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Bestiary ToK Unlocks (huge list)!

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Bestiary ToK Unlocks (huge list)!

Here follows a list (ordered by zone) of many bestial tome unlocks (as in; kill a certain mob/certain number of mobs/etc to get an unlock).

Several Tome Tactic Unlocks require multiple unlocks in order to activate. You can tell this by going to Rewards ---> Tactics in your ToK. Once you have completed a Tome Tactic, you must go to your Library in your capital city to purchase it. After that you may then equip it like you would a Career tactic, except in the Tome Tactic slot. TIP: for any unlock hunters on open RvR servers, try and get all the unlocks from a zone before you out level it. The reason is because on open RvR you are flagged for RvR everywhere if you are too high for a zone you will get turned into a chicken as soon as you zone and if the unlock requires you to kill something then your out of luck.

Once a pocket item is unlocked, you may acquire said item from one of the Librarians in your capital city. One man acquire as many duplicates of the same item as they desire.

Once a bestial token is earned, go to the Librarian in your capital city. Notice that there are several Librarians to choose from. Find the one who sells trophies and exchange your token for ANY ONE of them. NOTE: Bestial Tokens are NOT for anything specific. There is no Tome entry telling you to go buy something. You can buy any of the tome trophies with a token, and each token can only buy a trophy once. Bestial tokens are basically money for trophies. Check on how many token you have by entering your inventory and looking at the Quest Items. (Thanat0s & lasmrah)

Kill Collector quests are capable of being maxed out if you repeat them enough. Once maxed out a play may (but not always) receive a reward in the form of items or Tactic Unlocks. It should be noted that not every Kill Collector will give an unlock for being maxed out. (notalltogether)


Skaven - Septic Sanitation
(O) ALTDORF. Kill 3 lvl15 Skaven in a house @ 24k, 27k. There is a woman outside the house who cries about 'beasties' in her house. This will spawn a 19 Hero Skaven. Kill it. NOTE: May need the killing blow to unlock.
By Bethryn


Beastman, Bestigor (Khurraak Might-Horns) - Bossy Beastie
AVELORN. Spawns on the road, on the S side of the (O) camp. He is with another non-named bestigor and attacks @ the Ch12 town. Kill him and you will get the unlock and the ability to buy the Pelt of the Dark Young cloak.
By Abriel, Kellithe & notalltogether

Bone Giant (Brulgulrach the Unliving) - Parts of Parts
"The Bone Breaker"
(D) & (O)
AVELORN @ 58.5k, 62k in the far SE corner of the map. Kill this mob, a lvl25 champ. He is friendly for D, talking to him completes the unlock.
By Kellithe & notalltogether

Dryad (Oldbark) - Chip Off the Old...
AVELORN: Kill Oldbark:

It roams around in a part of the forest that has a lot of spites and dryads to the E/SE of the Everspring PQ (DE side). Isn't a champ by the way.
By Supaplex & notalltogether

Horror of Tzeentch (Golmir) - Pack of Three
(D) & (O)
AVELORN @ 62k, 14k. He's in a cave on the far E wall and is a lvl23 champ, also two non-champ lvl 23 spiders come along for the fun.
By Kellithe

Liche (Tarnolious the Lost) - Final Rest ... Again
"Champion of Morr"
AVELORN. Kill this lvl1 Hero @ 33k, 49k SE of the Tower of Aethwyn PQ on a cliff at the river.
By Blodsalv & Ulgwar

Nurgling (Filthmiser) - More Filth for Me!
(D) AVELORN @ 37k, 16k. A lvl21 champ Nurgling gives an unlock. Killing this mob yields the item: "Regurgitated Trinket."

