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[Guide]How play in RvR as "Chosen" (path Dread) up to lvl 20

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[Guide]How play in RvR as "Chosen" (path Dread) up to lvl 20

Here is guide how to play in RvR as Chosen (path of dread)up to level 20 .
This guide is based on my personal experience and experience of my friends who play as chosen, and players from Order who used to encounter chosen.

Before you even starts play this path, you should ask yourself:

1) Are you ready to play as part of team? (Note: Chosen is not best solo class which you can choose)
2) Do ready to be behind front line? (Note: Path of Dread is offensive its mean your main targets are support units and range DPS, also by the offensive I doesnt mean that you are DPS player!)
3) Can you find the right time to strike? (Note: Your main targets are behind frontline, so you have to strike, after the tanks engage each other, and you can clearly see where support units are! Only after this you need to bypass the frontline, with minimum damage caused! And from the angle where you can be as far as possible from range DPS units and as close as possible to support units. Note: that usually support units and range DPS units are separate.)

Excellent! If you ready to do so, this path is for you, if not I strongly recommend do not pick Path of Dread!

General information

Gear (armour) and Stats

You as a Chosen (path of dread) have main attribute wounds. This gives you quite a big amount of HP. This make you thought to kill. Also I recommend you to equip gear which gives you high bonus to strength and resistances. This gear gives you two main advantages.

First one is: Strength you will deal greater amount of damage to your target.
(Note: To kill the support unit you do not need high weapon skill simply because they wear light armour.)

Second one is: Resistances greater your resistance, less damage you will suffer!
(Note: Support units are not designed to cause a lot of melee damage, so you shouldnt have much trouble to kill them. The only problem with you may find is other support units which are healing your target)


What can I say? "Big sword - big future"


There is quite a big list of abilities for this path. I will mention only this which I find more useful in RvR.
(Note: If any of you have better combination or explanation. Im interested to listen to you, but you have to remember, this article is only my personal recommendation or if you like advise.)

Throwing Axe You may think this ability is useless during RvR, at most times yes it is! But sometimes it can be useful, for examples if you get rooted by other player and you do not have Juggernaut there are a lot of reasons why. Use this ability on caster which hitting you! It will disrupt his spells and cause little damage, and that can safe you life!

Dreadful fear You should keep it on all the time! Extra strength means extra damage. By using this aura, you debuff you target(s) in 30 feet area, and buff your teammates. I find it useful in all situations, especially when you need to encounter another tank. You have to know that duration is 12 sec. and cooldown is 4.5 sec.

Tooth of Tzeench Quite useful ability if you encounter enemy with someone else from your group. Basically if you encounter you enemy with comrade, hit your enemy with this ability and you will get 150+ your dps and you will buff your team mates for next 5sec. every ability which they activate during this 5 sec. will deal extra 150 damage. This can be very dreadful if whole team is killing single target.

Cleave Excellent ability if you encounter tank with a shield! In a first look simple melee ability, but the very best of it, is cleave cause 150 + your damage, this 150 damage cannot be defended! So if you find that your attacks get blocked or absorbed use this ability! Also there is no cooldown time! The only problem is your AP!

Taunt Time to die healer! Interrupt target for 15sec.! That is what you need, when encountering casters! And that is not all! Also you will deal 30% more damage to you target, basically if you find single caster on battleground its time for him to die! Cooldown time is 15sec. I think one of the best abilities for killing casters!

Repel You are on the hill? What are you waiting for! Get close enough to your target and knock him from the hill! Also very useful when another tank is chasing you! Knock him back, and you will win another 4-6 sec. before he come back to you.

Withering Blow You target is still casting? Well that is not a problem, use this ability and every single time you hit, you will deal 112+ dps and remove 30 AP! Good ability to make you target useless! Also no cooldown time!

Juggernaut Simple and very useful ability. They root you? Use it and for next 10 sec. you are unstoppable! It removes snare, root, disarm and silence! There are only one problem cooldown time is 60sec.

(These abilities can be useful during RvR. I have to stress that this is not complete list of them, and I didnt talk about auras in details, I hardly touch them. The reason is: this article is mainly for beginners and I know how difficult is to play as a beginner! Its extremely difficult for them to perform with melee abilities and auras at same time, especially when average battle is around 40 seconds!)

Note: (For players who think they are have sufficient experience and knowledge, please add your comments, and try to correct my guide, but do not abuse or discriminate anyone who write this article or comment on it.)

In case of morale abilities, so far I find 3 which can help you.

First one is Demolishing Strike nice and simple 900 damage over 15sec.

Second one is Grapple That is unbreakable root for 10sec. there are only one problem it will hold you for 10sec. as well as your target.

And Last one is Raze that is kind of aura which deal 1200 damage in 3sec. and the radius is 66 ft.


Its really difficult to give useful advice about different tactics, but I will try.

Note: (Every situation during RvR is unique, so every tactic which I will write, can be more efficient or less, depend on situation which you are in.)

Solo kill

Personally Im team player, but there are situation where you are left alone behind enemy line. So what should you do?
1. Have I quick look. (1-3 sec)
2. Choose the target which is more isolated from other enemy players!
3. Try to engage him from the side! In other words try to be invisible I know it is difficult especially when you play Chosen. But if you come from the side, you will draw less attention to your victim.
4. First thing which you need to do is slow him down, or disable! You have 2 main abilities which can help you to do so first one is dizzying blow I hope I mentioned in above. This one will slow down your enemy by 40%. And grapple which will root your enemy for 10sec.
5. And then only two things can help you: skill and luck.

Double impact

This one is about when you and other player encounter single enemy. This much more like team play, but still not exactly.

1. When two of you will choose a target, choose the one which is more dreadful, what do I mean? Simply choose the one which cast more!
2. Try to engage him from the side! In other words try to be invisible I know it is difficult especially when you play Chosen. But if you come from the side, you will draw less attention to your victim. (Copy & paste ;-))
3. In this situation try to root him, or slow down! Then one of you should go from behind (Almost like to big lads try to rape innocent women) in our case you will deal more damage from behind!
4. Well as far as you playing in micro team, think about your auras and abilities which I describe above, some of them are designed for team slaughtering, buffs and debuffs.
5. When you done with your victim, repeat your action.


Three of us?- Niiice I hope you have a healer, or at least a dps caster! Otherwise Three running tanks that is too much I doubt that all of you can pass unnoticed, but who knows So If you have 2 tanks and 1 other class both of you should put guard on him, you will need him trust me.

1. You can charge from front, but I still insist that you go from side.
2. Keep the weak close enough to you, otherwise enemy tank or other player may try to kill him. But in other hand you can use him as bait! Trust me there are a lot of solo killers which want all exp./rp. to them! So teach him a lesson!!!
3. I hope 3 of you killed that bastard!
4. You may think that now you are unstoppable mighty power! Trust me, you are wrong, I still recommend you to choose most casting unit! Or choose the player with the highest rank!
5. How to kill him, I think you know now, especially when 3v1.

Zerg or full group

In this case I cant recommend you anything, all I want to say that in real team you should have 1 leader, who gives you commands, 2 tanks, 1 melee dps, and 3 caster including healers.

You are still reading this sh*t ?!?! Go and kill Order players! You are not damn librarian you are an awesome TANK!!!

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