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Grand Chase PH HP hack Pic TUT

Closed Thread
Old 04/27/2009, 10:29   #16
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tried it doesn't work on me o.O

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Old 04/27/2009, 10:37   #17
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Ahahahaha balimbing talaga yang shadowtisoy na yan.... makasarili....Kunwari alam nya ung cheat un pla pagkatapos nyang mapag-aralan sinasabing paki close na ung thread.

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<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="My Brute's luck Pictures, Images and Photos"/></a> - Starting Out
When users first join, they will be able to customize their Brute by changing their body and color. Then after creating the character, they are allowed to fight others. New users are allowed 6 fights in their first day and 3 for each day after that. To sign up, new users simply enter a brute name and hit "Validate". This brute, however, is public and anyone is free to use it to battle. A password can be added in the brute's cell page so that only the person who created can use it.

MyBrute Gameplay
Brutes gain experience and level up from fights. Each time they level they have a chance to increase one of their three stats strength, agility and speed. They also have a chance to gain a new weapon to use in battle, a new specialty, or a new pet.
There are a total of 28 specialties a brute can gain every time they level up:
*Herculean Strength: With your strength, you are capable of moving mountains! But that moment has not yet come, you have an enemy to destroy.

*Master of Arms: Thanks to your mastery with the knife, you are turning into a really dangerous individual causing serious problems to your enemy.

*Martial Arts: Your Chuck Norris course has paid off! Now you can put your feet where you want... and more often than not they'll be on your opponent's ugly...

*Tornado of Blows: ....and you hit hit hit, that's just your way of showing love! You're a mad of misunderstood love. What madnessssss!

*Shield: An armor. To stop the blows.....sometimes.

*Impact: Your blows are so devastating that your opponent drops his weapon...Now you can show it off to your friends! What about that? Is it cool or what?

*Survival: Your years of fighting have made you invincible. Mortals blows have gained you one life point instead of knocking you out.

*Fierce Brute: Now you really are a true brute. More so than ever. You are more powerful and violent than ever in the fight.

*Net: A classic net. Not as cool as Spiderman's, but it's good enough for your enemy... Your enemy will be immobilized until you feel like hitting him again.

*Hammer: A catch technique consist of jumping with your enemy, and then falling on top of him.

*Hypnosis: Now, talking about your appeal to pets, absolutely nobody can rival you. They'd follow you to the ends of the earth. and that's a fact.

*Bolt of Lightning: You hit faster than your shadow and bite faster than your enemy.

*Sixth Sense: Your eagle-eyed vigilance allows you to anticipate your enemy's sneaky tricks. Now you can attack before he knows what hit him!

*Extra-Thick Skin: All the knocks you've taken have actually helped you develop. Your brute is the proud owner of a thicker and more resistant skin.

*Tragic Potion: Haaave a little sip of this. It could make you a bit drunk.. Hic...hic... This peach juice restores some of the energy you lost in the fight.

*Bomb: A bit like a water bomb, but more damaging!

*Vitality: Your life expectancy has risen! Now you will be able to resist longer in the arena.

*Pugnacious: When you are in the arena, you're not really so ungrateful... When they strike a blow, you give it back... for free!

*Sabotage: You are the coolest kid on the block? You vandalize your enemy- smart move eh? Each blow allows you to destroy one of his weapons.

*Strong Arms: Thanks to your huge muscular biceps, you can wield heavy weapons. You are the Schwarzenegger of the mace!

*Feline Agility: You haven't even got a ball of string to pass the time with, but you can always thump the brute you have opposite you.

*Armour: This? Well, its a coat of armor. The idea is that you put it over your t-shirt so it doesn't get dirty. It also helps you resist blows.

*Deluge: Walking around carrying 100 kilos of weapons is very tiring until you have found a very clever strategy of traveling light.

* Thief: This skill allows you to discreetly steal your enemy's weapon and use it against him.

* Immortal: Your health has improved incredibly! You are making it really tough for your enemy to knock you out.

* Implacable: When you strike a blow, it's always dead on target. Nobody can stop it. And certainly not your enemy. That's for sure.

* Untouchable: You now avoid the blows easily. This is really annoying, especially for your enemy!

Skills you want:
6th Sense
Tragic Potion
Pets you want:
From personal experience i created 200 accounts. I got 1 bear, 5 dogs and no wolfs. A little personal experience about changes.

My Brute Ranking
Rankings are determined by how well you do in the tournament:
Rankings in order from best to worst
* Brutal Legend: Make it to the finals.
* Dentist of Chaos: Semifinals
* Satan's Biceps: Quarter-finals
* Sword Swallower: Be one of the final 8
* Hemoglobin: Final 16
* Beserk Soul: Final 32
* Vengeful Flame: Final 64
* Iron Fist: Final 128
* Richter Thumper: Final 256
* Sticking Plaster Ripper: One