By Thovargh, beetfield & notalltogether

Treeman (Dregenis) - Who bears the Worldbearer
"The Vale Walker"
AVELORN. Approach Dregenis @ 44k, 44.5k. Just talk to him.
By Blodsalv, Muninn & Nozaro

Troll (Goremaw) - Dispense Justice
AVELORN. Kill a lvl 25 Chaos Troll [email protected] 19k, 49k. He's just a little ways N of the DE camp in the zone. Here's a copy of the ToK entry:
. EDIT Goremaw has also been confirmed to pop E of the DE camp, between it and the PQ "The Watchtower", amongst the trolls there.
By Draekon, Pinafore & notalltogether

Zombie - Loop Back
(D) & (O)
AVELORN @ approx. 40k, 40k is a named zombie called Rupert: . Kill it to unlock the item: "Moldy Coin Purse".
By Kellithe & Amagorr

Badlands, The

Ghoul (Rauklus) - Foul Amongst The Fowl
BADLANDS. Kill Rauklus: . He gives a tactic, Rauklus is a humanoid so it may be Manly tactic unlock.
By Blodsalv

Goblin, Night Goblin - Good Night Goblin
"The Frightful"
BADLANDS @ 4k, 8k. Kill the Night Goblin Uzfang. He's inside one of the huts. (There's a lore unlock by the bonfire too.)
By Kellithe

Savage Orc - Fungus Among Us
"The Civilian"
BADLANDS. Kill a savage orcs around 6k, 17k using the unique item "mushroom" to get the unlock and the title.
By Arienh & Thovargh

Skaven (Man Trap) - The Way the World is Heading
"Skaven Slayer"
BADLANDS. S of the first T3 Dwarf town there is a cave called Warpclaw Hideout:. It's full of Skavens amidst a bunch of Geiser Squigs. Head into the cave, and click on a corpse in a "Man Trap" (Obviously a Skaven take on the rat trap) to get the unlock.
By Ursus & Dormammu

Snotling - Green Lightning
(O) & (D) BADLANDS. Far NW corner @ the cave. Snotling Kezzen (non-champ) gave the unlock which gives progress towards the TT. It was just over the bridge on the far left path in Mt. Gunbad. He makes a HUGE path. If you don't see him just wait. He comes as far as the quest-guys at the entrance.
By Kellithe

Snotling - Miscreant Memories
(D) BADLANDS. There is a goblin (Foigak?) on a tiny island in the river @ 24k, 26.5k, close to a waterfall and surrounded by trolls. Talk to him to get the unlock: Steamtrain Token.
By Amagorr, Banehowl & nny76

Barak Varr

Boar - Avoid a Gory End
(O) BARAK VARR. Max out the kill collector named Elagroth Karginson in Thane's Defense
By Lobo6717

Boar (Jowler) - Great Tusk
(O) & (D)
BARAK VARR. Vanquish this named mob near the (O) warcamp. There's a trench that runs S, get in and follow the trench till you get to a bridge. The boar lives under the bridge: . Boar also confirmed @ 56.5k, 30.5k.
By Deedee, Avale & notalltogether

Dwarf Slayer - Off with his...
(D) BARAK VARR. Kill Sea Anvil Slayers @ around 11k, 49k. Have free bag space and collect 20 "Slayer Scalps". Then go talk to Reezel (Kill Collector) in Rottoof's Mugz 33.5k, 60k to get the unlock.
(O) SAME. Go inside the iron clad and talk to the Captain and he gives you the unlock.
D by NicWester, Rhah & Wykk
O by Kellithe

Dwarf Slayer - First of Many
"Doom Bringer"
(D) BARAK VARR. Go to Hammerhead Bay @ 10.5k, 47k and board the "The Sea's Anvil" ship. Kill First Mate Kjaelsson: .
(O) SAME. Just speak with Kjaelsson for the unlock.
D by NicWester, Wilken & Wykk
O by armorum

Giant Lizard - ???
(D) BARAK VARR. I think you get this for stealing Beach Salamander eggs, perhaps for destroying them, or it may be a habitat unlock. Beach Salamanders can be found @ 82.5k, 29k on the (D) side of the shore, N of the spider cave.
(O) SAME. Unlocked by visiting encampment near Wetfang @ 5k, 23k on the beach near a large partial skeleton and some lizards. You literally just have to walk onto the beach.
D by NicWester & Wykk
O by LatukiJoe & burfo & Dormammu

