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Discussion on SEASON 2 2300 ELO , 90 SKINS , ALMOST EVERY CHAMP EUW! within the League of Legends Trading forum part of the Other Online Games Trading category.

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Hi, im gonna sell my League of Legends Account cuz i dont wanna play League of Legends anymore becuz seferall things..

Season 2: 3v3 = Diamond 1900 Elo
SoloQ = TopElo 2331 EndSeason: around 2250~
Team = Topelo was around 1800

Champions: I got everychamp besides Elise und Zed.
Skins: I got over 90 Skins

Ahri: Foxfire Ahri
Akali: Bloodmond Akali
Alistar: Longhorn, Unchained and Infernal Alistar
Amumu: Almost Prom-King, Littleknight and Sad Robot Amumu
Anivia: Bird of Prey Anivia
Annie: Goth Annie, Annie in Wonderland, Frostfire, Frankentibbers Annie
Ashe: Sherwood Forest Ashe
Blitzcrank: Piltover Costums, Definitly Not Blitzcrank
Brand: Cryocore Brand
Caitlyn: Safari, Officer Caitlyn
Cassiopeia: Desperada Cassiopeia
Cho'Gath: Loch Ness, Battlecast Prime Cho'Gath
Corki: Red Baron, Urfrider Corki
Darius: -
Diana: -
Dr. Mundo: Coporate Mundo
Draven: -
Evelynn: -
Ezreal: Nothingham, Explorer ,Pulsfire Ezreal
Fiddlesticks: Party Fiddlesticks
Fiora: -
Fizz: Fisherman's Fizz
Galio: Hextech, Gatekeeper Galio
Gankplank: Minuteman, Toysoldier Gankplank
Garen: Sanguine Garen
Gragas: Gragas ESQ, Oktoberfest Gragas
Graves: Mafia , Riot Graves
Hecarim: -
Heimerdinger: Snowmerdinger
Irelia: Nightblade Irelia
Janna: Hextech, Victorious Janna
Jarvan: Dragonslayer, Victorious Jarvan
Jax: Angler, Temple Jax
Jayce: -
Karma: -
Karthus: Grim Reaper, Pentakill Karthus
Kassadin: Deep One Kassadin
Katarina: Bilgewater Katarina
Kayle: Judgment Kayle
Kennen: Deadly, Arctic Ops Kennen
Kha'Zik: -
Kog'Maw: Sonoran, Liondance, Deep Sea Kog'Maw
Le'Blanc: Prestigious Le'Blanc
Lee'Sin: Acolyt, Dragon Fist, Muay Thai Lee'Sin
Leona: -
Lulu: -
Lux: -
Malphite: Glacial Malphite
Malzahar: Djinn, Overlord Malzahar
Maokai: Festive Maokai
Master Yi: Chosen Master Yi
Miss Fortune: Road Warrior Miss Fortune
Mordekaiser: Lord Mordekaiser
Morgana: Exiled, Blackthorn Morgana
Nasus: Riot K-9 Nasus
Nautlius: Subterranean Nautlius
Nidalee: Bewitching, French Maid Nidalee
Nocturne: Frozen Terror, Ravagar, Haunting Nocturne
Nunu: Nunu Bot
Olaf: Brolaf
Orianna: Sewn Chaos, Bladecraft Orianna
Pantheon: -
Poppy: -
Rammus: Ninja Rammus
Renekton: Galactic Renekton
Rengar: -
Riven: Redeemed, Battle Bunny Riven
Rumble: Rumble in the Jungle
Ryze: Uncle Ryze, Triumphant Ryze
Sejuani: -
Shaco: Mad Hatter Shaco
Shen: Warlord Shen
Shyvana: -
Singed: Riot Squad, Surfer Singed
Sion: Lumberjack Sion
Sivir: Huntress, PAX Sivir
Skarner: -
Sona: Pentakill, Arcade Sona
Soraka: -
Swain: -
Syndra: -
Talon: -
Taric: Emerald, Bloodstone Taric
Teemo: Astronaut, Cottontail Teemo
Tristana: Firefighter, Bucaneer Tristana
Trundle: Lil'Slugger Trundle
Tryndamere: Demonblade Tryndamere
Twisted Fate: Jack of Hearts, The Magnificent, Musketeer TwistedFate
Twitch: Gangster Twitch
Udyr: Primal Udyr
Urgot: Battlecast Urgot
Varus: -
Vayne: Dragonslayer Vayne
Veigar: -
Viktor: -
Vladimir: Blood Lord, Vandale Vladimir
Volibear: -
Warwick: Big Bad Warwick
Wukong: Jade Dragon, Vulcanic Wukong
Xerath: -
XinZhao: Commando XinZhao
Yorick: Pentakill Yorick
Ziggs: -
Zilean: -
Zyra: Wildfire Zyra

Legendary and Limited Editions and Rare Skins


I got 16 RunesPage with Almost ALL Runes

RP: 858 IP: 8409

Season3 i never played ANY Ranked games 0-0 3v3, 0-0 Soloq, 0-0 Teamq

If you are Intrested and want more Informations please Whisper me here in elitepvpers or add me in Skype: schakepower

Please only Pay with PayPal or Paysafecards..

If you think im not Trustfull i can also Show you my Account via Teamviewer


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Push from my m8
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Hey I would like to buy your account, I send you request on Skype ( Gilgamesh )
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