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LoL Account EU W over 90skins( PAX TF) , over 200 runes

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LoL Account EU W over 90skins( PAX TF) , over 200 runes

WTS LoL Account EU West over 90 Skins (PAX TF)

Hallo, ich verkaufe hier meinen LoL Account.
Der Acc enthält alle Champions außer Skarner , Riven , Ahri und volibear, 10 Runenseiten, insgesamt um die 200 Runen und über 90 Skins. Leider kein Gold Elo vor dem Ende von Season 1 erreicht.


Akali: Crimson, Stinger
Alistar: Matador
Amumu: Pharaoh
Anivia: Hextech
Annie: Red Riding, Goth (Collectors Pack)
Ashe: Sherwood
Blitz: Boom Boom
Brand: Apocalyptic
Caitlyn: Sheriff
Cassiopeia: Siren
Cho: Nightmare, Gentleman (legendary)
Corki: Hot Rod
Mundo: Corporate (legendary)
Eve: Shadow
Ezreal: Nottingham, Frosted
Fiddle: Bandito
Galio: Enchanted
Garen: Sanguine, Dreadknight
Gragas: Scuba, Santa (limited)
Heimer: Blast Zone
Irelia: All
Janna: Tempest
Jarvan: None
Jax: Vandal, Jaximus
Karma: None
Karthus: Phantom
Kassadin: Deep One, Harbringer
Katarina: High Command, Kitty Cat (limited)
Kayle: Silver (Collectors Pack), Viridian, Judgment (limited)
Kennen: Swamp Master, Deadly
Kog: Sonoran, Caterpillar, Reindeer (limited)
Leblanc: Prestigious
Lee: All
Leona: None
Lux: Spellthief
Malphite: Coral Reef
Malzahar: Vizier, Shadow Prince
Maokai: Charred
Master Yi: Chosen, Assassin
Miss Fortune: None
Morde: None
Morgana: Exiled, Blade Mistress
Nasus: Galactic
Nidalee: French Maid
Nocturne: None
Nunu: Grungy
Olaf: Forsaken
Orianna: Gothic
Pantheon: Perseus
Poppy: Noxus
Rammus: Chrome
Renekton: Galactic
Riven: Champ not owned
Rumble: None
Ryze: None
Shaco: Mad Hatter
Shen: Frozen
Singed: Hextech, Riot Squad (limited)
Sion: None
Sivir: None
Skarner: Champ now owned
Sona: Pentakill, Silent Night (limited)
Soraka: None
Swain: Northern Front
Talon: None
Taric: Emerald, Armor of the Fifth Age
Teemo: Recon, Cottontail
Tristana: Facebook
Trundle: None
Tryndamere: Highlander
Twisted Fate: All (including the legendary + PAX)
Twitch: None
Udyr: Primal
Urgot: None
Vayne: None
Veigar: White Mage, Greybeard
Vlad: All (including Nosferatu who is limited)
Warwick: Tundra Hunter, Urf (limited)
Wukong: None
Xin: Commando, Imperial
Yorick: All
Zilean: Shurima Desert

Vergessen: wenn ihr interesse habt schreibt mir ne PN mit eurem skype namen

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Take care of this one

Don't want to use a middleman from this forum, he just wants to use a MM (very trusted he says) from a paid forum where you can't see any links, she is just in his contacts!
I am pierre and he is dennis he doesn't even know his stats and too lazy to check.
Beware with him