Giant Lizard - A Matter of Scales
"The Lizard Hunter"
(D) & (O)
BARAK VARR. Go to the beach @ 8k, 25.5k and collect the item "Scaly Skin" from the lizards you see there.
By notalltogether

Giant Lizard (Stonescale) - Blood From a Stone
(D) & (O)
BARAK VARR @ 19k, 17k.
By Sandkat & Thanat0s

Nurgling (Corpse) - Get it off your chest
"The Denier of Disease"
BARAK VARR @ approx 53k, 49k. There is a Nurgling unlock in the SE area where a patch of road is littered with dead dwarf bodies and vultures eating them. It is N of a dwarf camp with quest givers and an organ gun. If you are on the N side of the vultures on the road, just NE down the cliff off the road is a body. Search the body and a couple nurglings pop out along with getting the unlock. NOTE: The corpse is on the ground next to a tree. Just go to the middle of the vultures and walk off the cliff/hill edge and you'll find the dwarf body.
By Muninn, Wilken & Sandkat

Ogre, Bull - Loose-Lipped
"The Crusher"
(O) BARAK VAR. In the SE dwarf camp (Just head a little N of the squiggly path that heads S into the Marsh of Madness) talk to a Lead Belcher Ogre @ 49k, 57k.
(D) SAME. Find an ogre named Ragakk @ 21k, 47k, a little bit S from the (O) warcamp along with some gobbos.
By Ursus, Thovargh & Blodsalv

Spider, Giant - Tacky Decor
(D) BARAK VARR. Go to the cave immediately to the N of the zone entrance @ 5.0k, 28.0k. Also got a lore unlock by examining a statue nearby.
D by NicWester, burfo & FireOpal

Black Crag

Basilisk - Cave of Stone
"The Rock"
BLACK CRAG. Enter the Sulfur Caves @ NW corner of the map.
By Supaplex

Basilisk - It's in the bag
(D) BLACK CRAG. Kill 6 young basilisks N of the Ch16 quest hub. Then go back to the hub and talk to the goblin hiding by the fence in the N part of the hub.
By Ravnir

Basilisk (Stinky) - Scales of Mourning
BLACK CRAG. Find this mob in the back of the Sulfur Caves (NW Corner of the map). Also needed for a Destruction quest.
By Supaplex

Bat, Giant - In the Dark of Day
BLACK CRAG. Kill a Pit Bat @ the Bat Hollow, W of Greenskin Ch15 (D) camp.
By Supaplex

Troll - Prescribed Flesh
(D) BLACK CRAG. Kill Stonegullet Trolls in the Despair Pits (middle of W border) to receive Troll Flesh. Automatically gave me unlock.
By Supaplex

Troll, Stone - Indigestion
BLACK CRAG. Enter the Despair Pits (middle of W border). In the N end of the cave, there's something on the ground that you can interact with called Drul's Lunch. Interacting with it gives you a text saying you could poison. Go to the S end of the cave & kill Skittering Spiders to get a Poison Gland. Then interact with Drul's Lunch to get the unlock.
By Supaplex

Black Fire Pass

Squig (Famished Squig?) - Forgotten and Famished
(D) & (O) BLACK FIRE PASS. Kill the famished champ Squig @ 37.5k, 59.5k hiding in the mts, eating goats.
By Ulgwar
& Sandkat

Blighted Isle, The

Bandit (Uthorin Sorceress) - Talk of the Town
"The Bounty Hunter"
(D) BLIGHTED ISLE. In the DE prologue area there are multiple Uthorin Sorceress mobs surrounded by groups of neutral sprites. Simply talk to any of the Uthorin Sorceress.
By Shadeviper

Bird, Warhawk (Crag Great Wing) - I just washed this cloak
"The Grounded"
(D) BLIGHTED ISLE. Kill the warhawk by Volruc Kinslayer @ 64k,37k. NOTE: Volruc has also been spotted @ 11k, 57k.
(O) See entry in SHADOWLANDS, THE below.
By FireOpal & Sereca

