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[T]LoLAcc,72champs,PAXskins. [W]TF2 Items

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Post [T]LoLAcc,72champs,PAXskins. [W]TF2 Items / Steam $ gift cards

Ok on to the deal!

I am looking for real offers only, no low ballers.

Fact is, I don't like playing league of legends anymore, that is the basic answer(And I know a lot of you don't play TF2 anymore but still have a good stash of goods..) also my connection cuts in and out now days, and that can really ruin a game that does not have drop-in drop-out... My account is not in trouble, nor have I even received a warning before on it.
As for my rep, view my steam profile, and my

Some basic stats first.

15794 take downs
134931 monsters and minions
598 wins in normals.
I have IP boosts left on the account, about 16.
I have around 1700 RP on the account. (my screenshots are old, I have had this thread awhile)
and about 2000 IP.
^ That is roughly it, I can check if anyone requests and post a new SS.

around 650 wins in all.
level 30, US account.

Only have around 6 leaves in total.

I own 72 (Give or take very slightly) champions, a good chunk of rare skins, even 2 pax skins (jax and sivir) along with K-9 nasus and riot singed, UFO corki, halloweens as well.
List of champions/skins and runes will be at the bottom of my post!

I am looking to strike it wealthy in the Team fortress 2 so if you have unusuals / promos ect offer me.
OR you can buy me ALOT steam gift cards, you may offer me a price and we can go from there.

Seeing as I cannot divide up my goods you must be rich and willing, I am seeking max's/bills/buds/unusals and offers of 35$ steam gift cards.

I have probably put 500$ (I know you don't care, I read over the rules.) into riot points, (That's not counting PAX) I loved it during the time I played it and have been around since right after the beta.

Champions/skins and rune owned list.

Might of missed maybe 1 skin, although I doubt it.

Ahri- No skins

Akali- Crimson Akali 

Alistar- Unchained Alistar 

Amumu- No skins

Anivia- No skins

Annie- Frost Fire Annie

Ashe- No skins

Blitzcrank- Definitely not blitzcrank (Halloween skin promo, no longer obtainable) 

Brand- No skins

Caitlyn- Arctic Warfare Caitlyn

Cho'gath- Nightmare Cho'gath (Got it as alienware promo, its no loner obtainble)

Corki- UFO Corki (Very Rare skin, its for players who played before Jan 10th of 

2010 or close to that) 

Dr. MUNDO- No skins

Evelynn- No skins

Ezreal- Pulsefire Ezreal. 

Fiddlesticks- Surprise party fiddlesticks

Fiora- No skins

Fizz- Fisherman Fizz

Gangplank- Spooky Gangplank 

Garen- Dreadknight Garen

Gragas- Gragas, Esq. 

Heimerdinger- No skins

Irelia- Nightblade Irelia

Jarvan IV- No skins

JAX- (*** PAX JAX ***) This is a very wanted skin also limited to people who 

attended pax 2010 I believe. 

Karthus- Grimreaper Karthis. 

Kassadin- No skins

Katarina- No skins

Kayle- Unmasked Kayle (This skin is no longer obtainable), Judgment Kayle (This 

skin is no longer obtainable) 

Kennen- Arctic Ops Kennen

LeBlanc- Mistletoe LeBlanc (This skin is no longer obtainable) 

Lee Sin- No skins

Leona- No skins

Lux- Commando Lux

Malphite- Marble Malphite

Malzahar- Overlord Malzahar

Master Yi- No skins

Mordekaiser- No skins

Morgana- No skins 

Nasus- ***Riot K-9 Nasus*** (This is a code given out only at PAX event)

Nidalee- Bewitching nidalee (No longer obtainable was a halloween promo) 

Nocturne- Haunting Nocturne (No longer obtainable was a halloween promo) 

Nunu- No skins

Pantheon- Full Metal Pantheon 

Poppy- Crimson Hammer poppy 

Riven- Redeemed Riven

Ryze- No skins

Sejuani- No skins

Shaco- Asylum Shaco

Shyvana- Ironscale Shyvana

Singed- ***Riot squad Singed*** (This was given out at PAX events and other small 

riot events)

Sion- No skins

Sivir- ***PAX Sivir*** (This code was only given out at PAX events) 

Soraka- No skins

Swain- No skins

Talon- Renagade Talon, Crimson Elite Talon

Taric- Armor of the Fifth Age Taric... aka the pink armor. 

Teemo- Cottontail Teemo

Tristana- RIOTGirl Tristana (This used to be a promo for following them on 

facebook, not sure if still can be gotten.) 

Trydamere- ***Demon blade tryndamere*** (this is his legendary status skin) 

Twisted Fate- No skins

Twitch- No skins

Urgot-  Butcher Urgot (Can't be obtained anymore) 

Veigar- White Mage Veigar, Leprechaun Veigar

Viktor- No skins

Vladimir- No skins

Volibear- No skins 

Warwick- No skins

Wukong- No skins

Xerath- No skins

Yorick- No skins

Ziggs- No skins



I am only going to list my tier 3 runes, although I have others. 

Quints up first!

+3.4%Attack Speed. x2

+1.0 Gold per 10. x3

+2.3 Physical Dmg. x3

+5.0 Ability Power. x3

+1.5% move speed. x3

+1.5% move speed. x1 (Promo rune) 


Now Glyphs are up! 

+0.64% Attack Speed. x9

-0.96% cooldown at level 18. x9

+1.2 Ability Power. x5

+1.3 Magic Resist. x9


Now Seals are up!

+0.25 Gold per 10. x7

+1.3 Energy Regen / 5 at level 18. x5

+0.41 Mana Regen / 5. x9

+1.4 Armor. x9


Now Marks are up! 

+1.7% Attack speed. x9

+1.7 Armor Pen. x9

+0.95 Magic Pen. x9

+0.95 Physical Dmg. x9

+0.77 magic resist. x9

+2.2% Crit Dmg. x1 (This was a promo rune)

And here are a few screen shots, I can provide more if you need just request it.

I copied this thread I wrote on a different board, but you should be able to put the pieces together

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add me on skype d0minicgg

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I'm interested. I added you to steam (I'm uit)
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Originally Posted by theuit View Post
I'm interested. I added you to steam (I'm uit)
I don't think you ever did or you never messaged me...

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I bet you a diablo3 account.

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