana: Its awsome xd
[15:28:09] Kazique: i dont
[15:28:13] zfanta banana: How
[15:28:26] zfanta banana: Which one you got from blitz?
[15:28:29] Kazique: i got def not blitzcrank :P
[15:28:36] zfanta banana: :8
[15:28:44] zfanta banana: Ok that pretty much
[15:28:55] zfanta banana: Which Server was it again?
[15:28:58] zfanta banana: NA?
[15:29:09] Kazique: eu
[15:29:12] zfanta banana: Eu west?
[15:29:18] Kazique: nordic and east
[15:29:21] zfanta banana: Oh cool
[15:29:23] zfanta banana: Alright
[15:29:28] zfanta banana: You don't need to show me all skins
[15:29:33] Kazique: figured :P
[15:29:36] zfanta banana: I belive you what your wroter on the topic there
[15:29:37] Kazique: just showing a few of them
[15:29:45] zfanta banana: Well you want Paypal
[15:29:52] zfanta banana: € or $?
[15:29:54] Kazique: thats corect
[15:30:00] Kazique: well
[15:30:15] Kazique: that doesnt really mather as long as we are talking about the same amount of cash :P
[15:30:20] zfanta banana: Well
[15:30:22] Kazique: what would your offer be?
[15:30:24] zfanta banana: I can offer you 45€?
[15:30:28] Kazique: sounds fair
[15:30:32] zfanta banana: Ok well
[15:30:36] zfanta banana: I need to go for 10 minutes
[15:30:39] zfanta banana: Could you wait a bit?
[15:30:43] Kazique: alright thats no problems
[15:30:50] Kazique: i have to do some cleaning myself
[15:30:53] zfanta banana: Alright
[15:30:54] Kazique: will check back every now and then
[15:31:02] Kazique: so if i dont respond directly just chill for a few mins
[15:31:07] zfanta banana: ok brb
[15:31:12] *** Samtalet avslutades, längd: 06:04 ***
[15:57:53] zfanta banana: Alright
[15:57:56] zfanta banana: I'm there
[15:58:46] Kazique: aite
[15:59:40] zfanta banana: Ok
[15:59:46] zfanta banana: 45 sounds ok for you right?
[16:00:04] Kazique: yepp
[16:00:16] zfanta banana: Ok then lemme ask my parents if I can spent my money for that
[16:00:20] zfanta banana: give me 2 minutes
[16:00:31] Kazique: sure go ahead
[16:01:05] zfanta banana: Alright they allowed me
[16:01:10] Kazique: how old are u?
[16:01:13] zfanta banana: 15
[16:01:17] zfanta banana: Your adress please
[16:01:21] zfanta banana: So I can check it
[16:02:07] Kazique: Edited my adress
[16:02:17] zfanta banana: What's that xd?
[16:02:26] Kazique: u meant my mail adress? :P
[16:02:30] Kazique: my pp adress*
[16:02:31] zfanta banana: Yes
[16:02:32] Kazique: ah lol :P
[16:02:33] zfanta banana: Your pp
[16:02:38] Kazique: thouth u asked about my living adress :P
[16:02:42] Kazique: Edited my adress
[16:02:43] zfanta banana: xd
[16:02:44] Kazique: is my pp
[16:03:16] zfanta banana: Alright
[16:03:37] zfanta banana: How were doing it?
[16:03:41] zfanta banana: I would probably ask for a MM
[16:03:46] zfanta banana: But you don't want one
[16:03:49] zfanta banana: In your trade you said
[16:03:54] Kazique: i said i do accept a mm :P
[16:03:58] zfanta banana: Oh
[16:04:02] Kazique: either we get us a mm or you will have to go first
[16:04:16] zfanta banana: I'll get one from eliteppvers ok?
[16:04:16] Kazique: but mm is totaly fine
[16:04:19] Kazique: yeah
[16:04:29] Kazique: u would have to respond in my topic for that
[16:04:33] zfanta banana: Yes
[16:05:45] zfanta banana: Wrote ony your topic
[16:05:56] Kazique: alright
[16:07:07] zfanta banana: Is he Ok for you?
[16:07:09] zfanta banana:
[16:07:29] Kazique: going to check a list
[16:10:15] Kazique: cant find a list of mms
[16:10:20] Kazique: can we request a mod of the site?
[16:10:30] zfanta banana: Yes+
[16:10:38] Kazique: how do we do that?
[16:10:42] Kazique: havent used elitepvpers much at all
[16:10:51] zfanta banana: Look
[16:10:57] zfanta banana: Press on my profile
[16:10:58] zfanta banana: There it will say
[16:11:02] zfanta banana: Request a trade
[16:11:29] Kazique: ok
[16:11:44] zfanta banana: Pressed it?
