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A General Guide to reach your Goals

Discussion on A General Guide to reach your Goals within the League of Legends Guides & Strategies forum part of the League of Legends category.

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A General Guide to reach your Goals

About me:

I wasnt a PRO but i did reach my Goal ( Diamond ) and quit
after reaching Diamond 3 with a 60% winrate ( top 0,4% at that time ).

Everything in this Guide is just my Oppinion and are just
my Thoughts about the game. Iam open to any critism if you
have some =)

First ill start with some words about the mistake that most
players ( in my oppnion ) actually do and that is the mindset.
Ill basicly just share a lot of Informations about the Game that
i think are crucial to improve / win. Some Informations might be
very obvious to you, but trust me, ive seen Players not grasping
the concept.

The Mindset

The Mindset is one of the most important things
in league. It can decide if you will be keep rising,
or if you will get stuck. The following examples will
show you a lot of mistakes of the most low elo people
who are also often stuck in a lower bracket for a
long time. Some are just good tipps that can help
you to get to your target easier / faster.

Playing for Elo

Playing for Elo is a huge mistake. This is probly
the main reason why people tilt. They play for elo
and if they get afks or hard trolls for example
theyll get really mad and maybe after 2-3 games of shit
like this happening they often start to tilt and play
worse / do things that are bad for reaching the own goals.
The funny thing is, that all you need to do to climb is win
more than 50% of your Ranked games ( and thats definetly possible ).
What you should do instead is playing for improvement.
Because this is the only thing that gets you higher and can
keep you there for sure. That way you also dont tilt because
you dont care about losing since you win either way by gaining
expirience and getting better. The funny thing is that not
playing for Elo will most likely get you there faster.
Imrpoving and fokusing on yourself rather than fokusing on the
others you cant change anyway will help you improve way faster.

A Good / Bad Player

My judging if a Player is good or bad is probly a little
different from some of you people. For me a Good player,
thinks hes bad and therefore always looks for improvement, fokuses
on himself and thinks a lot more about how to get better. A Bad Player
thinks hes good, and therefore often blames Teammates,
Elo hell, RNG or whatever there is. Even if the second Type
of Player is Diamond and the first is Gold, the Gold Player
is a better one in my oppnion since hell learn and raise faster.

Questions you should ask Yourself after every Game

What could i have done different for a better result ? ( even
if won... )

What mistakes did i do and what could have been a better play
in that Situation?

How did the Enemy abuse my Mistakes ?

In lost games you should also ask yourself those:

Why did we lose ?

Why did the enemy win ?

What were the enemys doing to get to the Win ?


In practice mode you should aim to get at 90 cs / 10 min. Under Pressure with enemys it should be 80+.
If you cant get those yet, it can be really effective to train cs'ing with the practice tool even if
its just 10-30 min a day.

Choice of Champs

Unless you are at least higher Platin, i highly recommend playing champs that are not
to difficult. The reason is really simple. If you play a more difficult Champ you need to
put more Work inito playing him well mechanically wise. This means there will be less
Fokus on the Fundamentals and those are what you really need. This of course also
means, when playing easier Champs you can Fokus more on Fundamentals and
more important stuff.

Number of Champs

I highly believe that you should not play more than 5 champs ( 3 is even better ). Because there is a really
huge difference between knowing how to play a Champ and playing a Champ almost perfectly. Because really
important things like damage foresight, Attack / Killrange and things like how you can exploit the strength
of your champ as good as possible can only be gained by expirience with those Champs. However i also believe
having 2-3 Games on every Champ is a really good thing because you will learn faster what your enemys
are capable off and what are the weaknesses of those Champs. This can also give you even higher insight
on the Champ like -> Oh the enemy has this combo, i know i can win against that with my Champ X.

Guts ( the lower your elo, the more true this is )

You need Guts. Fight a lot. Really a lot. Trade a lot. Die a lot. This will increase your damage foresight
as well as how much your champ can and cant do. As a small Bonus it will also often Teach you which Champs
are strong / which champs are weak against you.

Getting camped

First of all, if you get ganked and die, be it by roam or jungler, its your fault.
Its your JOB to look at the MINIMAP and dont overextent if you dont have
enough Information to do so. But if you get camped, its actually a perfect
Opportunity to get an Advantage for your Team. Because if you get camped,
and you play safe and gett Vision when its safe etc, the enemy will waste
a hell lot of time and time = gold & exp. So basicly if you are getting camped,
be happy and play it safe.

Dont chill after a kill ( Opportunitys )

If you or your Team is doing Kills, always look if there are any objectives you can take.
I see it way to much that the jungler gets 1-2 kills by a Gank and goes back to Jungle.
Thats a critical mistake. You need to use the opportunitys you get because if the enemy
does this better than you do i have bad news for you. Also always keep eyes on the
Minimap and the Enemy champs Position in LAtegame. 2 Bot without TP and jungler is B ?
Do the freenash ! Winning teams often do mistakes of going B at critical Times that opens
the chance to get a highly rewarding Objective for a comeback =)

Freezing / Pushing

If your Enemy has the Potential to roam, be sure to have Vision
on that. What you wanna do when he starts t o roam is to push hard
and make him lose cs. If you freeze while your Enemy roams its very bad
( its ok if enemy wave is bigger and kills your cs, but still not good because
by pushing you can damage the objective and maybe even take it down ).
simply because he can gain something while roaming as well as not losing
much in his lane. Its your job to punish your Enemy for roaming.
The best timing to freeze is when your Jungler has the possiblity to gank
and your enemy has no sums ( or no Vision too ... ). Basicly whenever it helps
you to kill the Enemy and makes it hard for him to gain CS.

