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Granado Espada - PreOpen Beta

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Download the Game Here:


Game Features:

MCC (Multi-Character Control)

Control a group of three characters simultaneously as you adventure through the world. No more hours spent begging for a healer.

XAI (Xtreme Artificial Intelligence)

Powerful AI engine ensures all three characters attack and move intelligently on their own. Never has there been a more advanced AI in an MMORPG.

Versatile Stance System

Upgradeable stances give each character a wide range of skills and fighting styles to develop.


Stances and base level advance independently, creating a strategic challenge.

Gorgeous Scenery

Incredible visuals from Hakkyu Kim?s IMC team have already won the Best Graphics technological Award from Korea?s prestigious 2006 Korea Game Award. Cities and scenery are modeled after true to life European period architecture.

Unique Baroque Atmosphere

Lose yourself in the elegant new world, modeled after the glamour of the Baroque Period, and the excitement of the Age of Exploration

Character Classes

Form your initial family from 5 classes: Fighter, Musketeer, Wizard, Elementalist, and Scout and collect up to 36 characters.

RNPC?s (Recruitable non-player characters)

Unlock a growing number of RNPC?s to join your family by completing certain quests.

Intelligent Movement

Heroes are controlled through a combination of point and click and hotkey use. XAI calculates the best route every time using the revolutionary PATHEngine path finding AI.

Detailed Hotkey System

Extensive mapping allows full control of all three characters for advanced players.

Family System

Select your group from an ever growing family that can hold a total of 36 different models.

Barracks Mode

An interactive character selection screen from which you can see your entire family, form your group, and enter the game.


Players can form more permanent groups called factions. If a faction is powerful and rich enough, it can declare war on another faction, opening up colony wars and PK opportunities.

Dueling and PvP

Version 1.8.23 sports arena style dueling and PvP. Current PvP holds up to four families per team fighting in a two-team death match. Factions at war can hold Colony Wars in designated map areas.

Family Points / Reputation

Points are earned through completing quests and successful dueling and PvP. These points can be used to purchase additional character or barracks slots, to create a Faction, or to declare war on another Faction.

Squad Play

Temporarily form squads with other players for difficult quests. Each player in a squad still controls three characters, and XAI ensures all characters in a squad work together.

Interactive Trading

Active players can trade with NPC vendors or other active players, while AFK players can sell their goods through a personal shop.

Game FAQs:
What is Multi-Character Control?
Multi Character Control (MCC) allows players to control up to three characters simultaneously, a feature common in console RPGs but never before seen in an MMOG. With MCC, players can utilize a variety of skill sets for their own party as they adventure through the world.

Can I control all three characters at once?
YES! Controlling three characters at once is easy at a basic level thanks to the game's XAI. Mastering the hotkeys will allow you to fully control the actions of all your characters simultaneously.

What is XAI?
XAI refers to Xtreme Artificial Intelligence. Granado Espada's XAI powers the MCC system, making it effective for both beginning and advanced players.

What is the family system?

Instead of creating a single character, Granado Espada gives you the chance to create an entire family. This family will grow as you progresses through the game, allowing a multitude of strategic combinations to be played out using MCC. Every character you create will carry a common family name which you decide upon when you first start playing, as well as a given name which is given when that character is created.

How do squads work? Can each player use three characters?
A squad is gathering of players grouped together for a quest, mission, or other purpose. Each player in a squad can control up to three characters, making large squads extremely powerful.

How do I level my characters in GE?
Your characters gain experience through combat or completing quests. Characters must be active to gain combat experience.

What is the barracks?
The barracks acts as a character selection screen, and a home for your family of characters. Here you can choose which members of your family will form the three character team you take out into the world.

How many characters can I create?
After completing the tutorial you are allowed to create 4 characters, but as you progress you will unlock more character slots to fill your barrack and expand your family. Each barrack can hold a maximum of 9 characters and you are currently allowed a maximum of 2 barracks.

