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[DAMNCHEATERS] Edgebot 1.00.5 RC1 Release - True most advanced AOC Bot

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Exclamation [DAMNCHEATERS] Edgebot 1.02.1 RC1 Release - True most advanced AOC Bot

We are proud to announce the release of EdgeBot RC1, the most advanced AoC Age of Conan Bot. While the following features already make it the best available bot for AoC, its supreme architecture allows for even more cool updates in the future. Unlike the other bots that rely on pixeldetection and are basically a blind flight in the gameworld, Edgebot knows the state of its surroundings and has an AI to react accordingly and appropriately. Currently Edgebot features:

* Works with any resolution in window & fullscreen mode.
* SIMPLE Setup and INGAME-GUI, just start up the bot, run waypoints and you are good to go
* Supports the import and export of Waypoint-Files for your favourite farmspots
* Unmatched reliability and Error Handling/Recovery through an advanced AI and Game State-Monitoring.
* Customize your attack setup and buff setup simply by putting your spells on the hotbars.
* EdgeBot automatically heals yourself or uses a potion if need be
* Automatic killing of NPCs, does not rely on being attacked first, you can also farm grey NPCs. Edgebot is aware of ALL objects in the game.
* Advanced combat and movement logic based on extensive algorithms.
* Automatic and flawless looting in every situation, EdgeBot knows what bag/chest is your loot and if you already opened it.
* Currently support for every spellcaster, support for all melee classes
* automatic detection/recovery of/from death, pickup of tombstone.
* part of the anti cheat-detection hardened DAMNEdge-Framework, be as secure as possible from cheat-detection.
* Tombstone pickup after death.
* Ressourcegathering Mode - Edgebot can farm ressources as well. SmartAI enables Edgebot to only farm ressources that actually can be gathered.
* Levelfilter - When turned on Edgebot will only attack NPCs that give XP.
* Passive Mode - When turned on Edgebot will only defend itself when attacked.

On the horizon:

* free-style mode, do not rely on prerecorded waypoints
* looting filters, decide what to loot and what not
* even more advanced AI and logic
* Implementation of pathingfinding algorithm & mapping files (GPS pathfinding technology).

This is by far the most reliable & advanced bot available for Age of Conan.

EdgeBot is now available for all Premium Members of DAMNCHEATERS. A Premium Membership at DAMNCheaters costs less than 10 EUR a month and includes access to all features/trainers DAMNCheaters offers.

You can create a free account at DAMNCheaters using . The free access gives you access to the light version of our AOC Toolset which contains multiple cheats you can utilize to get your ingame objectives done faster.

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06-08-2008 || EdgeBot Update 1.05.0

- Bot is now aware of cooldowns.
- Bot is now aware if a spell is still being casted.
- AutoCombo functionality has been implemented improves MELEE combat ALOT.
- Buffing routine has been updated. No longer scripted event, uses AI cooldown & casting routines now.
- Bot is now aware if a combo is being performed.
- Fixed bug in restingstate where the bot sometimes would run arround instead of resting.

22-07-2007 || EdgeBot Update 1.04.0
Changes :
- Edgebot now picks up the tombstone after death.
- Ressource gathering has been implemented into the bot. (Press NUM3 to activate). Edgebot will try to gather all ressources that are not empty. If a ressource is empty will move on.
- Passive Mode has been added. Press NUM4 to set Edgebot to passive, only defending itself when under attack.
- After edgebot noticed it cant reach a target it ignores everything for 3 seconds. Added an additional timer with 7 seconds just to lootspecific objects. (To prevent edgebot running back to the loot and being stuck again.)
- Cleaned up GUI again to reduce the onscreen spam.
Edit/Delete Message

22-07-2007 || EdgeBot Update 1.03.1
Changes :
- Fixed Buffing. Should work fine again.
- Randomly switching target in fights *should* be fixed. (Should only happen once per fight. Happens when a target has engaged edgebot while the target edgebot currently attacks didnt attack back yet. Edgebot gives priority to NPCs that are on it's "to defend against" list.)
- Edgebot should no longer try to rest while in combat.
- The pvp tab should no longer appear (Please test/give feedback!). I have reduced the speed at which edgebot moves the mouse. (Sometimes a click went through before the mouseposition was updated in age of conan.)
- Healthpotion timer has been reduced from 30 seconds per use to 10 seconds to ensure edgebot tries to use a potion again before the fight ends/you die.

