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How to get to Challenger

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How to get to Challenger


Im a pretty high elo (chall 400lp) player so i thought i'd make a jungling guide for all of u who want to improve for next season.

So first of all lets start with tracking the enemy jungler as this is extremely important. You need to be in enemy junglers head all the time, predict where he will be and where he will gank. The way you do is that you just practice it until it comes your second nature.

Easy way to begin it with is to check whether enemy jg actually started red or blue, u know this by looking at enemy laners meanwhile taking camps. So if botlane comes to lane late u know automatically that they leashed and their jungler started botside right?

So u begin with that and after that, u need to think about your lanes aswell. Do you have some immobile tank top lane, for example darius? Meanwhile enemy has Maokai, that lane is easily gankable by enemy jg since they have cc at top and your darius has no escape spells.

So always before game look your lanes, if you have something immobile hes often an high priority gank target. Therefore you can look to get vision for him, taking scuttle and warding.

Ofcourse if its darius top he will usually try to push the lane so u can try to ward for him and countergank when enemy jg is trying to gank.

Counterganking is one of the best ways to get ahead and shut down enemy jungler, alongside with counterjungling. So if you see enemy jg ganking bot and you are topside taking camps, you need to take his top jg asap. If you are botside u have to look for a countergank.

Anyway always try to predict enemy junglers pathing as this is the key for winning games. Knowing where the enemy jungler helps alot.

Another thing i would like to talk aswell, if you are looking to completely shutdown enemy laner and making your own lane snowball is repeat ganking, what this means is that you gank a lane straight after your first gank. You wait for him to tp/walk into the lane then u gank again, boom lane is shutdown.

Always when u get a lead, use it to your benefit and snowball as hard as you can. Take enemy jungler camps, countergank, kill enemy jg in his jg, get deep vision in their jungle, get objectives.

So when you got the basics down of jungling by practicing it enough its time to take the next step, remember to before game (loading screen) to look at the lanes, laning phases, enemy teams strengths and weaknesses, your teams strengths and weaknesses.

So you think about a lot of stuff before the game actually starts. What this does is it helps you actually a lot. You know what to do, when to do and how to do it pretty much. But this stuff if something you just have to practice.

Always check for immobile champs, if your team has them they are usually high priority targets for ganking. So get vision for them if your team has them, take scuttles and get deep vision.

Check also for escape spells if for example enemy team has lux mid and u have malz mid, u know that u can gank mid fairly easy lvl 6 cos u have cc from malza r and lux is immobile.

Remember to do this analysis before game, with notepad! Write it all down and look at it meanwhile u play.

When u play, farm your jungle etc, always watch your minimap! It really gives a lot of knowledge. For example in early game u can know if the enemy starts bot or topside, just by looking at your minimap! You actually know his jungle pathing without any wards, this is HUGE!.

If botlane comes to lane late, you will need to ward for toplaner like at 2-3 min. Take the scuttle place some trinkets and you are set. Stay near mid/top side so you can actually countergank if enemy junglers goes for that gank.

Enemy jungler is probably (90%) of the time at topside now, since he started botside. From this you know that he has 2 options where to gank, whether top or mid. So just get vision for them and play around them. This is really helpful

Watching minimap shows you aswell if there are fights in some lanes, the champion are usually clumped together.

Learn to use your F-keys aswell. When you press them quickly you can see a lot of information, lane position, health bars, turret health etc!

If you do all this perfectly that i discussed about you have no problems early game. When u have wards and you spot enemy jungler you need to take advantage of it. Just invade the enemy jungler if you are ahead, look to kill him then take some objectives (dragon) and remember to put wards down on his jungle.

Shutting down enemy jungler is really huge. This means that the game is essentially 4v5 now, You need to keep on making aggressive plays after you have snowballed, you are ahead and now you exploit it. You try to spam ganks when you are ahead and be active at all times.

Remember to force fights when you are ahead, you can usually win them. If some lanes of yours are pushing you need to play around them and make aggressive plays, for example botlane is pushed and enemies are low hp, u can look to turret dive them. Its very helpful as it helps you to transfer your lead to actually winning the game.

You are STARVING enemy jungler for every bit of xp he gets, you get every camp, vision, invade and kill him in his jungle. He is practically useless, he tries to make desperation ganks etc and you can countergank and win 2v2 very easily.

Remember that league isnt a mechanics game, its a game about macro play and game sense. You need to be always thinking about a lot of stuff, dont just autopilot!

You countergank them when they go for desperation gank and the game is actually really favored now as you just picked a double kill. Remember counterganking is one of the best ways to snowball even further.

From this we proceed to "Take it all" Method that you push the lanes, take turrets, just milk everything that you can. Take the maximum gold away without risking your life etc. Just take absolutely everything away from the enemy.

Get jumple camps, vision control, herald, dragon, a lot of ganks and you are set!

DISCORD EERI#4935, i do coaching and eloboosting aswell

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This is the same **** post from reddit, where it got deleted 5 times...

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You can't make a guide on how to get challenger ***** its all about focus everyone knows this **** but translating it into the game demands high level focus which only 0.1% of players have.
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Pretty solid guide !
Newbies should read all that stuff,thank you for sharing this with us

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Please repeat again , could you provide me some more info how to kill scuttle?

All the stuff u wrote down is just over and over the same and this are not possibilities to get challenger.

If you use brain as a laner in diamond you wont go botlane straight onto the lane if your jungler starts topside.

You will wait to hide him.

Idk mate, no offense but with that tipps you would reach exactly nothing higher than plat
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It's a very helpful guide !

Would recommand you reading this
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thank you good theread
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I honestly think its helpful and its up to each individual to make an transition between this guide and your game play style. Thx for this post
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very good guide,helped a lot !

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