What are stock characters?
A stock character is any character created from the 5 standard classes: Fighter, Musketeer, Wizard, Elementalist, and Scout. All of these models are available at the start of the game.

What are RNPCs?
RNPC stands for recruitable non-player characters. In Granado Espada, some characters you meet will offer to join your family if you complete certain quests for them. Once a character offers to join, you will receive an NPC Card for that character. You can then create that character once.

Is there any limit on the type of characters I can create?
You may create any combination or number of the stock characters, but RNPCS can only be created once.

How do the different stances work?
Stances are different action/skill modes that you may assign to each character. As you progress in the game, you are able to "stance-up", leveling up your stance level. This will improve your stances and also open up new stances that can be purchased in the game.

Does GE have emotes?
Characters in G.E. can use the "Pose" function, which allows the character to strike various poses. New and additional poses can also be purchased from the merchants or gained through completing quests.

How do the basic controls work?

Basic controls in Granado Espada use a point and click system, but learning to fully utilize the keyboard's hotkeys will be essential to survival at higher levels. Read more about GE's controls at Hero Control.

Do I have to know the GE story before I start playing?
You don't need to know the story to play, but knowing the GE story will add a lot of meaning and fun to your game play.

What is the best team combo for a new player?
Many players prefer a combination which features a Fighter, a heavy damage character (Musketeer or Elementalist), and a Scout (for healing), but it's up to you to find the combination that best suits your style of play.

How does trading work in GE? Is there an auction?
Please see the Trading with NPCs section for a detailed description of trading in GE. An auction house is being worked into later versions but is not currently available.


"Granado Espada, a beautiful world designed with 17th century renaissance style in mind. In GE players are no longer limited to their characters and the skills that their character develops. Characters are shared and party play is dynamic, while players are still able to specialize in specific skills. RPG enthusiasts who enjoy being able to control multiple characters with varying abilities in a party can now have it in an online game, and no MMORPG has ever offered it before due to game balance and system load limitation..."

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Getting started with GE

Official game & quest guide

The basics about the family

The basics about the classes


Chat commando's

GE world map

More information

More in depth info

Lvl 1-20 walkthrough

Raid dungeon walkthrough
Raid #1:
Raid #2:

Training methods and leader selection

Attack skill targeting

Making money (Vis)

RNPCs (recruitable NPCs)

Vouchers in Tetra Ruins Catacombs

Different quest types

Elementalist's guide

Scout's guide

Stat points

Stance / skill points

General info

Where do I download the POBT client?

Can I play anywhere outside of Singapore?
Yes. North/South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, wherever. It all works just fine.

Does your PC meet the game requirements?

Is this game going to be free? IAH is still deciding.

Are the characters going to be wiped after the beta?

General questions about the game server

Granado Espada Useful Sites

Server info

What is the difference between PK (baron) and Non PK server? (PK = Player Kill)
Cervantes is Player-Kill (PK). You can attack other players at any time outside of town.
Carracci is Non-Player-Kill (Carebear). You can only attack other players outside of town if you first request a duel with them.

Which server should I play on: Cervantes or Carracci?

How does Baron Mode PvP work?


What's your planned pre-OBT family name?

Which faction should I chose: Republicans or Royalists?

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Hi, i also playing this game too..... not bad... kinda fun, auto leveling easy n relax, stress free
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Originally posted by gwanwoo@Jun 4 2007, 20:57
Hi, i also playing this game too..... not bad... kinda fun, auto leveling easy n relax, stress free
oh if you pvp , you cant relax . Moreover Faction wars seems to be funny to or Raids

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well, this game is cool. the open beta in english u can find . it is called "Sword of the New World: Grando Espada". shortly the got an EU/Ger server online. and don't forget: if u have problems whith DC because of auto defend, just turn defend lock in the ingame option menu.

PS: i'm playing this game, too. i like it.

Edit: just found out the there are bouth games. GS and SotNW. bouth are the same but probably have different servers. :?

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