21-07-2008 || Edgebot 1.03.0 Update
- Melee has been integrated into Edgebot. You can press NUM2 to switch the bot to always move into melee range. In order to let the bot perform combos simply put the directionkeys next to the combo you are performing. E.g. Button 1 Shieldslam; Button 2 Hit left; Button 3 Hit Front etc.; This is definitly NOT the final implementation for melee, the final version will utilize the DPSBooster in order to perform combos. In order to make melee combat as smooth as ranged the aggrorange has been reduced by 5 units to prevent Edgebot running into obstacles.
- The routine for deathdetection has been changed completly. When your character dies edgebot should now be able to handle the situation much better. Please report any bugs you encounter here, i only tested this internally for 2 hours.
- The timings when fighting have been adjusted when the bot is in melee mode. The delay is currently 1.25 secs for each button. Need feedback on this!
- Edgebot will no longer try to loot when your character is dead.
- Edgebot will no longer try to engage targets that have aggressed you but are more than 20 feet away.
- Changed the GUI a little bit to make the screen less crowded with descriptions.

Update Notes 16-07-2008 :
- SMARTPathing has been integrated into EdgeBot. Edgebot now dynamically assigns his own aggro range. When the bot encounters a problem at a certain waypoint it will alter the waypoint data on it's own and reduce the aggrorange at those spots. The changes in the waypoints are currently not automatically saved. If we do not encounter any issues/problems automatic saving will be added later.
- An issue with Edgebot not clicking on the loot "should" be fixed now.
- The combat algorithm has been changed. Edgebot will now always try to target the closest enemy.
- Optimized timings during buffingphase.
- A error in the pathing routine has been corrected.
- Code has been prepared for the A* Pathing algorithm.
- Levelrange limit has been added. You can now use NUM1 to turn the hunting levelrange on and off. When the limit is enabled Edgebot will ignore NPCs that dont give XP.

Update Notes 17-07-2008 :
- AI Improvements, the bot no longer assists in killing other players NPCs.
- The bot now attacks all enemies attacking it with priority.
- Optimized SmartPathing to reduce aggro at a slower rate.
- Solved 2 errors in the combat routine that made the bot sometimes stuck.

Because of the changes you are now able to create a bot that is completly passive and only attacks if it is attacked. Simply open an editor and change the 3rd value (containing the numbers 20 etc.) to 0. Your bot will now only attack when attacked.

If you want to INCREASE the aggrorange of your bot simply change the value from 20 to whatever you want. I suggest a max. of 50 or 80. Remember that the bot will move to an object in a straight line, so setting this value to 80 while standing on a bridge is not smart!

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in my opinion, if its a good bot, why dont you want money for it?!

its better for you AND the users plus its less detecable, i dont care spending a few bucks for a good bot !

make it private gain money and make the bot supreme
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Uhm - it is private and we do indeed charge you a little bit money for it - you didnt read the post i guess. (See 1st post).

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Great product, love using it.
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Originally Posted by Itburnz View Post
Uhm - it is private and we do indeed charge you a little bit money for it - you didnt read the post i guess. (See 1st post).
Can the bot also run minimized? If so, is there a setting in the hack to run the game, like drawing no textures etc.
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Originally Posted by Atheuz View Post
Can the bot also run minimized? If so, is there a setting in the hack to run the game, like drawing no textures etc.
Amazing idea! Didnt think of that! This will be definitly added on the todo list. If you have other cool ideas please PM me !
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I am very interested in this bot. Does it follow strict paths when using waypoints or does the algorithm include differences in how fast and which way it travels? I think this would allow to make the look of the walking more natural.

Also I'd like to have some simple Chatbot or GM-Detection implemented.

Also, ist this one better than MacroGoblin?

You homepage is down at the moment.
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Sorry dumb question... but even with premium membership, wouldn't companies such as Funcom send in spy to check up on this etc...? I'm saying this not to ask for "hey this should be free as well", but it just some random thing pop into my head .

Also will this bot work like in SRO p2p bot in Silkroad Online where you have to buy a time ticket to use the bot for certain of time? Or is this like one time purchase etc...?

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At you do not purchase any software. You purchase a forum membership for premium access. The premium access includes free access to all features in the damnedge software (all games we support). Buying the bot alone is not possible. This bot is only for age of conan.
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you should add paypal as payment method on your forum aswell.
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We actually support paypal (2Checkout accepts Creditcard & Paypal)
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can youse this bot with german client ? or must i change language to english ?
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Works with all clients - on all european & US servers.
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LoL & LoL

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