Giant Lizard - A Matter of Scales
"The Lizard Hunter"
(D) & (O)
BLIGHTED ISLE. Fire Crystal Caverns: Loot "Scaly Skin" drop off of a Fire Tail (it took me over 130 kills).
(O) BLIGHTED ISLE. Ch2 High Elves @ the lizard cave near the forest burning PQ. Enter cave for title. EDIT: You have to keep killing giant lizards until they drop a specific item.
O by Kovacs, Puddles404 & FireOpal
D by Dormammu

Horror (Lost Horror) - Where did you guys go?
(O) BLIGHTED ISLES. Confirmed @ 20.7k, 38k in the hills W of Lacorith, there is a lone champ Pink Horror. Kill him.
(D) SAME. Jump on the rocks @ 24k ,43k near the DE PQ "Golden Tor". This lets you get onto the mt cliffs. Then run along the top of the mountain, and you should see the horror after about 10-15 seconds. Kill it
O by Puddles404 @ burfo
D by Doyle & Nozaro

Scorpion, Giant - A Pinch to Grow an Inch
(D) BLIGHTED ISLE. Unlocked this in the quest camp near the first PQ near the starting DE area. It was from one of the quest givers in that camp. EDIT: The quest is called Lucrative Intrigue, turn in NPC is Tiritha Venomfire: . 2nd EDIT: This quest requires you complete both quests given by Nehmora the Hag before you can get the "Lucrative Intrigue" quest. Kill the scorpions just outside of Sternbrow's Lament.
(O) SAME. Kill scorpions for the Kill Collector until the "kill 100 Giant Scorpions" ToK entry unlock. Then visit the kill collector and be rewarded with the unlock.
D by Rhianni, Arienh, Squarkk & Sereca
O by Spasmbot

Scorpion, Giant (Bane Claw)- Beach Bum
"The Scorpion Squisher"
BLIGHTED ISLE @ 3k, 63k far SW before you leave the zone for Chrace. There's a champ on the sandbox shores. Kill him.
By NicWester, reggie & thezenny

Snotling - And I Just Cleaned My Boots
"The Peculiar"
BLIGHTED ISLE. On the HE side, near the coast almost directly NE of the House Lorendyth RvR objective, a snotling sleeps by a rock. Target the boulder above him and push it onto him for the unlock. The rock is buggy, I literally had to jump on top of it before I was able to activate it. NOTE: Snotling area is NOT in the RvR area.
By Amagorr & OdaNova

Spite - Searching for Shinies
"The Spite Splitter"
(O) BLIGHTED ISLE. Near the ruins of Erraneth, there is a waystone with 'anomalies' around it, and Dark Spites. This has been the best place I've found to kill them for an item, which is think is "Shinning Ring". Don't know what you are meant to do with the ring, haven't found anyone interested in it yet.
O by Puddle404

Wolf - A View With a Howl
"The Howler"
BLIGHTED ISLE. Hunting wolf matrons when I approached the edge of the cliff and "heard wolves howling down below". Wolf Matron area is NW of Dreamshade. This unlocked after killing him. NOTE: Between the PQ's 'Dreamshade' & 'The Watchtower', walk along the cliffside until you get a message "Looking out over the cliffs to the dark waters below, you hear the echo of the wolfs call." I got the unlock by doing that.
By Ater, NicWester & thezenny

Butcher Pass

No entries.