[16:11:52] Kazique: im at ur profile
[16:11:56] Kazique: cant see the request trade button
[16:11:59] zfanta banana: Oh wait
[16:12:03] zfanta banana: Go back to your topic
[16:12:09] zfanta banana: Under "Black Market
[16:12:10] zfanta banana: At my Name
[16:12:14] zfanta banana: It says Request a trade
[16:13:28] Kazique: yepp done
[16:13:30] zfanta banana: ok
[16:13:40] zfanta banana: Pressed on submit<ß
[16:13:42] zfanta banana: ?
[16:13:46] Kazique: yeah
[16:13:46] Kazique: did
[16:14:11] Kazique: brb smoke quick
[16:14:15] zfanta banana: k
[16:17:39] zfanta banana: Ok, I accepted the trade
[16:18:24] Kazique: alright
[16:18:26] Kazique: im back
[16:18:29] zfanta banana: Alright
[16:19:33] Kazique: so what now?
[16:19:38] zfanta banana: Btw, do you got any rep?
[16:19:44] zfanta banana: On Steam?
[16:19:46] zfanta banana: Elitepvper
[16:19:48] zfanta banana: Or sourceop?
[16:19:51] Kazique: nopp
[16:19:55] zfanta banana: :/
[16:19:55] Kazique: on jsp and ********* i do
[16:20:01] Kazique: but u might not know these sites
[16:20:05] zfanta banana: Ye
[16:20:13] zfanta banana: That's not good?
[16:20:25] zfanta banana: Well
[16:20:27] Kazique: what do u mean?
[16:20:37] zfanta banana: It's not good if you don't got any rep
[16:20:42] zfanta banana: I got some
[16:20:44] Kazique: indeed
[16:20:47] zfanta banana: On Steam and elitepvpers
[16:21:13] Kazique: but u also got 0/0/0 on elitepvpers and 0 thanks
[16:21:24] zfanta banana: Profilemessege
[16:21:27] zfanta banana: Well it's low
[16:21:32] zfanta banana: But I'm 2 years old member
[16:21:38] zfanta banana: And I got 5 pages Steam rep
[16:21:41] zfanta banana: Want to see it?
[16:22:09] Kazique: doesnt mather
[16:22:12] Kazique: i have no idea how steam rep works :P
[16:22:17] zfanta banana: Oh
[16:22:28] zfanta banana: Well, who's going to pay the MM?
[16:23:00] Kazique: does it cost? :O
[16:23:14] zfanta banana: Yes, and it's safer then an MM for free
[16:23:41] Kazique: how to pay the mm?
[16:23:49] zfanta banana: Paypal
[16:23:51] zfanta banana: Or psc
[16:23:54] zfanta banana: But like 5€
[16:23:59] zfanta banana: Well...
[16:24:41] zfanta banana: And I actually don't want to pay this price for such a noob job
[16:25:04] Kazique: well i dont mind paying those 5e thats fine
[16:25:09] zfanta banana: Ok
[16:25:12] zfanta banana: Then you pay?
[16:26:36] Kazique: depending on the price yeah
[16:26:41] Kazique: found a mm, will see what hes price is
[16:27:02] zfanta banana: ok
[16:29:12] Kazique: just have to wait for him to answer
[16:29:25] zfanta banana: Btw, how about we do this trade now?
[16:29:49] Kazique: if your willing to go first then sure
[16:29:58] zfanta banana: :/
[16:30:07] zfanta banana: You can get your account back I can't get my money back
[16:30:52] Kazique: sorry, im not willing to go first. if you are then fine. otherwise we will have to wait for a mm
[16:31:34] zfanta banana: I don't want to do it with MM
[16:31:42] Kazique: why not?
[16:31:47] zfanta banana: To high amount of money I spent
[16:32:09] Kazique: im the one paying for the service :P
[16:32:30] zfanta banana: No, I pay yo 45 € and give it a guy who I don't even talk with
[16:32:37] zfanta banana: Well, sry I won't do with MM
[16:32:47] zfanta banana: It's no problem for me
[16:32:53] zfanta banana: If you don't want to trade
[16:33:24] Kazique: im also up for you pay half upfront, i give u the acc u pay me last later
[16:33:27] Kazique: if ur up for that
[16:33:53] zfanta banana: 1:1
[16:33:56] zfanta banana: Sry
[16:33:59] Kazique: well
[16:34:02] Kazique: first u say ur 15
[16:34:05] Kazique: ur skype clearly says ur 22
[16:34:14] Kazique: wich made me susicus
[16:34:15] Kazique: sorry
[16:34:22] zfanta banana: This is just for my profile
[16:34:23] Kazique: the trade wont happen. ur clearly acting just as a scammer would
[16:34:23] zfanta banana: lol
[16:34:32] zfanta banana: I don't care
[16:34:36] zfanta banana: If don't want
[16:34:39] Kazique: u clearly trying to scam me
[16:34:42] zfanta banana: Your problem
[16:34:44] zfanta banana: Ye, sure
[16:34:46] zfanta banana: You got no rep
[16:34:50] zfanta banana: I want to scamm you
[16:34:53] zfanta banana: And you want me to go first
[16:34:56] zfanta banana: Fuck you

then he blocked me on skype
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