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The Tortage Noob Killer!

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The Tortage Noob Killer!

Guilds give Higher Damage Bounus and Protective things to help you.
By having teh highest Battle Keep level.

Shop for rings/necklace/anumition/armor etc...
all green ,because farming this crap takes way to long!
Great Greens and Blues come off Bosses in Elite mode Whitesands
AMUNITION-> Green or blue can be sold for gold.....

You need a Funding Charecter to farm coin... for the lowbie killer

This requires 1 guild and 2 charecters
Get the higher charecter to atleast have 22 Silver
This can work with any charecter.......
I Make the Archer Charecter
Then get to level 10 or what ever.
Now you need to transfer the silver straight to the Charecter

1: buy green items with the highest Defence
and try to get the items that add extra damage on top
of the already highest Damage output of the weapon.
2: Amunition get green as well with extra magic damage/poison etc..

3: Now at 20 do the destiny quests kill the boss guy and get the 2 Blue weapons
trun around and head directly back to tortage.

At this point from shopping in the Market and the Boss guy killed
you should be outfitted with all green and 2 blues.....

4: you got 3 options now for good PVP XP!
Whitesands ISLE-The Underhalls -AND- WILD Lands of Zelata
I have taken down a 40 on horse running down the path with another guy
in team with me.
You can camp people locations etc...
Harvest good XP in Wildlands when people pop those quest windows in town
and as well as when there shopping....
your killing higher charecters at this point and those windows in there face
give you a good amount of time to bring them Down to there Knees
Before they know what's going on!

5: when you see a fight you can Engage the person getting hit to get good XP and the dude wacking the victim will not turn on you in wildlands for fear
of murder points!
If they get flagged crim for hitting you! you can hit them and get them guard wacked! and still get XP for doing so.

6: Connels valley wait and hide out away from creatures and wait till there health gets down very low or atleast 35% and wack em

With this i have been able to take from 20
Levels 17-through-40 Mostly in Wildlands and Underhalls and Whitesands
Underhalls camping a quest location that's most frequented
and Quest NPC's in Wild Lands -mostly in town-
It's better in Wild Lands because there is a very low chance on you getting
Murder Points ,and them getting them instead of you.

If you have 2 people like this you can take down 20-30-40's
3 people can take 20-30-60'S
4-5 people like this or full teams can take down allot of people
and get mad PVP XP!

I have also seen people near guards and when you pop a creature as a necro they get guard wacked as well.

Guard wacking
Go run down a dude hit him then don't fire run back to within guard range
and get em wacked.

Guard Hunting helping you farm PVP XP with you LOL
Do this run over out of range hit the guy
Run back they guy hits you NOW the guards are running after the person
or people! run with the guards and smoke the guy with the guards help
Because there rolling right along with you.

In wildlands you cna hide out follow people around wait for them to pop a quest window or shop and give them 2 seconds so there tied up in the Quest window and or confused shopping.
combo them ASAP!

the more a place has shopping/Questing/less guards or guard near area
the best the ganking nad pvp XP
The higher the person your wacking the faster the PVP XP.

You can get to 1/2-75% of the first pvp level 1 doing this in 1 day or less
Just going around solo Gankin.

Gaurds can kill any level

Waiting them out and hiding allot will pay off big time
Groups doing this RACK UP the points allot faster
When guildies come jsut get them guard wacked etc.....
Choosing good hiding spots and hunting people is Key
You can get more pvp xp from Ganking then minigames
Because there is always someone running around a quest area.
Try and get buffs from a group not Apped.......
They will stick with you untill you die... or untill they run out.

My favorite is Step trap run up to the person jsut beyond the trap while they are fighting a creature or jsut being Oblivious hit them with a stun slow walking etc.. run right back past the trap and pow you got em.
Solvo them and drop your hardest hitting crap.

The FAST wicked damage is always better then slow massive damage
unless you got time to spare and can actually hit them with somthing BIG!
It would be beutifull if you could have a tempest or healer
healing you as you take people down........

I hope this helps you Understand that your class doesn't suck.
It's what there doing to make you think there GOD.
Hrmm Maybe you can transfer somthing purple ?><
Maybe you can do Epic mode whitesands and get more blues
the Bosses give em in epic mode and GOOD green items!

Allot of people pop up on the weekends on the tyranny server doing this....
Then you got the ones always doing this even at level 11
I seen a HOX at level 11 doing this lol..... in underhalls taking down

to get people to be a fast criminal or murder
Watch 2 people 5 levels higher or more fighting
like says a HOX and or a area spell or what ever
= Run right in fornt of the other player and stay in front so the auto tracking has you
+stay in front of the person you want to win and it will track to you
jsut die = each time is 10-12 muder points for them ,and they get a isntant 3-4 minutes cool down time ,at this point you get x2 for killing criminal and x3-x4 pvp xp for the murderer.
((AND)) you can turn around and hit the dude your protecting LOL !!!! you might just get a death and more PvpXP If you can kite guards or have someone do this for you
hell that's even better! I've seen 4 archers and a barb do this to someone.
Higher levels will complain and say your trying to get them murder points
Just say your farming pvp points and trying to kil them and your not that good yet
Matter fact what are they doing there at level 33-60 anyway......

To get those good items
Get the high charecter to farm MOB Bosses in Elite mode....
Somthing around your level ! be grouped with them stand at the front of the instance
and when they kill the Boss and pop the BOX they
pass (you collect) for those Bind on pick up items.

Get guildies or freinds in group to smack a boss down
A person can log out regroup up from his 80 Char and get
a RE GROUP up with you guys and get the item for his alt !
Then just log out to reset instance (-Rinse+Repeat-)

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New update :)

The bosses that are lvl 20 in elite mdoe will give up
blues enar that level lvl20 boss will give 21-19 lvl range

Wildlands ahs a good drop rate and bosses are close togeather
as well as other places... Other places might drop differn't things..

Then just trade these back to your noob charecter via the
In game mail system.

maybe if you want a certin drop you can check with
a online database system like this one

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