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EUW Acc 4 legendary skins PAX JAX

Discussion on EUW Acc 4 legendary skins PAX JAX within the League of Legends Trading forum part of the Other Online Games Trading category.

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Thumbs up EUW Acc 4 legendary skins PAX JAX

Hey guys i want to sell my LoL account because the game gets boring so here something about my account

-all champions only Ahri and Blitzcrank you have to buy then.
-2800 IP
- 3165 Riot Points
- 9 Full Rune Pages

Champions with Skins :
- Akali ( Nurse)
- Alistar ( no Skin)
-Amumu ( Emumu)
- Anivia ( hextech)
- Annie ( frost fire, legendary)
-Ashe ( sherwood)
-Brand ( no Skin)
-Caitlyn ( Sheriff)
-Cassiopeia ( no skin)
-Cho gath ( loch ness, legendary)
-Corki( no Skin)
-Dr. Mundo ( no skin)
-Evelynn ( no skin)
- Ezreal ( all skins)
-Fiddlestick (pumpkin)
-Fizz ( no skin )
- Galio ( no skin)
-Gankplank( Toysoldier)
-Garen( no skin)
-Gragas( no skin)
-Graves( all skins)
-Heimerdinger( no skin)
-Irelia (all skins)
-Janna( no skin)
-Jarvan ( no skin)
- Jax ( PAX, angler)
-Karma( no skin)
-Karthus( all skins)
-Kassadin( no skin)
-Katarina( KITTY, Comannder)
-Kayle( no skin)
-Kennen( no skin)
-Kog´Maw( reindeer)
-Le Blance ( no skin)
-Leesin (no skin)
-Leona( all skins)
-Lux( no skin)
-Malphite( no skin)
-Malzahar( all skins)
-Maokai( no skin)
-Master Yi( no skin)
-Miss Fortune( mafia)
-Mordekaiser( all skins)
-Morgana( no skin)
-Nasus( no skin)
-Nidalee( maid)
-Nocturne ( Hunter)
-Nunu( destroyer)
-Olaf ( no skin)
-Orianna( no skin)
-Pantheon ( no skin)
-Poppy( no skin)
-Rammus( Ninja, Freljord)
-Renekton( no skin)
-Riven( no skin)
-Rumble( no skin)
-Ryze( no skin)
-Shaco( all skins)
-Shen( no skin)
-Shyvana( all skins)
-Singed ( Hextech, Riot)
-Sion (all skins)
-Sivir ( no skin)
-Skarner( no skin)
-Sona ( no skin)
-Soraka( no skin)
-Swain( no skin)
-Talon( all skins)
-Taric( no skin)
-Teemo ( easter egg)
-Tristana (no skin)
-Trundle( no skin)
-Tryndamere( legendary)
-Twisted Fate (legendary)
-Twitch ( Ganster, king)
-Udyr ( no skin)
-Urgot( no skin)
-Vayne (Dragon Hunter)
-Veigar ( Baron)
-Vladimir( no skin)
-Volibear( all skins)
-Warwick( wild warwick, Urf)
-Xerath (all skins)
-Xin Zhao( commander)
-Yorick( no skin)
-Zilean( no skin)

If you are interested write me a PM with your Skype name that i can add you. I only want PSC . price is negotiable.
I got a trusted MM so dont spam.
So go! who would be the first .

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add for_dglftw skype.

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pm me price pls
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jax, lol, pax

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