[10:52:15] Dennis: Hallo piercit! Ich würde Sie gerne in meine Skype-Kontaktliste aufnehmen. Dennis
[10:53:28] Pierre: Pierre a partagé ses détails avec Dennis.
[10:53:45] Dennis: heyy
[10:53:50] Pierre: hello
[10:54:04] Dennis: soo you want to know how much right?
[10:54:08] Pierre: yep
[10:54:39] Dennis: soo i dont know i spend over 500 euros on this account but its really old (worry) soo i think 100 is ok?
[10:55:21] Pierre: let me watch thread again few secs
[10:55:28] Dennis: okeyy
[11:00:34] Dennis: someone there -.-"?
[11:00:50] Pierre: yep sorry
[11:01:06] Pierre: is there some ip rp left?
[11:01:13] Dennis: yes of course
[11:01:55] Dennis: there are dont know i think round 1500 rp and 3000-4000 IP
[11:02:20] Dennis: most champions i bought with real money so i had anoth for much runes
[11:02:43] Pierre: and the approx elo stats season 1 and 2
[11:03:31] Dennis: season1 no gold elo -.- and season 2 startet a few weeks ago so i dont played much rank
[11:07:01] Pierre: And the approx win loose in season 1 and 2
[11:07:13] Pierre: iin ranked
[11:08:11] Dennis: dont know -.- but if i remember i got 30-40 more wins then loses
[11:08:45] Dennis: and im to lazy to watch because i only want now that the account goes away
[11:09:00] Pierre: hehe ok
[11:09:06] Pierre: is it ok to use a middleman?
[11:09:25] Dennis: sure with that account i dont change without middleman xD
[11:09:35] Pierre: ok nice
[11:09:35] Dennis: but wait i got one from a wr forum
[11:10:27] Dennis: she is trusted and the forum know her number and where she life so she dont do any shit
[11:10:35] Dennis: wait is ask her
[11:10:52] Pierre: anyway i'll need a link to her profile in epvp
[11:11:44] Dennis: she isnt in epvp she is in WR- cheats most trusted mm ita a forum where you have to pay to be in there and she was the first who bought lifelong..
[11:12:06] Pierre: it's not fine to me if i can check it
[11:12:09] Pierre: can't
[11:12:26] Pierre: from epvp there s a member with 130 mm trade
[11:12:36] Pierre: and 50 himself trade
[11:12:52] Dennis: dude she is in this forum over 5 years ... she got over 300 trades
[11:13:03] Pierre: who care if i can't check ^^
[11:13:11] Pierre: you can tell me what you want
[11:13:20] Pierre: you can tell me she got like 3245665 trades
[11:13:25] Dennis: -.-" she said yes but i need to pay her 20 euros -.-
[11:13:29] Pierre: if i can't check
[11:13:31] Pierre: lol
[11:13:43] Dennis: she is famous so it isnt free
[11:13:54] Pierre: You re full of wind
[11:14:02] Dennis: what?
[11:14:10] Pierre: i won't use a mm i can't check
[11:14:13] Pierre: even if it's free
[11:14:19] Pierre: you don't listen me
[11:14:39] Pierre: i won't use a mm becausey you tell me he is trusted
[11:14:49] Pierre: I don't trust you yet
[11:14:54] Pierre: so don't try to have me trusted
[11:14:59] Dennis: lol -.-
[11:14:59] Pierre: you
[11:16:12] Dennis: sry but then no i ask her and she said yes what not often happen i want to pay her and know im the idiot because i ask her shes ready and you dont ant now !
[11:16:38] Pierre: I never asked you to ask her.
[11:17:31] Dennis: so you wont the acc? you where first so i choose you if you dont want i go to the next
[11:18:58] Pierre: I might want account but with a trusted mm i can check!
[11:19:11] Pierre: Don't you wan't
[11:20:10] Dennis: i want that you get the account and i pay the mm you dont have to pay anything idiot . I just change with her because the forum knows where she lifes and ehr number if she do any shit they call the police
[11:20:31] Dennis: should i add her to the conversation?
[11:20:35] Pierre: On epvp there's a member with phone number too
[11:20:41] Pierre: no I don't care
[11:20:47] Pierre: i want a link to his profile
[11:20:54] Pierre: not talking to a friend of you...
[11:21:38] Dennis: you dont listen -.-" it a forum where you have to pay if you want to see the side you have to pay 5 euros for 1 day other you dont get in
[11:22:00] Dennis: i bought with 50 euros 2 month premium acc
[11:23:14] Pierre: We can use this middleman
[11:23:14] Pierre:
[11:24:11] Dennis: i tried it one time with him he wasn´t really nice to me and then and the beginning he said it is free and in the end he wanted 30 euros no thanks !
[11:24:20] Pierre: But as now i am sure at 99% you are a scammer you probably won't use him and speak to em about your friend with no profile exusting!!
[11:24:41] Pierre: It's ok i'll tell to people on epvp! BB
[11:24:59] Dennis: ok then see you later bye

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