Boar (Wyrmstone Charger) - Pork Chop
(D) & (O)
CALEDOR. Kill Wyrmstone Chargers outside the
DE camp in the SW, and loot the item "Lean Boar Meat". Inspect this to get the unlock for: "The Deep Oaths".
By Blodsalv, Sandkat & Thanat0s
Hydra (Deathclaw) - ???
"Hydra Tamer"
CALEDOR. Lvl 40 Champ. Kill it.
By Mippo

Manticore (Martikhoras) -- ???
CALEDOR. Lvl40 Champ. Kill it.
By Mippo

Chaos Wastes

Chaos Spawn, Daemonvine - Hide and Seek
"The Weed Whacker"
(D) CHAOS WASTES. Listen to the sad story of Anya Gerrad near the (D) Ch15 camp. Head down the road, past the Wight area till the road curves and you see some Daemonettes, Chaosfuries and Plaguebearers to your left. She's hiding beside the road in the bushes. Stay close and listen for the unlock.
(O) Find Xavian Gerrad at 50k, 61k. Listen to his chatter and you get the unlock.
By Blodsalv & Thanat0sDaemonette of Slaanesh (Eidih the Helator) - Song and Dance
"The Chaste"
(D) CHAOS WASTES. Kill this mob @ 15.6k, 31k.
By Sandkat

Juggernaut of Khorne - Between a Rock and a Hard Place
"The Immovable Object"
(O) & (D)
CHAOS WASTES. Go to 42k, 16k and face the friendly Rhinox. To your right there will be a ruined wall. Behind the wall is a pile of rubble. Click on it. BONUS: You also get a "Juggernaut of Khorne" encounter unlock.
By Sandkat & Thanat0s

Nurgling - No End to the Oozing
(D) & (O)
CHAOS WASTES. Kill Nurglings just NE of the (D) Ch16 camp. They drop 'Nurgling Ooze Sample'. Collect 20 and you'll get the unlock.
By Supaplex & Thanat0s

Screamer - Puddles of Points
"The Screamer Seeker"
CHAOS WASTES. Unlocked it after stepping into an area filled with Screamers near 12k, 55.5k.
By Blodsalv

Zombie - The Family That Dies Together
(D) & (O)
CHAOS WASTES: SW of the Tower of Awakening PQ, you'll reach a broken down house with named creatures inside: Tomas Spolfinkr, Croetch Spolfinkr, Papa Spolfinkr and Annabelle Spolfinkr. Killing them all gave the unlock.
By Supaplex & Thanat0s


Dryad - Grove and Grave
CHRACE. Run to the SW as if going to Shadowlands on foot. Once you're there the sky should change sort of and you should be surrounded by Spites and Bats and other weaksauce punks. Just keep running N until you get the unlock.
By NicWester & Nogglli

Harpy - Get Down Here
(D) & (O) CHRACE. Between Yenlui and Blackwood Hill Garrison @ 44.7k, 22.5k there is a ruined tower with swarming Harpies. Keep killing the Harpies to get the unlock.
By Puddles404, notalltogether & Shadeviper

NPC (Fay Val) - Treaty for Treasure
(D) CHRACE @ 48k, 8k. The 3 NPC's are up a ramp from the water right under the bridge connecting to the RvR area, W of Yenlui. The other mobs are Amalyn Weber with her dog Canine.
By gaberiel07 & Thanat0s

Spider, Giant - Fast Finds
(O) CHRACE. Kill Collector at Cliffs of Ushuru near 53k, 32k.
By FireOpal


Ghoul - Finger Licking Good
CINDERFALL. Ghouls are @ 54k 43k in Cinderfall. Max the Kill Collector @ Da Scrapin Camp for the unlock. NOTE: I killed 80 Ghouls and got the unlock. You can probably kill less. As you kill them the ghouls are being counted as Zombies but unlock a Ghoul tome entry.
By Sandkat

Skeleton (De-Animated Human Skeleton) - Coin of the Trade

CINDERFALL @ 64k 50k, inside the cave. NOTE: Clicking on the Deanimated Human Skeleton will give you a skull. Right clicking on the skull will give you the unlock.
By Sandkat

Death Peak
Winged Nightmare (Terrorwing) - Clip its Wings
"The Dreamstealer"
DEATH PEAK @ 11k, 12k. Kill it.
By Sandkat

Wyvern (Damaged Wyvern Egg) - In the Wild
"The Wyvern Watcher"
DEATH PEAK @ 3k, 45k. Find Damaged Wyvern Egg in the back of the cave, in a small room.
By Sandkat


No entries.

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