MyBrute: Weapons
Weapons make your brute’s attacks much more powerful. Some weapons make you attack often for small damage, some weapons miss a lot but deal a lot of damage, and some weapons do mediocre damage but hit often. You get weapons randomly when you level. So how good the weapon is is purely luck. Some are much better than others.
* Fan
Rating - 3 out of 10
Hits a few times for 5 damage. Can counterattack too.
* Leek
Rating – 4 out of 10
Does alot of attacks but hits for only 5 damage each time.
* Tennis Racket
Rating - 6
Does below average damage, but always retaliates and sometimes blocks an attack.
* Knife
Rating – 5 out of 10
Does below-average damage, but always hits and grants bonus attacks.
* Sai
Rating - 5 out of 10
A samurai-style knife that looks like the tip of a trident. Very similar to the traditional knife, but does a bit less damage.
* Keyboard
Rating - 5
Does multiple attacks doing average damage. Not too impressive!
* Ninja stars
Rating - 6 out of 10
Fires a volley of ninja stars at your opponent. Does average damage.
* Birdlike Thing
Rating - 5 out of 10
Throws something that looks like a bird to your opponent. A throwing weapon that hits for below-average damage.
* Baton
Rating - 5 out of 10
A simple stick that does low damage but sometimes blocks your opponent's attacks.
* Frying Pan
Rating - 5,5 out of 10
Does average damage and can block blows.
* Lance
Rating - 6,5 out of 10
A poking device. Does below average damage and sometimes retaliates your opponent's attacks.
* Broadsword
Rating - 6 out of 10
A standard sword. Does average damage, sometimes does more than 1 hit.
* Mammoth's Bone
Rating - 7 out of 10
A large bone. Does average damage. Overall a pretty solid starting weapon.
* Trident
Rating - 7,5 out of 10
Similar to the whip, sometimes does multiple attacks and retaliates your opponent's attacks for average damage.
* Whip
Rating – 9 out of 10
Does average damage, and makes your character attack a LOT and retaliate your opponent’s attacks.
* Noodle Bowl
Rating - 7,5 out of 10
Throwing weapon. Does average damage and multiple attacks.
* Greatsword
Rating - 7 out of 10
Like the broadsword, but does a bit more damage and has a higher chance to miss.
* Hatchet
Rating - 7 out of 10
Does above average damage, hits most of the time, but doesn't do multiple attacks.
* Halberd
Rating - 6,5 out of 10
Does above average damage, retaliates sometimes and does multiple hits. Misses alot, unfortunately.
* Bumps
Rating - 7
A large wooden club. Does alot of damage, but misses alot too. Not very useful against high agility opponents.
* Iron Mace
Rating - 7,5 out of 10
Similar to the wooden variant, but it seems to be more accurate. Does loads of damage!
* Stone Hammer
Rating - 8 out of 10
Does even higher damage than the bumps and the iron mace, in exchange for a bit higher missrate.
* Trombone
Rating - 8
Does about above average damage per hit and often hits multiple times. Pretty good!
* Scourge
Rating - 9.5 out of 10
A flail. Definitely among the best weapons in the game. Does insane damage, and seems pretty accurate.
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Old 04/27/2009, 12:23   #19
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any holy rune hack ?^^

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Old 05/02/2009, 10:15   #20
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is this compatible with moonlight engine 1236.99??
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Old 05/02/2009, 12:17   #21
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can u post a instruction how 2 upgrade rune's??

your last post 4 hp hack is so cool,,

thnx 4 that dude!!!

i'll w8 4 ur post for d rune ups instruction!!

thnx again,,ur d d'best
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Old 05/02/2009, 16:37   #22
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Lol. This is a hacking forum. These forums were made to share hacks and exploits and you ask people to close their threads after you've had the liberty of reading them? EL OH EL. Not only are you a plagiarist you're the worst leecher ever. FYI A plagiarist is somebody who copies other people's work and takes the credit for themselves. nub.
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Old 05/03/2009, 17:27   #23
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thanks for the TUT
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Old 05/04/2009, 12:06   #24
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Old 05/04/2009, 12:07   #25
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Old 05/04/2009, 12:32   #26
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I think he's not plagiarising or watever it is.
But i think he has a point of not opening this kind of hack.
Since a lot of stupid noobs and show off would just go on pvp and brag to others just how strong they are (err i mean with this hack, but without it HAH they're such a losers).
So for safety purposes, and to keep us in a low profile, it's better of not posting this.

Maging discrete lng po tayo.
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Old 05/05/2009, 06:18   #27
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it's workin fine with me though.. the address shown in the previous page doesn't work for me but it gives a great help showin us how to do it. visual learning is much easier dont cha think so? ^^
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Old 05/06/2009, 14:37   #28
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bkt ako nadamay d2. wla nmn ako gnwa masama. grabe nmn mga tao n e2
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Old 05/06/2009, 20:39   #29
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iYak Ka nAlang BaTA ..... Hahahah....
-___- .... aLL hackers said ur a supersawsaw ... hahahaha
~~~> Pinoy Word Ka Pa ah <~~~
mag y8 ka nalang ... para di ka ma vuvu... .... hahaha
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Old 05/06/2009, 20:44   #30
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Originally Posted by shadowtisoy View Post
bkt ako nadamay d2. wla nmn ako gnwa masama. grabe nmn mga tao n e2


shadowtisoy your using "PINOY WORD"

thats bad men!



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