Map Awareness

Not much to say about this one. The Map feeds Informations. The more Informations you and your Team
have the higher your Winchance. So it should be pretty obvious that map awareness is really important.
Before every Fight or Push or whatever Action you wanna do that might be unsafe, you need to take a look
at the Minimap. To many Enemys SS that could be near ? dont.


Also a common mistake is to only look at the Enemy minions health. The own minion health is just as important
though. That is because, when a own Minion of you gets to low health, you can most likely predict that the
enemy wants to go for that lasthit and you can use this to effectively trade the oppenent since he will have
the choice between hitting back or losing a Lasthit.

The Enemy is Roaming what should i do ?

The first really important thing is, to have Vision that you can actually see when your enemy is going to roam.
With that said, when your Enemy is roaming in my oppinion its the best thing to ping back the Lane that is
going to be ganked and push hard to do tower damage and make t he enemy lose CS. Obviously only if you wont die.
This is true for almost all roams in early game maybe not for some botlanes though. Because if your Teammates
actually are not totally dense ( i know happens ) they will back off. Than your Roaming Enemy will waste his
Time trying to gank, lose CS and even get damage on his Objective. However there can be times where you can
actually follow the roam. But you need to KNOW that it will be more benefitial for your Team and worth losing
the Lasthits.

Dodge Patterns / Hitting the Enemy more frequently

When you are in Lane, and trying to hit your Enemy with Spells, make sure to observe the Enemys Movement.
A lot of Player always dodge to the same direction and just after getting hit 2-3 times will dodge to the
other one. By Observing this, your Spells will increase your Hitrate a lot during the Game.

Iam winning the lane hard yayyy ! Whats next ?

IF you win your lane easily, your next moves are decided by the Gamestate. At this point you need to check
how your mates are doing. If the majory of your Teammates is doing good, awesome, you can abuse beeing
stronger and Zone the enemy from Lasthits, keep up good Vision for your Team, Deny Vision and get kills
if possible. Basicly means you keep the Lane in early Game and try to get a even higher Advantage.
If your enemy is Playing safe and has good Waveclear it can be a Good idea to push hard, go Roam and try to
get more kills / help your Teammates. If your Teammates are Struggling, you should look to get the tower
ASAP and start to roam to take Objectives and kills and help out your Team ( always keep a look on your
Lane and wave to back in time when there are a lot cs to get ).


So losing your lane shit happens. But you know what ? I know that probly everyone knows this but
it doesnt feel like it ( xDDDD dont mind my explaining LOL ). The Game is not lost just because
you lost your lane. Now what you should do is, also check the State of the game.
Are your Teammates doing good ? Awesome ! No pressure just sitback and farm whatever you can
without dieing. Let your Teammates do the carrywork ! Are they not doing good ? well...
than you should try to get as much farm as possible without dieing and try to farmup and punish
enemy Mistakes. Obviously if your Team is stronger Lategame this is even better since Time works
for you. If not there is only punishing enemy Mistakes and trying to comeback ( this might be
the time to try risky Plays ).


BUY WARDS. BUY WARDS. BUY WARDS. Vision is one of the most important thing in the Game.
It gives you and your Team more Information and Informations are obviously Gold in this Game.
Its only obvious that more Vision for you + denying Enemy vision can increases your Winrate
kinda well. However, you should only ward when you know its safe to ward. You also should not
ward in Situations like this ->

- You play Bot and just killed the Enemy Botlane and the other Enemys cant kill you ( to far or whatever
reason ). Placing the ward now would just be a total waste. Maybe do it before going back or when you
are back in Lane and you are safe to do so.

- ACE ( ...go take the Objectives )

- Enemy jungler is on the other side of the Map ( early game ) and you see the other Enemys on the Map.

You can lookup good Ward placements in other Guides. I mean you could probly write a couple pages about
Vision alone.

Being friendly

This is more important than most Player think it is. 80% if not more of League Players are Pussies.
They are crykids or drama queens whatever you wanna call it. Once you give any even legit critism they
often start to see it as flame and play worse. Or even worse, flame back and get mad at everyone.
The thing is, you CANT change the mistakes they have done. You just cant. The PErson who has
done a mistake or even more than one, probly feels bad anyway. So the only thing you want to do if you
aim to win is either not typing at all, or trying to motivate. Fokus on your OWN gameplay. Stop to care
about the Others. Any negative Words you say, can lead to them tilting and throwing the game.
Emotional Control is a required Skill in League and a very important one. Please try to keep that in Mind.

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if this is not a copy pasta then thats good advice, thank you!

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No its not lol ^^
You are welcome
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helpfull guied ty <3

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Das Ding ist ein masterpiece, nur leider wird keiner so eine mentalität übernehmen/annehmen. Außer halt die Challenger/Master Leute for a Reason, deswegen ist Korea und generell die Ecke viel weiter in LoL als wir

PS: die leute wasten lieber Ihr money für coaching & boosting
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This kind of guides is really helpful to the ones who are trying to get better and improve their skill! Nice one, mate!
But actually, most of the advice is kinda... natural? Just takes a little bit of thought to realize it.
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Originally Posted by Huskyboost View Post
This kind of guides is really helpful to the ones who are trying to get better and improve their skill! Nice one, mate!
But actually, most of the advice is kinda... natural? Just takes a little bit of thought to realize it.
Thats why its called a general Guide. I didnt wanna give to much
"just do this just do that" kinda advices. I tried to make everything
as reasonable and understandable as possible. Also while you
say it just takes a little bit of thinking, 99% of t he low elo players
dont know or dont understand this stuff. Even if this just helps a
couple of people iam happy i wrote it
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Such a nice guide! Most of the tips can be really helpful thanks!
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thats good
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****, i wish i were as good as you at league of legends

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